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织女星的伊沃|自我与灵魂的区别The path to ascension,to knowing your higher self,is to go inside and start to evaluate your own thoughts,feelings and actions,not those of others.When you focus on what others are doing,and you'rejudgmental and critical of them,you're in separation consciousness.


Ivo said in our last video:The only true power is self empowerment.Power over others is an illusion.


We're going everything backwards!We've let those outside of ourselves define our life experience when in fact,it's ours to define from the inside.


"They're attacking me,"is a view of life as externalized,when in fact life comes from the inside and goes out,so it should be interpreted as,"I can love them."Life goes from inside to outside.You are the one who should define whatever transaction you have with others.Look at everything as an opportunity to give love.Focus on yourself and what you can do,not on what others are doing.Your ego says,"This person is attacking me,"while your soul says,"This person needs my love."Listen to your soul.


Of course,nobody else is doing this,or maybe there are one or two monks who live in monasteries or high up on mountain tops who get this,so let's start something then.External to yourself is ego-land,internal to yourself is your soul,when you set about to look,and it's not that hard because as soon as you start to scrutinize your own behaviour,you position yourself as the observer and are automatically in operating as your higher self.Who else can scrutinize your day to day life or your behaviours than some other higher aspect of yourself?


Ivo,Athena,Sigrid and Aurea are going to help with some examples,so you see what they mean:


Ego sees victim–soul sees someone who is unloving to self and others(cut off from life force)


Ego sees attack–soul sees opportunity to love someone


Ego sees a messy living room–soul sees an opportunity to tidy and create a loving space


Ego sees jerk or a-hole–soul sees two parties who don't love themselves–the target and the one describing others as jerks


Ego sees abuse–soul sees learning hard life lesson


Ego sees car accident–soul sees opportunity to help someone in need


Ego sees perpetrator–soul sees someone low on energy who needs love


Ego sees problem–soul sees opportunity to improve life


Ego sees job stress–soul sees opportunity to make life changes


Ego sees lack of money–soul sees opportunity to use universal law


Ego manipulates others–soul sees opportunity to work on boundaries and to love others


Ego puts others down–soul sees opportunity to love others including self


Ego feels sorry for self–soul sees the lack of power and love


Ego doesn't feel good enough–soul sees the lack of self love


Ego wants to"rise above it"–soul sees that lessons of humility are in order


Ego feels as if it's"over my head"–soul feels that lessons of power and humility are in order


Ego feels angry–soul sees that forgiveness is in order


We're just suffering from lovelessness and disempowerment.That's all.Ask yourself constantly,"I see this this way,but how would my all loving soul see it?"


Reframe the way you think.You learned to define everything by listening to what others told you.Let me ask you,how has that been working for you?Yeah.So scrap everything you've learned and listen to your heart.


Ivo:Your world is a mixture of so many varying levels of consciousness and you have all been living in one lower dimension.Especially the starseed/lightworker who comes to earth and then forgets their true self is in a dilemma caused by these varying levels of consciousness.And then they tell you,"All people are created equal."


Me:No,they're not.


Ivo:They are not.Your world is an exception because of the fact that so many have not been able to ascend.And you see how insidious the 3D technology has been in attempting to keep you down.Now you have computers and the internet which you stay on all day.So this is technology keeping you down once again.


Me:LOL Max Eegan called it a soul sucking box.I'm turning off the box and giving myself breaks,especially at night.

:LOL Max Eegan 称之为吸魂盒。我关掉盒子,让自己休息一下,尤其是在晚上。

Ivo:Correct.And he is right.


There are so many varying levels of consciousness,yet those of higher consciousness are made to live among those who predominate with their lower expectations of life.Regardless of one's frequency level,you are all subject to a lower frequency way of life,and now this will change.


And the ones to change it are you.Do not wait for this world to be changed for you.You are the ones who create it,whether you realize it or not,and you must then realize that you do.


Begin to imagine how your soul would envision any situation that arises within your life.


Is it someone stealing from your garden or is it a chance to be forgiving of thieves?


Is it someone violating your boundaries or an opportunity to re-assert your boundary.


Do you really wish to be as unloving as so many others upon your planet,or do you wish to do better for yourself?


Learn to understand life from your soul's perspective and not your ego's.Yes,you will be different.Nobody will understand you.Some may try to take advantage of you but soul is always more powerful than an ego,anyone's ego.


Me:Thank you,Ivo.And to all of you:Stop waiting for Jesus.He sent you this time!


Ivo:LOL He did indeed.Thank you,my love.


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