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多年来,当更大的激活/门户集体冥想被宣布时,常见的声明和问题出现了,大多数都可以很快得到解决,以便采取行动,我们有最好的解放工具(必须在扬升之前,它的自然进展) ,从而利用这个机会在更大的数量

April 13, 2023 2023年4月13日

 Over the years common statement & questions arise when the larger activation/portal Mass meditations gets announced & most of them can be quickly easily resolved so as to move forward with taking action on the best tool we have for liberation (must come before Ascension its the natural progression)& thusly capitalize on this opportunity in larger numbers

 多年来,当更大的激活/门户集体冥想被宣布时,常见的声明和问题出现了,大多数都可以很快得到解决,以便采取行动,我们有最好的解放工具(必须在扬升之前,它的自然进展) ,从而利用这个机会在更大的数量

1) "We should be mass meditating all the time NOT just on one day !"


W.L.M.M. has been doing daily,weekly & monthly schedules including in 30-40+ language translations all in guided audio for at least 3 years now ( there is no other source in the world doing this )  & already have the most viral videos on Youtube right now & have 4 of the recent world record mass meditations ever including the spark that ignited 1 million participation April 4th 2020-on the virus

W.L.M.M 已经做了至少3年的每日、每周和每月的日程安排,包括30-40多种语言的翻译,都是有导向的音频(世界上没有其他来源这样做) ,并且现在已经在 Youtube 上有最多的病毒视频,最近有4次世界纪录的大规模冥想,包括在2020年4月4日点燃了100万人参与的火花——关于病毒

 They are also the only team that has ever ignited the spark which manifested unity in the community, many times already (start @ #3) :

 他们也是唯一一支点燃了社区团结的火花的球队,而且已经很多次了(start@# 3) :

The daily meditations includes a rotating 4 hrs interval so wherever you live , one has a handful of opportunities to join in any given day, as you feel guided.


2) Why does it have to be on the same day/time & common focus ?


 When we synchronize our meditations by starting at the exact time all 

over the planet, focusing on the same image and listening to the same music, while

visualizing the same thing at the same time all over the world in our different

languages, does this strengthen the signals that we send out into the universe?


 Yes, definitely it strengthens the signal that we send out.  More than  that, it creates a coherency mode. It’s like a laser beam. Laser beam is a very  coherent light.  All particles, all photons, vibrate in the same way when we have a  laser. And you know how powerful a laser is. So we are creating an energy laser, a  very strong signal, from the surface of the planet which will blast through the  universe and will definitely . . . it will definitely trigger a response.

 是的,它绝对加强了我们发出的信号。不仅如此,它还创造了一种连贯性模式。就像激光束一样。激光束是一种非常相干的光。所有的粒子,所有的光子,在我们有激光的时候都以同样的方式振动。你也知道激光的威力有多大。所以我们正在创造一种能量激光,一种非常强烈的信号,从行星表面发出,它会在宇宙中爆炸,并且肯定会... 肯定会引起反应。

  • " It doesn’t matter if it’s my meditation or somebody else’s meditation.  What matters is focus and common goal at a certain moment in space and time.  This is what brings results. " -2016/05/cobra-corey-goode-interview
  • 不管是我的冥想还是别人的冥想。重要的是在空间和时间的某一特定时刻的专注和共同目标。这就是结果。”-2016/05/cobra-corey-goode-采访
  • "It is important to understand that we need to do this at exactly the same moment if you want to have a physical change; the physical plane is dictating with the laws of space and time. And if we want physical change, we need to do it at the exact same moment. This is why timing of this meditation is so critically important. It is very important that everybody does it at the same moment throughout the planet. If you do it two hours later you will not add to the critical mass.  ""
  • “重要的是要明白,如果你想要发生物理变化,我们需要在同一时刻做到这一点; 物理层正在根据空间和时间法则发号施令。如果我们想要身体上的改变,我们需要在同一时间做。这就是为什么冥想的时机如此重要。在这个星球上,每个人在同一时刻做这件事是非常重要的。如果两小时后再做,就不会增加临界质量。”
  • " If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, it is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact"
  • 如果我们希望在物质层面上获得影响并达到临界质量,我们在光明势力决定的具有最大积极影响的时间进行冥想是极其重要的
  •  " It is encouraged for everyone to do it at the same time as everybody else as it would create a much stronger coherence field"
  •  鼓励每个人与其他人同时做这件事,因为这将创造一个更强大的一致性场
  • " If you do not focus on the same thing it is not a mass mediation it is not unity.You would literally be doing something completely different in this universe by choosing a different focus on a different day or time, any ideas along such lines means zero unity & complete opposites. Usually it is the people that come up with those ideas who never do meditations & only have that same recycled response within those occasional windows (like now) when a mass meditation is announced then once they usually skip the opportunity go back to reality as if meditation doesnt exist"
  • 如果你不把重点放在同一件事情上,那就不是大众冥想,那就不是团结。通过在不同的日子或时间选择不同的焦点,你将在这个宇宙中做一些完全不同的事情,沿着这些思路的任何想法都意味着零统一和完全对立。通常是那些想出这些点子的人,他们从来不冥想,只是在偶尔的窗口(比如现在) ,当大规模冥想被宣布时,他们通常会错过机会,回到现实,就好像冥想不存在一样。”

3) Why only for this topic?


 WLMM has been covering many situations for a long time

 WLMM 长期以来覆盖了许多情况


4) Why try if we already did so many & liberation did not come ?


  •  " People sometimes have expectations that are not based in reality. People are expecting a few minutes of one strong meditation can transmute all darkness on  planet Earth which was accumulating here for thousands and thousands of years. That  of course is not possible. Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and  what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event.  Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people  will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event. So no matter  how many meditations we do before that particular moment, there'll be no really strongly visible external changes. What does change with every meditation is we  empower the positive timeline, and we prevent many negative things from happening.  Without our meditations, we would not be having this conversation right now, maybe  this surface of the planet would already have been destroyed. So we have averted so  many negative scenarios. We have averted so many wars. They have attempted to create  a war in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Israel, in Ukraine, you name it. So many times  over and never succeeded."
  •  人们有时会有一些不切实际的期望。人们期待几分钟的一次强烈的冥想可以改变地球上积累了成千上万年的所有黑暗。那当然是不可能的。真正的物理变化将是可见的,明显的,以及人们所期待的,只会发生在事件发生前的最后几个星期。在事件发生的几个月之前,没有什么是真正可见的。人们真正开始注意到变化的唯一时间是在事件发生前几周。因此,无论我们在那个特定时刻之前做了多少次冥想,都不会有真正强烈可见的外部变化。每次冥想改变的是我们赋予积极的时间线,我们阻止许多消极的事情发生。如果没有我们的冥想,我们现在就不会有这样的对话,也许这个星球的表面已经被摧毁了。所以我们避免了很多负面情况。我们避免了那么多战争。他们试图在叙利亚,伊拉克,伊朗,以色列,乌克兰等地发动战争。这么多次,从未成功过。”
  •   "  the most powerful group or global manifestation  technique that is available. It is actually utilizing the very basic principles of  the manifestation process.  And meditation, group meditation, will actually manifest  the Event. It will manifest Disclosure. It will manifest First Contact. This is what  will trigger all those things from our side. This is the power we have as an  awakened collective to change the reality on this planet.And this is how the  reality was changed on other planets throughout the galaxy that were liberated. Yes,  of course, physical action is necessary and needed, but meditation is the trigger  which triggers the change."
  •   最有效的群体或全球表现技术。它实际上利用了表现过程的最基本原则。而冥想,集体冥想,实际上将显化事件。它会显现大揭露。它将显示第一次接触。这会触发我们这边的所有事情。这就是我们作为一个觉醒的集体所拥有的改变这个星球现实的力量。这就是现实是如何改变的在银河系的其他行星上都被解放了。是的,当然,身体行动是必要和必要的,但冥想是触发改变的触发器。

5) Why is the Critical Mass necessary & specifically 144,000 participants?


  • "  People underestimate the power of  group meditation and power of group decision. We can literally change the course of  history. We have a script. We have a certain dedication. We have certain things that  people can visualize "
  • 人们低估了集体冥想的力量和集体决策的力量。我们真的可以改变历史的进程。我们有剧本。我们有一定的奉献精神。我们有一些人们可以想象的东西

6) Why only WLMM ?

为什么只有 WLMM?

Many people are welcome to create any- all these years & in the future.This question is actually also something people should consider asking their other various spiritual Intel sources across the world why they do not create any or often. Here is the majority of those times however !



7) Will WLMM or Cobra promote others if they do?

如果他们这样做,WLMM 或柯博拉会提升其他人吗?

  • Yes, if anyone were to make one first & if it is of a higher purpose
  • 是的,如果有人先做一个,如果它有更高的目的

 Here are 2 examples where this happened




" There will be many mass meditations organized by various groups taking place on that day and you can join them if you feel so guided:








 "...As the day of the US elections draws near, there are important astrological configurations taking place. The first one is the Jupiter-Saturn synod (heliocentric conjunction) on November 2nd at 6:52 pm UTC. Jupiter-Saturn synod will effectively trigger the Age of Aquarius for all Solar system beyond lunar orbit. 

 “ ... 随着美国大选日的临近,重要的占星学配置正在发生。第一个是11月2日世界协调时下午6:52木星-土星会合(日心会合)。木星-土星会合将有效地触发所有太阳系在月球轨道以外的水瓶座时代。 

It is interesting to note that the following mass meditation starts only 38 minutes after exact Jupiter-Saturn synod:



  •  Also, there are many times public figures who suffer attacks from the cabal or have been hurt/trouble in anyway actually were given a mass meditation for people to assist those types of situations for those that felt guided
  •  此外,有很多公众人物遭受阴谋集团的攻击,或者受到伤害或者遇到麻烦,实际上他们被给予大众冥想,以帮助那些感觉受到引导的人们处理这些类型的情况






 8) Why the astrological stuff ?


"astrological configurations are interference patterns in this quantum field. Each planet emanates not just the electromagnetic field, but it emanates a quantum field, which has certain properties. And when those fields interact, they create an interference pattern and certain astrological configurations have very favorable interference patterns, which influence the form of field. And if we utilize that, and empower that with our collective decision, we can have far-reaching results. So there is a precise science to this, and this is it. This is why meditations are done at exact moments, over very precise wording, with very precise instructions, with laser-like focus to really have the maximum effect on human consciousness and on the affairs of the planet.

占星构型是这个量子中的干涉图案 每个行星不仅散发出电磁场 发射出一个量子场,它具有某些特性 磁场相互作用,它们产生一种干扰模式 占星构型有非常有利的干涉图案, 影响能量场的形式。如果我们利用这一点,并赋予 通过我们的集体决定,我们可以产生深远的影响。所以 这是一门精密的科学,就是这样,这就是为什么 冥想是在精确的时刻,在非常精确的措辞,与 非常精确的指令,以激光般的焦点,真正有 对人类意识和地球事务的最大影响。"-

9) What is a Portal & importance of it ?


A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions.  Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy.  You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes.  When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive  vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area.  It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the  reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a  mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that  portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.

维度门户是一个能量的双重漩涡,实际上在不同维度之间传输能量。然后能量就可以被利用了。它是一种中性能量。你可以使用 if 来达到好的目的,也可以使用 if 来达到不那么好的目的。当传送门被激活时,它可以成为一个非常强大的支持光的漩涡。它实际上可以改变那个区域的能量信号。它可以改善人民的生活条件,他们的福祉。这就是为什么我们要从一个地方到另一个地方激活那些传送门。如果我们在某个特定的日子进行集体冥想,就可以触发那个入口的开启,就可以产生改善全球状况的全球效应。

10) Why do certain well known spiritual groups or people who often talk about meditation hardly or ever Join in or create Mass Meditations ?


  1. A)

Basically, what the Etheric Archons & their reptilian minions are doing…they are dissuading  people from meditating on that day by pressuring their weak psychological spots… by  diverting our attention to other things… by making us forget….by making us  discouraged to participate… This is the main strategy they use. 

基本上,以太执政官和他们的爬行动物仆从们正在做的事情... 他们正在劝阻人们在那一天进行冥想,通过对他们脆弱的心理点施加压力... 通过把我们的注意力转移到其他事情上... 通过让我们忘记... 通过让我们气馁参与... 这是他们使用的主要策略。 

 And, again, this is  a war…this is not a picnic…so people who are meditating are pushing towards the  victory … towards the liberation & everybody who is participating counts…& again  I cannot promise quick results. This situation on the planet is much tougher than  anybody has expected. So we need to push forward until we make it… that’s all we can  do…. there is no other thing we can do. 

再说一次,这是一场战争... 这不是一场野餐... 所以冥想的人们正在向胜利推进... 向解放推进,每个参与的人都有价值... 再说一次,我不能保证很快就有结果。这个星球上的形势比任何人预想的都要严峻。所以我们需要向前推进,直到我们做到... 这是我们所能做的... 。我们别无选择。


Question :


Whenever we announce a major mass meditation, some people will try to hinder  our activities or attack our group members with rumours and lies. What is the exact  reason behind their actions? 




"As I have said, some of them belong to the dark networks of the cabal. Some  of them are entity possessed. Some of them are mind controlled. Some of them are  simply extremely compromised in their personality structure. it is best to remove  those people from your networks."



 "Well, you need to use your own guidance, so who you share this with and what your wording is. ButI have made a public call to a few figures out there who are actually, in a way, working on this, promoting First Contact in a certain way, and they have not responded. So I would simply say, I don't understand this. We are trying to create something really beautiful, something really important, and there is simply no interest. So you see the Galactic Forces are observing all this, and this is why they have reservations. There is simply not enough unity; everybody's having their little garden, their little group of followers, and doing their own thing, which is understandable from the Galactic perspective as much as they understand human psychology, but they cannot take things seriously if this is all they see, if you know what I mean.


I'm not speaking to convert anybody or to try to convince people who are not open to this, but there are people who are already working on this on some level, in a certain way. And those are the people who would need to participate anyway. Because this is not my own little personal idea, it's part of the global plan for humanity. So the time is now. Now it's time for us to really get our act together and do this."



We had those three portals ( 2020 year )and they were very successful. A lot of those  non-physical entities have been removed.  But after that, this whole movement has  not been as successful, not as many people are doing those weekly meditations and  therefore there is not much progress  to clear those non-physical Archons from the  astral plane.  So I would encourage everybody to join this weekly effort because we  need to continue until everything is cleared out.  And also many people do not  understand that those meditations support a lot. The positive Light Movement on the  physical plane and they support the whole mass arrest scenario, they support the  whole movement of the light forces because mind is always over matter. If a critical  mass of human beings continue visualizing and manifesting this change, this change  will happen sooner.  If everyone started waiting then it doesn’t happen.  I would  encourage everyone to join those weekly meditations because then it will happen  sooner.  It will happen in a more…in an easier way with less distractions and less  violence and less conflict. "

我们有这三个门户网站(2020年) ,它们非常成功。很多非物质实体都被移除了。但在那之后,整个运动就没有那么成功了,没有那么多人每周进行冥想,因此没有太多的进展来清除星体层面的那些非物质执政官。因此,我鼓励大家加入这个每周一次的努力,因为我们需要继续努力,直到一切都清理干净。而且很多人不明白,那些冥想支持了很多。物质层上的积极的光运动,它们支持整个大规模逮捕的场景,它们支持光力量的整个运动,因为心灵总是在物质之上。如果一个临界质量的人类继续可视化和显化这种变化,这种变化将发生得更快。如果每个人都开始等待,那么它就不会发生。我鼓励每个人参加每周一次的冥想,因为那样它就会更快地发生。它将以一种更容易的方式发生,更少的干扰,更少的暴力,更少的冲突。”

11) Claims that - Mass Meditation manipulates Free Will


  • It does not override the person’s free will. It just presents an  alternative. So if enough people can now only choose between the Cabal and the  Cabal, suddenly they will be presented with another choice. They will be presented  with a choice of Disclosure, First Contact, new reality, new financial system,  better life conditions, and, of course, most people will choose that better reality  with their own free will. And the rest of them will have to adapt to that new  reality. It will not be infringing on their free will, but it will be simply part of  the cosmic process of cosmic restructuring where reality needs to change, it needs  to adapt to a new frequency. We need to evolve as a planet, as a species, as a Solar  System, as a galaxy.
  • 它不能凌驾于人的自由意志之上。它只是提供了另一种选择。因此,如果现在有足够多的人只能在秘社和秘社之间做出选择,他们将突然面临另一个选择。他们将面临披露,第一次接触,新的现实,新的金融体系,更好的生活条件的选择,当然,大多数人将选择更好的现实与他们自己的自由意志。其余的人将不得不适应这个新的现实。它不会侵犯他们的自由意志,但它将仅仅是宇宙重组的宇宙过程的一部分,现实需要改变,它需要适应一个新的频率。我们需要进化成一个行星,一个物种,一个太阳系,一个星系。
  •  meditation can stabilize the timeline, which means it can  accelerate situations. It can make the Event happen faster. It can make the time  between now and the Event more enjoyable and less stressful. So this is very  important and quite significant.
  •  冥想可以稳定时间线,也就是说它可以加速情况。它可以使事件发生得更快。它可以使从现在到活动之间的时间更加愉快,压力更小。因此,这是非常重要和非常重要的。

12) Why The Galactic Center ?


  • Every Galaxies core is the source of free will for all sentient beings in its respective galaxy
  • 每个星系核心都是其各自星系中所有众生自由意志的源泉
  • Souls are born from the Galactic Center
  • 灵魂从银河系中心诞生
  • Every star is a portal to bring the galactic energies into every star system
  • 每颗恒星都是将银河系能量带入每个恒星系统的入口

A well known source like the law1 mentions much about the galactic center ,as does hollywood & gaming

一个众所周知的来源,如 law1提到了很多关于银河系的中心,就像好莱坞和游戏


Disclosure here as well




13) Why Not Prayer ?


There are not many differences between the two :


  1. A) Both are calling upon a higher power


  1. B) Both are calling upon assistance


  1. C) Both are calling upon a positive outcome for the future


  1. D) Both involve a silent & intimate period in time


14) How do we know that we reached 144k or more participants ?

我们如何知道我们达到了144k 或更多的参与者?

  •   The Resistance Movement before each meditation happens sends me intel & asks me to post  that on the blog.The reason why there is so many people reading my blog is simply because there is a very powerful group behind that.  It’s not just me. It is 70 million  ( now over 120 million...since 1999 there was 20 million ) people living below the surface of the planet that are standing behind the energy of the blog. 
  •   每次冥想之前,抵抗运动都会给我发送情报,并要求我将其发布在博客上。之所以有这么多人阅读我的博客,仅仅是因为有一个非常强大的团体在背后。不只是我。有7000万(现在超过1.2亿... 自1999年以来有2000万)人生活在地球表面以下,他们站在博客的能量背后。 




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