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作者:Steve Beckow


I wept when I saw this video(below)of,first,North Carolina policemen kneeling and,second,the protesters kneeling.At last the two sides had found a common language.I hope it catches on.


I believe the example started with Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett.



This is a spontaneous outbreak of human unity.I'm given to believe that we haven't seen the last of Illuminati attempts to undermine the peace of the country–i.e.,false flags–this year.


But with the police and the protesters having found a way to talk with each other–and work with each other,I hope,the way freedom of assembly should work–my hope factor has gone way up.


The situation reminds me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.A human meets an alien for the first time and what language do they speak?What language do policemen and protesters speak?The language of surrender,acceptance,peacefulness.


The language of handshakes,not hand grenades.The language of hugs,not thugs.


0 0:00The language that says we can't keep doing this.That says,I'm really with you,not against you.That says,I am one of you.I am one with you.


It was Ivo of Vegas who said:


"Whatever the cabal does now,it will unify people against them,not continue to separate people from each other.This is the effect their efforts are having now as too many are in the know.It can only backfire on them,and it is."(1)


In my opinion,what we need to do right now is to combine the discipline of an army with the peacefulness of a group of monks.


Discipline so that people don't go off overturning cars,leaving the agents provocateurs to stand out for their actions.The police kneeling says to me that they're aware of the agents provocateurs and don't blame the protesters.I trust that the Alliance has a plan for the agents and crisis actors.


The peacefulness of monks to awaken the compassion of police when considering their options around a protest.The protesters themselves may go down on one knee first,before the police,which means they wish to cooperate rather than control.Let that be the international signal for peaceful intent.


I don't think I can recall another action as symbolic as kneeling since Gandhi went on the Salt March.He made his first pinch of salt by condensation of seawater,in violation of existing laws,and then let it fall to the ground amid cheers.


Everyone knew the significance of his action.Soon multitudes were making salt and selling it,breaking the British monopoly.


I'll admit that something has really happened in society if policemen around the country follow Chief Mylett's example.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if a solid coalition of police and protesters emerged from this?A mutual understanding by police and protesters that both of them are being used by the planet's former controllers and both want it to stop?


Project that thought into the collective consciousness.


I invoke the Divine Mother and the laws of intention,as above so below,transmutation,change,and grace to forge a unity between protesters and the police who are there to protect them.


I ask for a new understanding to emerge,in which protesters are seen as pushing change forward towards equality,justice,and abundance for all,against the efforts of folks who want to keep things to themselves.I ask for the police to see themselves as protecting the protesters against agents provocateurs and crisis actors,rather than the reverse.




(1)"Surveillance Technology|Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart,"Voyages of Light,May 28,2020,at https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2020/05/surveillance-technology-ivo-of-vega-via.html.


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