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Never in my life have I seen the level of mendacity,sanctimony and hypocrisy from politicians and mass media as in these days since January 6.People who consider themselves as intelligent and discerning spewing utter misguided nonsense from their beaks on TV.What little they really know and how much shit they have in their eyes that blinds them.And how much they will be humbled once the real truth comes out!


Simon Parkes talks about recent developments with much integrity and he is on top of things.He interprets the storming of the US Capitol and subsequent events.And in his yesterday's update he states that US president Donald Trump has activated the Insurrection Act to facilitate the rounding up of Cabal crooks.Meanwhile the Cabal puppets keep extending lockdowns and injecting as many slaves as they can.But not for long anymore.I cannot mention specifics about the status of the clearing of the Chimera except that the light forces are almost done with it.

西蒙·帕克斯坦率地谈到了最近的事态发展,他对此了如指掌。他解读了对美国国会大厦的冲击以及随后发生的事/件。他在昨天的更新中表示,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)已经启动了叛乱法案,为围捕阴谋歹徒提供便利。与此同时,阴谋傀儡们继续延长封锁,并尽可能多地注入奴隶。但这不会再持续太久了。我不能提及清理奇美拉的具体情况,除非光明势力几乎完成了清理工作。



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