ECETI:开始了,这不是演习|James Gilliland

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ECETI:开始了,这不是演习|James Gilliland


来自 ECETI 的最新消息


It's On-This Is Not A Drill


Over 6,000 troops are now at the White House and Capitol building.The President has signed the Insurrection Act.The main stream and social media,Treason Inc.along with those who knowingly committed Treason by certifying the votes even when notified there was extreme foreign intervention and fraud are all scurrying and screaming to protect their assets minus the ets.Super computers and the military in Italy were used to alter the votes in 17 states through dominion and other software.Key players including the President of Italy have been arrested and the Vatican's hands are extremely dirty.During the orchestrated breech at the Capitol building by Antifa and those who infiltrated Antifa,Nancy Pelosi and others lost their lap tops.Rumor has it this is why many democrats and rhinos are screaming impeachment because the lap tops have damming information on them including communications with Antifa and the *C*P.Communist C*na.It is also rumored Nancy was arrested trying to cross the border.These are gray areas as all breaking news because there are moves and counter moves in the 5D chess game,it is verified the military has the lap tops.Those in the know suspected Mike Pence to back stab the president as many others due to blackmail and other dirty dealings.There is the possibility he played a part to get the others to sign on the dotted line verifying the known fraudulent votes.I personally believe Pence and others saw it as a way out.If they are successful none of them get prosecuted.Their lives and careers are on the line and when everything is made public which is unstoppable they will not be able to walk the streets,or the airports.Trump and the military have it all.

超过6000名士兵现在在白宫和国会大厦。总统已经签署了叛乱法案。主流媒体和社交媒体,叛国公司,以及那些在知情的情况下通过认证选票而犯下叛国罪的人,甚至在得知有极端的外国干预和欺诈行为的情况下,都在争先恐后地尖叫着保护他们的资产,但没有这些资产。意大利的超级计算机和军队通过 dominion 和其他软件改变了17个州的选票。包括意大利总统在内的关键人物已经被逮捕,梵蒂冈的手非常肮脏。在 Antifa 和那些渗透进 Antifa 的人在国会大厦精心安排的攻击中,南希·佩洛西和其他人丢失了他们的手提电脑。有传言说,这就是为什么许多民主党人和犀牛会尖叫弹劾,因为笔记本电脑上有破坏他们的信息,包括与安提法和*c*p的通信。还有传闻说南希在试图越过边境时被捕。这些都是灰色地带作为所有突发新闻,因为有移动和反移动在5D国际象棋游戏,它是证实军方有笔记本电脑。知情人士怀疑,由于敲诈勒索和其他肮脏交易,迈克·彭斯和其他许多人一样,支持刺杀总统。他有可能参与了让其他人在虚线上签名,以核实已知的欺诈选票。我个人认为,彭斯和其他人认为这是一条出路。如果他们成功了,没有人会被起诉。他们的生活和事业都岌岌可危,一旦一切都公之于众,他们就无法走上街头,无法上机场。特朗普和军方拥有一切

Dos and don'ts.Do not listen to mainstream and social media they are complicit in the coup spreading the deceptions and lies.They are owned by the corporate elite.Soros,the global elite,and the *C*P are heavily invested in Hollywood,Mainstream News,Social Media,many politicians both Republican and Democrat,Governors,Judges Antifa,BLM,Open Boarders etc.The covid was a biological attack by the *C*P orchestrated by the WHO and CDC as well as vaccine manufacturers,who hold the patent for the virus and the test kits.Some of these patents go back to 2005.Follow the money.The Governors who are heavy handed forcing lockdowns and destroying businesses are corrupt,signed on and part of the Take down America Plan.


The take down America plan is in full swing,they all played their cards and now comes the Trump Card and the patriot or white hat card,those in the military,law enforcement and other sectors still honoring their oath and allegiance to America.As we have said earlier the net and the power grid in some areas will go down.Prepare for net and power outages.This includes accessing banks take out enough money to get through a couple weeks,may be shorter or longer.Stock up on food for at least 10 days.Gas up your cars as we have said pumps don't pump water or gas when the grid goes down and they won't be able to accept payment other than cash.Do not get involved in the military operation.Protect your families and your neighbors learn to share.One of the most important things we can share is pray,meditate,learn how to clear any unseen negative influences.This is a multidimensional spiritual war.Many of the patriots and messengers are under heavy attack by unseen negative influences.Those who do Satanic rituals,Luciferians have their dark lords,reptilian and negative greys are also in the mix.It is time to wake up,grow up stand in your divinity,call on the many saints,sages and masters to clear these energies.This is not just an American event it is global.Whether you call on Jesus,Buddha,Kwan Yin,the House of Mary,too many to name,Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off Worlders they are all part of Creators Army.It is time to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries and focus on Universal Law.Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.Do not get into fear,this is a good thing.We are sharing the original Lord's prayer in Aramaic which is unifying and genderless along with the clearing unseen negative influences technique.Pass it far and wide and put the leaders and messengers in your prayers.Many of them are under a lot of pressure and attack by unseen negative influences.


God Speed


James Gilliland


Eceti Stargate YouTube while still operating.

Permission granted to pass far and wide.



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