X22报道|第2619集: 美联储刚刚发出了一个信息,达勒姆正在带来痛苦

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X22报道|第2619集: 美联储刚刚发出了一个信息,达勒姆正在带来痛苦

Ep. 2619a – The [CB] Just Sent A Message, Timing Is Everything

Ep. 2619a-[ CB ]只是发送了一个信息,时间就是一切

Ep. 2619b – [HRC] Is A Puppet Her Strings Were Cut, She Is On Her Own, Durham Is Bringing The Pain


X22 报告发表于2021年11月4日


[JB] is now moving forward with the vaccine mandates, this is going to effect the trucking industry, which in turn will add to the supply chain issue. In Ca they are now changing the stacking rule to more than two. The Fed just signaled when they are going to begin the economic crisis, timing is everything.

[ JB ]现在正在推进疫苗的使命,这将影响到卡车运输业,而这反过来又会增加供应链的问题。在加法中,他们现在将堆叠规则改为两个以上。美联储刚刚发出信号,当他们要开始经济危机的时候,时机就是一切。


The patriots are now bringing the pain, the [DS] is panicking and Durham just arrested another player in the Russia collusion hoax. All roads lead to [HRC]. Those who lied to congress in impeachment hoax 1 are now panicking they thought they would be protected. [HRC] sends a message, PANIC is everywhere. The people are now learning the truth, people are seeing the swamp and how they operate. Buckle up is going to get very bumpy. 



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