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A heart-stopping new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin's vow this morning to continuing strengthening Russian military defences is a needed action in light of President Trump having just accused his National Security Advisor John Bolton of trying to start a war against Venezuela without his knowledge—a fearful fact placing into stark relief that Trump may not be in full control over his own military forces—and as further exampled by Trump's former White House Chief of Staff,and retired US Marine general,John Kelly having just issued a threat stating"Trump's family needs to be dealt with"—a frightening statement for any former career US Naval officer to make(US Marines are part of US Navy)against a sitting civilian President,and comes at the same time the US Navy,also,shockingly fired its top non-commissioned officer Command Master Chief Jonas Carter because he jokingly asked his sailors aboard the USS Harry Truman to"clap like we're at a strip club"when Vice President Mike Pence visited their warship—but whose apparently in rebellion US Navy forces have just been met by Trump's former National Security Advisor,and retired US Army general,H.R McMaster who has just warned that rebellious White House officials surrounding Trump have now become"a danger to the Constitution"---a danger US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley is preparing to meet by his ordering deployed this week highly-specialized US Army military forces that can only be likened to assassination teams—who now join the US Army forces preparing to put under siege rebellious American cities—and about which the Security Council noted this past December-2018 when they identified General Milley as being the leader of the secretive QAnon military organization supporting Trump and preparing to place the United Statesunder total martial law.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份令人震惊的安理会(Security Council)新报告。报告称,鉴于特朗普总统刚刚指责他的国家安全顾问约翰·博尔顿(John Bolton)试图在他不知情的情况下对委内瑞拉发动战争,普京总统今天上午承诺继续加强俄罗斯的军事防御是一项必要的行动。这一可怕的事实突显出,特朗普可能无法完全控制自己的军队。特朗普的前白宫幕僚长也进一步证明了这一点美国海军陆战队退役将军 John Kelly 刚刚发出威胁,称"特朗普的家人需要得到处理"ーー对于任何一位前职业美国海军军官(美国海军陆战队是美国海军的一部分)来说,这是对一位现任文职总统发出的可怕声明,与此同时,美国海军也令人震惊地解雇了美国士官司令部最高司令长官 Jonas Carter,因为当副总统 Mike Pence 造访他们的战舰时,他开玩笑地要求美国海军杜鲁门号上的水兵们"像我们在脱衣舞俱乐部一样鼓掌"ーー但是他们叛乱时的美国海军部队刚刚与特朗普的前国家安全顾问麦克马斯特刚刚警告说,特朗普身边的反叛的白宫官员现在已经成为"对宪法的威胁"——这是美国陆军参谋长马克·米利准备应对的危险,因为他下令在本周部署高度专业化的美国陆军军队,这只能被比作暗杀团队——他们现在加入美国陆军,准备围攻反叛的美国城市——安全委员会在去年12月至2018年指出,米利将军是支持特朗普的秘密军事组织 QAnon 的领导人,并准备将美国置于全面戒严之下。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


Qalon 领导人美国陆军总参谋长马克·米利将军(上图)准备在美国建立戒严法规

According to this report,in the days just prior to his taking office,President Trump started to learn about the"Deep State"coup plot against him and began asking questions—but were questions Democrat Party leader US Senator Chuck Schumer warned Trump to stop asking about because America's corrupt and secretive intelligence organizations"have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you"—a beyond shocking threat to make in a nation that supposedly prides itself on the rule of law—but whose intelligence agencies'lawlessness Schumer still supports—and whose rage has now turned on Trump's supporters he calls"despicable"while stating that this is"one issue that eats at me".


In order to counter this"Deep State"coup plot threat to America,this report continues,the Security Council had previously noted that veteran American investigative reporter and best selling author,Dr.Jerome Corsi,had revealed that a group of generals told him that Trump had been recruited by a mysterious and secretive US military intelligence unit called"QAnon"to run in the 2016 Presidential Election,and subsequently help remove corrupt"Deep State"officials from positions of power—that threw Dr.Corsi into a battle with Special Counsel Robert Mueller whom he refused to even talk to—with the Security Councilalso revealing that the unmistakable power of"QAnon"forced even the leftist Time Magazine to name it as one of the top 25 most influential"people"on the internet for 2018.

为了应对这起针对美国的"深州"政变阴谋威胁,本报道继续报道,安理会此前曾指出,美国资深调查记者、畅销书作者杰罗姆·科尔西博士透露,一群将军告诉他,特朗普被一个名为"QAnon"的神秘的美国军事情报机构招募参加2016年总统大选,随后帮助将腐败的"深州"(Deep State)官员赶下权力宝座——这让科西陷入了与特别检察官罗伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)的争斗之中,他甚至拒绝与穆勒交谈——安理会还透露,"QAnon"无可置疑的力量迫使左翼《时代周刊》(Time Magazine)将其列为2018年互联网上最具影响力的25"人物"之一。

This past December-2018,this report notes,then White House communication director Anthony Scaramucci stunningly opened up to loyal Trump supporters about who the leader of"QAnon"was with his declaring"when you find out who he is,you're not going to believe it"—a declaration that,in turn,allowed Russian intelligence analysts to quickly determine that the only US military leader having met the most times with President Trump and Scaramucci was US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley,who was being considered to become the next Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs—and whom,just last month,on 9 April,was officially nominated by Trump to become the second most powerful military leader in America subordinate only to the President—a powerful military post General Milley will assume command of on 1 October 2019 giving him full power and control over all American military forces—and whose open declaration of war against the"Deep State"he's already issued orders for by telling his military forces and vowing to the American people:

报告指出,在刚刚过去的201812月,当时的白宫通讯主管安东尼·斯卡拉穆奇(Anthony Scaramucci)向特朗普的忠实支持者们惊人地公开了"QAnon"的领导人是谁,并宣称"当你发现他是谁时,你不会相信"——这一宣言反过来又让俄罗斯情报分析人士迅速确定,与特朗普总统和斯卡拉穆奇会面次数最多的唯一美国军方领导人是美国陆军参谋长马克·米利将军(Mark Milley)。米利将军被认为将成为下一任参谋长联席会议主席,就在上个月的49日,米利将军被认为
被特朗普正式提名为仅次于总统的美国第二强大的军事领导人----一个强大的军事职位 Milley 将于2019101日接管指挥权,授予他全部权力和控制所有美国军事力量----并且他已经发布命令,通过告知他的军事力量和向美国人民发誓来公开反对"深州"宣战:

The duty of soldiers and officers is to the US Constitution,not any political party or figure.


We are the only military in the world…that does not take an oath to a king,a queen,a dictator,a president.


We don't take an oath to a country.We don't take an oath to a tribe or a piece of dirt.


The very core essence of the Army is that we are committed to you,the citizens.


We are willing to die,to give our life,for an idea.



Qanon 领导人美国陆军将军马克·米利(左二)召集所有美国高级军事领导人在唐纳德·特朗普总统周围表示忠诚

The"idea"QAnon leader General Milley has committed the lives of the entire America military to dying for,this report explains,is the Constitution of the United States—that is now under the greatest threat of destruction in its entire history by leftist-socialist"Deep State"operatives,the mainstream propaganda media and the Democrat Party—all of whom have now pitted themselves against over 2 million highly trained and motivated American military forces whose solemn oath states:

这份报告解释说,QAnon 领导人米利将军把整个美国军队的生命都献给了《美国宪法》,而这部宪法现在正处于左翼社会主义的"深度国家"操作者、主流宣传媒体和民主党在其整个历史上最大的毁灭威胁之下,这些人现在都在与200多万训练有素、积极进取的美国军队进行竞争,这些军队庄严宣誓:

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,foreign and domestic;that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me,according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.So help me God.




President Donald Trump orders all US Army troops back into their World War II uniforms(above)as they prepare to uphold their oath


With the First Amendment of the US Constitution now under attack by leftist"Deep State"forces,that joins the already under continuous assault Second Amendment,this report details,further attacks(most particularly by Democrat Party forces)have been launched against the US Constitution's mandated system for choosing Presidents called the Electoral College—an attack against the US Constitution's mandate for three co-equal branches of government of Executive,Legislative and Judicial that now sees leftists wanting to pack the Supreme Court to make it more powerful than the other two—and the outright shredding of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution that protects the American people from illegal government surveillance.

随着《美国宪法第一修正案》(First Amendment of the US Constitution)如今受到左翼"深州"势力的攻击,加入了已经受到持续攻击的《第二修正案》(Second Amendment),本报告详细介绍了进一步的攻击(尤其是民主党势力),这些攻击针对的是美国宪法规定的选举总统的制度,即选举团制度——这是对美国宪法规定的行政、立法和司法三个平等政府部门的授权的攻击,目前左翼人士希望将最高法院包装成一个整体,以使其比另外两个更加强大——以及彻底粉碎保护美国人民免受非法政府监。

The most noteworthy current victim of the Fourth Amendment's outright shredding by the"Deep State",this report states,is President Trump—who was illegally spied upon by the US intelligence agencies Democrat Party leader Senator Schumer warned would destroy him—the latest shocking evidence of which is the just discovered US State Department memo wherein Hillary Clinton bought and paid for British spy Christopher Steele urged the releasing of his Trump-Russia lies before the 2016 election to destroy Trump—that shockingly the FBI then retroactively ordered classified—and afterwards saw FBI Director Christopher Wray comically telling Democrats in the US Congress that Trump wasn't spied on—that now puts Wray on the opposite side of US Attorney General William Barr who not only says Trump was spied on,but has opened multiple criminal investigations into—and,likewise,places him against former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions who agrees with Barr that Trump was illegally spied on.

最值得注意的当前第四修正案的受害者彻底粉碎由"深州",这份报告指出,最新令人震惊的证据是,最近发现的一份美国国务院备忘录显示,希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)购买并支付英国间谍克里斯托弗斯蒂尔(Christopher Steele)敦促在2016年大选之前公布他的 Trump-Russia 谎言,以摧毁特朗普。令人震惊的是,联邦调查局(FBI)随后追溯下令进行机密调查,之后看到联邦调查局局长克里斯托弗(Christopher Wray)滑稽地告诉美国国会的民主党人,特朗普没有被监视。这份备忘录现在让 Wray 站在了美国司法部长威廉巴尔(William Barr)的对立面。巴尔不仅表示特朗普被监视,但他已经对特朗普展开了多项刑事调查ーー同样地,他与前美国司法部长杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)针锋相对。塞申斯同意巴尔关于特朗普被非法监视的说法。


With full internecine(mutually destructive characterized by great slaughter)open political warfare now consuming Washington,this report concludes,the Democrat Party led"Deep State"has begun an all-out investigative assault against President Trump—that ranges from their comically dropping what they call a bombshell on Trump exposing that he lost billions-of-dollars 30-years ago,but they didn't need a New York Times article to reveal as old videos of his Apprentice television programme shows Trump"freely admitting he lost billions"—to the more serious effort by the Democrats in the US House holding Attorney General Barr in contempt for his not releasing an un-redacted Mueller Report,that if he had done would have made him a criminal—and,most dangerously of all,just one day after Republican Party US Senate leader Mitch McConnell declared"case closed"on the Mueller investigation,stunningly saw Republican Senate intelligence committee leader Richard Burr attacking Donald Trump Jr.with a subpoena demanding he testify about"Russia matters"—but who,instead of listening to former career US Marine-Naval officer General Kelly's cry to"deal with Trump's children",would be better advised to listen to one of President Trump'sand US Army General Milley's top civilian advisors named Kevin Brock—the powerful former Assistant Director of Intelligence for the FBI and Principal Deputy Director of the US National Counterterrorism Center—and whom,in his just published article titled"James Comey Is In Trouble And He Knows It",lays out the precise roadmap for the"Deep State's"coming destruction by detailing their crimes—and who,if failing to accept their fate peacefully,will see them all descended upon by General Milley's martial law military forces—with October-2019 being the coming month to dread,not only for the American people,but everyone else in the world,too.

报告总结说,随着华盛顿陷入全面自相残杀(相互毁灭的拥有属性大屠杀)的公开政治战争,民主党领导的"深州"(Deep State)已经开始对特朗普总统展开全面的调查性攻击ーー其中包括他们称之为对特朗普发出的"炸弹"的滑稽揭露,30年前他损失了数十亿美元
但他们不需要《纽约时报》的一篇文章,就可以在他的电视节目《学徒》(Apprentice)的旧视频中看到特朗普"自由地承认他损失了数十亿美元"ーー民主党在众议院做出了更严肃的努力,指责司法部长巴尔(Barr)蔑视他没有发布一份未经编辑的穆勒报告,如果他这么做,就会让他成为一名罪犯ーー而且最危险的是,就在共和党参议院领袖米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)宣布穆勒调查"结案"的一天后,共和党参议院情报委员会。他接到传票,要求他就"俄罗斯事务"作证。但是,与其听从前美国海军陆战队军官凯利将军"处理特朗普的孩子"的呼吁,还不如听从特朗普总统和美国陆军米利将军的高级平民顾问凯文·布罗克(Kevin brock)的呼吁。布罗克曾是美国联邦调查局(FBI)情报部门的重要助理局长和美国国家反恐中心(US National Counterterrorism center)的首席副主任


The American people can never say they weren't warned about what is going to happen in 2019—only that they didn't listen!



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