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我根本不看 MSM,因为我知道他们报道的都是谎言。人们有一个习惯,当面对谎言时会变得愤怒和战斗,但是如何坚持信仰呢?

织女星的伊沃|出局by Sharon Stewart


I don't look at MSM at all because I know what they're reporting is a lie.People have a habit of getting angry and fighting when confronted with lies but what about holding the faith?

我根本不看 MSM,因为我知道他们报道的都是谎言。人们有一个习惯,当面对谎言时会变得愤怒和战斗,但是如何坚持信仰呢?

The other side is fighting dirty.They're circulating nasty memes.Let's not stoop to this.Let's not behave like they are.Where is our integrity?Where is our self control?Where is our love for this planet?Are you showing it in circulating nasty memes about the political party you don't like?


We KNEW something like this would happen,so why let it lower your vibe?This whole world is at stake,but do you have so little faith in the Light that you feel you have to battle your way through this?Whatever happened to rising above it?


I'm even having a bad day with CFS,but I'm still only just passing on information.That's all.I don't particularly like our PM and the federal health minister because they're liars but how far am I willing to punish myself because they are in power and taking this country in the wrong direction?How much good will I be able to do for the world when my own vibe is lowered?

我今天甚至和 CFS 过得很不愉快,但我仍然只是在传递信息。仅此而已。我不是特别喜欢我们的首相和联邦卫生部长,因为他们都是骗子,但是我愿意惩罚自己多少,因为他们掌权,把这个国家带向了错误的方向?当我自己的内心感应降低时,我能为世界做多少好事?

Ivo,I will turn this over to you because I'm sure you have something to impart to all of us.


Ivo:I do.You have been warned,all of the lightworker community has,that it will be a hard road ahead.Now you see because they are planning to censor the president,that he may have to use the emergency system they have been telling you about.


What you do not understand here,my love,is that the way all are reacting to this election,reflects on all of you.This is not just about the two parties involved,but instead it is about the bigger picture:the way that all of you react when your party is down,or when your party is up.This is about all of you,not just the hand full of people who are in the American government.


Your energy counts more than the votes that have been voted.


Yes,let me repeat that,your energy matters more than the vote you may have cast or your political preference.There is a bigger picture,and many of you have abandoned this in favour of focusing on this one scenario at hand.


Continue to inform others of what is occurring.Focus on what they are doing,however do not attack their character.We know that the d s is unethical.Do not drop to their level and do not fight at their level.


Me:I was wondering how many other things the deep state will advance in other countries now that we're all so distracted by this election.


Ivo:As an example.Have you watched what is going on in your own country?Have new laws been put into place in these last few days that further convict your humanity?Have you been paying attention?


Me:Because that's one of their big ploys:to distract and then further some agenda item while you're not looking.


Ivo:You have the power to stop them.When you say,"I do not consent,"when enough of you do that,you can stop them.It is how you use your Light.If you take your Light and use it to fight dirty with the dark,then you have lost the battle already.
Do not lower your frequency.Keep it high.


My love,part of your tiredness is your attempt to hold the collective's light up.


Me:I figured as much.


Ivo:You are having a few bad days because you are injecting much light into the collective unconscious,to buoy up those who will not do so.


Me:And it's hard to meet my obligations.


Ivo:So we will make this short.The message is clear.Do not lower your frequency.Leave the fights,stop aggressing towards others who are attempting to bait you and to steal your energy.That is what these arguments are about.


Me:Thank you Ivo.


Ivo:My love,rest up.You have a few rough weeks ahead.


Me:Oh goodie.Oh well.Has to be done.



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