X22报告|第2874集: 特朗普困住了美联储,达勒姆在庭审前传达了一个信息

2022年9月15日10:32:53最新动态X22报告|第2874集: 特朗普困住了美联储,达勒姆在庭审前传达了一个信息已关闭评论4081字数 1339阅读4分27秒阅读模式

达勒姆在10月份的审判之前没有发出任何信息,他让每个人都知道他的方向,[ DS ]球员正在赶时间。

X22报告|第2874集: 特朗普困住了美联储,达勒姆在庭审前传达了一个信息

Ep. 2874a – Trump Trapped The [CB], They Have No Other Move

特朗普困住了[ CB ] ,他们别无选择

Ep. 2874b – Durham Sends A Message Before Trial, The Majesty Of The United States Is Gone




Trump and the patriots have now brought the [CB]/[WEF] down the path where every move they make will look worse and worse, the people will see very clearly that the Fed is trapped. The crisis that is approaching will used to expose and destroy the [CB].

特朗普和爱国者们现在已经把[ CB ]/[ WEF ]带到了一条道路上,他们的每一步行动都将看起来越来越糟,人们将非常清楚地看到美联储被困住了。即将到来的危机将被用来揭露和摧毁[CB]。


Durham has not sent a message before the October trial, he is letting everyone know the direction he is going in and the [DS] players are rushing against time. They will need distraction because the evidence that is going to be produced is going to show the same FBI and DOJ that are going after Trump is the same FBI and DOJ that meddled in the 2016 and 2020 election. Trump sends a message, “The majesty of the United States is gone”. Does this mean the King now be attacked and exposed?

达勒姆在10月份的审判之前没有发出任何信息,他让每个人都知道他的方向,[ DS ]球员正在赶时间。他们需要分散注意力,因为即将出示的证据将显示,正在追捕特朗普的 FBI 和司法部,正是干预了2016年和2020年大选的那个 FBI 和司法部。特朗普发出了一个信息,“美国的威严已经消失了”。这是否意味着国王现在受到攻击和暴露?


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