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我们必须注意关键的历史标记,因为我们通过他们在这个五维象棋游戏。Covid 19是一个明显的例子。就像特朗普弹劾失败和穆勒失败一样。



We must take note of the key historical markers as we pass them in this 5D chess game.Covid19 is an obvious one.As was the Trump impeachment fail&the Mueller fail.The firing of FBI Director James Comey was certainly a notable marker.The introduction of QAnon,the Alliance's intelligence countermeasure to the mainstream media's propaganda dissemination,figures in very strongly.Obviously,Trump's election win on 11/9/16 and his inauguration on 1/20/17(when he was 70 years,7 months and 7 days old)are among the most significant.

我们必须注意关键的历史标记,因为我们通过他们在这个五维象棋游戏。Covid 19是一个明显的例子。就像特朗普弹劾失败和穆勒失败一样。解雇联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米无疑是一个值得注意的标志。该联盟对主流媒体的宣传传播的情报对策 QAnon 的引入,在数字上非常强烈。显然,特朗普在11/9/16大选中的胜利,以及他在1//20/17 (当时他707个月零7)的就职典礼,都是最重要的

However,despite all the noise from the Covid Plandemic and the continuing false flag events from the international Deep State Cabal,we must not fail to recognize and assess one the other key markers that has been nearly swept under the rug by the events which followed it:The removal of master pedo honeypot Jeffery Epstein from the chessboard.

然而,尽管 Covid 全球流行病和国际深州阴谋集团的假旗事件持续不断,我们不能不认识和评估其他一些关键标记,这些标记几乎被随后发生的事件所掩盖:杰弗里·爱泼斯坦主人蜜罐从棋盘上移除

Without a doubt,the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein(and eventual demise,however you read that)is an ultra-significant marker in the international chess game between good&evil.In a sense,this game has been on-going for thousands of years,but since June of 2015,when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President,things have really hit warp speed.


There have been many other markers in this battle,such as Dec.23,1913,when the Federal Reserve was founded,or Nov.22,1963,when President John F.Kennedy was assassinated.And,of course,the infamous 9/11.


Many of these old markers involve the light side losing badly,or at least appearing to lose badly.It seemed as if the dark would always prevail.They held all of the big cards and,in fact,owned the property rights to the casino itself.Many placed their bets accordingly.


A marker that had a lot of pre-game hype,on more of the Y2K doomsday tip,was Dec.21,2012.This was the end of the Mayan Calendar,and supposedly heralded some kind of major Apocalypse,Quantum Shift,or at the very least,a seriously heavy long weekend.


When it came and went without a blip,it was dismissed as just another New Age scam.Clickbait,nothing more.


The truth is,that date was another major marker.It was a graduation of sorts for the human race,and just like in an actual graduation,something significant had happened,and it would change things,but as far as right away that very day,it was back to normal life,business as usual,albeit with a paper degree in hand.


But things had changed,energetically,behind the scenes.


From the 2012 marker on,the dark team would be at a disadvantage.Whereas once,they owned all the casinos and even the dealers,now they would have to play straight up,one-on-one,according to the established rules of the game;rules they had once flaunted and mocked,because there was one set of books for them,and another for everyone else.Sure,laws of the land existed,and could be applied to their opponents,but not to them.Tell it to the Judge,because they owned the Judge,and they owned him/her with blackmail--of the worst kind.


One of the most effective forms of blackmail has been sex with minors/children,and some things far worse than that,though we won't go into that here.The general public has a built-in response to protect children,starting first with their own children,then extending to children at large.Crimes against children have a way of annihilating political differences and uniting people against an obvious,inarguable evil.


At the turning point of the 2016 election,a lap-top was seized by the NYPD from the soon-to-be-convicted Anthony Weiner(aka Carlos Danger),husband of Hillary Clinton's top aid Huma Abedin.The word on the streets was that hardened NYC cops,who had supposedly seen it all,wept when they encountered what was on that lap-top--under a file marked"Life Insurance."


The NYPD threatened to go public if the FBI,then headed by James Comey,didn't re-open the case on Hillary Clinton,based on this newly seized information.Comey,a lifelong fixer for the Clintons,knew what had to be done.He announced they were re-opening the case.It was a shocking development,so close to when the ballots would be checked on election day.Trump supporters celebrated,while Clinton's reeled in temporary shock.But then,a mere week later,Comey announced to the world that the FBI had gone through the thousands of files and emails at hyper-speed and there was nothing to see here.Case dismissed.The Comey fix was in.After all,that was his job.


Every power player in old school Washington knew that Clinton would win the election.It was an absolute given.The MSM had proclaimed it from Day One.Big Business and Big Washington were behind it.Political players all across the globe were already in bed with the Clinton Foundation.Anyone that might be a potential whistle-blower on any dark deeds,was a one-off,easily silenced by a"two bullets to the back of the head suicide"blackmail already in place,or a healthy pay-off in fame&fortune,Hollywood style.


Once Clinton was in office,they could make all of this disappear with ease.They would again control the highest office in the land.In fact,a Clinton or a Bush had held the Presidency or Vice Presidency every year since 1980,other than Obama,and he was campaigning for Clinton.Another legacy 8 was a dead solid lock.And if the voters didn't like it,too bad.Ask Bernie Sanders how that worked out for him.


And Donald Trump?Well,they would deal with him after they got in office.And they'd make such an example out of him,no one would ever try this again.那么唐纳德·特朗普呢?他们上任后会处理他的。他们会把他当作榜样,没有人会再做这种事了

But then,the miracle happened.Trump won.How could this possibly be?This wasn't in the script.And the dark had always held the script rights and rights to all subsequent sequels.


The big power shift from dark to light had taken place.


"If that bastard wins,we'll all hang by nooses!You better do something about this.You better fix it!"-Hillary Clinton wrote to Donna Brazile in an email,after a public interview with Matt Lauer didn't go according to plan.


Hang by nooses?Why would anyone put losing an election in those terms?


In the Inspector General Report,related to issues concerning the Weiner lap-top,it was written,very briefly as a note:"Initial analysis of lap-top.Thousands of emails.Hillary Clinton&Foundation.Crime against Children."

在《监察长报告》中,有关 Weiner 笔记本电脑的问题,报告非常简短地写道:"笔记本电脑的初步分析。数以千计的电子邮件。希拉里·克林顿基金会。针对儿童的犯罪。"

When Trump was elected,one of his key appointments was Jeff Sessions.Even Trump supporters,by and by,have had mixed takes on whether this was a good or bad appointment.Sessions did recuse himself from the Russian Collusion Hoax,but he also went straight to work combatting child sex trafficking,as evidenced by arrest numbers skyrocketing both here and abroad.The administration went after the lower level feeder organizations first,that supplied the higher ups,those less protected by webs of blackmail and elite political power.

当特朗普当选时,他的关键任命之一是杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)。甚至特朗普的支持者,不久之后,对于这是一个好的还是坏的任命,也有不同的看法。塞申斯的确回避了俄罗斯串谋骗局,但他也直接参与打击儿童性交易的工作,这从国内外逮捕人数飙升可以得到证明。政府首先对低层的支线组织下手,这些支线组织为高层提供支持,这些组织受到敲诈和精英政治权力网络的保护较少

Back in 2011,Peter Schweizer published"Throw Them All Out,"a detailed examination of political corruption as it is actually practiced in the halls of Congress.In his investigation,Schweizer found one single member of Congress against whom no allegations could be held--who had never taken a dime that was not his,had never cut any backroom deals,had never,simply put,played the game.

早在2011年,彼得·施韦泽(Peter Schweizer)就出版了《把他们都扔出去》(Throw Them All Out)一书,详细研究了国会大厅中实际存在的政治腐败现象。在他的调查中,施韦泽找到了一个没有指控的国会议员----他从来没有拿过不属于他的一分钱,从来没有做过任何幕后交易,简单地说,从来没有玩过这个游戏

That individual was Jeff Sessions.Though there has been much discussion about what side Sessions is playing for,especially with Trump's negative tweets about him,disinformation is also necessary and Sessions record on child trafficking speaks for itself.However,they don't call it 5D chess for nothing.The game has many double and triple agents.Only in it's end game results will all of the players and their moves be made clear.


In 2017,the Department of Justice quietly began its investigation into Jeffery Epstein,under the direction and oversight of Jeff Sessions.

2017年,在杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)的指导和监督下,司法部悄悄开始对杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffery Epstein)展开调查

Epstein was himself a factor in the 2016 election.Back then,the public had heard about his"Lolita Island",aka Pedo Island,aka Orgy Island.Former President Bill Clinton had ditched his security detail and taken 26 trips to this island on his own.Hillary had taken 6.

爱泼斯坦本人也是2016年大选的一个因素。当时,公众已经听说了他的"洛丽塔岛",又名 Pedo Island,又名 Orgy 岛。前总统比尔·克林顿抛弃了他的安保人员,独自前往这个岛屿26次。希拉里6

Epstein made the claim during his initial deposition for pedo-crimes in 2008(of which he was convicted and cut a deal)that he was the Co-Founder of the Clinton Foundation&the Clinton Global Initiative.


Epstein had gone from a college drop-out--turned calculus teacher,turned junior stock broker--to an overnight Billionaire.He naturally knew all of the hot shots in New York,where being a billionaire like Donald Trump puts you on a pretty short list.


Trump's opponents are trying to take some words said about Epstein 17 years ago and the fact that he took a flight from Florida to New York on one of his planes,as a means to tie Trump to the honeypot crimes Epstein built his fortune on.The stuff you'd put in a"Life Insurance"file.


They have nothing on Trump or they would have used it in the 2016 election,when they still controlled nearly all the judges in the land.As in 2016,all they have are words he said,framed in a context to make him look bad.In the second Presidential debate,Trump said:"There are words and then there are deeds."


It is the deeds which will be answered for.The"Crime Against Children."And nothing can get them out of that.


Regarding Tump,he is not in the flight log to Epstein's'Lolita Island'-not even once.He hitched a ride from Daytona to NYC,with Epstein's son,once.Trump,upon learning of Epstein's assault of a 14 year old girl,banned him from his clubs and hotels for life.At Epstein's first arrest,Trump voluntarily went to the police and prosecutor for a statement and they commented that he"could not have been more forthcoming."


This play has been a long time coming.If you thought that the NXIVM case,with Allison Mack singing like a canary,was going to unravel a network of sex crime web works,then this is that x 100.

这出戏已经演了很久了。如果你认为 NXIVM 的案子,Allison Mack 像金丝雀一样歌唱,将揭开性犯罪网络的神秘面纱,那么这就是 x 100

Not everyone in Epstein's little black book is guilty.He was a rich power broker and ran in a lot of circles,celebrity and otherwise.But the people who took a trip to Pedo Island made one fatal mistake:They took their phones with them.

爱泼斯坦的小黑名单上并不是每个人都有罪。他是一个富有的权力掮客,经营着许多圈子,包括名人和其他。但是那些去 Pedo Island 旅行的人犯了一个致命的错误:他们带走了手机

The Dark Team never though that the technology created for control and surveillance of the general public could be used against them.After all,they controlled intelligence operations like the CIA,and the FBI were their fixers.And they had many a blackmailed judge in their pockets.


They never accounted for patriots and good actors in intelligence,military,politics and the police.Nor the power of an awakened public,who now had somewhere to turn to to report crimes.The dark joke from their team used to be:"Who you gonna call?"Because there was no one to call for Justice.They had that game sewn up,from the inside out.


That era is over.The NSA is being used against them now.The corrupt members of the DOJ&FBI have been fired.Just look at a list of the bad actors who have been sacked since Trump took office.Then look at the record number of CEO resignations.Then look at all of the new Judges Trump has appointed.


Like rats on a sinking ship,those caught up in the Epstein scandal will begin turning on each other or looking to cut a deal,once they know what will eventually be revealed.


It's darker than what most anyone could imagine.I said before the election that if the public knew the true nature of the crimes Trump's opposition had committed,these individuals would not be able to walk the streets.There are certain things that people will just not stand for.


We know that many have fallen for the media psy-op projection of these crimes onto Trump.It's simply not true and no amount of projection can make it true.However,the time is fast approaching when the dark deeds of certain political and entertainment heroes,people some thought should be in charge of the fate of our children,will be brought into the stark light of day.In an arena no one can ignore.


Many will need therapy when they see how far down this rabbit hole goes.Not everything will see public light,but enough will so that this never happens again.


Buckle up.The day is coming when the number of Clinton supporters,and those that funded them,will drop to absolute zero.


The Dark will not win this game.They are down to their last hand.They no longer own the casinos.Their desperate bets can buy them but moments now,when once they controlled Ages.In the hand of Light is the final Trump.


And it will be played.


"Long established customs of hurtful character could formerly fence themselves in,and do their evil work with social impunity.Knowledge was then confined and enjoyed by the privileged few,and the multitude walked on in mental darkness.But a change has now come over the affairs of mankind.Intelligence is penetrating the darkest corners of the globe.It makes its pathway over and under the sea,as well as on the earth.Wind,steam,and lightning are its chartered agents.The fiat of the Almighty,'Let there be Light,'has not yet spent its force.No abuse,no outrage,whether in taste,sport or avarice,can now hide itself from the all-pervading light."-Frederick Douglass,July 5th,1852"


"But whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones,it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea.These stumbling blocks must come,but woe to the man through whom they come!"


Justice is no longer blind.




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