X22报道|第2683集: 人们拒绝精英,他们知道,慢慢滴下然后泛滥

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精英们正在恐慌,人民并不支持他们。[ DS ]试图对特朗普做的每件事都失败了。现在他们得到了 j6文档,假新闻就像俄罗斯合谋的故事一样在编造故事,最终这一切都会土崩瓦解。

X22报道|第2683集: 人们拒绝精英,他们知道,慢慢滴下然后泛滥

Ep. 2683a – The People Reject The Elite And They Know It, Panic, Fear, Control Lost

Ep. 2683a-人民拒绝精英,他们知道这一点,恐慌,恐惧,失去控制

Ep. 2683b – Rubber Bullets Sting But Do Not Last, It Won’t Be Boring Forever, Slow Drip Then Flood


X22 报告发表于2022年1月21日


The fake news is trying everything to spin what is happening in the economy, it is failing. People are seeing the inflation and it is getting worse. The [CB] now make their move, push down alternative currency, show it’s volatile and introduce cbdc.

假新闻试图用各种方法来歪曲经济中正在发生的事情---- 它正在失败。人们看到了通货膨胀,而且还在恶化。(CB)现在采取行动,压低替代货币,显示其波动性,并推出 cbdc。


The elite are panicking, the people are not with them. The [DS] has failed in everything they tried to do to Trump. Now they are getting the J6 docs and the fake news is spinning the story just like the Russian collusion story, in the end this will fall apart. Rubber bullets sting but do not last. The boomerang is coming, the storm is forming and the [DS] will begin to scramble while the drip is happening, but as the drip turns into a flood they will lose the narrative and the flood will be uncontrollable. 

精英们正在恐慌,人民并不支持他们。[ DS ]试图对特朗普做的每件事都失败了。现在他们得到了 j6文档,假新闻就像俄罗斯合谋的故事一样在编造故事,最终这一切都会土崩瓦解。橡皮子弹会刺痛人,但不会持久。回旋镖即将到来,风暴正在形成,滴水的过程中[ DS ]将开始混乱,但当滴水变成洪水时,他们将失去叙述,洪水将无法控制。


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