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Corona Hoax


Most people are sufficiently competent and reasonably intelligent,but confronted with public policy,they immediately lose their mind.Everyone should know,making a copy of a printed currency bill,is worthless.But they think that central banks can copying trillions of them,and these will magically represent real wealth.


最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁Face-to-face,they avoid getting in conflict,but leave their government and the media come up with miserable war against small countries,drugs,poverty,terrorism,and now a virus-molecule for which they are ready to back the war full hearted.–Since last March,the human race is at war with a New Plague,that,could infect the population,killing millions.No one questioned,whether this has happened,as the total death officially related to the corona virus although heavily inflated amounts worldwide not to no more than 400.000 death after three months.


By March 17,the"emergency"was obviously a mistake.The Italians came forward with the evidence.It was the over 70,with pre-existing health problems,for whom Death had come a-calling,but not the entire human race.


Just like with seasonal colds and flu,it only kills the old and the sick.The median age of death in Italy was over 80.In the end we all are going to die,the only question is,when?


The Italian report revealed that by mid-March,no one under 30 had died from the virus in Italy,while there had been only 17 deaths among people under 50.And all those under 50,died with the virus but not because of the virus.As they had pre-existing"co-morbidities."In other words;99%of the fatalities had a previously existing ailment.


Between the young and the old is about a half a century and a thousand times difference in mortality rates.And yet,the two groups are locked up together.


In general,about half of those killed by the virus were people living in nursing homes,lingering somewhere between the quick and slow death.Moreover,all the evidence that came out since then has confirmed that this virus is no indiscriminate killer.Instead,it merely helps those already headed to the grave to get there a little earlier.For everybody else,it is just another of life's risks.And for people under 60,it carries about the same risk as driving to work.


With these facts at hand,authorities should have immediately looked the nation in the eyes,told the truth,and reversed their Universal House Arrest policy.The vulnerable should have been warned,old age homes could have been defended,and the rest of the population would have been free to use its own judgment.


Wearing a mask is a display of war hysteria


Instead,the"mistake"turned into a scam.The media,the governments and the health experts,induced a war hysteria.Wearing a mask became a display of not just civic virtue,but obedience.Opposition was fined and was dismissed as anti-social,or treasonous.Adults challenged each other:"Why aren't最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁you wearing a mask?"The cultural attitude became;not wearing a mask is not O.K.,jeopardising other people's health!


The media tried to pretend that there is a battle going on between the mask-wearing"science"and the unmasked politics of others.But where is the science?Is there evidence that a non-mask-wearing society will be worse off than the one where masks are obligatory?It doesn't exist.Some places require face masks;some don't.Some people wear them;some don't.Even the DS-cabal controlled World Health Organisation now disputes the need for masks.Here's its new guideline:

媒体试图假装在戴着面具的"科学"和其他人的揭露政治之间正在进行着一场战斗。但是科学在哪里呢?是否有证据表明,一个不戴面具的社会会比一个必须戴面具的社会更糟糕?它并不存在。有些地方需要面罩,有些则不需要。有些人戴,有些人不戴。即使是 DS-cabal 控制的世界卫生组织现在也对口罩的需求提出质疑。这是它的新指导方针:

If you are healthy,you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19.


Nevertheless,as the mock science was excepted and common sense forgotten,lunatic regulations appeared across the globe to enforce the lockdown.Apparently to prepare the populace for their imprisonment into the prison of the New World Order.


最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁It was told that fresh air and sunshine would help keep the virus at bay,but outdoor sports were cancelled;children–who had been shown to be immune from the disease,and did not carry it to others–were prohibited to go to school and discouraged from playing outdoors,even summer camps and summer holidays had to be cancelled as the health criminals cracked down.


You were allowed to drive in a car without your family,but not to get into a boat.


You were allowed to buy lottery tickets,booze,and marijuana—they were"essential"—but going to church was prohibited.


Restaurants,bars,sports events,all were off-limits,even to people with nearly zero chance of dying from the virus.You could drive to the golf course,but not allowed to play golf.


We were supposed to cry a tear for the 400,000 victims of COVID-19,but as for the 647,000 who die every year from heart disease,the 606,000 victims of cancer,and the 167,000 who die in traffic-accidents was not said one word.


The lockdown is an infringement of our freedom


最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁People could be arrested and put in jail for violating the lockdown complemented with criminal record notification,but convicted criminals were let out,because it might be dangerous to their health to stay in prison!


So far,the COVID-19 Scam has cost the taxpayer an estimated$10 trillion,worldwide.


That's just the money;the costs in lost opportunities,indignities,and inconveniences are yet not known.


Hundreds of Italian demonstrators,known as the Orange Vests,gathered in Rome and ditched their masks in a protest against the government's lockdown restrictions.Speakers at the protest asserted that the lockdown was an infringement of freedom and some said that the pandemic''never existed''and that politicians had played it up to enhance their own powers.League Party chief Matteo Salvini,the former Minister of the Interior,led a march in another area of Rome and demanded government's step down.

数百名意大利示威者,也就是众所周知的橙色背心,聚集在罗马,摘下他们的面具,抗议政府的封锁限制。抗议活动的发言人声称,封锁是对自由的侵犯,一些人说,这种流行病'从未'存在过",政客们利用封锁来增强自己的权力。联盟党主席,前内政部长 Matteo Salvini,在罗马的另一个地区领导了一场游行,要求政府下台。

The Economic Damage is much larger than the Impact of COVID-19


The last five months,the world has been inundated with a virus pandemic,triggering an economic最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁crash and in the US,40 million unemployed being similar in the EU.And now see worsening Antifa initiated social unrest in major cities,to clog the news cycle as nothing more is to be said about the pandemic.


The economic and social collateral damage is much,but much larger than the impact of COVID-19-in terms of lives lost due to postponed treatment for cancer,heart and other life-threatening diseases,collapse of social infrastructure,despair,suicide,joblessness–no future in sight;for many the world just collapsed like a house of cards–without perspective nothing.


Already now–with only a tiny tip of the iceberg visible–the world is facing 2 billion people out of work in a few months,according to ILO up-date–drifting towards famine despair–and death–from famine,suicide,neglect desolation-hopelessness.For,Bill Gates–so far,the crisis works in his favour.But justice will prevail.Whether with Gates or without him.People are waking up.


A worldwide lockdown of everything is playing out in front of our eyes,followed almost by every government of this globe with similar severity,quarantine,confinement at home for almost everyone under the"pretext"of protecting you–the people–from an invisible enemy–a corona virus.And every government knows it is a disaster for the national and world economy–it is social suicide.Yet they go along–with the orders of whom?


Death rates,are vastly inflated


As most of us who look for their own sources of information,outside the mainstream dominated,government dictated or supported lies,data collection and statistics on COVID infections.The conclusion is;death rates,are vastly inflated and willingly falsified,to increase the fear factor and prolong the all destructive lockdown.

正如我们中的大多数人寻找自己的信息来源,在主流之外,政府支配或支持谎言,数据收集和关于 COVID 感染的统计。结论是:死亡率,被极大地夸大和伪造,来增加恐惧因素,延长所有破坏性的封锁。

When the lie becomes the truth there is no moving backwards.This horrendous cheat is actively最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁practiced in almost every country.A point in case is Italy,as above is elucidated.Another case in point is Switzerland:The official Swiss Federal Office of Statistics(BAS,for German"Bundesamt für Statistik"),keeps records of all deaths in the country per week.In the first 18 weeks of 2020(ending 3 May 2020),there were actually less deaths reported that in the first 18 weeks of 2015–25,400(2020)vs.26,596(2015).

当谎言变成真理时,就没有后退。这种骇人听闻的骗术几乎在每个国家都有实践。如上所述,意大利就是一个例子。另一个典型的例子是瑞士:官方的瑞士联邦统计局(BAS,即德国的"Bundesamt f r Statistik")每周记录该国所有死亡人数。在2020年的前18(截至202053),实际死亡人数有所减少,在2015-2020年的前18周,死亡人数为25,400(2020),而26,596(2015)

How is that possible if the official death corona-death toll in Switzerland is 1,642,as of 24 May 2020.In other words,pretty much the same number of people die every year with or without corona.Since Switzerland has the 8th highest Covid death-rate in Europe,similar total death figures may most likely be found in other European countries and the US,i.e.virtually unchanged in the first 18 weeks of 2019 and 2020.

如果截至2020524日,瑞士官方公布的死亡人数为1642人,这怎么可能。换句话说,不管有没有冠状,每年死亡的人数几乎是一样的。由于瑞士的 Covid 死亡率在欧洲排名第8,其他欧洲国家和美国的总死亡率很可能与此类似,即在2019年和2020年的前18周几乎没有变化。

In pandemic statistics,can be observed an abundance of flawed scientific research.These are attempts to manipulate the curve to promote vaccines as the ultimate solution.Much of it is fraudulent and deceptive.But there is more to it than just making sincere mistakes.What is the motive then?The answer is;it's the perfect chance to steal more of people's constitutional freedoms and a brilliant set up for total fascist control and more money and power in extra earnings for the pharmaceutical industry and power for the politicians.These powers work together to spread fear and silence the public to contradict or even question the official narrative.


Unless solid proof is presented,like by an Italian Member of Parliament and a number of medical doctors,virologists and microbiologists from Italy and other European countries,as well as the US,anybody who refers to the fake-ness and unreliability of the statistic is called a conspiracy theorist—a liar.And in some countries people who tell the truth are even liable to fines and legal pursuit.It is time to bring out the truthand it is known all over the world that the Corona Virus is a Hoax


最后的警钟|隔离就是监禁Even before Obama took office,the Deep State policy was to continue this with 8 years of Hillary Clinton.In these 16 years,the DS-Swamp would have destroyed the entire Western civilisation from within.Thank goodness,Q and the Trump team took charge to reverse this trend for the better for us.


To be knowledgeable;the swamp consists of Hollywood,Wall Street,Central Banks,Big Oil,Big Pharma,all Governments,Medical order,Healthcare,Sports teams,NATO,Military Industrial Complex and all Intelligence services,these are the main entities within the swamp.All these parties work closely together.And this is the gigantic swamp facing Trump Team and the Patriots.To drain the swamp,all players who have committed paedophilia,High treason and corruption are publicly exposed,that now is taking place.It is amazing nothing can stop this process.


Now,the people can see the bigger picture to better understand the goals of the DS and MSM.They see how the Corona Virus event and the riots have been manipulated.That has led to more and more people waking up.And once awake,they can no longer be put asleep.The Trump Team and the patriots knew all this;they are the DS Cabal many steps ahead in the fight for our freedom.Soon it will be Game Over for the DS!

现在,人们可以看到更大的图片,以更好地理解的 DS MSM 的目标。他们看到了科罗娜病毒事件和骚乱是如何被操纵的。这导致越来越多的人醒来。一旦他们醒来,就再也不能睡着了。特朗普团队和爱国者们都知道这一切;他们是 DS 阴谋集团,在为我们的自由而战的过程中领先了许多步。很快它将是游戏结束的 DS

If the masses,the vast majority of the population now unemployed and abandoned,express their anger by somehow manifesting themselves,without conspiracy their power is so great that they are able to beat the government and the Deep State cabal by tomorrow.Sooner or later it must occur to them to do this!


On the other hand,anyone who is awake can understand that this oppression never can end as long the majority of the cabal puppets remain unknown to the public.And this is exactly what Q and Trump Team are doing now.See it as your personal duty to help and start sharing this and other FWC articles with everyone you know and ask them to do the same.In this way,the majority will be awake faster than currently expected and the population is freed more quickly from financial slavery.

另一方面,任何清醒的人都能理解,只要大多数阴谋集团的傀儡不为公众所知,这种压迫就永远不会结束。这正是Q和特朗普团队正在做的事情。把帮助别人看作是你的个人责任,开始与你认识的每个人分享这篇文章和其他 FWC 文章,并要求他们也这样做。通过这种方式,大多数人将比目前预期的更快地醒来,人们也将更快地从经济奴役中解放出来。

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