X22报告|第2948集: 美联储放大了经济衰退,美国需要一个超级英雄

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X22报告|第2948集: 美联储放大了经济衰退,美国需要一个超级英雄

Ep. 2948a – The Fed Just Amplified The Recession, Right On Schedule


Ep. 2948b – Major Announcement From Trump, America Needs A Superhero

特朗普的重要声明: 美国需要一个超级英雄



The Biden admin needed to let 9 million people know they haven’t received their loan forgiveness because it’s in court. Inflation was around 2% when Biden became the resident, now it’s 7.1%. The Fed just raised the rates by .5%, right on schedule.

拜登政府需要让900万人知道他们还没有得到贷款豁免,因为这是在法庭上。拜登当选总统时,通货膨胀率在2% 左右,现在是7.1% 。美联储刚刚按计划提高了0.5% 的利率。


The [DS] is panicking over the information that EM has been releasing. EM says that they now have communications between Fauci and Twitter. The election rigging has now been brought out into the open, people see how the elections were manipulated. Kari Lakes case might end up helping Trump. Slowly but surely the [DS] crimes are being exposed, child exploitation, child tracking, pedophilia, election rigging, overthrowing the US Government, pandemic fraud etc.The [DS] is a trapped animal and Trump is making an announcement, America needs a hero he says, [DS] readies ammunition, [FF].

[DS]对EM所发布的信息感到恐慌。EM说,他们现在有Fauci和Twitter之间的沟通。现在操纵选举的事情已经被公之于众,人们看到了选举是如何被操纵的。Kari Lakes案可能最终会帮助特朗普。缓慢但肯定的是,[DS]的罪行正在被曝光,剥削儿童、追踪儿童、恋童癖、操纵选举、推翻美国政府、大流行病欺诈等。[DS]是一只困兽,特朗普正在宣布,美国需要一个英雄他说,[DS]准备好弹药,[FF]。


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