本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

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An imminent and major move by the gnostic Illuminati was signaled by the release last week by the Americans of Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, Pentagon, MI6, CIA and Mossad sources say. This move is expected to result in a world revolution and possibly even more.

上周,美国释放了俄罗斯军火商 Victor Bout,五角大楼,军情六处,中央情报局和摩萨德的消息来源称,灵知主义光明会即将采取重大行动。预计此举将导致一场世界革命,甚至可能更多。

Here is what a Mossad source had to say about him:


“I know a little about Viktor Bout. He holds a set of keys to the kingdom so to speak. Interesting that he is being released at this time. Watch what intel regarding 9-11 and other black ops is released soon. The military alliance must be involved in this as the avatar Biden show was told what to do.”

我对维克多 · 布特略知一二。可以这么说,他掌握着通往王国的钥匙。有意思的是他现在被释放了。看看关于911和其他秘密行动的情报很快就会公布。军事联盟必须参与其中,因为拜登的化身已经被告知该怎么做。”

Self-styled Gnostic Illuminati Alexander Romanov says Bout provided the 500-kiloton nuclear weapon stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk that was used for the March 11, 2011, nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan.

自称灵知主义者的亚历山大 · 罗曼诺夫说,布特提供了从俄罗斯潜艇库尔斯克偷来的50万吨核武器,这些核武器曾用于2011年3月11日对日本的核恐怖袭击和海啸恐怖袭击。

Pentagon sources add “Bout stole the W54 nuclear pits from PANTEX (Amarillo, Texas) which were reconfigured into the 9/11 nukes…sold to Taiwan/Saudi Arabia/South Korea.”

五角大楼消息人士补充说: “布特从 PANTEX 公司(德克萨斯州阿马里洛)偷走了 W54核反应堆,这些核反应堆被重新配置成了9/11核反应堆... ... 出售给了台湾、沙特阿拉伯和韩国。”

MI6 sources chime in saying “As you know we know 9/11 was predestined at the groundbreaking ritual [of the World Trade Center] as a Satanic Blood Sacrifice / Mass Murder / Domestic and Foreign Fifth Column Coup D’État -> Fourth Reich ( DVD Dachau) at the behest of various families all of whom you know.”

军情六处的消息人士接着说: “正如你们所知道的,我们知道,在你们所知道的各个家庭的要求下,9/11在世贸中心的奠基仪式上注定是撒旦血祭/大规模谋杀/国内外第五纵队政变-第四帝国(达豪 DVD)。”

Top gnostic Illuminati member and former chess champion Bobby Fischer had a different interpretation and described 911 as part of an elaborate plot to overthrow the Satanic bloodlines who have ruled the earth for thousands of years, according to Romanov.

罗曼诺夫说,灵知主义光照派的头号成员、前国际象棋冠军鲍比 · 菲舍尔(Bobby Fischer)有不同的解释,他将911描述为一场精心策划的阴谋的一部分,目的是推翻统治地球数千年的撒旦血统。

As an aside, this writer has received handwritten letters sent by prison from Bout in the past, although they did not contain any useful information.


Bout himself, in an interview immediately after his release said: “What is happening in the West is simply the suicide of civilization. And, if this suicide is not prevented, at least within the non-Western world, within the world that is not controlled by the Anglo-Saxons, then the whole planet will commit suicide. And it may be happening in all areas, with drugs and LGBT+ among them,”

布特本人在获释后立即接受采访时表示: “西方正在发生的事情简直就是文明的自杀。而且,如果这种自杀行为得不到阻止,至少在非西方世界,在不受盎格鲁-撒克逊人控制的世界里,那么整个地球都将自杀。它可能发生在所有领域,其中包括毒品和 LGBT + 。”

In any case, the huge intelligence agency buzz created by his release means all the agencies expect something big to happen following his release.


We got a mysterious hint about exactly what from a contact of ours with the Secret Space Program. He called to say he just spoke to President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Putin told him he was going to resign soon but that was only so he could “move to a much bigger position.” He concluded with a cryptic message saying “watch the water.”

我们从一个秘密太空计划的联系人那里得到了一个神秘的线索。他打电话说他刚刚和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔 · 普京通了电话。普京告诉他,他将很快辞职,但这只是为了让他能够“升到一个更高的职位”他以一条含糊不清的信息结束了演讲: “注意水。”

In what may be related, there was a huge dump of classified data from Antarctica last week; the most startling of which was the photographs in the file below:



The SSP source related to Admiral Robert Byrd said the photographs were taken in 1912 by Captain Robert Scott and his crew. However, the photos were restricted as soon as they returned to their home base and reported the findings. Scott and his crew were then reported missing. Since then, it has been a restricted area, with only a few governments around the world allowed to conduct limited research.

与海军上将罗伯特 · 伯德有关的 SSP 消息人士说,这些照片是罗伯特 · 斯科特船长和他的船员在1912年拍摄的。然而,这些照片一回到他们的基地并报告了调查结果就被限制了。斯科特和他的船员随后被报失踪。从那时起,它就成了一个限制区域,世界上只有少数几个国家的政府被允许进行有限的研究。

It has been theorized that another culture may or may have lived there. The ice wall will be a long-favored conspiracy theory among many for the simple fact that IT IS THERE, and it will play an integral part in the upcoming world changes. Stay tuned for more from the rabbit hole.


For more details our source suggested we look at the data dump in the following links:


本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

In any case, back here on the 3d ranch, there are signs of major regime change taking place simultaneously around the planet.

无论如何,回到这个3D 农场,有迹象表明主要的政权更迭同时发生在这个星球上。

In China, Asian secret societies have informed us that within a few weeks all corona restrictions will be lifted. They say that public TV is now broadcasting messages against Corona fear porn from dawn till dark. Basically, they are being told to treat Corona the same way they would a common cold or influenza. This means the KM attempt to take over China using mass bribery disguised as PCR tests has ended.



Chinese officials say the COVID-19 death toll in the Chinese mainland was less than 5,300, compared to well over a million in the US. They note average US life expectancy in the US “dropped an appalling 2.7 years” and as a result, China has now overtaken the US in life expectancy.



There can be no doubt, however, that real regime change has taken place in China, with the death of Evelyn de Rothschild and his henchman Jiang Zemin.

然而,毫无疑问,随着伊夫林•德•罗斯柴尔德(Evelyn de Rothschild)及其亲信江泽民的去世,中国已经发生了真正的政权更迭。

This sort of change is happening elsewhere too. In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro and the military have begun systematically executing supporters of Satanic would-be election stealer Lula.

这种变化在其他地方也正在发生。在巴西,总统雅伊尔•博索纳罗(Jair Bolsonaro)和军方已经开始系统性地处决那些可能成为选举窃贼的撒旦支持者。

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Sources in Iran say “KM-affiliated actors, singers and artists are being arrested in Iran. The rioters are being provoked by the Reza Pahlavi who is a Sabbatean Satanist.”

来自伊朗的消息说,“ KM 附属的演员、歌手和艺术家在伊朗被逮捕。暴乱者是被礼萨 · 巴列维激怒的他是安息日撒旦崇拜者

Together with Africa and Latin America, the Eurasian countries form a new world majority that does not tolerate the modern form of colonialism, the so-called “rules-based world order” (we rule, you obey), says Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov

克里姆林宫顾问尤里•乌沙科夫(Yuri Ushakov)表示,与非洲和拉丁美洲一道,欧亚国家构成了新的世界多数,它们不容忍现代形式的殖民主义,即所谓的“基于规则的世界秩序”(我们统治,你们服从)


India, Brazil, the Persian Gulf countries, regional clusters in Africa and Latin America have more reasons to be part of the multipolar world [than to obey the KM], adds Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


In Israel, after more than a month of silence, Mossad-affiliated website Debka warned that the government Benyamin Netanyahu is trying to form “will turn Israel into a police state.” For this reason, former Chief of Staff Gady Eisenkott is calling for open rebellion against the government. In other words, Israel is heading towards a civil war between the Jews and the satan-worshipping KM.

在以色列,经过一个多月的沉默,摩萨德下属网站 Debka 警告说,政府本雅明·内塔尼亚胡正试图组建“将把以色列变成一个警察国家。”出于这个原因,前参谋长加迪 · 艾森科特呼吁公开反抗政府。换句话说,以色列正走向犹太人和崇拜撒旦的 KM 之间的内战。


Regime change is also taking place in the West. The revolution comes in the form of an economic collapse and the crushing of the Covid attempt to turn the planet into a human-animal farm.


In Australia, Senator Alex Antic put it in a nutshell for everyone: “Your streets are spying on you, your cell phone is spying on you, your cities are spying on you…don’t be fooled”.

在澳大利亚,参议员亚历克斯•安蒂克(Alex Antic)简单地向所有人说明了这一点: “你的街道在监视你,你的手机在监视你,你的城市在监视你... ... 不要被愚弄了。”。

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According to Karen Hogan, auditor general in Canada, $32 billion of the federal government’s COVID-19 relief payments went to people who could not prove they qualified.

根据加拿大审计长 Karen Hogan 的说法,联邦政府320亿美元的2019冠状病毒疾病救济金支付给了那些无法证明自己有资格的人。

本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开


There the question is raised whether doctors should be banned as in Canada you are 39 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than by a gun.


本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

Meanwhile, billions of dollars worth of vaccines are being thrown away because even the brainwashed “ordinaries” of Canada have started rejecting the deadly vaccine.



Crippling strikes are taking place nationwide in England to protest politicians wrecking the economy. The British military will ensure that life-saving activities such as driving ambulances continue to function. However, they intend to side with the people and arrest the corrupt politicians, MI6 sources say.


In France, the Rothschilds are going bankrupt, which is why they are banning short-haul domestic flights, while Paris has no electricity and no internet, so there will be a dark winter. Good job by the WEF puppet Macron


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In Germany, the leadership responded to the industry shutdown by boasting of having built floating LNG terminals to take in foreign gas at a record pace. However, the swindle was quickly exposed.



According to German intelligence sources, the regime responded by raiding a “far-right” group as a pretext to crack down on opponents and curb freedom of speech. According to the sources, this will not be enough to prevent the restoration of Germany’s independence.


“The Russians thought that [former Chancellor Angela] Merkel should be brought before a tribunal. They are absolutely right about that. More and more people here think that our government has to go. And not just them. What we need , is Nuremberg 2 or even worse,” says a German patriot.

“俄罗斯人认为(前总理安格拉•默克尔(Angela Merkel))应该被送上法庭。他们说的完全正确。越来越多的人认为我们的政府必须下台。不只是他们。我们需要的是《纽伦堡2》 ,甚至更糟,”一位德国爱国者表示。

The source adds that a discovery has been made in Germany that “will shake the world”. Retired Colonel Maximilian Eder says a large number of children’s bodies were removed after a recent flood in a privatized nuclear bunker in the Ahr Valley. The bunker was a center for child abuse, the source says, adding: “Words fail me. It’s time for everything to come out into the open and those responsible held accountable.”




These kinds of revelations are springing up everywhere. Another example, this video of children being sold like meat on the Mexican border shows what the Biden regime really represents.

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The satanically ruled USA is sinking into anarchy and poverty. A recent study shows that 69% of Americans are struggling to pay their grocery bills and 83% rely on coupons etc.



The situation has reached a point where mobs of hungry Americans are “committing retail store robberies…across the country.” These shocking crimes not only put employees and customers at risk,” but also caused the industry to lose nearly $100 billion in 2021, according to a retail group.

情况已经到了这样一个地步: 饥饿的美国人暴徒“正在全国各地... ... 抢劫零售店”这些令人震惊的犯罪行为不仅使员工和顾客处于危险之中,”而且根据一家零售集团的数据,2021年该行业损失近1000亿美元。


The real reason for this poverty is that the people behind the fake Biden regime – the Rockefeller family, owners of US Corporation – are going bankrupt. Their giant Blackstone real estate and corporate debt funds sent an unexpected email to investors last week, telling them they couldn’t cash out.

造成这种贫困的真正原因是,假拜登政权背后的人——洛克斐勒家族、美国公司(US Corporation)的所有者——正走向破产。他们庞大的黑石房地产和企业债券基金上周向投资者发送了一封出人意料的电子邮件,告诉他们不能套现。


That’s why Blackrock is predicting a mega recession that central banks can’t fix. They know that their “funny money” created out of thin air no longer fools people.



Meanwhile, KM’s BIS headquarters has revealed that it has uncovered $97 trillion in hidden debt disguised as currency swaps, which is more than its $96 trillion estimate of global GDP.

与此同时,KM国际清算银行总部透露,该公司发现了97万亿美元伪装成货币互换的隐性债务,超过了其对全球 GDP 的96万亿美元估计。


KM’s attempt to avoid bankruptcy by inoculating everyone into submission also fails spectacularly.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks for many when he says, “They lied to us about the mRNA vaccines.”

佛罗里达州州长罗恩 · 德桑蒂斯代表许多人说: “关于 mRNA 疫苗,他们对我们撒了谎。”

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He’s targeting Pfizer and Moderna. It’s only a matter of time before they go bankrupt along with their Rockefeller owners.


Ron DeSantis Says He Plans to Hold Pfizer and Moderna Accountable For Making False Claims About Their Shots

Ron DeSantis 说他计划让辉瑞公司和摩登公司为其产品造假承担责任

Ron DeSantis Says He Plans to Hold Pfizer and Moderna Accountable For Making False Claims About Their Shots

Ron DeSantis 说他计划让辉瑞公司和摩登公司为其产品造假承担责任

Meanwhile, mask and Vax advocate Anthony Fauci was recently questioned by prosecutors for seven hours and confronted with the fact that he has repeatedly emailed friends to tell them masks are ineffective, despite publicly calling for it to make their use mandatory.

与此同时,面具和疫苗倡导者安东尼 · 福奇(Anthony Fauci)最近接受了检察官长达7个小时的讯问,并面临这样一个事实: 尽管他公开呼吁强制使用面具,但他还是多次给朋友发电子邮件,告诉他们面具是无效的。


according to dr Zacharias Fogen from Germany, the mortality rate was 1.5 times higher in places where masks were compulsory than in places where masks were not compulsory. That’s probably because masks trap germs the body is trying to expel, forcing people to breathe them back in.

根据来自德国的 Zacharias Fogen 博士的研究,在强制戴口罩的地方,死亡率是非强制戴口罩地方的1.5倍。这可能是因为面具捕捉了身体试图排出的细菌,迫使人们把它们吸回去。

In Europe, PFIZER CEO Albert Bourla has meanwhile refused to testify before the European Parliament’s Covid Committee for the second time. Bourla is long gone, Mossad sources say.

在欧洲,PFIZER 首席执行官阿尔伯特•布尔拉(Albert Bourla)第二次拒绝在欧洲议会冠状病毒疾病委员会作证。摩萨德消息人士称,布尔拉早已逃之夭夭。


Polish intelligence sources say the entire vaccine linked to the 5g campaign “was worked out over decades” to create a system of absolute slavery for our would-be KM masters.

波兰情报人士说,与5G 运动相关的整个疫苗“经过几十年的研制”,为我们未来的KM大师创造了一个绝对奴隶制的体系。

These are the folks at the World Economic Forum saying things like “God is dead” and “Jesus is fake news” and that the WEF leaders have “acquired divine powers” to rule over humanity.


本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开


The Americans are rebelling, but not with strikes and riots like their European counterparts, but with guns. Over 100 power plants have already been attacked in the United States this year.




Hopefully the military will finally get their stupid fat ass up and do something.


A hopeful sign that this may indeed be the case is that many military aircraft are over the US mainland, and in severely restricted airspace zones.


Hopefully the military will finally get their stupid fat ass off and do something.


A hopeful sign that this may indeed be the case is that many military aircraft are over the American mainland, and in severely restricted airspace zones.


本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

The US aerospace forces are also becoming more visible. For example, they just took over an army battalion in Colorado.



The SSP also sent us the following photo of one of their spacecraft.

SSP 还给我们发来了一张他们的飞船的照片。

本杰明报道|2022/12/12  诺斯替主义者的承诺的世界革命正在展开

They also sent us the following footage.


1. A UAP over England

1. 英国上空的 UAP

上一集 下一集

2. A Northrop Grumman TR3 on deck

2. 甲板上有一架 TR3诺斯洛普·格鲁门

上一集 下一集

3. A Northrop Grumman TR3-B at night

3. 夜间诺斯洛普·格鲁门 TR3-b

上一集 下一集

4. 3 alien spaceships over the moon


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We really hope that we will all be able to ride flying saucers soon. However, we must not be lulled by the lullabies of space. We must all do our part to bring our treacherous political class to justice for war crimes. We all have to keep fighting until this really happens. But no matter what happens, humanity will be liberated. Freedom or death.



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