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Emma and I co-wrote this post together yesterday at her place.  
But firstly, I need to share something. While Emma and I were chatting excitedly during the post research, I said randomly, 'Do you know, I haven't cried for ages. I just can't be bothered crying...' Then ten minutes ago, I phoned her and said, 'I am crying happy tears, I just wanted you to know...' This is the little video that caused me to cry happy tears.
 但首先,我需要分享一些东西。当艾玛和我在后期研究期间兴奋地聊天时,我随机地说,‘你知道吗,我已经很久没有哭过了。然后10分钟前,我打电话给她说,‘我正在高兴地哭泣,我只是想让你知道... ...’这个小视频让我高兴地哭了
Emma and I both believe that the Canadian truck convoy is the trigger for the [D]eep [S]tate to implode. There is NO going back from it. Trudeau (or Turdeau as many truthers call him) has 'tested positive and is self-isolating...' Anons know this to be code for arrest/trial etc. Could his public arrest be the first shock news that reverberates around the world...? His cowardly retreat isn't phasing the truckers. Apparently, they will stay in Ottawa until they get a result.
 艾玛和我都相信加拿大的卡车车队是引发内爆的导火索。没有回头路了。特鲁多(或者许多真相者称呼他的特鲁多)已经被测试为阳性并且自我孤立... ... 无名氏们知道这是逮捕/审判的暗号等等。他被公开逮捕会是第一个震惊世界的新闻吗?他怯懦地撤退并不是给卡车司机们施加压力。显然,他们会留在渥太华直到有结果
Starship Earth's latest newsletter has great content related to the truck convoy. 
So, here some thoughts from Emma and me... 
所以,这里有一些来自 Emma 和我的想法..
Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the last stand of the [D]eep [S]tate. It makes sense because we are all Commonwealth countries - tied to the evil British monarchy that 'owned' the Vatican and Washington DC. Australia and New Zealand don't have the population numbers to achieve the impact that is happening right now in Canada. We needed our big brother in the far North to set the ball rolling.  
When the army of Canadian Light Warriors has WON, as it will, attention will turn to liberating other prison countries, eg Aussie and NZ. The people have UNITED. That's why I cried when I watched the little trucker video. I could FEEL the unity at last.
 当加拿大光武士的军队赢了,因为它将,注意力将转向解放其他监狱国家,如澳大利亚和 NZ。人民拥有团结。这就是为什么当我看到那个卡车司机的视频时,我哭了。我终于感受到了团结
On another subject - we believe that YOUNG people will drive the TRUTH tsunami. They will start sharing about jab injuries and deaths among their own, and the massive con of (broken) promises made if they got the jab, eg festivals and concerts. Nothing sweeps the world quicker than their viral messages when they are upset/angry. The corrupt MSM will be crushed beneath the wave, destroyed forever. 
关于另一个话题——我们相信年轻人将推动真理的海啸。他们将开始分享他们自己的戳伤和死亡,以及大规模的欺骗(违背)承诺,如果他们得到戳,如节日和音乐会。没有什么比他们沮丧/生气时的病毒式信息更快地席卷世界了。腐败的 MSM 将被波浪压碎,永远毁灭
We believe that President Trump's new social media platform TRUTH will end social media and mainstream media as we currently know it. Millions of angry/disillusioned people - jabbed and un-jabbed alike - are ready for uncensored communication. They have experienced the full weight of censorship. NO MORE.  
We feel that so much will happen at the same time. As the truth comes out about the enormous scale of jab injuries, hospitals will be overwhelmed. Thousands of jab-injured people who sat quietly frightened at home will suddenly rush for help, swamping medical facilities.  
We got the insight that the hypnotized masses (mass formation psychosis) were easily triggered at the start of lockdown March 2020. It only took one universally-understood item: toilet paper. Who can forget the sight of empty US shelves and people physically fighting over loo rolls. Here in NZ, people immediately rushed out on the first day of the recent Red Traffic light announcement and cleared supermarket shelves of toilet paper. They were TRIGGERED by MSM stories of 'potential shortages'. Brainwashing.  
我们了解到,在2020年3月的封锁开始时,被催眠的群众(群体形成性精神病)很容易被触发。它只需要一个普遍理解的项目: 厕纸。谁能忘记空荡荡的美国货架和人们为卫生纸而打架的景象。在 NZ,人们在最近的红灯通告发布的第一天就立即冲了出去,并清空了超市货架上的卫生纸。它们是由 MSM 的“潜在短缺”故事触发的。洗脑
Finally, Emma and I think it would be really great if there is an EBS - but if for any reason it doesn't happen, let's have faith in each other to spread the word globally. Because we ARE the news now.  
最后,艾玛和我认为如果有一个 EBS 就太好了——但是如果因为任何原因没有发生,让我们相信彼此,把这个消息传播到全世界。因为我们现在就是新闻
Closing with another truck convoy video - set to the music of the last Q drop, 'We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore.' More tears from me. They are tears of weariness, relief and joy. I am sensing that we Light Warriors are arriving at the end of this long, tiring journey. 
Thank you for reading our post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site. 
Where We Go One We Go All. 
Love and Light 
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