2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

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 January 27, 2022 2022年1月27日

2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

No preamble today—they’re heeere… and we may need a new word in the English language to describe the magnitude of the Canadian Truckers’ convoy—which is no longer only Canadian. Humanity is united.

今天没有序言ーー他们在这里... ... 我们可能需要用英语中的一个新词来描述加拿大卡车队的规模ーー它不再仅仅是加拿大的车队。人类是团结的。

I picked this up on Telegram.


BOOM First of the MASSIVE convoy of truckers appears in the Capital Ottawa and surrounds the Parliament building.


Imagine what the scenes will be like on Saturday when they all arrive?!


MSM Global Blackout in place!

MSM 全球停电就位!

I heard thousands of truckers from many states are headed north to join forces with their brothers and sisters in the Great White Gulag—in case you missed it.

我听说来自许多州的数千名卡车司机正在北上,与他们在大白色古拉格(Great White gulag)的兄弟姐妹联合起来——以防你错过这个机会。

I just heard it with my own ears on Zello app/Convoy to Ottawa: Moderator for the channel confirmed:53,000 trucks from Canada 🇨🇦 and 62,000 trucks from USA 🇺🇸!!! People are reporting they see trucks and trucks going through the border into Canada on the border cameras.

I think you can see this baby from space!


My oh my! Doesn't seem like a fringe minority now does it!#FringeMajority #TruckersConvoy2022 #FreedomConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom https://t.co/2blMcuLlVA

This just in—


I just heard awesome news - Canadian farmers are joining the truckers now. Will be significant numbers. Stats not confirmed yet.‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Q: Queen Romana, our #Farmers are asking IF they can join your #Convoy to Ottawa?

Q: 罗曼娜女王,我们的 # 农场主们正在询问他们是否能加入你们的 # 护航队伍去渥太华?

Answer: Most definitely, Yes!

答案: 绝对的,是的!

Without our Farmers nobody eats! Truckers have no Cargo…

没有我们的农民,没有人吃饭! 卡车司机没有货物..。

I welcome all of our Farmers who want to join Queen Romana’s Convoy to Ottawa


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram。

Therefore, the scale of the Truckers for Freedom movement is astronomical—and growing. Canadians will be aware of the scope at the time this meme was created last night. Check out the map below if you are unfamiliar with Canada.


2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

The convoy began on Vancouver Island in the west, and travelled east through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, then crossed Manitoba [in red], and as per the information above, when the front of the convoy entered Ontario, the tail end of the convoy was just entering Manitoba. It spanned the entire width of the province of Manitoba. Can you imagine?

车队从西面的温哥华岛公园出发,向东穿过不列颠哥伦比亚省、阿尔伯塔省、萨斯喀彻温省,然后穿过马尼托巴(红色) ,根据上面的信息,当车队进入安大略省时,车队的尾部刚刚进入马尼托巴。它横跨整个马尼托巴。你能想象吗?

And those are from the less populated areas of the country. The dense population and therefore more trucks is in the Eastern part of Canada, particularly Ontario. It’s going to be insane.


2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

THAT is before the American truckers and the ones from Eastern Canada join up. It’s mind-boggling how many people are involved in this—and they’re not all big rig truckers. Some are smaller.


There is a beautiful border crossing in Antler ND that has no means to stop trucks rolling through…FYI

在 Antler ND 有一个美丽的边境口岸,没有办法阻止卡车通过... ... 仅供参考

Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram。

A few of the truckers have strong opinions—and that’s okay. We respect them.


2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

There is so much coverage on social media you can’t miss it, but the video montage at the beginning of this interview with Martin Brodmann, the President of the movement “Truckers United” made me cry. It’s so beautiful. So moving to see Canadian hearts and minds opening to the truth and willing to do what is necessary to stand for their country and their rights The interview is good, too. Link to Telegram.

社交媒体上有太多的报道,你不能错过,但是这次采访开始时与“卡车司机联合会”(Truckers United)运动主席马丁 · 布罗德曼(Martin Brodmann)的视频剪辑让我哭了。太美了。因此,看到加拿大人敞开心扉,接受真相,愿意为捍卫自己的国家和权利做必要的事情,我感到非常感动。采访也很好。链接到 Telegram。

You can also watch here on the Librti.com social media network.

你也可以在 librti 的社交媒体网站上观看。

In that discussion above they stress that this is far bigger than any 3D mind can conceive. It has a life of its own, and neither weather nor NWO false flags nor interference of any kind can stop it. The world is watching and the world is WAKING UP!

在上面的讨论中,他们强调这远远超出了任何3D 思维所能想象的范围。它有自己的生命,无论是天气、 NWO 假旗还是任何形式的干扰都无法阻止它。全世界都在看着,全世界都在觉醒!

You can take in Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson’s updates on Bitchute if you like at this link. She is enroute to Ottawa by car.

如果你喜欢,你可以在这个链接中看到劳拉 · 林恩 · 汤普森在 Bitchute 上的更新。她正在乘车去渥太华的途中。

Here’s the Washington Compost fake news:



Actually, if you watch the footage online you can sometimes see police escorts at the beginning of the lines of trucks so the speed is low through populated areas and everyone is safe. The Police, including outspoken members of some branches who posted videos in support of this movement, are behind the People. They are part of The People—not the establishment and they are on the job to serve and protect.


WE are the news now and will tell the world what they need to know. The legacy media is corrupt and we cannot rely on them to tell us truth any longer.


2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

If there is violence in Ottawa it will be the typical disruptions like ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter instigators created in the United States at protests in many places. Hired provocateurs to make the Patriots look bad.


Did you notice the military vehicle in the beginning? It appears the freedom convoy have the support of the military too. Let’s go!!!


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram。

For the evil controllers… the end is nigh. We are shredding their control structure and their narrative and even their fake live web cam at the capital in Ottawa can diminish the power or change the outcome. This is supposed to be the live cam. I refreshed and nothing changed. Glitchy? We already saw the trucks and protestors at the capital on social media so…

对于邪恶的控制者来说... 末日即将来临。我们正在粉碎他们的控制结构和他们的叙述,甚至他们在首都渥太华的虚假直播摄像头,可以削弱权力或改变结果。这应该是直播摄像机。我恢复了精神,什么也没有改变。小毛病?我们已经在社交媒体上看到了卡车和抗议者。

All Canadians need to witness the lie that Trudeau is propagating. First, watch the information attached below.


His “LIVE’ webcam is FAKE.

他的“ LIVE”网络摄像头是假的。

After watching, please go to the LIVE webcam link.THIS LINK HERE

观看后,请进入直播视频链接。这里是 https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/citeparlementaire-parliamentaryprecinct/camera-eng.html

Report a problem… such as:
Information missing.
Information is outdated or wrong.
Video is not working.
I can’t find what I’m looking for…
lol the TRUTH!!!

报告一个问题... 例如: 信息丢失。信息过时或错误。视频不管用。我找不到我要找的东西... 真相大笑! ! !

Let JT know that WE KNOW!

让 JT 知道我们知道!

Who in their right mind trusts JT? #wakeup

哪个正常人会相信 JT? # 醒醒吧


Will they take down social media to prevent this response from The People from being seen? I think it’s too late, but we’ll see what happens on the weekend. It could get unruly. There could be “incidents”, but we will be successful. No quarter.


This is a community just north of Toronto. Quite the turnout.


Captured from a live shot (right now) at Vaughn...massive support for the convoy. This is not "fringe". pic.twitter.com/on58azCNWB

You don’t want this historic event to end before you participate in some small way—even if it’s only a prayer for a smooth and peaceful outcome. We will all remember this for the rest of our lives. It’s the beginning… and the end.

你不希望这个历史性的事件在你参与某些小的活动之前就结束,即使它只是为一个平稳、和平的结果而祈祷。我们都会铭记这一点,直到永远。这是开始... 也是结束。

New channels continue to pop up on Telegram with footage from the eastern areas. Like this one.

新的频道继续在 Telegram 上弹出,播放来自东部地区的画面。

Here’s a channel that is predominantly French language and covers events all over the world. Link to Telegram.

这是一个以法语为主的频道,涵盖了世界各地的事件。链接到 Telegram。

Plus de 300000 manifestants à Bruxelles le 23.01.2022 – Reportage de Chloé avec Reiner Fuellmich censuré
Résumé de la manifestation du 23.01.2022 – les véritables images de la manifestation sans aucune violence. La censure sur YouTube et

2022年1月23日布鲁塞尔发表的300000多条宣言——2022年1月23日 Reiner Fuellmich 发表的关于示威活动的小孩的报道——表现的真实图像没有暴力。在 YouTube 和其他网站上的谴责

Wow—have you seen the footage from Brussels? How many people is that exactly? Link to Telegram.

哇ー你看过布鲁塞尔的录像吗? 到底有多少人? 链接到 Telegram。

L’Unité entre les peuples européens face à la tyrannie sanitaire était magnifique à voir aujourd’hui à Bruxelles.


Is this what you mean by #fringeminority @JustinTrudeau ?? https://t.co/eeFkOjsZT8

It’s getting real, folks. There are a lot more people awake than it appeared, and the silent majority are silent no more. It’s all coming together as we knew it would if we will just trust.


We hear Trudy claims he tested positive and must isolate. Pffffffffff. Please. The truth is,

he tested positive for fear of truckers. [must use the correct pronouns for peoplekind]

我们听到特鲁迪声称他检测呈阳性,必须隔离。噗! 。求你了。事实是,由于害怕卡车司机,他的检测呈阳性。[必须使用正确的代词来称呼人类]

2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

There are also reports of the route being shut down, possibly due to weather as an excuse? The storm is upon us, indeed. WE are the storm.


And look—Theoren Fleury on with Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Link to Telegram. 4 min. I told you the revolution will be televised.

福克斯新闻频道与劳拉 · 英格拉汉姆一起观看 theoryn Fleury。链接到 Telegram。4分钟。我告诉过你革命会在电视上播出。

Former NHL player Theo Fleury on The Ingraham Angle

前 NHL 球员西奥 · 弗洛瑞在英格拉汉姆角度

“Right now in Canada we have one of the biggest revolutions happening. Right now there’s 50,000 truckers and about 1.4 million people headed to the parliament in Ottawa. And they’re going to stay there until Trudeau resigns, or they give us back all of our freedoms and rights.”  2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球 


The facts are, that there are many things we can use to protect us from or eliminate health threats, including a “virus”. Dr. Mercola tells us about L-Lysyne in this article from The Epoch Times. It interrupts the replication so… no plandemic. No emergency. No reason for any of the nonsense we’ve been engaged in for two years.

事实是,我们可以用很多东西来保护我们免受或消除健康威胁,包括“病毒”。博士在《大纪元时报》的这篇文章中向我们介绍了 L-Lysyne。它打断了复制,所以... 没有计划流行。没有紧急情况。这两年来我们一直在胡闹,没有任何理由。

2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

Phil says we won’t want to miss his “live” tonight. He has intel on the “first arrest”. You can listen tonight on Rumble or his other platforms listed at Philgodlewski.live. Phil also says…

菲尔说我们不想错过他今晚的”现场”。他有关于“第一次逮捕”的情报。你今晚可以在 Rumble 或者他的其他平台上收听 Philgodlewski.live。菲尔还说..。

Do you know what the punishment is for being caught participating in a plot to overthrow the United States government via election fraud?




Kevin Ward, mayor of Hyattsville, Md., died by suicide on Tuesday. https://t.co/kCvM48JMig

At some point, the snoozers will have to come to terms with the reality of the sick and evil creatures who have been running the world. Liz Crokin did an update recently exposing the disgusting evidence. See her write-up and illustrations here. Warning—disturbing content related to Human trafficking and children.

从某种意义上来说,这些贪睡的人们将不得不接受一直统治着这个世界的病态和邪恶的生物的现实。利兹 · 克罗金最近更新了揭露这些令人作呕的证据的报告。在这里可以看到她的文章和插图。警告ー有关人口贩卖和儿童的令人不安的内容。

2022年1月27日: 让卡车司机滚动,10-4|星际飞船地球

Technology is entertaining. Here’s Trudy! or is it Justine? Anyway—a most interesting little video on Telegram from Queen Romana. Too funny.

科技是有趣的。特鲁迪来了!还是贾斯汀?不管怎样,这是来自 Queen Romana 的 Telegram 上最有趣的一段视频。太搞笑了。

Still growing in support…


Brazilian truckers are showing their support for the freedom convoy now. It’s a matter of time before this goes worldwide!


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram。

I couldn’t leave you without sharing a fantastic version of C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” because Paul Brandt, actually a nurse from Calgary, has a kick-ass version with 6.7 million views because it’s really good—with a surprise ending. They didn’t stop to pay a toll or for any other reason and our truckers won’t either.

我不能不分享 c.w. 麦考尔的《护卫队》的精彩版本,因为保罗 · 布兰德(Paul Brandt)实际上是一名来自卡尔加里的护士,他有一个非常棒的版本,浏览量达到670万,因为它真的很棒,结局令人惊讶。他们没有停下来付过路费或其他任何原因,我们的卡车司机也不会停下来。

Let them truckers roll—10-4. We gone; bye-bye.  ~ BP

让卡车司机滚吧ー10-4。我们走了,再见。 ~ BP

Paul Brandt – Convoy – Official Music Video 



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