2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球

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 October 24, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年10月24日

2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球

If we have learned anything these past six or so years when our reliable backchannel known as Q went public, it is that “this is a process”. Between the degree of programming and brainwashing in the masses and the astounding infiltration of all our governments and institutions, it would be absurd to hope that and entire planet could be cleaned up in just a few years.


Many lives are at stake and the collateral damage has already been off the charts. The method the Alliance chose to address this extermination was well thought out and thorough. Anyone second-guessing them had better have some solid expertise behind them. It’s easy to criticize from the peanut gallery.


As time has shown, you can plan everything in great detail, make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed, but you can’t foresee everything or know what the dark has hidden away or what their own free will might dictate. The situation is always in flux and we can only control what we are personally doing and saying.

时间已经证明,你可以详细地计划每一件事,确保所有的 i 和 t 都被点缀起来,但是你不能预见每一件事或者知道黑暗隐藏了什么或者他们自己的自由意志可能决定了什么。情况总是不断变化,我们只能控制我们自己在做什么和说什么。

The rest is up to higher powers. To complicate matters further, there is far more in play than what we see in the physical 3D false matrix we occupy. We have learned that this is far more a spiritual war than a traditional one. It calls for unconventional weapons and tactics.

剩下的就交给上级了。更复杂的是,比起我们在物理3D 虚假矩阵中看到的东西,还有更多的东西在起作用。我们已经认识到,这更像是一场精神上的战争,而不是一场传统的战争。它需要非常规武器和战术。

2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球

It is far more about Humanity’s ascension than anything else, and for that to happen, we have to be free of the bulk of the programming and raise our frequency significantly. In a sense, we have to be worthy of leaving this plane and moving forward to a new and better world that will be a direct reflection of who we are as a species.


As Melania Trump suggested, we need to “Be Best”, but before we can be best, we need to be a whole lot better, and the events and processes unfolding these past few years have been toward that end. The degradation of our societies at the encouragement of the evil ones is blatantly obvious and we need to turn back the clock to a time when we were good and honest folks. No game-playing, conniving, stealing, or back-stabbing.

正如梅拉尼娅 · 特朗普(Melania Trump)所建议的,我们需要“做到最好”,但在我们做到最好之前,我们需要做得更好,过去几年发生的事件和进程就是为了达到这个目的。在邪恶势力的鼓励下,我们社会的堕落是显而易见的,我们需要让时光倒流,回到我们是善良诚实的人的时代。不许玩游戏,纵容,偷窃,或者背后捅刀子。

We have been encouraged to think, to research, to connect dots, to reach deep inside to exemplify what is right and good. Many of the major players have set very good examples. Trump was probably the main one, along with Q, and the reach has been impressive.

我们被鼓励去思考,去研究,去连接点点滴滴,去触及内心深处,去证明什么是正确的,什么是好的。许多主要参与者都树立了很好的榜样。特朗普和 Q 可能是最主要的一个,而且影响力令人印象深刻。

Trump is dropping blatant comms. Link to Telegram.

Trump 放弃了明目张胆的通讯,链接到电报。

Now do you believe it that Actor Joe Biden is wearing a mask.

现在你相信演员乔 · 拜登戴着面具。

“I’d punch him in the nose and plastic would be all over the ground”


He’s telling you‼️


Huge red pill folks巨大的红色药丸人🔥
This was epic! 这是史诗级的!

There are a lot of interesting comms regularly now. The Canucks are posting on Telegram


The fall of Turd upon us.


Dan Scavino posted a “dog comm” so someone may be leaving this world.


We taught our Goldies to put their face under water with eyes open to get toys.


Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸🦅 on Twitter: "pic.twitter.com/X3XpUD3feo / Twitter"


We’ve posted several Tweets from Ariel/Prolotario, and while some are valid, not all resonate with me as true so I just keep watching and today this popped up via Sarge from Casper.

我们已经发布了几条来自 Ariel/Prolotario 的推文,虽然有些是有效的,但并不是所有的都能引起我的共鸣,所以我只是继续观看,今天这条信息通过来自 Casper 的 Sarge 弹了出来。

Ariel might actually be an “entity” a persona…a character controlled by several people….

Ariel 实际上可能是一个“实体”一个角色... 一个由几个人控制的角色... 。

This is an interesting post from politician Pierre Poilievre in Ontario, Canada. Ping-pong? Is he trying to make a point? Is he dirty, or is he giving us comms and validating “Pizzagate”?

这是来自加拿大安大略省的政治家皮埃尔 · 波利耶夫(Pierre Poilievre)的一篇有趣的文章。乒乓球?他是想表明立场吗?是他不干净,还是他在给我们通讯然后验证“披萨门”?

Pierre Poilievre on Twitter: "While sharpening my ping pong skills at the Table Tennis Fun Day for the Double Ninth Festival in Markham, I shared my common sense plan to bring home lower prices and more powerful paycheques. pic.twitter.com/KnmHSansrZ / Twitter"

While sharpening my ping pong skills at the Table Tennis Fun Day for the Double Ninth Festival in Markham, I shared my common sense plan to bring home lower prices and more powerful paycheques. pic.twitter.com/KnmHSansrZ

And there in Markham this also happened back in 2020… a raid on a Markham mansion.


Source:  https://t.me/SarahConnor05/69879

There’s a lot on Twitter about this. I’m sure we can imagine what else went on there. Sounds like a good score. A “spa” has other connotations.



This supposedly happened Monday morning. It looks un-real to me. Why does everything on this section of the road look grey or black and burned… like a DEW attack? It doesn’t look like a simple, fresh, car pileup at all. We can see that in other photos. “Super-fog”??? I don’t have a good feeling about this. Why would fires spread to so many vehicles?


If the fog was so thick, would you have been driving fast enough to cause all this carnage? I know I wouldn’t. This is unnatural mayhem.


2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球

They tried this narrative in California when they said a wildfire ignited cars, trucks, and boats on a freeway but there was no wildfire anywhere nearby. They lie so I question everything.


BREAKING: At Least 7 Dead, Dozens Injured After Massive Pileup on Louisiana Interstate; Police Say Death Toll May Be Higher ⬇️ [Photos & Videos] https://breaking911.com/7-dead-dozens-injured-after-massive-pileup-on-louisiana-interstate-police-say/

最新消息: 路易斯安那州际公路发生大规模连环相撞事故,造成至少7人死亡,数十人受伤,警方称死亡人数可能更高[图片和视频] https://breaking911.com/7-Dead-Dozens-Injured-After-Massive-Pileup-on-Louisiana-Interstate-Police-Say/

Super fog triggers deadly pileup involving 158 vehicles on I-55 near New Orleans

超级大雾引发新奥尔良附近 I-55公路上158辆汽车致命连环相撞

If those with video capability zoom in on these photos and see melted alloy rims and rubber, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised. If a DEW attack took place in heavy traffic because in heavy fog, everyone behind would undoubtedly pile into them. It would have been an effective catalyst.


This older California situation features spontaneous combustion and we’re not buying what they’re selling. No one in an official capacity is going to tell us if DEWs were used because they don’t want to panic the public. We’re basically sitting ducks if the psychopaths still have access to space-based directed energy weapons.

这种老式的加州模式以自燃为特色,我们不买他们卖的东西。以官方身份没有人会告诉我们是否使用了 DEW,因为他们不想引起公众恐慌。如果精神病患者还能接触到太空定向能武器我们基本上就成了活靶子。

2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球
California interstate “wildfire”. Where’s the wildfire?


2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球
Super-size grave liners for multiple bodies stacked inconspicuously in empty fields in America pre-2017

We are revisiting the FEMA camps which some report are growing in number in America. It might make folks paranoid, but I think we have already established that they need places to put the criminals after the roundup until adjudication can take place. There are millions of them and jails are inadequate.


Will we need the big grave liners the psychopaths ordered for us? Maybe not all of them, wink-wink. I don’t think we’re going to execute every cabal criminal. Some will be imprisoned. Whatever happens, justice will be done, whether it’s public hangings or we decide to test those guillotines they ordered to deal with we, the dissidents at their “re-education” camps. Link to Telegram.


FEMA Camps Continue To Be Built All Across The United States. What Are They Preparing To Do?


“I don’t know, maybe because they’re building these camps all over our country and have been, I’ve known about them since 2007. They have barbed wire all around them that’s pointing in.


They have playgrounds. It’s like a prison.


Fo help, I guess, to help us. Looks a lot like this, though. You know what else they have? Giant disposable coffins. No big deal. The one in Alaska holds a million people. Here’s the map of all the locations of the camps that we have. So this is why.”



2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球
Setting up a guillotine.


Sarge had some positive intel to share in his discussion with Heidi and Kat this week. He said he had been cleared to tell us that major, widespread cyber threats were imminent and the White Hats had to ensure that hackable platforms for various services were moved under the umbrella of the Quantum systems which are unhackable. That operation was successful, and now they can move forward with ‘The Plan’.


I think we can see why dates don’t work. The Plan must remain flexible while the Alliance secures the situation to protect our infrastructure to avoid mass casualties and chaos.


We, the People get blamed for everything bad that happens on this planet when we are the last to have any power to influence what is perpetrated. The controllers have had a very long-term agenda and everything that happens has been at their hands. We do not accept blame for the bloodshed, wars, and genocide. They have to go, and then it will stop.


2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球

We’re concerned about chaos at this time because the Israel-Palestine situation is a powder keg in many countries with civilians polarized due to the treasonous media offering the lit matches in hopes of civil war. In a nation that is fully armed as America is, things could go south fast.


Weapons Are Drawn at ‘Free Palestine’ Rally in Oregon


We see a lot of opinions out there urging common sense and neutrality. Just stand down everyone and grasp some valuable perspective. This isn’t our war. No war is a good war, and no one deserves genocide. We have to cease to allow the controllers to pit Human against Human. They are a disease that must be eradicated and there will be no peace on Earth until that happens. We can choose not to be goaded into hateful rhetoric. Now that we know who and what the problem is, we can avoid it, and we can heal it.


The Israel/Palestine conflict is proving to be the ultimate weapon of division. Even within the ‘truth’ and alternative media community, there has been a wedge created by this horrific war.


I have heard people that I used to agree with, say the most outrageous things, as if suddenly they had lost all sense of humanity and compassion.


The hatred between the two sides runs deep not only amongst those in the region, but in people all around the world.


Decades of stereotype indoctrination and violent events have proven effective in creating a deep division that is severing the world as we speak.


Islamic radicalism has been used by the powers that be, for decades, as a means of provoking instability and wars around the world, 9/11 is the perfect example of this. The image of Muslims as a violent, radical religious group of people, has been well engrained in our Western psyche. But is it true? No. There are 2 billion muslims in the world and only a tiny percentage of violent radicals.


When it comes to the Jews, we are faced with a complex dychotomy; they are the eternal victims of one of the worst barbaric episodes in history and at the same time, they have a disproportionate amount of representation within the structures of power, which inevitably leads to mistrust and animosity amongst many. But are all Jews wealthy, powerful and bloodthirsty? Obviously not. Only a very small percentage could be categorised as such.

当涉及到犹太人时,我们面临着一个复杂的两极分化; 他们是历史上最野蛮的时期之一的永恒受害者,同时,他们在权力结构中有着不成比例的代表性,这不可避免地导致了许多人之间的不信任和敌意。但是所有的犹太人都富有、强大和嗜血吗?显然不是。只有非常小的一部分可以归入这一类。

Evil has been in power for millennia and has permeated through all nations, all races and all religions.


It seems to me we’ve forgotten the red pills that we’ve been swallowing. Did we not learn that all religions have been infiltrated by the powerful cabal that rules the world? Do we not know that the Vatican is as much a centre of evil as the institutionalised power structures of Islam and Judeism? Did we not realise that all governments are puppets of this same cabal? Have we not uncovered time and time again how they use barbaric events to further their agenda by causing fear, outrage and hate amongst us? Do we still not know that by dividing us they win and we lose? Have we really not understood that we all share a common enemy?


Why has everyone suddenly forgotten that what we are seeing in Israel and Gaza is nothing more than the cabal playing both sides in order to provoke a global war that will allow them to get closer to their long planned, wet dream of a One World Government?


It’s not about Palestinians vs Israelis! Both are being used and sacrificed as pawns on a real-life chess board in which checkmate means total world domination and the end of life as we know it.


In order for their Great Reset to take place, they need to destroy the status quo, and a global war is the perfect means to achieve this.


So the more we accuse one another, the more we blame one another, the more we hate one another and the more we kill one another, the closer we are to their agenda taking shape. Until one day we will find ourselves living in a dystopian transhuman reality.


Will we realise then, that it was not the Jews nor the Arabs? Will we finally see who the real enemy is? When it’s too late?那时我们会意识到,不是犹太人也不是阿拉伯人干的吗?我们终于能看清谁才是真正的敌人了吗?为时已晚?
I truly hope not… 我真的不希望..。🙏🏻

It’s time to re-swallow the red pills and remind everyone of who the real enemy is, its not Jewish people, it’s not Arabs, it’s not Russians, it’s no nation, no religion, no race – it’s a cult, a cabal, a global elite, I don’t care what you call them, our enemy is that small group of people that pull all the strings.


Let’s sever those strings and embrace one another. Until we realise we’re all on the same team as ‘we the people’, we stand no chance of winning.


So next time you speak, or write, or post something on social media, be aware of the message you are spreading, ask yourself if you are feeding the hate and mistrust, or encouraging understanding and compassion. Take the time to consider if you are aggravating the problem or contributing to the solution…


What’s it going to be…?




2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球


As for the Speakership in the House, on it goes.


Republicans pick majority whip to be new US House speaker nominee: party


President Trump has been betrayed by many people, and as time progresses, we are seeing who the traitors are. There is a string of updates here about the Georgia election case. Jenna Ellis is the next to fall.

特朗普总统被许多人背叛,随着时间的推移,我们正在看到谁是叛徒。这里有一系列关于佐治亚州选举案的最新消息。Jenna Ellis 是下一个倒下的。

NEW – Former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis has tearfully pleaded guilty in the Georgia election case to one count of aiding and abetting false statements in writing.

最新消息——前特朗普竞选律师詹娜 · 埃利斯(Jenna Ellis)在佐治亚州选举案中含泪承认一项书面协助和教唆虚假陈述的罪名。

And another… Link to Telegram.

还有一个... 链接到电报。

I’ve just learned that a family member with cancer has taken a turn for the worse so I have some communications to prepare to urge them to adopt a different regimen that we know has been successful for many people. Yes, Fenbendazole/Panacur-C. Not just a dog dewormer. Tablets are easy, but the powder is much cheaper and it’s not hard to make your own veggie-caps. I’ve done it. I hear Fenben is basically tasteless so capsules might not be called for. If I learned I had cancer, I would be looking at protocols like these and changing my diet even more. Multiple barrages from an army to fight the battle makes sense to me but these are conventional people who trust the system and one of them already beat cancer the chemo way.


See you later, folks. Stay safe out there.  ~ BP


2023年10月24日: 清理地窖里的蟑螂|星际飞船地球


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