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So,there are seemingly still many people among the lightworker community arguing that the Lightforces do not intervene.The following post might shine some light onto the reasons behind the rather slow liberation so far.


What is important to know for most people is that we are in the end of an invasion by a parasitic alien species which some rather wake people call the Cabal or NAA(Negative Alien Agenda).This invasion has gone on for millions of years now(if you include the heavy influence of the primary anomaly even several hundred million years).Among the NAA are several races which work together and are completely inverting the main principles of life in accordance to gaining energy via the primary anomaly.Actually that is why some of these species are known as'defect'and parasitic throughout the whole universe(also read my previous posts for insights on how this form of parasitism plays out on Earth).The reason why this has gone on so long on Earth is,that there were many befallen systems throughout(not only)the galaxy which had to be freed before due to the intergalactic war Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com)and others mentioned recently.The war is already won for the Light but there are a lot of heavy villains including big parts of the NAA who retreated to Earth-their last stand and only chance to survive any longer.And make no mistake,these villains are really some of the most evil out there-basically any most evil villain ever depicted in stories on Earth is a joke compared to how heavy and evil those villains hiding on Earth really are.So we first off have to do with some of the worst.In addition,these leftovers of evil are rather smart,in a way they take all life on a planet hostage and also threaten with destroying and torturing all life on Earth in case they lose ANY ground.They are nervous and they certainly will not refrain from complete annihilation of all life on Earth to gain even the tiniest advantage or prevent their defeat.

对大多数人来说,重要的是要知道,我们正处于一种寄生外星物种入侵的末期,有些人称之为阴谋集团(Cabal) NAA(消极的外星议程)。这种入侵已经持续了数百万年(如果你算上主要异常现象的严重影响,即使是几亿年)。在 NAA 中有几个种族,它们一起工作,完全颠倒了生命的主要原则,通过原始异常获取能量。事实上,这就是为什么这些物种中的一些被称为"缺陷"并且寄生在整个宇宙中的原因(也可以阅读我以前的文章了解这种寄生在地球上是如何发生的)。这种情况在地球上持续如此之久的原因是,银河系中(不仅仅是)有许多降临的系统,在此之前,由于星际战争 Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com)以及最近提到的其他事件,这些系统不得不被解放出来。这场战争已经为光明赢得了胜利,但是还有许多重量级的恶棍,包括 NAA 的大部分人,他们撤退到地球——他们最后的抵抗,也是唯一的生存机会。毫无疑问,这些恶棍实际上是世界上最邪恶的恶棍——基本上地球上所有故事中描述的最邪恶的恶棍都是一个笑话,相比之下,那些隐藏在地球上的恶棍实际上是多么的沉重和邪恶。所以我们首先要讲述的是一些最坏的人。此外,这些邪恶的残余物相当聪明,在某种程度上,它们将地球上的所有生命作为人质,并威胁要摧毁和折磨地球上的所有生命,以防它们失去任何立场。他们很紧张,他们当然不会为了获得哪怕是最微小的优势或者阻止他们的失败而放弃对地球上所有生命的彻底毁灭。

I know some people think they would rather have"the end"in a toplet-bomb explosion style than going on with'normal'life and without a clear progressing of the Lightforces.Problem is that kind of death would be the comparable to nearly endless torture as their experience does not end on death and what would be left in this system would be a catastrophe to say the least.Losing your life does not mean that you just go to some sort of state similar to sleep-it rather means that you lose your body and are still aware in most cases.Just in case of a toplet-bomb there will be nothing fulfilling left.So death is certainly worse for the majority of humans on Earth right now than the struggle we go through since years of fighting the Cabal.Death is absolutely no option for anyone who is disappointed by the progress of the Lightforces.


Another big cause for the slow process of the Lightforces in the past years is the level of infiltration that has happened to the human race.You might know that basically all member species of the NAA have made countless adaptions to the human genome throughout the course of thousands of years(and more).Therefore humans partly support the hostage situation without ever consciously knowing it.So it is not just that nearly all human institutions have been infiltrated by Cabal agents,there is also a problem with the bodies of many humans in general.You could see this as a percentage of their bodies that is rather supporting parasitic behavior and some humans are having a lower percentage,some have a higher percentage of these flaws.You might compare that to what is called possession in older scriptures especially in religious ones.So this phenomenon was known since ages already-many humans subconsciously decide to use info which is basically of parasitic source.Even science had some insights that the brain might be more like an receiver of some kind.Makes sense if you think about your body having many layers like the Spirit,Mind,Soul,etc.Usually your own higher body layers'use'your receiver to get information through to you in your daily life.On a heavily parasitically contaminated planet like Earth this can become more difficult to get through.People appear to have lost'themselves'or their'soul-connection'.Add the DNA modifications and more the NAA has done with humans and you have a species that can be manipulated easier by evil forces than it would have been possible on natural circumstances(on for example more'clean'planets).Cobra and others call many of these adaptions on humans plasma implants etc.basically those mechanisms to alter and control humanity negatively were created on all levels the NAA had available.

另一个导致光明势力在过去几年中进展缓慢的重要原因是人类已经发生的渗透水平。你可能知道,基本上 NAA 的所有成员物种都在数千年(甚至更长时间)的过程中对人类基因组进行了无数次的适应。因此,人类在没有意识到的情况下,部分地支持了人质的情况。所以,不仅仅是几乎所有的人类机构都被阴谋集团的特工渗透了,许多人类的身体也普遍存在问题。你可以看到他们身体的一个百分比,相当支持寄生虫的行为,有些人有较低的百分比,有些人有较高的百分比,这些缺陷。你可以把它与旧经中所谓的附身做比较,尤其是在宗教经文中。因此,这种现象早已为人所知——许多人下意识地决定使用基本上是寄生来源的信息。甚至科学也有一些见解,认为大脑可能更像某种接收器。如果你认为你的身体有很多层次,比如精神、思想、灵魂等等,这就说得通了。通常你自己的更高层次的身体"使用"你的接收器来获得信息通过你的日常生活。在一个像地球这样被寄生虫严重污染的星球上,这种信息可能会变得更加难以获取。人们似乎已经失去了"他们自己"或者他们的"灵魂连接"。加上 DNA 修饰,以及 NAA 对人类所做的更多工作,你就拥有了一个比在自然环境下更容易被邪恶力量操纵的物种(比如更"干净"的行星)Cobra 和其他人称许多这些适应人类血浆植入等基本上,这些机制,以改变和控制人类负面创造了所有层次的 NAA 可用。

I will now get a little bit more specific on backgrounds of the NAA and how these parasitic species invade systems like our solar system.First,please think of the most popular symbol of aliens we have on Earth.Yes,it is the'small grays'also known as Zeta Reticulans-just think of popular culture,they have even found their way into the emoticons of every mobile and more as a prime symbol for aliens.You might have read about the grays before in'shady'sources.Some might think of Roswell and speculative secret pacts with them.Some might think the Reticulans are rather a slave race used by other alien species like depicted in many movies including Jupiter Ascending(which was even recommended by Cobra and seemingly led to the Wachowski's'fall'out of popularity).Some even might know stories of similar aliens called the tall whites.In old and most religious scriptures they are often described as demons or at least as highly demonic if they are mentioned at all.Some might confuse them with archons but they are not really the same thing,although their approach is similar and they are similarly evil.

现在我将对 NAA 的背景以及这些寄生物种是如何侵入像我们太阳系这样的系统有更详细的了解。首先,请想想我们地球上最流行的外星人标志。是的,这就是"小灰人",也被称为 Zeta Reticulans——只要想想流行文化,他们甚至已经找到了自己的方式进入每个手机的表情符号,更多的是作为外星人的主要符号。你可能以前在"可疑"的资料中读到过关于灰色的内容。有些人可能会想到罗斯韦尔和他们的推测性秘密协议。有些人可能会认为网格人是其他外星物种使用的奴隶种族,就像许多电影中描述的那样,包括《朱比特崛起》(这部电影甚至被 Cobra 推荐,似乎导致了沃卓斯基的"衰落")。有些人甚至可能知道类似的外星人被称为高白人的故事。在古老的和大多数宗教经文中,他们经常被描述为魔鬼或者至少是高度恶魔,如果他们被提到的话。有些人可能会把他们和执政官混为一谈,但实际上他们并不是同一个东西,尽管他们的方法相似,他们也同样邪恶。

To cut a long story short it is the Zeta Reticulans who are known as THE defect species out there.They are minded everywhere by every alien race who knows what'defect'-classification means.They were involved in every other parasitic contamination which was cleared up before the Lightforces could proceed to Earth.Even some species involved in the liberation on Earth have not yet realized that the Zetas are not little bystanders of the hostage situation that was implemented by the NAA on Earth.In Cobra's hierarchy of the Cabal they would be what he connected to the archons but they are rather part of the Chimera itself.They are the most insidious species of the NAA and their tactic is many times to be seen as minions or slaves which are just used by the other invaders-but,they are not.They play a role of being rather harmless while they are actually one of the most heavy portal for the primary anomaly itself.Think of a parasite which befalls whole planets:it first has to figure out how life works on these planets to drain it.Then you should know what the grays do on every system they invade.They interbreed with every lifeform they can find on the target system which is pretty much the invasion of the genome and DNA of humanity.That's why there are several different types of Zeta Reticulans known throughout the universe,for example Giese grays who are a leftover of their(failed)invasion there.When they come to invade they often play the little fools,they even die in masses for that role to be accepted by other species.They ask for help as their own species would be nearing extinction and more excuses which just serve one simple motivation:invasion.You might have heard stories that the pacts of humans with them were to help them find a cure for their own degeneration-there were many rumors of course in the fifties and from then on.But they were already here when there was still a lot of trade going on on Earth with many alien species-we once had a blooming society with many contacts to a wide variety of alien species,Earth was a well-known trade-platform for things humanity cannot even imagine anymore.

长话短说,齐塔网络人被认为是有缺陷的物种。每一个知道"缺陷"分类意味着什么的外星种族都在关注着他们。他们卷入了所有其他的寄生虫污染,这些污染在光明势力进入地球之前就被清理干净了。甚至一些参与解放地球的物种还没有意识到齐塔人并不是地球上 NAA 实施的人质劫持事件的旁观者。在柯博拉的阴谋集团的等级制度中,他们是他与执政官联系在一起的,但他们更像是奇美拉本身的一部分。他们是 NAA 中最阴险的物种,他们的策略很多时候被视为奴才或奴隶,只是被其他入侵者使用——但是,他们不是。它们扮演着一个相当无害的角色,而实际上它们是主要异常现象本身最沉重的入口之一。想想那些降临到整个星球上的寄生虫:它们首先要弄清楚这些星球上的生命是如何工作的,然后才能把它们吸干。然后你应该知道灰人在他们入侵的每个星系中都做了些什么。它们与目标系统中能找到的所有生命形式杂交,这几乎是对人类基因组和 DNA 的入侵。这就是为什么在整个宇宙中有几种不同类型的 Zeta 网状星系的原因,例如,Giese 灰色星系是他们(失败的)入侵的遗留物。当他们入侵的时候,他们经常扮演小傻瓜的角色,他们甚至为了让其他物种接受这个角色而大批死去。他们寻求帮助,因为他们自己的物种将濒临灭绝,更多的借口只是为了一个简单的动机:入侵。你可能听说过这样的故事:人类与他们的契约是为了帮助他们找到治愈自身退化的方法——当然,在50年代以及从那以后,有许多谣言。但它们已经存在了,那时地球上还有许多与外星物种的贸易我们曾经有一个蓬勃发展的社会,与各种各样的外星物种有着许多联系,地球是一个著名的贸易平台人类甚至无法想象的东西。

So what happened?Many humans heard myths and stories of cataclysms and whole civilizations vanishing from the Earth-think of the mythical Atlantis for example.It is said that some'humans'got evil and abused their power which led to the fall of Atlantis in some of those myths.Actually that was already an early stage of the Zeta Reticulan invasion.They really manipulated many lifeforms on Earth in prehistoric times to act out in the anti-life way the primary anomaly motivates.And this cataclysm echoed from then on many times throughout the history of the Earth.Later scriptures recapitulating a little bit of the lost past of humanity like the Bible also tell of for example the flood during Noah's times and more cataclysmic events.What the grays do is they create absolute hell on systems they invade for all life in the most deceptive and insidious ways.They drain all life on their target planets and make it look'normal'for the lifeforms who have some consciousness of what's going on.Just look out of the window,does what you see look like fun?But it is normal what you see,isn't it?That's pretty much how the more parasitic species of the NAA work,they drain all the good stuff and make it look like the host lifeforms are creating the bad circumstances themselves.

那么,发生了什么呢?许多人听说过关于大灾难和整个文明从地球上消失的神话和故事——比如神话中的亚特兰蒂斯。据说,一些"人类"变得邪恶,滥用他们的力量,导致了亚特兰蒂斯在一些神话中的衰落。事实上,那已经是齐塔网络入侵的早期阶段了。他们在史前时期操纵了地球上的许多生命形式,以反生命的方式行动,这是主要的异常现象所激发的。从那时起,这种灾难就在地球历史上反复出现过很多次。后来的经文重现了一点人类失落的过去,比如圣经也讲述了诺亚时代的洪水和更多的灾难性事件。灰人所做的就是以最欺骗和最阴险的方式,对他们侵入的所有生命的系统制造绝对的地狱。它们吸干目标星球上的所有生命,让那些对正在发生的事情有一定意识的生命看起来"正常"。只要看看窗外,你看到的东西看起来有趣吗?但你看到的是正常的,不是吗?NAA 的寄生物种就是这样工作的它们吸干了所有的好东西让宿主看起来像是在自己制造恶劣的环境。

Some say the Zetas are rather AI and entities but they are just parasitic and because of that have rather passive intelligence which sometimes has similarities to and looks like AI acting out.They are able to'hear'/perceive human thoughts,they communicate mainly telepathically and are connected in a sort of hive-mind,so everything that makes a good parasite like in the movies.There are even a few good sources on the internet where some humans describe how a Zeta invasion looks like and what their basic tactics are.It is enormously insidious but very believable that they got far in their process of invasion,for example the lockdowns like we are going through right now and governments acting'out of character'seem to fit right in what is described there by some higher ranking military staff.But the invasion runs even deeper than covered in those descriptions.To shortly explain the tall whites which some humans think even command the Zetas,they are just genetic mixtures with humans which are therefore taller and brighter from skin tone and relatively stable-though humans did think it was a different race.Those humans reporting of them tell that the tall whites are less aggressive and similarly advanced in technology as the small grays.Logical if they are the first offshoots with a higher percentage of Zeta-DNA that were stable.Though the technology was different.Which stems from the fact that these offshoots of more intense mixtures already developed their own technologies and were given several parts of the Zeta hive mind.Though they were manipulated in a way that they convincingly look like they were a different species and the tall whites even hate the small grays.You might understand how far the lies and the insidious acts reach which the grays commit to invade a system.However the tall whites were just a trick to get some use out of the quasi unsuccessful interbreedings and get closer to humans through these failed experiments.

一些人说齐塔人是人工智能和实体,但他们只是寄生的,因为他们有相当被动的智能,有时有相似之处,看起来像人工智能的行为。它们能够"听到"/感知人类的思想,它们主要通过心灵感应进行交流,并以一种蜂群思维的形式连接在一起,所以,一切能够像电影中那样成为优秀寄生虫的东西。在互联网上甚至有一些很好的资料来源,其中一些人类描述了齐塔人的入侵是什么样子,以及他们的基本策略是什么。他们在入侵的过程中取得了很大的进展,这是非常阴险的,但也是非常可信的。例如,我们现在正在经历的封锁,以及政府的"反常行为"似乎正好符合某些高级军事人员所描述的情况。但是入侵的深度甚至超出了这些描述的范围。简单地解释一下,为什么有些人认为高大的白人甚至控制着齐塔人,他们只是与人类基因的混合物,因此从肤色来看,他们更高更亮,相对稳定——尽管人类确实认为这是一个不同的种族。那些报告他们的人告诉我们,高个子白人没有小个子灰人那么具有攻击性,在技术上也和小个子灰人一样先进。如果他们是第一个拥有更高比例的 Zeta-DNA 稳定的分支,这是合乎逻辑的。虽然技术不同。这源于一个事实,那就是这些更强烈混合物的分支已经开发出了自己的技术,并且被赋予了 Zeta 蜂群思维的几个部分。虽然他们被操纵的方式,他们令人信服地看起来像他们是一个不同的物种,高个子白人甚至讨厌小灰人。你可能会明白白人们的谎言和阴险行为已经深入到了一个系统中。然而,这些高个子白人只是一个诡计,目的是从这些不成功的杂交中得到一些利用,并通过这些失败的实验来接近人类。

For Zetas,the whole Earth is just their farm in which they cultivate'their'species to consume later on.It is certainly horrible which is also why so many people who know more details are convinced that half or more of humanity would go insane if they ever find out the truth.The good thing is though that the Lightforces have finally arrived on Earth.With them are the archenemies of the Zeta Reticulans which are heavily connected to the Central Race.Not just those but also many species who helped clearing up the previous contaminations are on Earth to help-also some incarnated as Starseeds to get first hand insights.It is always just a matter of time until such contaminations are cleared up.But until it is'done'it certainly does not look like the Lightforces are winning.Think of a parasite losing its host,it usually tries to destroy the host upon removal.And in some cases not much of the host is left after removal.So the Lightforces have to be especially careful while removing it to not risk the host-system and at the same time they have to reconstruct parts which would be lost,if the Zetas would be removed more rapidly.So there will be a heavy Victory,but until that very Victory of the Light is actually happening,it might look the other way round to some degree.Just like many Lightworkers and rather woke humans argue about.That sudden Victory is exactly what Cobra describes as the Event-that's why it will look like a sudden change.You can be sure that the Lightforces are working all the time and are hardest on themselves to get even a little help to the surface population.It just is the nature of Zeta invasions that they prepare the host systems and planets as a trap.That is also why the Lightforces could not land here or why the good aliens cannot just walk around on Earth and slay the bad guys.It is definitely not like in the movies.The truth is they would be killed and captured if they would try to come to the surface right now,that's how heavy Earth was prepared by the NAA.It is a huge trap to enclose high lifeforms as hostages.And it has been configured in a way that discharging the trap destroys the hostages and/or takes ages before anything really positive can get through at all.You also have to know that the Zetas are a very old and very advanced species,they were one of the early species developing in this structural phase of the universe we are living in.And they consumed a lot of other species since their fall into using the primary anomaly which they use as their main energy source instead of the light.Basically they also stole and adapted the technologies of those consumed species.That is why they are so enormously hard to remove,they have and use technology many other advanced species cannot yet counter.Even most of those species who think the Zetas work for them or even are slaves of them do not know how far the Zeta Reticulan technology reaches.Those who see them as harmless or do not remove them if they can have already fallen for their illusion.That is why it is important that also their archenemies arrived to support the liberation-they are definitely able to stabilize Zeta structures by transmuting them to Light.Those structures would otherwise just decompose as soon as the Zetas are forced to leave.And as these structures are mixed among nearly everything on Earth from technology to even parts of nature the loss on removal of these parasites would be too extreme for the host lifeforms to cope with.Such a mix-in of technologies and more into the host systems is part of the invasion trap mentioned above-some of humanities technology is actually heavily Zeta influenced.And it is hard to grasp for humans so far with their usual school and science knowledge they are being told on Earth.But it is certainly one of the reasons for a slower process than many hoped and wished for.

对齐塔人来说,整个地球就是他们的农场,他们在那里培育"他们的"物种,以供日后食用。这当然是可怕的,这也是为什么如此多的人谁知道更多的细节确信,一半或更多的人会发疯,如果他们发现了真相。好消息是光明势力终于来到了地球。随之而来的是与中央种族紧密相连的 Zeta Reticulans 的主要敌人。不仅仅是这些,还有许多物种帮助清除以前的污染是在地球上帮助-也有一些化身为星际种子,以获得第一手的见解。这些污染物被清除只是时间问题。但是直到它被"完成"之前,看起来光明势力肯定不会赢。想象一下一只寄生虫失去了它的宿主,它通常会试图在移除宿主的时候摧毁它。在某些情况下,宿主在被移除后并没有留下多少。因此光明势力在移除它时必须特别小心,以免危及主机系统,同时他们必须重建可能丢失的部分,如果齐塔人被更快地移除的话。所以会有一个重大的胜利,但是在光的胜利真正发生之前,在某种程度上它可能看起来是相反的。就像许多光之工作者和清醒的人类争论的那样。这个突然的胜利正是 Cobra 所描述的事件——这就是为什么它看起来像一个突然的变化。可以肯定的是,光明势力一直在工作,并且对他们自己来说,即使是对地表人的一点点帮助也是非常艰难的。这就是齐塔人入侵的本质,他们把宿主系统和行星作为陷阱。这也是为什么光明势力不能在这里着陆,或者为什么好的外星人不能在地球上走来走去,杀死坏人。这绝对不是电影里的那样。事实是,如果他们现在试图到达地表,他们会被杀死和俘虏,这就是 NAA 准备的地球的重量。把高等生物圈为人质是一个巨大的陷阱。而且它被设计成一种方式,释放这个陷阱会摧毁人质,或者需要很长时间才能让任何真正积极的东西通过。你还必须知道齐塔人是一个非常古老和非常先进的物种,他们是在我们生活的这个宇宙结构阶段发展起来的早期物种之一。他们吃掉了很多其他的物种,因为他们使用了主要的异常点,而不是光作为他们的主要能量来源。基本上,他们还窃取并改造了那些被消耗物种的技术。这就是为什么它们如此难以移除,它们拥有和使用许多其他先进物种无法对抗的技术。即使是那些认为齐塔人为他们工作,甚至是他们奴隶的物种中的大多数,也不知道齐塔人的网状技术能够达到什么程度。那些认为他们是无害的,或者如果他们已经陷入幻觉就不会移除他们的人。这就是为什么他们的主要敌人到来支持解放是很重要的——他们一定能够通过将 Zeta 转化为光来稳定 Zeta 的结构。否则,一旦齐塔人被迫离开,这些结构就会分解。由于这些结构混杂在地球上几乎所有的东西中,从科技到自然界的某些部分,这些寄生虫的消失对于寄主生命来说将是极端的。这种技术的混合和更多地进入主机系统是上述入侵陷阱的一部分-一些人文科技实际上受到了齐塔人的严重影响。到目前为止,人类很难理解地球上人们告诉他们的学校和科学知识。但这无疑是这个过程比许多人所希望和期望的要慢的原因之一。

We all know that we are going through in a time in which certain ground shaking events are taking place,just look at what happened in the USA after the elections so far.We will soon see how humans which are parasitic to a high percentage look like if they lose their connection to the Zetas.Most humans won't believe what these people act like and how evil and deceptive even the invaded humans can get in such cases.But be assured at some point these anti-humanistic'leaders'and influential puppets will look like absolute clowns to the rest of the population.It will be obvious that they are not working for life at all and that they have lost their connection to their very source for their whole way of thinking.That is how the invasion will look like in the end,the bad guys have no choice but to be exposed as soon as the Zetas influence is waning-it will be getting more and more obvious by the minute.Though nevertheless it might not be really good until we are actually reaching the breakthrough and consequently the Event itself.


We will see how it all develops pretty soon.Victory of the Light!



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