X22 报道|第2478集:美国时代,美国史诗才刚刚开始

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X22 报道|第2478集:美国时代,美国史诗才刚刚开始

Ep 2478a – [CB] Panic Over Choice, Inflation Fear Soars, The Awakening 

Ep 2478a – 选择恐慌,通货膨胀恐慌飙升,觉醒

Ep 2478b – The American Age, The American Epic Has Only Just Begun, On The Clock 

Ep 2478b-《美国时代,美国史诗才刚刚开始》

The people are waking up, they are seeing and feel the inflation, the [CB] is doing everything possible to cover it up, but it is not working. As inflation rises this will leave the people with less currency in their pocket, welcome to the hidden tax. The [CB] are panicking over the choice people have now, [EM] makes his move, is crypto the new gold that the [CB] is afraid of?



The [DS] are ready to launch all assets to stop the audit in Arizona, the information coming out is damaging to Dominion, the country supervisors and the entire election procedures. Scavino sends messages, Trump is ready to begin his rallies, the offensive has just begun, on the clock.





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