X22报告|第2986集: 人们现在看到了差异,信息战进入了新的阶段

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X22报告|第2986集: 人们现在看到了差异,信息战进入了新的阶段

Ep. 2986a – People Now See The Difference Between Trump’s Economy & Biden’s


Ep. 2986b – Information War Moves To The Next Level, War Paint Is Applied, Day Of Days, Freedom




Europe narrowly avoids a recession because of Ireland, which means the recession is coming, the rest of Europe are not pulling their weight. The GND is failing big, every move they make is working against them. The economy is about to turn, the tax breaks have ended the people will see a difference and the economy will decline. People are now seeing the difference between an economy that is growing and an economy that is declining.

由于爱尔兰的缘故,欧洲勉强避免了经济衰退,这意味着经济衰退即将来临,而其他欧洲国家没有尽到自己的责任。GND 正在失败,他们的每一步行动都对他们不利。经济即将好转,减税政策已经结束,人们将看到不同,经济将下滑。人们现在看到了经济增长和经济衰退之间的区别。


The [DS] is in the process of removing Biden, the fake news has been instructed to report on the classified docs, the DOJ has blocks in place so the house can’t follow the corruption to others, will stop the house, this is why they are removing Biden. Trump is ready for the next phase of the information war, he has now changed his profile, he has applied he war paint. These are the days of days, you can hear him screaming FREEDOM!!!!



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