X22报告|第3110集: 经济宣传失败,当权者不再掌权

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电动车平均需要达到~6-7万英里才能看到效益。[DS] 已不再掌权。弦已经被剪断了。特朗普和爱国者现在正在猎杀[ DS ]球员。

X22报告|第3110集: 经济宣传失败,当权者不再掌权

Ep. 3110a – The Economic Propaganda Has Failed, The Economic Awakening Has Begun


Ep. 3110b – Those In Power No Longer Pull The Strings, Hunters Become The Hunted


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Streamed on: Jul 6, 8:10 pm EDT

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Germany has halted the passage of the left agenda. Biden is moving forward with windmill farms in NJ, this will fail. EVs on average need to reach ~60-70k miles before you see a benefit. The American now say the economy is not doing well.


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Streamed on: Jul 6, 8:30 pm EDT

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The [DS] is no longer in power. The strings have been cut. Trump and the patriots are now hunting the [DS] players. From the very beginning Trump set a plan in motion, he put the pieces together to trap the [DS] and expose them to the people so the people would be able to see the infiltration. Once the people see it and live the people will fight to take back this country.

[DS] 已不再掌权。弦已经被剪断了。特朗普和爱国者现在正在猎杀[ DS ]球员。从一开始,特朗普就启动了一个计划,他把这些碎片放在一起,以困住[ DS ] ,并将它们暴露给人民,这样人民就能看到渗透。一旦人民看到了,并且活了下来,人民就会为夺回这个国家而战斗。


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