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Some people might have read on alternative sources in the internet that Earth was and still is to some degree under quarantine.


The simple reason for it is a parasitic contamination that is an expression of the primary anomaly Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com/)and several others write about.

原因很简单,它是一种寄生虫污染,是主要异常 Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com/)和其他一些人写到的一种表达。

Even science has stated that we probably live in an anomaly recently.


So basically the parasite or parasitic contamination is an expression of the primary anomaly figuring out our eco-system on Earth or how life works on this planet.To put shortly a parasite sucks away the life-force of other lifeforms.Therefore it first needs to figure out those lifeforms.


In the human world this process of drained life expresses itself in people who are not really happy and even potential ways to happiness.Summarizing,a parasite results the lack of fulfillment of those lifeforms it befalls.Sounds much more harmless than it actually is.The point is:the reason that almost all humans are not able to live the life of their dreams(even in simple terms of health,freedom/money and love)is not complex logical reasons but actually the contamination itself.A parasite takes everything good from the life of its victim as it can.The complexity of the parasite is just so enormous that humans usually accept the logical reasons behind the defeat of their dreams.They have a strange acceptance of a‚normality'that states that their will is not fulfillable.Everyone is talking of free-will as a basic right here but few ever get their will on a big scale.They accept that they do not get to live their dream life because that condition would be‚normal'for humans.While actually the parasite and his puppets are doing exactly that:taking away their potential to get to the life humans want without them ever noticing or even complaining.


A parasite is therefore seen as a mechanism(as it is not really a lifeform on its own)against life.


Broken down,it is what is described in the story of Adam and Eve in the bible.Even though the old scriptures are a bit distorted because of the time passed,some tell the truth much more impressive than anything afterwards.However God told them,that one tree is rotten and they should not eat from it on Earth because he knew the parasite and how it expresses itself in nature on this planet.The snake represents rather a species that was on Earth before God visited Earth.It is not humanoid,rather formless,smaller and enormously vicious.And it of course then persuades Eve to eat from the rotten fruit,because it was long living inside the parasite before God ever came to visit Earth.Therefore the snake obviously"works"for the will of the parasite-it can also be seen as a demonic influence or a demon itself.So obviously the snake tried to get more life(-forms)into the parasite.And that is what is described:After Eve is infected by the parasite,she goes on with its work and infects Adam.The parasite gives her so much life(gotten from other lifeforms)that she even thinks that God would have betrayed them.Shortly after the parasite takes away the full-on infusion of life energy on Eve and she goes to'kill'her lover Adam to get his life energy.And so it goes on and on,it is the most horrible scenario,if you think about that an exceptionally high evolved lifeforms as Eve falls to kill the man she loves just because she needs life energy again.


It is not so much that God forbid to eat the fruit and casts them out of paradise,he rather knew what would happen if they are taken over by the parasite and told them of the consequences.


That pretty much explains the much discussed"original sin"much better.It is not that those descendants of the first humans inherit sin,it is rather that they are then born into the contamination that was initiated by Eve.After infection,which can literally be seen as death,she killed her perfect lover.Though these first humans could not really die it is pretty much equivalent to death.You could say Eve was from then on possessed by the parasite.Basically every murder in the history of humanity is an echo of that form of possession.


So the first‚settlers'on Earth were told by God to mind certain areas/plants after he set up Earth for life similar to the story of Genesis.You can easily imagine what happened when one of the settlers is infected if she kills her lover.As is told in the Story of Adam and Eve,the infected try to infect the others.


So much to the story behind the parasite and what humans are allowed to know about it.Or rather what'popular'information is still available on Earth after followers of the parasite have deleted everything else-just think of the destruction of the library of Alexandria,many sources of truth were destroyed similarly.They say"demons do not want to be seen"in many scriptures,the same is true for the infected.Many would say that demons and infected are the same even.Though demons are rather unseen entities and infected people can still act among the regular population like Eve did.It is like undead people walking among us and sabotaging humanity from the inside.Similar stories of humans who are not really humans among us are written about in the Bible and other ancient scriptures like Koran or in the Kabbalah.Though usually humans will not be able to differentiate the infected from real humans-so judgement is hard and compassion is a much more reliable trait even while dealing with the'undead'.


So basically all horror-stories about vampires,demons,zombies and the like are about the parasitic infection-it IS absolute horror.Vampires obviously suck others life,demons destroy life and zombies are the walking dead,hunting the last living.So these stories are really expression of what is going on,although it is not that obvious for most humans.They think these and even the old scriptures are just stories and no warnings which maybe is better for their mental health anyway.


So the parasite we're talking about is larger than the Earth itself,completely destroys life without it even recognizing and is of rather energetic nature.You can understand the primary anomaly as a primordial energy.You can imagine it as the one negative energy ingredient among the rather positive other energies from which the universe was formed.And this most intense energy of negativity then expresses itself in form of parasitic organisms in a later structural stage of the universe.As it is a rather minor ingredient in the make up of the universe,it is counted as an anomaly.Another bad thing about it is that it always collects itself to'survive'.Basically that is what is needed to form a parasite like the one on Earth,enormous collections of the primary anomaly are needed which then result in such negative organisms forming.First the parasite itself comes into being,then smaller organisms are overtaken which are living in the host system(Earth and the solar system)who from then on work for the parasite(like Eve in the story of the Bible).


If such a parasite is detected by other species in a system,the befallen area is put under quarantine.What it means is that all species who travel in the universe make a huge curve around those systems as coming into such a system would mean a certain death or suicide to them.That's pretty much why people on Earth could be educated that no alien life was ever found yet.To'cite'the Bible again,creatures like the devil,satan or even angels are definately not human.Some might be of demonic nature and might have been here before the God-species arrived,but most of them can and should be seen as extraterrestrial.Just that similar to demons the evil alien species that came and partake here will never reveal themselves to humanity.


Visits of extraterrestrials are pretty much documented in every holy scripture as there are several other reliable sources of such happenings to be found on the internet.Though if a species comes to Earth during quarantine it definitely knows what it is doing because otherwise it is suicide for those who come.


Then again others come especially because it is quarantine here.In such parasitic contaminations usually vermin and other evil species gather to support the parasite(without even knowing of it).People who are awake nowadays speak of the NAA the'Negative Alien Agenda'and mean several species(usually from the Rigel system of Orion etc.)who conspired to use humanity as a slave race.They actually come here to take life-energy from species on Earth and trade it with other similarly deceptive aliens.Partly these aliens are also described in several holy scriptures.They are smart,very smart indeed-so smart that the usual human does not even know in the slightest that they exist.Nowadays people who talk openly about the NAA are usually quietened by those who work for the parasite as conspiracy theorists or similar.They created simple mechanisms to take credibility from the woke and then the infected will just agree that it would be a lie-which usually is enough to convince humans who have not witnessed anything strange on Earth yet.

然而,其他动物来到这里,特别是因为这里是隔离区。在这种寄生虫污染中,通常是害虫和其他邪恶物种聚集在一起支持这种寄生虫(甚至不知道它)。现在清醒的人们说 NAA "负面的外星议程",意味着几个物种(通常来自猎户座的参宿七系统等)密谋利用人类作为奴隶种族。他们实际上是来这里从地球上的物种那里获取生命能量,并与其他类似的欺骗性外星人进行交易。这些外星人在一些圣经中也有描述。他们很聪明,实际上非常聪明——聪明到普通人根本不知道他们的存在。如今,那些公开谈论 NAA 的人通常会被那些为这种寄生虫工作的阴谋论者或类似的人安静下来。他们创造了一个简单的机制来获取觉醒者的可信度,然后被感染者就会同意这是一个谎言——这通常足以说服那些还没有在地球上目睹任何奇怪事情的人。

It is simple for the saboteurs as long as the broader population does not know that there are overtaken humans among them.And these alien invaders know that it would be easy that way-they implemented everything on Earth they could influence for it to work that way.Even the snake in the story of Adam and Eve was described as'the smartest beast of the field'meaning it was the most intelligent(but already overtaken,a simple beast-)lifeform on the Earth before God's visit.And those who came afterwards to profit from the energy harvested on Earth were similarly smart.So humanity was and still obviously is completely outplayed.Just look around and estimate how many humans are truly and lastingly happy.It is obviously a low percentage.


Spiritual masters of old times even said that humanity only earns about one to six percent of its capacity for fulfillment.And the six percent are basically what humans can experience during a good orgasm.The rest is being taken-these masters talk of evil spiritual forces but it all boils down to the primary anomaly.This is then expressing itself through the parasite,then through the whole Cabal hierarchy meaning the Chimera/Ashoris 3 including Saturn/Satan,the so-called Archons,then lower,several rather human-based traitor-conspiracies similar to the Illuminati,Satanists and so on and so on(see Cobra again for a better reference on the hierarchy of the Cabal).


And even those highest in the hierarchy of the Cabal do not know much about the parasite itself-as they are being used the same way they use those lower in the hierarchy without their knowledge.Same as demons,the parasite does not want to be seen and those overtaken adapt to that strategy themselves.


Then the same happens for humans,some are not even infected but-as mentioned above-taking the wrong decisions subconsciously.


So this is the scenario on Earth for a enormous time so far.Earth is regarded as one of the poorest planets known out there-exactly because of that scenario.And the parasite formed aeons ago-the influence is active since several hundred million years now.Usually these problems are discovered later than they should be discovered as the anomaly/the parasite hides its victims and the befallen systems and planets pretty effective.The same happened on Earth-most people rather talk of hundreds of thousands of years of evil on Earth and they are right as well,as the circumstances got worse during the time with the parasite.It is like a huge negative swarm intelligence playing out before your eyes though you might have never noticed it yet.However if you notice humans behaving very strange or seemingly communicating in strange signs or symbolically it might be a hopefully unconscious expression of parasitic information.


The important thing to keep in mind though is that every such parasite is being removed when the time has come and we are living in this time.


If the right people come to remove such a parasite it is just a matter of time.Compared to the length of the contamination here,the removal is exceptionally fast.Many new and unknown species(at least on Earth)have come to help with removal and to repair the damage and get the victims back up-even the Central Race is taking part.So some of the oldest and biggest species out there have come and although it is a hostage situation,the Cabal stands no chance at all.It only took decades to figure out the parasite on Earth,so from this date on it will take just a few years longer to actually remove the parasite itself.The structures that have come through its influence though will take longer to change.Basically the parasite informs many lifeforms,not just its puppets.And these lifeforms then,based on their resistance to wrong information,act upon this information.That means nearly everything on Earth,from architecture through science to even artistic ideas is heavily informed by and therefore influenced by the parasite itself.Resistance to this kind of information means that people choose the right decisions regardless of being given the wrong information.That is a rare ability and certainly this fact is obvious if you look around in the human environment.Most things that are regarded fun are bad for health,powerful people choose to sacrifice nature or even people just for greed,etc.-the list of wrong decisions observable is endless.


Some people beginning to talk about the primary anomaly on Earth alone is already an evidence that things are changing.People are getting aware of the anomaly,of the NAA and so on means that the parasite cannot hide as efficiently as it did anymore.Actually the whole system of rights the Cabal/NAA wants to apply to humanity is based on consciousness-they pretend that if humans are not conscious about being drained by them,it would be their‚right'to take the energy of humanity.Although they obviously also try to take exactly this consciousness and knowledge about their rape by any means-they effectively created the illusion of human suffering as being normal.And exactly this fact changing-humanity is waking up even through the Cabal's own measures like Corona,etc.-is already a first sign of their defeat.Strange that those more interesting speeches regarding this topic in the biggest cities of the world are not in the slightest shown in the mainstream media yet.Then again you should know what applies the biggest perception of'normality'to most humans-it is the mainstream media of course.That is why the internet is invaluable and you might even understand why it was invented by the(positive)military.And you should understand why many big persons of the media,Facebook,Twitter,etc.all want it to be censored right now(for example Clinton and many other bigger politicians).

一些人开始谈论地球上的主要异常现象本身就是事情正在发生变化的证据。人们开始意识到 NAA 的异常,等等意味着寄生虫不能再像以前那样有效地隐藏自己了。实际上,阴谋集团/NAA 想要适用于人类的整个权利体系都是基于意识的——他们假装如果人类没有意识到被他们吸干,那么他们就有权利吸取人类的能量。尽管他们显然也试图以任何方式获取这种关于他们被强奸的意识和知识,但他们有效地创造了人类正常遭受痛苦的假象。正是这个事实的改变——人类正在觉醒,即使是通过阴谋集团自己的措施,比如 Corona 等等——已经是他们失败的第一个迹象。奇怪的是,在世界上最大的城市里,那些关于这个话题的更有趣的演讲却丝毫没有出现在主流媒体上。然后,你应该知道什么是最适用于大多数人的"正常"观念——当然是主流媒体。这就是为什么互联网是无价之宝,你甚至可以理解为什么它是由(积极的)军队发明的。你应该理解为什么许多媒体、FacebookTwitter 等大人物都希望现在就对其进行审查(比如克林顿和许多其他更大的政治家)

Posts like this,and especially broadcasting the truth that is not yet'allowed'on Earth is exactly what the internet was made for.


We will see how it plays out very soon anyway.



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