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Many people in the spiritual community have already heard about Starseeds.


By now Starseeds are still the only part of the Lightforces who have made it to the surface already.They were the ones that went right into hell,leaving their oftentimes paradisic lifes out there behind.From paradise right into parasite-hell-Earth.They were sent in for a large rescue mission,long planned by the Lightforces to collect first hand information on how the species and life itself on Earth were betrayed.Earth was getting into focus as one of the poorest planets out there which desperately needs help,one of the most befallen by a parasite alien species,utilizing the primary anomaly,all well known to the Lightforces.The Starseeds actually volunteered to help by identifying themselves with and incarnating as one of the main host species of the parasitic contamination which set Earth to quarantine status-literally that alone would be suicide for most smaller lifeforms.They incarnated as humans to prepare the release and liberation of one of the most raped and betrayed species ever found.Although most humans do not know how much they were betrayed of life(at least until they die),they are one of the main hosts of Zetas and more member aliens of the cabal and the NAA on Earth.The consciousness of how far they are taken out in terms of fulfillment was hidden from them by design of the cabal.They were let in the belief that they are the highest species on the planet while humans actually rather serve as food-as indicated in several ancient scriptures,giving warnings about the conditions and about invasion by archons.So,that's approximately how high the sacrifice is which the Starseeds took upon themselves.They became one of the species that is one of the most betrayed and manipulated which ever was created during such a parasitic contamination.And the Starseeds are actually the solution and catalyst for the liberation of humanity for exactly that reason.Those who created humans were actually not God himself,as it is even indicated in the Bible that humans were only created in the"image of God".The way humans are treated on Earth just shows that they factually have no real freedom or rights-especially to live the way they want usually.And that is exactly the problem,the cabal thinks that they can do with humanity what they want-just look at the Covid crisis for example.And they did so throughout all history of humanity,they tried to destroy God with what they created from him himself.

到目前为止,星际种子仍然是光明势力中已经到达地表的唯一一部分。他们是那些直接进入地狱的人,把他们通常的天堂般的生活抛在了身后。从天堂直接进入寄生虫地狱。他们被派去执行一项大型营救任务,这是光明势力长期计划的,目的是收集第一手信息,了解地球上的物种和生命本身是如何被背叛的。地球作为世界上最贫穷的星球之一急需帮助,它是寄生外星物种降临最多的星球之一,利用了光明势力所熟知的主要异常现象。实际上,"星际种子"自愿提供帮助,将自己确定为寄生虫污染的主要宿主物种之一,这种污染使地球进入了隔离状态——对于大多数较小的生命形式来说,这本身就是自杀。他们化身为人类,准备释放和解放迄今为止发现的最被强奸和背叛的物种之一。虽然大多数人类不知道他们被生命背叛了多少(至少在他们死之前),但他们是齐塔人的主要宿主之一,也是地球上阴谋集团 NAA 的更多成员外星人。他们意识到自己在满足感方面被带走了多远,这是阴谋集团的设计所隐藏的。他们被允许相信他们是地球上最高的物种,而人类实际上只是作为食物——正如一些古老的经文所指出的那样,给出了有关条件和执政官入侵的警告。所以,这大概就是星际种子们为自己做出的牺牲的高度。他们成为了在这种寄生虫污染中被创造出来的最被背叛和操纵的物种之一。正是因为这个原因,星际种子实际上是人类解放的解决方案和催化剂。那些创造人类的人实际上并不是上帝本人,因为圣经甚至指出,人类只是按照"上帝的形象"被创造出来的。地球上对待人类的方式只是表明他们实际上没有真正的自由和权利——尤其是按照他们通常想要的方式生活。这正是问题所在,阴谋集团认为他们可以对人类做他们想做的事情——例如,看看 Covid 危机。他们在整个人类历史上都是这么做的,他们试图用他们自己创造的东西来毁灭上帝。

And that's exactly the point where the Starseeds come in.There were sent in a few hundred thousand very high souls,some of the highest available for help in the universe,who then incarnated as humans.One could say Gods'and the Goddesses'best people themselves were sent to finally end this madness created on Earth.As indicated in the Bible by the 144,000 mentioned oftentimes as a symbolic number for the coming of those people who will liberate Earth(there were of course more prophecies of God's people coming throughout many cultures).Exactly the amount of higher souls was sent in which would result in a liberation after the intergalactic war was won for the Lightforces(which has completed out there recently,exactly as planned).So it was actually the minimum number of souls needed to liberate Earth and therefore that liberation is a certainty-the higher hierarchies of the cabal know for several years that they definitely cannot win anymore.Some more people were then trained to develop higher levels of soul connection by many things the Starseeds set up(some preparations were done even before their actual incarnation here).These are then called the lightworkers,lightwarriors,etc.generally people who have awoken to the hostage scenario and are contributing their part of the work.


So what changes if some of the highest souls of the universe descent to Earth and are maltreated by the cabal,who think they have higher rights and may do whatever they want with'humans'?


Answer is,when the cabal rape some of those hundred thousands of Starseeds,they actually will get judged-very hard.As the cabal members are definitely smaller in all sorts of ways including universal rights towards the Starseeds,the judgement is or rather will be heavy even for the biggest villains found far and wide.


The Starseeds are therefore a trap for the cabal and the very key to the liberation of humanity.If the cabal tries to rape the Starseeds they will receive the heaviest judgement they could never even imagine.For every thing the do wrong towards them,there is enormous judgement echoing back to the cabal.And the fun part is,the cabal has no clue who among the humans are Starseeds and who are not.There were so many arts in ancient cultures to measure the weight of the soul,so the cabal would know whom they are dealing with and if they need to behave towards those or not(and especially for how long until they can betray those souls).Not this time though,the Starseeds will definitely stay camouflaged for the biggest part,although it gets more and more obvious in some cases,just to inform the cabal that they are actually begetting their biggest mistakes already.But the identities of the major part of Starseeds will remain hidden for a long time of judgement on Earth towards the cabal and all those humans who joined the dark forces.


Starseeds are actually the ground control of the Lightforces so far and many of them are fighting on the frontline against the cabal in a war few on Earth even recognized yet.As I wrote in the last post,it is absolutely devastating judgement already that the cabal tried to boycott and sabotage many of the Starseeds so far.Usually Starseeds were treated badly on Earth because the cabal smells big souls,they usually had bad conditions in their life,no money or success or love just because the cabal recognized higher soul energy.Easily to see,the cabal fell right into the trap from the very start of the Starseeds lifes,incarnating on Earth.And there is no turning back.The more the cabal wants to boycott the Starseeds,the more they are seen by the rest of the universe as absolutely and uncurably parasitic.Same for other humans who jump right onto the cabal track and boycott Starseeds in any way.Those are the humans who support the cabal knowingly or even unknowingly.But doing the will of'prime evil',because that is what the parasitic contamination is,is actually also being judged as being part of'prime evil'in many cases.Especially if their behaviour is a conscious decision.That means even those cabal supporters are coming to the light and will be unmasked by the Starseeds inevitably as well.And as they attack the Starseeds(by boycotting,sabotaging or any other form of denial)they are of course also getting part of the judgement back onto them.


And in the meantime,while the cabal are falling for the last trap of their lifes,the Starseeds are working on pretty much solving all the problems of the contamination in unison with the Lightforces.They figure out new ways to anchor and distribute the light,they are part of solving the biggest problems throughout the history of humanity(see for example the recovery of the Egyptian high-culture described in the last post)and figure out how to repair the whole eco-system on Earth including the repair of human DNA back to twelve and more strands.Also,they prepared huge arcs similar to the one mentioned in the Bible and Noah's story throughout all their life though not for animals but for tortured and cabal-captured souls.Some place to get the souls to who were taken hostage by the cabal and Zetas,so the cabal cannot intensify the torture during high duty times of liberation(which we are experiencing now).These arcs are of course metaphysical and are just a safe haven for those hostages the cabal keep to sacrifice for every progress of the Lightforces.So apart from toplet bombs,the Cabal also usually tortures millions of trapped souls as a means of creating pressure towards the Lightforces.It gets even better when the Starseeds finally can take care of those souls which means that the pressure is returned towards the cabal then.If the cabal attack a Starseed,that is actually counted as an attack towards millions of souls the Starseed protects as well(depending on the case and size of the Starseed)and that echoes in heavily intensified judgement to the cabal of course.By the way the positive effect is applicable here,too:if the Starseeds receive relief according to their will,this will actually create relief to all those souls they have rescued into their arcs and creates echoes in enormous positivity.So everything good towards the Starseeds results in big,good effects as well-which really could help some humans in question.

与此同时,当阴谋集团陷入他们生命中的最后一个陷阱时,星际种子正致力于解决几乎所有的污染问题与光明势力协调一致。他们找到了锚定和分配光线的新方法,他们是解决人类历史上最大问题的一部分(参见上一篇文章中描述的埃及高等文化的恢复),并且找到了如何修复地球上的整个生态系统,包括修复人类 DNA 回到12股甚至更多股。此外,他们还准备了巨大的弧线,类似于圣经和诺亚的故事中提到的一个在他们的整个生活,虽然不是为动物,但折磨和阴谋集团俘虏的灵魂。有一个地方可以把灵魂送到被阴谋集团和齐塔人劫持为人质的地方,这样阴谋集团就不会在解放的高责任时期(我们现在正在经历这样的时期)加剧酷刑。这些弧线当然是形而上学的,只是阴谋集团为了光明力量的每一个进步而牺牲的人质的安全避难所。所以除了顶夸克炸弹,阴谋集团还经常折磨数百万被困的灵魂,作为向光明势力施加压力的一种手段。当"星际种子"最终能够照顾这些灵魂时,情况变得更好了,这意味着压力会回到阴谋集团身上。如果阴谋集团攻击一个"星际种子",那么这实际上也算是对"星际种子"保护的数百万灵魂的攻击(取决于"星之种子"的情况和大小),当然,这会在阴谋集团强烈的审判中引起共鸣。顺便说一下,积极的影响在这里也是适用的:如果星际种子按照他们的意愿得到救济,这实际上将为他们所拯救的所有灵魂创造救济,并创造巨大的积极回声。因此,所有对星际种子有益的事情都会产生巨大的、良好的影响——这确实可以帮助一些有疑问的人。

Therefore in the end,Starseeds and the Lightforces cannot lose at all and it just gets worse for the cabal all the time.


Though the problem for some humans will be that they still decide for themselves to a certain degree.


Right now the cabal are actually trying to win more people to join them against the Lightforces with the dirtiest tricks.Some parts of the cabal still think that if they got the majority of humanity on their side,the rest of the universe,the galactic federation and all those species who came for liberation,would have to leave Earth then.Or that the cabal would have at least got better chances,if all of humanity was on their side(which is not even a side but just a parasite).That will of course not work out as well,as all people getting to join the parasite will change nothing in the removal of the parasite.


Though as Cobra said in the latest interview,humanity is again at a decision point.He mentioned to the Sisterhood of the Rose of Paris that the French Revolution was such a decision point in which humanity did not make it and the revolution failed in the end because‚they'decided for the cabal.This time the decision is much more profound as it is the very final decision before the true golden age taking place on Earth.We are not just at the end of the cycle but at the end of many much bigger cycles conceding with this one.This time,the decision is final and will determine which humans get through into the golden age or if they need to be transferred to healing planets or even worse,into the central sun.

尽管如 Cobra 在最近的采访中所说,人类再次处于一个决定性的时刻。他向巴黎蔷薇圣女团提到,法国大革命是一个决定性的时刻,人类没有走到这一步,革命最终失败了,因为"他们"决定支持阴谋集团。这次的决定意义更为深远,因为它是地球真正黄金时代到来之前的最终决定。我们不仅处于这个周期的末尾,而且还处于许多更大的周期的末尾,我们不得不承认这个周期的存在。这一次,这个决定是最终的,它将决定哪些人类能够进入黄金时代,或者他们是否需要被转移到治疗行星,或者更糟糕的是,转移到中央太阳。

The Starseeds prepared the liberation,they prepared the way for humanity but humans must still step through that door the Starseeds opened by themselves.The Starseeds literally went through hell by going to the very frontline and attracting most of the attacks from the cabal onto themselves to figure out and discharge them-everything they did,they did to make the way out for humanity easier.Though it is exactly the decision to go through that door the Starseeds opened where the cabal comes in and tries to lure those souls.And let's be honest,how many people even know of Starseeds,let alone the Lightforces or even Cobra and the Event?Therefore when Cobra told there would be about ten percent of humanity getting through,he might have been right.It is not understandable why the teachings of the Goddess Cobra brought to Earth did not yet receive a much bigger audience.Where is the promotion or the spreading of this enormously important knowledge to the rest of humanity?Most won't believe and have funny soul traps to explore,yes,but still the audience is by far too small.The cabal even tries to get rid of information about Starseeds on the internet.Somehow sites giving good information on the topic have seemingly vanished while sites with more or less disinformation or at least diluted info pop up instead.And of course the cabal supporters will probably even pretend that they were Starseeds...the last battle is still raging.

光明势力,甚至 Cobra 事件了?因此,当 Cobra 告诉我们会有大约10%的人类通过时,他可能是对的。我们无法理解为什么带到地球女神柯博拉的教义没有得到更多的观众。这个极其重要的知识在哪里被推广或传播给其他人类?大多数人不会相信,也不会有有趣的灵魂陷阱去探索,是的,但是观众还是太少了。阴谋集团甚至试图在互联网上删除关于星际种子的信息。不知何故,那些在这个话题上提供好的信息的网站似乎已经消失了,取而代之的是那些或多或少有些虚假信息或者至少信息被稀释的网站。当然,阴谋集团的支持者可能甚至会假装他们是星际种子......最后一场战斗仍在激烈进行。

The broad foundation of knowledge on these topics is also something fundamental lightworkers should establish.


However so far the Starseeds have proven that a big part of humanity and especially the cabal does not yet understand a mirror effect.What it means is that if they are treated badly in exactly the way they wanted to treat another lifeform,they are getting angry and treat the other lifeform even more badly instead of stopping.As long as they think that they are'standing higher'than the lifeform that is mirroring the bad treatment,they continue to worsen the treatment against the mirroring lifeform.That will of course not work out in case of a mirror-treatment.But humanity is not realizing that yet,they just continue attacking,which is like trying to smash the mirror in this case-it's awkward and leads nowhere good of course.Similar to animals not realizing their image in the mirror and attacking the mirror,most humans and the cabal did not yet reach such an awareness in forms of treatment towards life.Actually understanding such a mirrored treatment and behaving correctly is seen as a higher level of spiritual awareness-obviously something the cabal never developed.Similar as those animals understanding their image in the mirror have developed some kind of higher awareness of themselves this spiritual awareness is necessary for fundamental rules of behavior towards other lifeforms.It is necessary for a truly social behaviour throughout the whole universe.


Another thing that many humans and the cabal did not yet develop as well(which maybe counts as a subset)is that getting negative attention cannot result in anything positive.How many humans do still want to get into the consciousness of other people but actually just by being negative-just watch the news for example.This echoes in negativity towards those who knowingly and with bad intentions spread such bad news of course.Humanity and the cabal did not yet understand that nor do they behave accordingly to this dynamic.Most Starseeds and all higher souls on Earth were tortured heavily simply by invasions into their consciousness.The cabal actually consciously wants to steer humanity into negative things-again,just watch the news,partly it is the cabal's mass meditation.And they definitely think that they could profit from that form of coerced negativity.They think they can win against the Lightforces by'getting more'consciousness-energy(from humans and other lifeforms on Earth).They believe heavily in consciousness-energy being the secret of creation and true power but they did not understand polarity at all yet.They really do still believe that just somehow getting big souls'attention(especially through negativity)pays off for them.And sadly,the primary anomaly will actually leave them in that illusion for a while.The Starseeds so far went through enormous psychoterror just because of this fundamental misunderstanding of negative attention,leading only to negative results for the source of such disturbances.Even babies learn that trying to do something bad to get their parents'attention does not really help-at least they usually do at some age.The cabal is completely unable to understand that and therefore they still rape(preferably big)souls and continue to think that it works out for them in the long run.


So far it looks like the cabal and cabal supporters set everything they still got on continuing to rape souls on Earth instead of just simply putting the souls first in all sorts of pleasure and fulfillment(from big to small)-which actually could have worked out in the long run.


And now we are back at the traps the cabal and cabal supporters have run into and still run into-unmasking them easily as parasites and in the same turn sorting them for judgement.


Starseeds have long re-established contact with the rest of the rescue-mission and are back in contact with the Goddess herself.And for sure the Lightforces orbiting Earth do not like what they perceive through the Starseeds and their life and the support they got on Earth so far.If some‚higher'people on Earth were really supporting higher laws as they pretend they do,they would actually have to support the Starseeds as messengers and emissaries of the higher species already.Yet they did not-further unmasking them and their laws as highly parasitic.


It is most important that Starseeds get all the support they want to speed up the liberation in general.As long as the Starseeds cannot work properly,it gets worse for all-the innocents have to wait and endure/resist the cabals'tricks longer and the cabal just gets harsher judgement all the time-at least as long as the Event does not arrive.


Although some people in the spiritual community think it is all love and light up there,higher species actually do dislike things and they also do judge in those cases(usually much heavier than'lower'species like the NAA by the way).And it certainly looks like heavy judgement coming in on Earth,as the Starseeds and many higher species who tried to change something on Earth for the better were and are treated like trash to say the least.Some of the highest Pleiadeans for example were maltreated brutally by the cabal upon trying to help out the Starseeds-and they did not even fully recover after years have passed yet.There were too many sacrifices the Lightforces had to count by now and it will result in heavier judgement towards the cabal daily.

尽管灵性社区中的一些人认为那里充满了爱和光明,但是高等物种实际上并不喜欢这些东西,他们在这些情况下也会做出判断(顺便说一下,通常比'低等'物种(比如 NAA)重得多)。毫无疑问,这看起来像是对地球的严厉审判,因为星际种子和许多更高级的物种曾试图改变地球上的一些东西,至少可以说,他们被当作垃圾对待。例如,一些最高级的昴宿星人在试图帮助"星际种子"时遭到阴谋集团的残酷虐待,多年过去了,他们甚至还没有完全康复。到目前为止,光明势力已经做出了太多的牺牲,这将导致每天对阴谋集团的审判更加严厉。

Although the Lightforces wished for a smooth transition,there are also many people in the spiritual community who want faster retaliation towards the cabal.It seems like both ways will be fulfilled as the world will stay stable for the people of the Light,those humans who get through(some describe that as transitioning into 4/5D and Cobra told us of the islands of light).While at the same time the cabal will receive heavier judgement than initially planned and hoped for.

尽管光明势力希望能够平稳过渡,但是在精神社区中也有许多人希望更快地对阴谋集团进行报复。看起来这两种方式都会实现,因为世界将为光之人保持稳定,那些通过的人类(一些人描述为过渡到4/5D 和柯博拉告诉我们的光之岛)。与此同时,阴谋集团将得到比最初计划和期望更为严厉的审判。

Victory of the Light!



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