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9D大角星议会|仁慈的外星人和邪恶的外星人"Greetings.We are the Arcturian Council.We are pleased to connect with all of you.


We are always searching for the best possible ways to reach humans with our energy,which we consider to be very helpful.And we have been noticing that there are opportunities presenting themselves to us that are new and exciting.You all have been more receptive to our energy due in large part to how many positive depictions there have been of extra-terrestrials in your science fiction.People are seeing a new breed of e.t.s.


Extra-terrestrials are being seen now as friendly,helpful,knowledgeable and perhaps even more evolved spiritually,and that is helping to bridge the gap between humans and extra-terrestrials.We know that science fiction writers,directors,storytellers of all kinds,are receiving downloads,and those downloads are showing up in the work that they produce.But the evolution of e.t.s in your science fiction is also related to the evolution of your consciousness.


When you first saw e.t.s depicted in your various storytelling works,they were grotesque,evil,and out to take over your planet and annihilate all life.Now you are seeing a much more realistic depiction of the extra-terrestrials that you share this galaxy with.You are seeing that some are very good,very high-vibrational,and very much want to help humanity,to connect and co-create with you.And of course,you also have the other end of the spectrum.You see that there are still depictions of e.t.s that are malevolent and want to hurt and take over every planet they come across.


We want you to know that in reality the number of benevolent e.t.s in the galaxy far outweighs the number of malevolent ones.It is the same on your world.As above,so below.And the more that you recognize that your fourth-dimensional extra-terrestrial friends are not that different from you,the easier it will be for you to have open contact.And so,we recommend that you put your attention on the well-intentioned e.t.s and seek out that personal contact,as it will only bring you to a place of feeling more whole and complete as a being,as a traveler,as someone who has their very own galactic history.

我们想让你们知道,在现实中,银河系中仁慈的 e.t.s 的数量远远超过恶意的 e.t.s 的数量。你的世界也是如此。如上所述,如下所述。你越是意识到你的第四维度外星朋友和你并没有太大的不同,你就越容易与他们公开接触。所以,我们建议你把你的注意力放在善意的 e.t.s 上,寻找那种个人联系,因为它只会带你到一个地方,作为一个存在,作为一个旅行者,作为一个拥有自己银河历史的人,你会感到更加完整和完整。

The day is coming when humanity will openly be a part of the galactic community,and we are seeing that day coming sooner and sooner all the time.


We are the Arcturian Council,and we have enjoyed connecting with you."


»Source»Channel:Daniel Scranton



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