圣日耳曼|地球上正在发生什么Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan

频道: Caroline Oceana Ryan

COR: Greetings, friends who are family! I’ve asked Ascended Master Saint Germain to come forward to speak with us about world events—particularly the intense violence of action/reaction that’s been taking place in Israel and Palestine.


Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!


SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear ones!


We are very happy to speak with you today. And I say “we” because in the higher realms, as well as on the Earth, there is only Oneness, without separation. And so with me now are all of the Collective, and all of your souls and higher selves, with the higher perspective they share.


What you are seeing occurring on your planet now, is the last outburst of an angry separation “theology.” By which I mean, the Us and Them stance, in which there is an angry god who can only be appeased in certain ways, and who is eternally separate from humanity, judging all he sees and only giving a nod of occasional acceptance to certain groups or individuals who fulfill his requirements.


This is of course the perfect recipe for dark behaviors of all kinds, as that acceptance is based on fear—fear that if one measures up to the divine one’s expectations today, one might not do so another day. And so in time, each will fail these tests created outside of them and held against them, as if there were a perfectionist standard that applied to all, regardless of their level of soul growth and the meanings and intent of their soul journey.


This is a very low vibrational form of thinking, and requires “belief systems” based on supposition and years of training outside of the actual Presence that is Spirit.


And we speak of Spirit as that which is constantly moving, flowing forward, evolving—as your Sun, for example, is clearly evolving in his own path of transformation and renewal.


It is not so that all must hold certain beliefs, be born into a particular ethnic or religious group (or be adopted into such), or come from a particular place on the Earth in order to be “right”—to be justified in any action, no matter how destructive those actions may be.

并不是所有人都必须持有某种信仰,出生在某个特定的种族或宗教群体(或者被收养到这样的群体中) ,或者来自地球上某个特定的地方才是“正确的”——在任何行动中都是正当的,不管这些行动可能多么具有破坏性。

What you see occurring in the Middle East conflicts are examples of, as you say in the Peace meditation video, a war economy.


And they are examples of the hegemony, the assumed supremacy, and beyond that, the sad unseeing narrowness of the old prevailing government structures.


These ones now endeavor to continue trying to control Earth events as if they had not fallen off their throne, when in fact they have done, in the midst of powerful energies of Rebirth flowing to Earth now, and amid an awakening mass consciousness.


There is literally no place left for them here. And so they desire to ruin Earth life however they can, creating trauma and feelings of hopelessness wherever possible, to try to convince the human vibration and even the human genome that all is lost, and that despair is the only logical response.


Yet if you could see from our perspective (as your higher selves do), you would see how this particular course of action, however dark and unthinkable it may appear, is actually bringing up to the surface much in human consciousness, individually and collectively, that desires to heal.

然而,如果你能从我们的角度来看(就像你的高我们自己所做的那样) ,你就会看到这个特定的行动过程,无论它看起来多么黑暗和不可思议,实际上是如何在人类意识中,单独和集体地,将渴望治愈的欲望提升到表面。

So that far from spurring on desperation and low vibration—though that may be a person’s initial response—they are inadvertently assisting millions in re-experiencing past and current life trauma, bringing it to the surface where it can finally be faced and released.

因此,他们不仅没有激发绝望和低振动(尽管这可能是一个人的最初反应) ,反而在不经意间帮助数百万人重新经历过去和现在的生活创伤,让创伤浮出水面,最终得以面对和释放。

This is one reason why they are being allowed to carry out these dark deeds. Oddly, it presents the issue of duality as being no longer livable on the planet—a great moment indeed, though we would not wish for these realizations to occur in such dire form.


The arbiters of the violence continue pretending that these actions issue forth from this or that country’s right-wing military or left-wing militant groups, when in fact these deeds are only masked to appear as such. All of these actions, at their source, are coming from the same dark power base that is pulling any stunt available to express its denial and its rage at having lost its seat of power.


And again we would say, that though all of you of the Light may understandably feel that this is a dark moment on the Earth, we see it differently.


Your calls and requirements for galactic assistance have been heard and are being answered.


Many hundreds of ships are located in the airspace above the troubled regions of the planet, assisting in numerous ways, including offering the support of medical assistance, food, and safe shelter to many.


Likewise, Angelic interventions are occurring continually—again, in response to your calls to those of the higher realms, requesting assistance for all who suffer now, whether from conflict, extreme weather conditions, or their own inner struggles.


It is not so that you have been left alone to your own or anyone’s devices, while we stand back and do nothing.


This could never be the case!


Recall that you have all chosen a path before incarnating, and that those who are caught in scenes of intense conflict have also chosen their path. There is a powerful presence of a special soul group which chose to be born in certain countries at this time, volunteering to assist in the upward movement of human consciousness, even if it meant enduring the shock of unnecessary conflict.


All of you have also chosen your part in this.


Despite the sadness and shock you feel now, you are our representatives on the ground. And as Earth representatives of your Starseed families, multi-dimensional higher selves, and Divine Love Itself, you are called upon to to assist energetically with the comforting thoughts, healing waves of Light, and outcry for assistance to those in the ships. (Which most of you are also on, as you visit them etherically.) Many of you often employ the Transmuting Violet Flame, and this is a powerful tool for shifting Earth vibration and events now!


Yet you are generally unaware that you are also here to Transmute, using the power of Love, releasing the Us and Them paradigm, releasing the need for duality and its trauma in order to know more fully who you are.


And release the need to judge, to exclude, to vilify.


This is indeed a miracle as you would view it, for the duality of Good and Bad is all you have known, for so long.


In this crucial moment in Earth’s and humanity’s evolvement, all of you stand now as agents of Transmutation, using your own energetic resources to lift the darkness and shadow of Earth life back to the Light to which all forms return.


So many of you travel etherically to troubled parts of the world in your sleep state, that it is little wonder you rarely feel rested as you awaken in the morning—or experience the 8 or 9 hours that has passed as if they were only 2 or 3 hours.


In part, this is due to the nature of Earth Time shifting to a far quicker pace.


Yet it is also due to the focus and concentration of your spirit minds and hearts on assisting so many who call out for assistance now.


You are all highly involved in Earth events now!


Know that many who are apparently lost due to armed conflict will be given the choice to return to Earth, if that is where they feel their higher path is. Earth has moved to a new timeline, in which that is possible.


So that not even the physical is fully lost in this apparently very physical struggle that humanity is in now.


As you transmit and deeply plant into Earth life the Light you carry from the higher realms and your own soul power, you increasingly experience moments of realizing that the veil between illumined Truth and the old lies humanity was long trained to accept has dissolved.


In that moment, you realize that the lies need not be noticed, listened to, or accepted as truth.


Stand strong in the knowing that all you have come here for is unfolding now! And that, as you hold Divine Love as the only true reality, you come Home within yourselves to that which you have long desired: the establishing of a “heaven on Earth” that well exceeds human concepts of the higher realms

坚强地站起来,知道你们来这里的目的就是为了现在展开!而且,当你们把神圣的爱作为唯一真实的实相时,你们回到你们自己内在的家,回到你们长久以来渴望的那个家: 建立一个“地球上的天堂”,这个天堂远远超越了人类对更高领域的概念

Will you be here to see it fully established, this New Earth?


You are the components of that beautiful new reality itself. Yes, you will still weep some days for what you see occurring on your planet, that need not occur.


Yet the choice to move to a higher form of Earth life is in your hands.


And so we would say, Is there Love in your hearts and compassion for those who are so lost that they wound others, as well as your Love and compassion for the wounded?


If so, then the New Earth is here already, warriors of Peace! You have made it so! We hold you everlastingly in that Light which cannot fade, but only grow more brightly in that Universe that is your own heart-space.


And so, Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, and with all, at every moment.

因此,合十礼,亲爱的朋友们! 我们与你们同在,与所有人同在,每时每刻。


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