Conclusion and Future Vision
Extraterrestrial beings exist
The Galactic Federation
The Truth Sets Free



外星人联盟|最后的警钟To divert attention, lies are published over and over again. Already in 1974 before he died in 1977,  Werner von Braun, the German-born NASA scientist, told his assistant Carl Rosin the truth about the fabricated alien invasion and weaponization projects the US had in mind. Most of his predictions have since come true.  Watch this short video, to better understand what is really going on, and what the ultimate goal is of the Deep State Cabal.

为了转移注意力,谎言被一次又一次地公布。早在1974年,在1977年去世之前,出生于德国的美国宇航局科学家维尔纳-冯-布劳恩就告诉了他的助手卡尔-罗辛关于美国编造的外星人入侵和武器化项目的真相。他的大部分预言后来都成真了。 观看这个简短的视频,以更好地了解到底发生了什么,以及深层国家阴谋集团的最终目标是什么。

In this video, Dr. Carol Rosin, former NASA scientist and witness with regard to the Disclosure Project, gives very important information. Remember, this was in the year 2000, before 9/11, when the only things that had happened were Oklahoma City and the WTC bombing in ’93. By which, the cabal realised that something bigger had to happen.

在这段视频中,前美国宇航局科学家、披露项目见证人卡罗尔 · 罗辛博士提供了非常重要的信息。请记住,这是在2000年,在9/11之前,当时唯一发生的事情是俄克拉荷马城和 WTC 爆炸事件在1993年。阴谋集团意识到有更大的事情要发生。

Understand, these cabal beings don’t care anymore. They have been getting away with terror acts for so long that their hubris and outrageous activities have become a sport. They know well that no one in the general public reads anything that is published.  If anyone does read it, it is always dismissed as a joke or conspiracy theory, the so-called ridiculing “excuse”.


外星人联盟|最后的警钟They publish their 2030 Agenda and talk about how the world’s population must be reduced by 90%; but also about the use of eugenics and economic terrorism. When sharp reactions come, they say it is a, “joke”. Their well-paid scholars, are the compartmentalised experts, active in every field to manipulate everyone below the top of the pyramid. In short, social engineering. 

他们发表了他们的2030年议程,讨论了世界人口必须减少90% 的问题,也谈到了优生学和经济恐怖主义的应用。当尖锐的反应出现时,他们说这是一个“玩笑”。他们高薪聘请的学者,是各自为政的专家,活跃于各个领域,操纵金字塔顶层以下的每个人。简而言之,社会工程学

This group is a gigantic, worldwide intergenerational secret Luciferian occult organisation of unimaginable evil, based on ancient Babylonian Talmudism, better known as Baal-worship. Either way, they will never agree to end their reign of terror and monetary hegemony over the world. The only sensible course of action is for them to destroy themselves, which is now happening in real time before our very eyes.


Conclusion and Future Vision 


This article makes it clear that governments and banks are criminal enterprises that simply pocket the people’s assets and funds.


外星人联盟|最后的警钟No normal thinking person wants to experience perpetual wars and planetary destruction, to suffer pain, sorrow and disease. Still less, the dictatorship that the Cabal exercises on this planet. 


These criminal thugs will soon be called to account for their atrocities and crimes. It is they who have plundered humanity, since the very beginning of the Central Banking System and beyond. The day of change for the better will come.


Bur now, the Deep State Cabal is getting nervous. Their despair is no longer internet talk. The positive changes will benefit the whole populace. In the place of negative events that have overwhelmed and devastated the world until now, positive events are now coming.


In anticipation of this, feel grateful and try to imagine rebuilding our world, in complete freedom, with free energy, unlimited wealth creation, without famine, ending poverty, with creative jobs for the benefit of humanity and the planet.


Embrace the concept that we humans, obtain the means to carry out all that and more. Expansion through innovation and unrestricted initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship, culture, etc. Think about it, for this is the way to make things happen. Be assured that we will overcome and evolve. We are going to fulfil our potential as a human race. What is going to happen now is right on time. In other words, our time.


Extraterrestrial beings exist 


外星人联盟|最后的警钟Extraterrestrials exist in their worlds just as we do on Earth. But they are many times more developed, more gifted and more advanced. There is no need to be afraid of them, they have never harmed anyone. They have come to help us with advice, but we have to carry it out ourselves. Every night you can observe at least one of their giant spacecrafts.


Unlike the mainstream media and governments who try to make us believe that they are a threat. Extraterrestrials are peaceful loving beings. Their civilisation is based on love, compassion, empathy, integrity, wisdom and spirituality.


Unfortunately, extraterrestrial races that are not benevolent or neutral also exist and have settled on Earth. They have been operating on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years, mining gold and enslaving us. They have taken possession of our planet and now want to destroy humanity on earth for good, by means of poisonous Covid injections.


These are negative beings, devoid of compassion and emotion. Luciferians who worship Satan instead of God. They have no respect for our planet, and even less for life on Earth. They are evil ET races including the Dracos and Grays who oppress and terrorise us humans.

这些是消极的存在,缺乏同情和情感。他们崇拜撒旦而不是上帝。他们不尊重我们的星球,更不尊重地球上的生命。他们是邪恶的 ET 种族,包括压迫和恐吓我们人类的龙人和灰人。

That is why now well-meaning ETs have come to our aid and have sealed off all escape routes from them.


They too have been on Earth for many years and their numbers are growing daily. They have come to expand human consciousness, to guide and awaken humanity. They can make their spaceships visible or invisible at will.


The Earth frequency is undergoing an unprecedented shift from 7.8 Hz to eventually 40 Hz, for transition to higher 5D-ascension. It is a Spiritual evolution leading to the liberation of humanity. This is absolutely unique in the history of the universe.

地球频率正在经历一个前所未有的转变,从7.8赫兹到最终的40赫兹,转变为更高的5D 提升。这是一个精神上的进化,导致了人类的解放。这在宇宙历史上绝对是独一无二的。

The Galactic Federation 


外星人联盟|最后的警钟It is important to know that these extraterrestrial visitors are our brothers and sisters from the star worlds; they are our family of Light. Family always comes to help when it is most needed. They are loving races from different star bodies who work together to help earthly humanity. They are united in the Galactic Federation. 

重要的是要知道,这些外星访客是我们来自星际世界的兄弟姐妹; 他们是我们的光之家庭。家人总是在最需要的时候伸出援手。他们是来自不同星体的爱的种族,他们一起工作来帮助地球上的人类。他们在银河联邦中团结一致

The Galactic Federation is a large group of advanced spiritual beings that watches over the evolution and consciousness on Gaia. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life on Earth in the Universe.


The Truth Sets Free 


They are negative minded beings who know no compassion, respect or love. They worship Satan instead of God. They have no respect for planet Earth, and even less for life on it. They are evil ET races where, among others, the Anunnaki, Draco and Grays have been terrorising our planet for 500,000 years. That is why well-meaning ET beings have recently landed on our planet and are moving in large numbers in gigantic airships through our skies, to protect us.


In a negative world, it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they are deceived. – Mark Twain


外星人联盟|最后的警钟It is useful to provide an exposé on truth that reflects reality and is comprehensible to the logical and emotional understanding. In today’s 3D truth, much has been distorted by the suppression of crucial knowledge. This creates only a limited sense of reality with little depth. 

它是有益的,提供一个真理的揭示,反映现实,是可以理解的逻辑和情感的理解。在今天的3D 真相中,许多东西已经被重要知识的压制所扭曲。这只能创造出一种有限的现实感,几乎没有深度

Although, countless different space races exist. The mention of five main groups of higher beings now present on our planet is important. They are present to assist humanity with advice. They come from different Galaxies, they are humanoid races with different visual characteristics.


The Galactic Federation consists mainly of the following five Star Nations; Pleiadeans, Andromedines, Serians, Arcturians and Lyrans. They are highly developed spiritual beings from different worlds who work together as a family of Light.

银河联邦主要由以下五个星族组成: 昴宿星人、 Andromedines 星人、塞里安星人、大角星人和天琴星人。他们是来自不同世界的高度发达的灵性存有,作为一个光家族一起工作。

All these groups have solid connections to planet Earth, and therefore heard our call for liberation from tyranny and oppression. They decided to make themselves known to us and to watch over us and guide our evolution on planet Earth.


People on our planet who hold on to a limited belief that we are the only ones in the universe will have to broaden their minds. There are about a hundred times a hundred billion stars in the universe where human life exists. Think about that.


外星人联盟|最后的警钟Since 1945, hundreds of reports of UFO activity have appeared flying over nuclear facilities. These unidentified flying objects, UFOs, have manipulated and neutralised the functions of Earth’s nuclear missiles. So that planet Earth will not be hit by nuclear explosions again, as happened in the very distant past. 

自1945年以来,数百份关于 UFO 活动的报告出现在核设施上空。这些不明飞行物,UFO,操纵和中和了地球核导弹的功能。这样地球就不会再被核爆炸击中,就像很久以前发生的那样

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