Thanks for the questions,because then it becomes clear to me that I didn't explain it 100%right.


Now that does depend on the receiving person who has to be able to understand it.


This is a learning process that we experience on a daily basis,and contributes to awareness over the money scam.


I'll try to answer your question as I see it,so it's my opinion how I think it works out of logic.


It also requires trust,since we can't see for ourselves how the data processing is done in any programming language.


By visualizing how I would do it,I can reasonably tell the progress,which doesn't mean it's 100%.


As a technician who has always solved data and communication problems for customers,I have built up these insights over the years.


In order to be able to solve problems you need to know how something works,or can work in what circumstances and under what conditions.


Think of it as a playing field similar to a motherboard of a PC,if you know where you stand,and which part does which action,then you can understand the data processing.

把它想象成一个类似于 PC 主板的游戏场地,如果你知道你站在哪里,哪个部分做哪个动作,那么你就能理解数据处理

Unlike a PC,the QFS does not really need to calculate or multiply by sliding data registers into the QFS.

PC 不同,QFS 并不真正需要通过将数据寄存器滑动到 QFS 来计算或乘法

It only links the value entered in its accounts to the correct person if the bank has entered your data.


Therefore,paper money has no value anymore,and I can imagine that this will soon disappear and will only be replaced by coins.


Even politicians have never seen through this,and sign the cross in their decision making by default.


If they had been smart,they would have seen it and not signed a climate treaty in Paris.


Because that was disguised the permission for GESARA,where they already approved the IMF for the AIIB.

因为这伪装了 GESARA 的许可,他们已经批准了国际货币基金组织成立亚投行

The current politicians,who think they are legislators,they are not,but they are a criminal organization that has always legalized theft.


You now have a bank account number at your own bank.


This number is called IBAN number,consisting of country code in letters.

这个数字叫做 IBAN 数字,由国家代码和字母组成

With two bank location numbers,followed by your account number.


By replacing the Swift system with the CIPS system you are directly connected to the QFS via the AIIB.

通过用 CIPS 系统取代 Swift 系统,你可以通过亚投行直接连接到 QFS

The QFS manages the value administration of all bank account numbers in the world.

QFS 管理世界上所有银行帐户号码的价值管理

Once again,you do not transfer any physical money,but order a settlement from the QFS value files that justify your purchase or sale.

再一次,您不转移任何实物货币,但命令从 QFS 价值文件结算,证明您的购买或出售

In this case,the values that are settled in the QFS are recorded and guaranteed with gold certificates


Whether you purchase a service from a car mechanic,or trade a product makes no difference to the QFS.

无论你是从汽车修理工那里购买服务,还是交易产品,都不会对 QFS 产生影响

These transitions go through your own bank account number as you are used to.


So if you have something of value and would like to exchange it,you commit a value to it,and settle it with a payment transition through your own bank connected to the QFS.

因此,如果你有一些有价值的东西,并想要交换它,你承诺它的价值,并通过你自己的银行连接到 QFS 的支付转移结算它

Your Federal Arbitration Award for just over$2.8 million will have to undergo a value recognition.


I can't tell who should do this to you,just make the problem clear and ask your bank,or the World Bank or AIIB.


Now that the IRS has been disbanded,they can no longer tax this value as in the past.


Suppose you are going to deposit money at a bank,then they will add this to your account in value,the money is known to the QFS and has a countervalue in his bookkeeping.

假设你要把钱存在一家银行,然后他们会把这笔钱按价值计入你的账户,这笔钱是 QFS 所知道的,并且在他的簿记中有一个反价值

There is not a big difference as you were used to,but now only transaction is recorded by the QFS,as an accounting processing,thus transparently recording its own history.

没有大的不同,因为你习惯了,但现在只有交易是记录在 QFS,作为一个会计处理,从而透明地记录自己的历史

Everything of what you think money is,is processed digitally,so no money but value is changed in the accounts.


Where everyone has their own entrance on the QFS through your own bank,this actually makes your bank completely unnecessary,because they can no longer produce money out of nothing.

如果每个人都通过自己的银行在 QFS 上有自己的入口,这实际上使你的银行完全没有必要,因为他们再也不能无中生有地赚钱了

The concept of money is friction,because we are indoctrinated with it as long as it is digital,with silver or gold coins you can also pay physically,which is nothing else than barter.


If your connection to the Bank is broken,then the QFS will not be bothered by this,because the value accounting will be guaranteed.


People,companies and countries are all connected on the QFS by their IBAN bank number.

个人、公司和国家都通过他们的 IBAN 银行号连接在 QFS

As long as no value is created in the whole QFS,one kilo of gold will not automatically become 2 kilos of gold,something that was the case with the fraud money system of the banks by paying back interest on interest and money that never existed until you started to guarantee it.

只要整个 QFS 没有创造价值,一公斤黄金就不会自动变成两公斤黄金----银行的欺诈性货币系统就是这样,通过支付利息和货币,而这些利息和货币在你开始担保它们之前是不存在的

If you let this sink in,you will start thinking about money in a different way,which will raise awareness that we do not need money in the future.


The EGO that wants to own it,and the free spirit that will see this in the long run,is an obligation,that needs accountability and maintenance.


I admit it's hard to describe,and even harder to understand if you don't feel it directly.


In the course of time you will take it for granted,because freedom is much more important if one allows oneself to be caught by greed.


Wisdom comes with the years,for it is a spiritual experience and awakening what we are experiencing now,it can be visible to you in a fraction of a second when you realise it.


It's now that people are looking for answers that politics doesn't give them because of all the lies on their part.


The Corona Lie right in your face.


The name Ipsos Mori translated:They're dying.

Ipsos Mori这个名字翻译过来就是:他们正在死去。

The Cabal's genocide plans must be stopped.




That's why Q always said,you have to show it,that's how the Cabal and their Satanists followers betray themselves.



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