X22报道|第2689集: 经济方向越来越明朗,我们即将见证一个新国家的诞生

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特朗普和爱国者拥有所有的筹码,他们把 [DS] 置于他们想要的位置。整个计划现在成为焦点—- 社会真相,夺回众议院和参议院,达勒姆和反人类罪

X22报道|第2689集: 经济方向越来越明朗,我们即将见证一个新国家的诞生

Ep. 2689a – The Economic Direction Is Becoming Clearer, People Controlled Currency

Ep. 2689a-经济方向越来越明朗,人民控制货币

Ep. 2689b – We Are About To Witness A Birth Of A New Nation,Everything Is About To Change

Ep. 2689b-我们即将见证一个新国家的诞生,一切都将改变



Consumer sentiment is falling, people are now fearing inflation, they see it coming. Buttigieg says the supply chain issues are fixed, but there is still a shipping backlog. [JB] trying to convince people of no inflation, but people can see the truth. The states are now leading the way, they are pushing an alternative currency.

消费者信心正在下降,人们现在担心通货膨胀,他们预见到它的到来。布蒂吉格说,供应链问题是固定的,但仍然有运输积压。[ JB ]试图说服人们相信没有通货膨胀,但人们可以看到真相。各州现在正在引领潮流,他们正在推动一种替代货币。


Trump and the patriots have all the leverage, they have the [DS] exactly where they want them. The entire plan is now coming into focus, truth social, taking back the house and senate, Durham and crimes against humanity, its all about to come out. What we are witnessing is a birth of a new nation, the world is now seeing this and the people are coming together, the cure is literally spreading world wide.  

特朗普和爱国者拥有所有的筹码,他们把 [DS] 置于他们想要的位置。整个计划现在成为焦点---- 社会真相,夺回众议院和参议院,达勒姆和反人类罪---- 所有这一切都将浮出水面。我们正在见证一个新国家的诞生,世界正在见证这一点,人们正在走到一起,治愈方法正在世界范围内广泛传播。


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