Teri wade|激活,升级和扬升

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DNA 包含了生物体生长和功能的指令。它告诉细胞它们需要在体内扮演什么角色。它指导你的心脏细胞跳动,让你的四肢在正确的位置形成,让你的免疫系统对抗感染,让你的消化系统消化你的晚餐。

Teri wade|激活,升级和扬升

DNA contains the instructions for a living organism to grow and function.It tells the cells what role they need to play in the body.It gives instructions to make your heart cells beat,for your limbs to form in the right place,your immune system to fight infection and your digestion system to digest your dinner.

DNA 包含了生物体生长和功能的指令。它告诉细胞它们需要在体内扮演什么角色。它指导你的心脏细胞跳动,让你的四肢在正确的位置形成,让你的免疫系统对抗感染,让你的消化系统消化你的晚餐。

DNA carries its instructions in a code made up of a four letter alphabet GAT&C.The sequence of these letters is known as the genetic code.A molecule of DNA resembles a twisted ladder.Each rung of the ladder is made up of two DNA letters.A always binds to T and G binds to C.The binding of the letters causes the whole molecule to coil up into a spiral staircase to form the double helix.?

DNA 的指令是由四个字母的 gat&c 组成的密码。这些字母的序列被称为遗传密码。DNA 分子就像一个扭曲的梯子。梯子的每一级都由两个 DNA 字母组成。A 总是和 T 绑定,G C 绑定。这些字母的装订使整个分子盘绕成螺旋楼梯,形成双螺旋:发现DNA结构的故事。?

The Ascension process means the process of returning to 12 strands of DNA in our current human form.This is Ascension!It's the process which the human body's vibration is elevated a little bit at a time until it's vibrating at the resonance of unconditional love.

扬升过程意味着回到我们当前人类形体中12 DNA 的过程。这就是升天!在这个过程中,人体的振动一次一点地提高,直到它在无条件的爱共振中振动。

During this process the 10 additional DNA strands are being reconnected within the circuitry of the body and the brain.So,as our bodies elevate in vibration and our new DNA is being connected our fear-based patterns and beliefs are being released simultaneously to make room for our,soon to be,higher vibrational existence.
Make sense??

在这个过程中,另外10 DNA 链被重新连接到身体和大脑的电路中。所以,当我们的身体在振动中提升,我们新的 DNA 被连接起来,我们基于恐惧的模式和信念被同时释放,为我们即将到来的更高的振动存在腾出空间。有意义吗?

These additional 10 strands are our inter-dimensional strands,now you can see why we have been cut off from them for so long.


Soooo think about this...
We have two biological strands those are those two strands on the outside spiraling up,the inter-dimensional strands are the ones bridging those two biological strands and as you can see in this photo they've been cut.So that means those inter-dimensional strands couldn't talk to our biological strands this is what has been done to us.We have been cut off from all of our inter-dimensional abilities through DNA manipulation,splicing and dicing as I call it.

想想这个...我们有两条生物链,它们是外面螺旋上升的两条,维度间的链是连接这两条生物链的桥梁,正如你在这张照片中看到的,它们被切断了。所以这意味着那些跨维度链不能和我们的生物链对话,这就是我们已经做过的。我们已经被切断了我们所有的跨维度能力,通过 DNA 操纵,剪接和切割,我称之为。

So basically there are two biological strands with 10 inter-dimensional aspects within them.That's how we arrive at the 12 strands.


We always hear about the return of the"Christ"what it really means is those that will embody this new genetic code.Which means you will move beyond the limitations of human form.In moving beyond limitation you also move beyond fear.This means eventually our civilization will move into unconditional love and what a complete different existence that will be.


We are also in the process of uniting the left and right hemispheres of the brain which was the way we were designed to be at the time of our creation!We will gain access to the creativity and abilities of those higher dimensions.Meaning,all the wisdom and cosmic information which is stored within us.Basically,we are reconnecting with the information that has laid dormant in us for thousands of years.



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