要成功地过渡到5D 世界,需要的是独立的思考者,而不是追随者和寄生虫。

Independent and Creative Thinking
Paradigm shift in the global monetary system
De-Dollarisation Plan
Now or Never 

Independent and Creative Thinking


Independent and objective thinking is what is needed for transition to the 5D world. Italian Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) moved to the Netherlands in 1934, 法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟is the founder of her educational system of the same name, based on independent, independent and creative thinking. The core of her plan is based on great individual initiative and self-development, which still characterises the Montessori philosophy today. Independent thinkers rather than followers and parasites, are needed for successful transition to the 5D world.

独立和客观的思考是过渡到5D 世界所需要的。意大利玛丽亚·蒙台梭利(1870-1952)于1934年移居荷兰,是以独立、自主和创造性思维为基础的同名教育体系的创始人。她的计划的核心是建立在伟大的个人主动性和自我发展的基础上,这仍然是今天蒙台梭利哲学的特征。要成功地过渡到5D 世界,需要的是独立的思考者,而不是追随者和寄生虫。

In contrast, to the Deep State cabal with its philosophy of keeping peoples stupid so that they become docile sheep. The big scare is the observation that this process is successful, and has by now gained large parts of the earth’s population under its control in this way as docile sheep.


People no longer read, watch pictures and videos that they quickly forget. FWC articles are deliberately written to be easily understandable. But are apparently not sufficiently understood, through so-called scanning reading; given that the core of the text does not penetrate the brain. It is sad to observe this! Watch and read again the three earlier articles in this series of four. BrainwashingSlave Chain, and Deception.

人们不再阅读、观看他们很快就会忘记的图片和视频。FWC 的文章是故意写成容易理解。但是,由于文本的核心并不能穿透大脑,因此,通过所谓的扫描阅读,人们显然不能充分理解。看到这一幕真令人难过!观察并再次阅读本系列四篇文章中的前三篇文章。洗脑,奴隶链,欺骗。

Even less is understood, that economic law requires fair exchange, using only things of real value as money, that cannot be revoked.


The chaos that will soon result from the 50-year global experiment with worthless paper money demands a return to money with value. We will know when that day approaches, when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil, instead of dollars or euros.


Think, for a moment, about what is written here; Where is the incentive to keep pricing your knowledge and energy, or oil in dollars/euros and hold large currency reserves if the western world is no longer your biggest buyer?

想一想,这里写的是什么; 如果西方世界不再是你最大的买家,那么保持以美元/欧元计价的知识和能源,或者以美元/欧元计价的石油,并持有巨额外汇储备的动机在哪里?

法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟“The collapse of the petrodollar system, with oil no longer being paid in dollars internationally, is essentially the first death blow to the US dollar as a reserve currency. It means the US can no longer borrow with ‘exorbitant privileges’, and it means the US Treasury market is heading for an out-of-control interest rate spiral.”


It is estimated that some $8-10 trillion of currency is held in the Middle East, much of it in dollars. How long will they want to keep all those dollars lying around?


Especially when Asia and the Pacific region now account for a third of global oil consumption and the US only 20%!

特别是当亚洲和太平洋地区现在占全球石油消费的三分之一,而美国只有20% !

Now that China has taken over the consumer crown from the US as the world’s largest oil importer, the petrodollar has been undermined. In recent years, China has made agreements with many of its trading partners to do business in each other’s currencies. China and Russia, China and Brazil, China and Australia, even China and its old/new enemy Japan – they have all made currency swaps and other arrangements to circumvent the dollar.


Paradigm shift in the global monetary system


The world is on the verge of a huge paradigm shift in the global monetary system, while hardly anyone is aware of it!


法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟Businessmen are making plans and spending capital as if the world is recovering.  Many continue to spend and save little based on the same expectations.  And investors continue to invest as if everything is perfectly fine. They struggle to ascertain the truth about the western global economy, which is as deeply in debt as it could possibly be. The western world is so indebted that these figures are mind-boggling.


Trillions of dollars of capital are being lost as a result, and the world is entering something that may be written about for centuries as one of the darkest periods in human history, and will be labelled the Gigantic Fiat Money Collapse.  And yet, unfortunately, not one in a hundred is aware of this, or even thinks it is possible.


Those who are aware of it, and who have internationalised their wealth and placed the vast majority of it in hard assets such as precious metals outside the financial system, preferably outside their own country, have the best chance of surviving the coming changes well.


The days of the mighty “petrodollar” are numbered; and the “exorbitant privilege” or economic windfall America has enjoyed as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency is now being buried supported by arrogant overreaction and intervention with war in the Ukraine.

强大的“石油美元”的日子已经屈指可数; 美国作为世界储备货币发行国所享有的“过度特权”或经济意外之财,如今正被傲慢的过度反应和对乌克兰战争的干预所掩埋。

De-Dollarisation Plan


法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟When US and EU politicians began economic sanctions against Russia, they probably never imagined the serious consequences for themselves. But now Russian media reported that the Russian finance ministry has put the “de-dollarisation plan” into effect. Remember; For decades, almost all the world’s oil and natural gas has been bought and sold at US dollars.


Never before has it been more important to turn off your television, to do your own research and take your financial affairs into your own hands.


“All the big central banks are printing staggering amounts of money. The artificial ocean of US dollars will one day end. When that happens, it will be very difficult.”


The banking system is a fantastic business; they lend money they don’t have and charge the lender interest on it, add to that the “fractional reserve loan” that allows the banks to lend ten times more than what they have on deposit. In other words, they are lending “money” that they do not have and that does not exist, correctly called – credit money – while charging interest on it.


In the depression of the 1930s, it was the money supply that counted, but after Nixon abolished gold hedging for the US dollar in 1972, he turned “real money” into credit money. So now it is not the money supply that matters, but the credit supply.


As long as credit increases at a healthy rate – <2% = inflation = theft – markets and GDP go up. If credit use does not increase; expect recession and falling markets. The idea behind QE was to provide more credit money, but because there was no market for it, QE became a worthless tool, as QE did not create lending capacity.

只要信贷以健康的速度增长—— < 2% = 通货膨胀 = 盗窃——市场和国内生产总值就会上升。如果信贷使用没有增加,预计会出现经济衰退和市场下跌。量化宽松背后的想法是提供更多的信贷资金,但由于没有市场,量化宽松成为一个毫无价值的工具,因为量化宽松没有创造贷款能力。

“The idea that excess reserves indicate future hyperinflation is also absurd. The assumption is that the banking system will somehow ‘lend out’ those excess reserves. That cannot happen. That is impossible. Banks cannot lend out reserves. Full stop! Even very smart people are wrong about this…”

“认为超额准备金预示着未来恶性通胀的观点也很荒谬。人们的假设是,银行体系将以某种方式“借出”这些超额准备金。这不可能。这不可能。银行不能贷出准备金。完全停止!即使是非常聪明的人也错了... ...”

But; The Fed knows that credit has to increase, otherwise it will be a depression. And today, debt levels are so high that a depression would be catastrophic. The disaster will be worldwide, not just in the US. And people will die.


“Because a depression in the US would mean tens of millions of perhaps hundreds of millions of people in China and Southeast Asia lose their jobs. Companies go bankrupt. Governments going bankrupt. People living on the margins – with no savings – quickly become desperate. Civilisation will not survive. That is why the Fed will not allow real credit contraction.”


法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟The financial system is in a situation with many fingers in the dike, but it is not known in advance which finger will be removed that will cause the dike to fail.  But it does seem more certain that the end of US dollar hegemony is in sight. The only questions at the moment are:  When will it end and when will the real panic begin?  Either way, the demise of the dollar is certainty.

金融体系目前处于一种“多根手指插在堤坝上”的局面,但事先尚不清楚哪根手指将被切除,从而导致堤坝崩溃。但更可以肯定的是,美元霸权的终结已近在眼前。现在唯一的问题是: 什么时候会结束,什么时候真正的恐慌会开始?不管是哪种情况,美元的消亡都是确定无疑的。

Thus, the collapse of the monetary system is just around the corner. Russia and China’s desire to dethrone the US dollar from its world reserve currency status is the sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis.


“China has three trillion dollars in reserve, they are buying gold as fast as they can. China fears that the US is devaluing the dollar through inflation, they want to have a hedge if the dollar falls, causing the gold price to rise.”


The “linchpin” of the collapse is the imminent failure of the dollar because it is at the root of the system. Powerful countries such as Russia, China, Iran and India are not dependent on the US for their national security and will benefit if the US economy weakens, as they want to break away from the dollar standard.


法定货币体系的崩溃|最后的警钟This double collapse seems inevitable. The mistakes have already been made. The instability is already in the system. The wait is for that catalyst called the snowflake which will trigger the avalanche.


Now or Never


This is our only and unique chance to end 500,000 years of oppression. If two-thirds of the earth’s population wakes up and stands up, the battle is won for good!


The book the Great Awakening explains this in all facets, why it after publishing almost immediately was removed from its circulation by the Oppressors.


The book converted into digital format for E-book and PDF is available for free download.

该书转换成电子书和 PDF 的数字格式可供免费下载。

If many make this matter their own and pass it on, another takeover of the most beautiful planet and all others in the Universe may never be possible again.


Read the book to understand that we are now experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which may never return.












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