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August 2,2021 202182


This war is ON!Humanity is finally getting it,and as a result…


…the angst is amping up,my friends.The deep state knows what's coming and still they try to control the information and bully the unsuspecting.Saturday afternoon/evening brought the following news of a temporary block of Sky News:Link to Telegram.

我的朋友们,我的焦虑开始加剧了。深州知道将要发生什么,但他们仍然试图控制信息,欺负毫无戒心的人。星期六下午/晚上,天空新闻临时封锁了以下新闻:链接到 Telegram

JUST IN–YouTube has reportedly temporarily banned Sky News Australia from posting.The TV network,which usually uploads dozens of videos per day,hasn't uploaded anything for more than 2 days.

据报道,YouTube 已经暂时禁止澳大利亚天空新闻台发布视频。通常每天上传几十个视频的电视网络已经超过两天没有上传任何视频了。

On Sunday morning with my vat of tea I watched the"SS"in Berlin brutally attacking protestors,including a lot of women—even elderly—and a little boy who came to the aid of his mother.These are not"police",they are monsters;hired guns of the globalists dressed up in their storm trooper costumes.I saw a couple of them loosing their shit.The bullies couldn't handle it when the crowds didn't listen to them and they took it out on the weakest;often the women.It was clear they could not control the massive crowds and they were frustrated.Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before.Sheep no more.


Mass protests sweep Europe | Rallies against COVID restrictions continue in France, Germany, Italy

While the number of daily COVID cases in Western Europe are relatively low, streets of France, Germany and Italy are engulfed by anti-restrictions protesters...

No government has the right to prevent anyone from speaking their mind,gathering with like souls to protest a tyrannical government or perceived threat to themselves or their nation,and no government has the right to mandate"medicine"in any form,to anyone.Neither do they have the right to prevent us from travelling freely on the streets;to shop or attend to our needs.


This is Humanity's last stand.WE MUST STAND AND FIGHT.It's that simple,and I find it very interesting that many months ago Scott Kesterson of BardsFM plainly stated it would come to this.He said if you can't stand up for yourself and refuse to wear a mask now,you will cave later when it will be a matter of life and death whether you comply or refuse to go along with their mandates,so you'd better grow a pair and get ready.How did he know?He must have good inside sources.

这是人类的最后一站。我们必须站起来战斗。就是这么简单,我觉得很有意思的是,几个月前 BardsFM 的斯科特·凯斯特森坦率地表示,事情会走到这一步。他说,如果你现在不能为自己挺身而出,拒绝戴上面具,那么当事关生死的时候,你就会屈服,不管你是遵守还是拒绝执行他们的命令,所以你最好成熟一点,做好准备。他怎么知道的?他一定有很好的内部消息来源


Gateway Pundit reports in the article below…


Massive Crowds Protest Vaccine Passports And Mandatory Vaccinations All Over France


French citizens have had enough.


According to Disclose.tv,millions have French citizens have taken to the streets all across France in protest of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.


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Here are some more videos:


Jack Posobiec on Twitter: "Some of the anti-Macron protests across the country today have begun calling themselves the French Resistance pic.twitter.com/RnVwBTpCUs / Twitter"

Some of the anti-Macron protests across the country today have begun calling themselves the French Resistance pic.twitter.com/RnVwBTpCUs

Jack Posobiec on Twitter: "People of France chanting "Liberty! Liberty!" pic.twitter.com/lyu0q43h6U / Twitter"

People of France chanting "Liberty! Liberty!" pic.twitter.com/lyu0q43h6U

Jack Posobiec on Twitter: ""Macron Demission! Macron Demission!" Macron Resign protests break out across France today pic.twitter.com/OGfHzSgRrJ / Twitter"

"Macron Demission! Macron Demission!" Macron Resign protests break out across France today pic.twitter.com/OGfHzSgRrJ


Marcel on Twitter: "Même si Macron ne veut pas, il y a de plus en plus de monde métro Villiers au rassemblement des #GiletsJaunes contre le pass sanitaire alors que le départ de la manif est prévu dans une heure.🎥@CerveauxNon#manifestation31juillet #Paris #manif31juillet pic.twitter.com/HDoIke8kTd / Twitter"

Même si Macron ne veut pas, il y a de plus en plus de monde métro Villiers au rassemblement des #GiletsJaunes contre le pass sanitaire alors que le départ de la manif est prévu dans une heure.🎥@CerveauxNon#manifestation31juillet #Paris #manif31juillet pic.twitter.com/HDoIke8kTd

Anonyme Citoyen on Twitter: "Plusieurs milliers de personnes manifestent à #Pau contre le #PassSanitaire et le projet de loi du gouvernement. #manif31juillet #manifestation31juillet #NonAuPassDeLaHontepic.twitter.com/bZfOcuvvhE / Twitter"

Plusieurs milliers de personnes manifestent à #Pau contre le #PassSanitaire et le projet de loi du gouvernement. #manif31juillet #manifestation31juillet #NonAuPassDeLaHontepic.twitter.com/bZfOcuvvhE

Clément Lanot on Twitter: "Les manifestants #AntiPassSanitaire bloquent la circulation des #ChampsElysees. Ils chantent la marseillaise face aux gendarmes. #manif24juillet Scène identique aux actes des #GiletsJaunes de 2018. https://t.co/bgNMLrJoDc pic.twitter.com/Kq6LNSkx6R / Twitter"

Les manifestants #AntiPassSanitaire bloquent la circulation des #ChampsElysees. Ils chantent la marseillaise face aux gendarmes. #manif24juillet Scène identique aux actes des #GiletsJaunes de 2018. https://t.co/bgNMLrJoDc pic.twitter.com/Kq6LNSkx6R


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Europe is really bad as far as the masking,restrictions,vaxxx attempts,and lockdowns;Australia is crazy with troops enforcing new lockdowns and the People are finally out in significant numbers to oppose the tyranny.Rebel news tells the story of Oz,which is probably partly optics as we hear the military will move on out when they're needed and the People need to be out of the way where they're safe.


Powerful Sydney Freedom Day PROTEST VIDEO they don't want you to watch 


And Simon Parkes reports this:


Australia&New Zealand To Lose Commonwealth Status 


Not yet in the mainstream.


Australia and New Zealand to lose Commonwealth status.


To be administered by US as Royal Family in UK gives up all its heritage.


We saw the leadup to that when Trump visited the Queen(twice),addressed the royal guard,etc.etc.Most amusing.The USMCA also means Trump is in charge of Canada,as well.The Plan is quite the masterpiece.

当特朗普拜访女王(两次)、向皇家卫队致辞等等时,我们看到了这一切的前奏。非常有趣。USMCA 还意味着特朗普也将掌管加拿大。这个计划简直是杰作。

Canada,however…well,Canada is still the"great white gulag"for all intents and purposes as they try to wake people up.We heard an American couple were fined$50,000 for crossing the 49th with a fake vaccine passport.We don't know if news like that is true or part of the White Hat effort to jar people out of their reverie.It's just preposterous.Why do people travel at all?


Some travel is necessary.My other half travels for a living,and he just made a trip to Calgary because his sister had heart surgery and needed care for a few days.He's about to embark on another driving business trip and if the anticipated US lockdowns return,he'll be"grounded"and the events he participates in cancelled again.No need to drive anywhere long distance.Rinse and repeat from a year ago.I don't know how he'll take that news because he isn't up on The Plan.


I refuse to go anywhere.I'm stocked up on food,water,fuel,pet supplies,cash,and will be self-sufficient if need be.I've never worn a mask,never will,and a jab—over my dead body.


We'll see what happens in August with respect to the stolen election and revelations about anything else.More and more truth is coming out about a lot of things and still the criminals try to vanquish us.I think it's obvious they will not succeed—and judging by the breaking news today,it's going to blow up any day now.Scroll down to see the reference to CodeMonkeyZ below.

我们将在八月份看到关于偷来的选举和其他事情的揭露会发生什么。越来越多的真相被揭露出来,但是罪犯们仍然试图征服我们。我认为他们显然不会成功ーー从今天的突发新闻来看,现在随时都可能爆炸。向下滚动查看下面对 CodeMonkeyZ 的引用。

Too many Humans are awake and realizing they have to get up off their knees and fight for their freedom or they will lose it—or worse.We have to stop playing their game.WE end it.We take our ball and go and play on other fields with like-minded Humans,and play by OUR rules.



They are going after the weakest in the herd now,my friends.In many cases the elderly immune system is weakened by compounded health conditions and years of pharmaceuticals.They're going for the kids,too,with immature immune systems that in many cases are already compromised by an astonishing schedule of toxic"vaccines",at least in America.


From Telegram:


Breaking News make this viral:Israel to Begin Giving Pfizer Booster Shots for People Over 60.This means that the 2 previous shots for the vaccinated folks mean nothing.Many vaccinated people feel deceived and betrayed.From heroes to zeroes in a few days.Now,what we can do is to encourage those people to speak up,tell the truth and come to the side of humanity.
Even if you were vaccinated,we accept open mindedness here.


What will bring relief from this endless bombardment on our rights and freedoms;our safety?Will it be"divine intervention"?Military involvement?The Ten Days of Darkness/Ten Days of Disclosure?Will Arizona be the keystone?I believe there will be developments we never saw coming.

我们的权利和自由、我们的安全受到无休止的轰炸,什么才能使我们从这种轰炸中解脱出来?会是"Divine Intervention"吗?军事介入?黑暗的十天/大揭露的十天?亚利桑那州会成为拱顶石吗?我相信会有我们意想不到的发展。

This movie could have a lot of different endings,but the final culmination will be the saving of Humanity.As Q has promised:God wins,and his or her disciples have been hard at work protecting us,and cooking up a plan that will knock our socks off,so stay tuned!This war ain't over.

这部电影可能有很多不同的结局,但最终的高潮将是拯救人类。正如 q 所承诺的那样:上帝赢了,他或她的门徒们一直在努力保护我们,制定一个能让我们大吃一惊的计划,所以敬请期待!这场战争还没结束。

If ALL doctors had honoured their Hippocratic oath,we would not have had a scamdemic,all the deaths or any of the other fallout.Here's a soldier in the medical field.You gotta love'er.Dr.Stella Immanuel.


She says she is"a warrior;a sniper in the kingdom of God.It's on



We all need to share this conviction to the Light and not give an inch.If you give an inch,they'll take a mile,as we can clearly see at this point after the"fourteen days to flatten the curve"failed to yield the promised results.Since then they have continued to steal more ground as Humanity retreats out of ignorance,fear,lethargy,or programming.


The PCR tests,the social distancing,the masks,the plexi-glass shields,the markings on the floor,the working from home,the closing of businesses,abstaining from weddings,funerals,spending time with family—and the thousands of vaccinations—NONE OF IT WORKED,they tell us,so now we must lock down again?Where is the logic in that?Why do people comply?


There are things we can do.In America,if your employer is trying to force you to get a shot,contact this organization.





America's Frontline Doctors:your employer trying to force you to take the jab?AFL has officially launched the LEGAL Eagle Dream Team,and they intend to bring lawsuits across the country to challenge the constitutionality of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.Learn more:


I've seen posts on Telegram from people who say their employer is trying to force the jab and they ask if they should do it or quit.What would you do?

我在 Telegram 上看到一些帖子,有人说他们的雇主正试图强迫他们接种疫苗,他们问他们是否应该接种疫苗或者辞职。你会怎么做?

We each have unique circumstances and will have to make that decision on our own;knowing that fellow patriots support us,either way.


I'm also seeing collections of posts from social media from people who say they regret getting the shot because they feel awful.


This is a 15 minute factual but succinct video suitable for people who are in a position to decide whether to get an injection or not.Whether the first,the second,or more.Link to Telegram.

这是一个15分钟的真实而简洁的视频,适合那些有权决定是否要注射的人。无论是第一个,第二个,还是更多。链接到 Telegram

Just this morning we learn that in Germany they are approving a THIRD JAB.Is it a coincidence that Germany is engulfed in WWIII?

就在今天早上,我们得知在德国他们正在批准第三次联合申请。德国被 WWIII 吞没是巧合吗?

German state health ministers have agreed on third vaccination booster shots for high risk groups and voluntary shots for all 12-17 year olds.


The decision to vaccinate children appears to contradict the current position of the Standing Commission on Vaccination(STIKO)–which does not recommend general vaccination for minors.



You see where they're going with this,folks?The Bye-dan administration is setting the stage and their bubble-headed boobies are telling the world.


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We've been warned.


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With headlines like the following,will the masses buy it?


China Reinstitutes Lockdown On MILLIONS Due To COVID Delta Variant,Democrats Flout Restrictions

由于COVID Delta变体,中国恢复对数百万人的封锁,民主党藐视限制

There is no shortage of evidence that the deep state stole the 2020 election in multiple states.Massive fraud=massive crimes=prison—or if it's considered"treason"—capital punishment applies=death.They may have signed their own death warrants.


And now the media is exposed for being complicit and part of the New World Order.The globalist control system is going down.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE:Uncovered Email Shows Milwaukee Elections Executive Woodall-Vogg Laughing About the Election Steal on Election Night 


We're warned that every false flag/terrorist attack will be a distraction from the real issue:the rigged election.Stay focussed.That is how we win the war.



One of the biggest stories is yet to unfold.I recommend you tap into the Telegrams from CodeMonkeyZ beginning with this one and read all the subsequent ones for a taste of some explosive revelations to come.The sheer brilliance of The Plan will manifest.What did I say about this Arizona scenario being a case of"appear weak when you are strong"???Ron said that very thing half an hour ago.Don't miss these posts,folks.A whistleblower risked his life.Link to Telegram.

其中一个最大的故事还没有揭晓。我建议你从这个开始读 CodeMonkeyZ 的电报,然后阅读所有后续的电报,尝试一些爆炸性的启示即将到来。这个计划的绝妙之处将会显现出来。关于亚利桑那州的情况,我是怎么说的来着:"当你强大的时候,你就显得软弱"???罗恩半小时前就这么说了。不要错过这些帖子,朋友们。一个告密者冒着生命危险。链接到 Telegram

Imagine a grandiose lie unraveling over a single password.


Why did the AZ Senate subpoena the password?
Did the vendor REALLY think the auditors were incapable of cracking a password?

为什么 AZ 参议院要传唤密码?供应商真的认为审计员无法破解密码吗?

The trolls are out in full force,as well as the bots.The readers here at this blog don't see all the other comments they've left that are rude,condescending,etc.and didn't get posted.


If I get snarky with someone,it's because they are repeatedly leaving nasty comments,attacks,or calling what we know to be facts into question with their insane rhetoric and reverse logic.They're just nasty,unhappy creatures and can only spread their venom.


I sometimes have to guess at who is who,but that's the nature of the information war.I am the referee and I have to make a call.I may not always make the right one,but I assume the responsibility and do the best I can with ten years of experience.


Commenting is a privilege,not a right.This is a free platform for users paid for by me,and I make the rules.I also have to use my intuition.Words have energy and if a comment gives off bad vibes I will do as I see fit.It's not a fun part of the job to be moderator but someone has to do it and 99 per cent of the time there are no problems.The real Humans are great.Carry on!



They have tremendous wildfires in Turkey due to…yes,'climate change',of course!They've been torching the planet for a long time because it's one thing they are still able to do.Link to Telegram.

他们在土耳其有巨大的野火,因为...是的,'气候变化',当然!他们已经烧毁地球很长时间了,因为这是他们仍然能够做到的一件事。链接到 Telegram

Greece and Italy as well are experiencing a heat wave and wildfires.Coincidence?Interesting how"climate change"is suddenly such a big problem.


Heat wave | Firefighters battle multiple blazes outside Palermo

Firefighters try to curb several major fires outside Palermo as Italy faces a heat wave with temperatures reaching 39°CFollow us on Telegram https://t.me/rtv...

Turkey is also not restricting the flow of illegal aliens and neighbouring countries are trying to protect their borders from the influx.There's no telling what those people might do because they could be mind controlled assassins and terrorists as part of the cabal's army.We need to protect civilians from that potential threat.


India has sustained massive landslides from the rain,and in Utah,USA,6,000 people are without power from the flooding and weather up there,RT reports.

RT 报道,印度由于雨水持续发生大规模山体滑坡,而在美国犹他州,有6000人因洪水和恶劣天气而断电。

The truth about the January 6 event in in the Capitol continues to come out,as well.Link to Telegram.


NEW VIDEO Reveals Jan.6 Protesters Getting Unruly ONLY AFTER Capitol Police Fired Flash-bang Grenades and Teargassed Crowd(VIDEO)


Not making headlines–
A new video posted at Disclose TV reveals the Jan.6 Trump supporters being fired on by Capitol Hill police before the violence started.


The police are then seen drenching Trump supporters with pepper-spray.


This was all before the Trump supporters started attacking the police.


This was also at the time that a third Trump supporter was killed.It is likely the man died after the vicious assault by the police on January 6.


The Gateway Pundit previously posted video around this same time period when police were firing on the Trump supporters.
It was all a setup.




The other major front we're watching is the probability of a"fake"world war scenario designed as cover for deploying troops everywhere to execute the mass arrests of the cabal.


BIG BREAKING NEWS  2021年8月2日:阴谋集团变成彻头彻尾的纳粹,试图拯救他们的政权|星际飞船地球


Iran has transferred its S-300 air defense systems to the Bushehr area,where the nuclear power plant is located.

伊朗已经将其 S-300防空系统转移到核电站所在的 Bushehr 地区。

This,in order to defend against any possible military attack by Western countries,in response to the attack on the ship in the Gulf of Oman"


Scott Mowry and team held another excellent Miracles Intel Conference Call last night if you want to get the dots connected and the prognosis for the near future focused in your crystal ball.He does have to abide by an NDA but tells us as much as he can.You can listen to the recording for one week or until the next Miracles call overwrites it.


Number to dial:712-770-5402 Access Code:767664#and then#again.



Here is an example of the size of the MAGA movement and the volume of Trump support.I love the ending which seems to answer the question about a Q drop referencing Winston Churchill;why is that relevant?

下面是 MAGA 运动的规模和特朗普支持的数量的一个例子。我喜欢这个结尾,它似乎回答了一个问题,关于一个 q 下降引用温斯顿·丘吉尔;为什么有关?

Airplane Flies Massive"TRUMP WON,Biden's A Fraud"Banner in New Jersey


Over the past few weeks a massive Trump won banner has been flying in the sky above Ocean City,New Jersey.


The banner reads,"Trump Won!Biden is a Fraud Audits Prove It!"


It was also seen flying in the same area about a week ago.One twitter user said that when it was spotted overhead,hundreds lined up to enthusiastically cheer as it flew by.


Even in NJ,everybody knows Trump won!


Speaking of sporting events,another banner was dropped today,to roaring applause,at a Texas Rangers baseball game by InfoWars reporter,Owen Shroyer.

说到体育赛事,今天在 InfoWars 记者 Owen Shroyer 主持的 Texas Rangers 棒球比赛中,另一面旗帜在掌声中落下。

"Trump won"has also been sighted floating off the coast of Florida.


These banners are being unveiled on every front across America,it is a reminder of something the great Winston Churchill once said.


One if by land,two if by sea,three if by air.


"You ask,What is our policy?I will say;"It is to wage war,by sea,land and air,with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us:to wage war against a monstrous tyranny."–Winston Churchill


These Marxists can't fool all of us at once.


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Are you aware that we are already traversing the Lion's Gate Portal?Could it have an astrological influence on the activities on our planet and account for the tumultuous events and raw emotions?


8:8 Lion's Gate New Moon:Astrology Forecast–August 1st–8th,

2021 8:8狮门新月:占星术预测-202181日至8


And with that we will sign off for today.Every day now is an exciting extension of the greatest story ever told and we're writing it as we go.~BP





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