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深州,主流媒体,腐败的政客,发生了病毒事件,他们发生了骚乱,他们有了主流媒体,他们有了好莱坞。他们有 NFL,NBA 和其他的体育综合体。他们认为自己掌握了控制叙事的权力。没什么好担心的。他们的计划行得通,至少他们是这么认为的。

They Didn't Realize What The Patriots Were Up To;

They Believed They Had The Upper Hand


X22 Report News Flash(C-VINE Vetted)X22新闻快讯(C-VINE 审核)


'The X22 Report gives accurate political daily news.

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X22视频2283解读|谁真的占了上风?The Deep State,the mainstream media,the corrupt politicians,had the virus event,they had the riots,they had the mainstream media,they had Hollywood.They had the sports complex of NFL,NBA and the rest.They thought they had the control that controlled the narrative.There was nothing to worry about.Their plan was going to work or so they thought.

深州,主流媒体,腐败的政客,发生了病毒事件,他们发生了骚乱,他们有了主流媒体,他们有了好莱坞。他们有 NFLNBA 和其他的体育综合体。他们认为自己掌握了控制叙事的权力。没什么好担心的。他们的计划行得通,至少他们是这么认为的。

Come election-time,they were going to create chaos,manipulation.They were going to put their plan forward and there was nothing that Trump could do.Many of the people who have been looking at Trump and looking at his Administration thought,"Whoa,he's going to be done for."


    President Trump has been letting everyone know that mail-in voting is a terrible,terrible idea.Why?Will late mail-in votes even be counted?What counter measures are in place?Will the Supreme Court be called upon to assist?Is this why the DS is panicking like never before?

特朗普总统一直让所有人都知道,邮寄投票是一个非常非常糟糕的主意。为什么?迟到的邮寄投票会被计算在内吗?有什么应对措施?最高法院会被要求提供帮助吗?这就是 DS 前所未有的恐慌的原因吗?

    Mitt Romney says he will vote in support of the Constitution.Does this mean he will vote in support of the next Supreme Court nomination?With or without Romney's vote,will there be enough votes to pass?


    Joe Biden has been exposed in his conflict of interests with Ukraine involving Burisma.When will this be revealed to the public?Have we forgotten the video of his admitted Quid Pro Quo?

拜登与乌克兰在布里斯马问题上的利益冲突暴露无遗。什么时候向公众公布?我们忘了他承认的 Quid Pro Quo 的视频了吗?

    The Chief of Staff for Obama's former AG Eric Holder,met with Sally Yates the day after General Flynn was set up in the White House.What evidence connects Holder and the Russia Collusion scam?Who really wanted Trump gone?Who is Gary Grindler?

在弗林将军入主白宫后的第二天,奥巴马的前总参谋长埃里克·霍尔德的办公室主任会见了萨利·耶茨。有什么证据证明 Holder 和俄罗斯串通诈骗案有关?谁真的希望特朗普下台?谁是加里·格林德勒?

    The House Judiciary Committee,run by Jerry Nadler,wants the Department of Justice to provide witnesses to testify.How did AG Bill Barr respond?


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    The 9th Circuit has affirmed the District Court's dismissal of Stormy Daniels's defamation action against Trump.Does this mean all the DS's shenanigans are falling apart?What will they try next?

第九巡回上诉法院确认了地区法院驳回斯托米·丹尼尔斯对特朗普的诽谤诉讼。这是否意味着 DS 的所有恶作剧都失败了?他们接下来会做什么?

    The Patriots are moving the pieces perfectly together.Who was involved in Spygate?Uranium One?The e-mail scandal?Crimes Against Humanity,etc.?Will Julian Assange's secrets be enough to take down the most powerful people in the world?


    Investigators found thousands and thousands of pornographic images of children on storage devices belonging to a…man who runs a popular educational channel.Others say nothing is happening with crimes against humanity.Do you believe it?


    President Trump is creating peace deals in the Middle East which is putting pressure on Iran.Will they be ready for a full prisoner exchange with the U.S?Can we dare to believe we may have peace with Iran?


    On September 22,2020,the South Korean President declared an end to the Korean War and to open the door to complete de-nuclearization and permanent peace.We were told to'track and follow events.'What other events happened since September 21,2020?


    We know the media is completely controlled by the globalists,the DS players,etc.These people who are news reporters,doctors or scientists on these stations are supposed to be unbiased.Many are either in line with Biden or the Democratic Party.When Republicans or Conservatives want to be heard,we are usually censored.Why is this?

我们知道媒体完全被全球主义者、DS 玩家等所控制。这些电视台的新闻记者、医生或科学家应该是没有偏见的。许多人要么支持拜登,要么支持民主党。当共和党人或保守党人希望被听到时,我们通常会受到审查。为什么会这样?

    L.A.has been in strict lock down and strick mask-wearing mode.Sweden has had none of the above.If all of the statistics reported are true and accurate,which area would you think has the higher COVID cases?


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    President Trump wants to hold China accountable for lying to the world about C-19.What would that look like?With his track record for'getting things done,'do you think he has a chance of accomplishing this?

特朗普总统希望中国为在 C-19问题上向世界撒谎承担责任。那会是什么样子?以他过去"把事情做好"的记录,你认为他有机会做到这一点吗?

    We know there was an assassination attempt on President Trump.Her name is Pascale Ferrier and she was previously deported but was discovered trying to reenter the U.S,with a gun.Her twitter page indicated she wanted to kill the president.Do you believe she was being controlled by the DS?

我们知道有关于特朗普总统的企图谋杀。她的名字叫 Pascale Ferrier,之前曾被驱逐出境,但被发现试图持枪进入美国。她的推特页面显示她想刺杀总统。你相信她被 DS 控制了吗?

    Nancy Pelosi blasts Facebook executives and employees for allowing certain posts of the conspiracy movement of[Cue].Over the past 7 days,Bing has been flooded with numerous posts supporting it.Why would Nancy Pelosi,FB,etc.,be going after[Cue]if it's just a conspiracy theory,a larp,a fairy-tale?

南希佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)指责 Facebook 高管和员工允许某些帖子涉及(Cue)的阴谋运动。在过去的7天里,必应搜索引擎收到了大量支持该搜索引擎的帖子。如果这只是一个阴谋论,一个骗局,一个童话故事,那么南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)FB,等人为什么要追查(暗示)呢?

    This group is about an intelligence insider bypassing the mainstream media,giving us stories to research and investigate that the MSM does not want to report on.Is the timing of this movement coincidence?Did they just pull together on a whim to'talk to the American people?'

这个小组是关于一个绕过主流媒体的情报内部人员,给我们提供了一些 MSM 不想报道的故事来研究和调查。这个运动的时间是巧合吗?难道他们只是一时兴起"与美国人民对话"

    This Patriot Intelligence Insider prepared us for chaos,for mail-in voting ballots to be counted later than Nov.3rd.They knew a Supreme Court Justice would need to be nominated,they knew counter measures needed to be in place.


This has been planned out for a very long time.The Patriots are in control!


'The X22 Report gives accurate political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion and reports of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点和报告)


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