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[DS]/MSM 受到来自各方面的沉重打击,每个事件现在都暴露出来,人们正在觉醒。十月即将来临,信息正在发送。候选人交换正在进行中。来自参议院的报告已经发布,它看起来对 JB 不利。

The Economic Battle Is Now Being Waged,Control Is With The Patriots-Episode 2284a


Welcome To The 15th Round,Knockout Coming,Truth And Facts,Panic In DC-Episode 2284b

欢迎进入第15回合,击倒对手,真相与事实,恐慌在 DC-2284b



The economic battle has begun,the next 40 days or so will be a battle,the bad guys will try to bring the market down and the good guys will push it up.Trump has the magic wand,no matter what they try,the[DS]is not in control.



The[DS]/MSM hard getting hit from all sides,each event is now being exposed and people are waking up.October is approaching and messages are being sent.The candidate swap is on deck.The report from the Senate has been released and it doesn't look good for JB.Welcome to the 15th round,knockout coming.Crimes against humanity,Assange,Treason are now all coming together.It is almost time to harvest the corn.

[DS]/MSM 受到来自各方面的沉重打击,每个事件现在都暴露出来,人们正在觉醒。十月即将来临,信息正在发送。候选人交换正在进行中。来自参议院的报告已经发布,它看起来对 JB 不利。欢迎来到第15回合击倒对手的比赛。反人类罪,阿桑奇,叛国罪现在都集中在一起了。收割玉米的时间差不多到了

[OpDis Editor Note: X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.

[OpDis 编者按:X22报告回顾了当前的地缘政治和经济事件,以及Q相关的新闻,特朗普,和深层国家的陷落。X22报告是另一个 YouTube 频道,我推荐你收听,如果你想保持最新的最新发生的事情]




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