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Is every newborn an indigo child?

By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, do you know if the newborns in recent years have more awareness than the babies born ten years ago? Do they have a higher frequency?

Answer: Well, not all souls who come to Earth have a higher awareness. But there are some souls like me, who come on Earth by free will, not because they have karmic reasons to solve, but because they want to help to raise the frequency and the consciousness of Earth humans.




Can we prepare our children for the transformation process?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: I would like to ask you about "kids in the transformation process". What will happen to them? An adult defends himself and is responsible? for his spiritual or non spiritual growth; but children not, at least in a conscious way. Will they be asked as souls to decide whether to continue their evolution on a higher level of consciousness or stay on the same level?

How could we rise their awareness? Shall we talk to them about what is going to happen? Maybe using the words of a fairy-tale? Or it is enough for them,if we just send thoughts of light and love to Mother Earth and all humans? Thank you very much for your love and light to planet Earth.

Answer: Children are more prepared than adults. When you talk to them, talk normal. No "fairy-tales", no "Santa Clause ", no "Easter Bunny" no brainwashing.





Why do little babies cry?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Why does little babies cry?

Answer: Because they just came from a higher, harmonious vibration to a lower, negative energy. They see it and feel it, and they don't like it.




Can my young children meditate?

By alaje • Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Question: Can my children 11 years old and 8 years old meditate? They are know about power of love energy. I wish they become spiritual.

Answer: Of course, children can meditate too. You can do a guided meditation, a journey, a story, were they can imaging to experience the light.




When does the soul come into my childs' body?

By alaje • Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question: I am expecting a child, and i would like to know, when the baby's soul joins with the body. I would like to speak with him/her, get in touch with him/her.

Answer: Yes, a mother has a telepathic connection to the soul that wants to incarnate through her. You can talk to the soul even before the physical body is formed. The baby will understand and feel everything you send.




My child doesn't feel loved enough and is overweight. What to do?

By alaje • Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Question: Hello Alaje, my 9 years old daughter is overweight, she is very anxious and that makes her eat, she does not feel loved enough, she is always asking for hugs, and no matter how many times we hug her, it is never enough. I don't know how to make her feel our love anymore; I know we did something wrong. How can i help her feel loved, get rid of that anxiety and increase her self esteem?

Answer: Give her St. Johns wort and Bach Rescue Pastilles, Bach flower remedies:

ht tp://en.维kipedia.org/维ki/Bach_flower_remedies

ht tp://www.ama zon.de/Bach-Ori ginal-Rescue-Pastillen-50/dp/B001NZF39Y



回答:给她吃金丝桃以及Bach Rescue Pastilles。Bach花的疗法:


http://www.ama zon.de/Bach-Ori ginal-Rescue-Pastillen-50/dp/B001NZF39Y。


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