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OBE and channeling – What does it need to do experience these things?

By alaje • Friday, May 28th, 2010

Question: Alaje i wanted to ask you… Is it easier to get a certain level of enlightenment that allows me to "Travel", at least in the astral plane? I mean, in what we use to call "Dreams", than throughout meditation?

(This is i guess my linear perspective and not the spherical one) and if so, is it possible that those negative beings confuse me in a way that may fool me and do me any harm or something? Also, how do i know when i am finally making a channeling? I mean, is it like hearing the voice inside my head? Or is it something like when you have a thought?

Answer: Many people don't have these abilities, because they would make mistakes and would harm themselves and others. It is better to let these abilities come in a natural way, when you are wise enough to use these powers or you are not be misused by other entities.





How can you train astral projection and other abilities?

By alaje • Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Question: Do you have any tips for expanding the consciousness or what can assist in astral projection? I've always understood these things intellectually, but i haven't been able to experience it for myself.

Answer: The answers to your questions are all in the videos. Use love and spiritual light in your meditation, to raise your energy and consciousness. And one day, one life, when your higher self sees that you are ready, you will open new "doors" and you will be able to understand the existence and use the spiritual energy wisely. Everything comes at the right time. You cannot force it. Everything is a development process.




How can you activate the Merkaba?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Do you do the Merkaba meditation, and is there more than one way to activate our Merkaba?

Answer: Don't be too rational…. All you need is LOVE. That's all. Very simple. Love energy will make all the work.




How can you learn telekinesis?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Hello alaje, i want to ask about telekinesis. If our thoughts are energy and i keep concentrating of levitating my self or an object, can i do it? How is it possible that certain people can move objects with there mind.

Answer: Again, that is not the goal. All these psychic abilities come as a side effect naturally, when you have develop the heart and the consciousness and the wisdom to use them. You can't go from class 1 to class 10 in one life. You have to go through all the classes, to gain wisdom to use all the abilities. And in the school called Earth, first you learn to master yourself, your emotions, your character. All the negative people who attack me all the time for instance, don't master the

class and will have to repeat the class in the next life. Only if you master your own energy, you will have access to the higher cosmic energies, otherwise there would be chaos. watch my videos carefully. There are ALL the important things you need.




Can you trust the channelings of Barbara Marciniak?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: I saw all your videos they are really practical. I want to have your opinion about somebody: Barbara Marciniak.

Answer: Well, she is channeling. Channelings are often wrong or distorted. Her first book was good, but in the others she is channeling something else, that is not light, because she started to talk about blood rituals at night… So, concentrate on your INNER development, in order to get your information from your higher self and be able to filter in books, good from wrong information.

可以相信Barbara Marciniak的通灵吗?

问题:我看了你的所有视频,它们真的很实用。我想听听你对Barbara Marciniak的意见。


Why do I only see grey when I do astral projections?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Question: When i leave my body (astral projection) why can't i see anything? There's only one color: grey in my vision. No objects, no other energy or other astral bodies. How can i project correctly? How do you do it?

Answer: Hello, it depends on your life plan, and the experiences that you wanted to go through.




How can you train your intuition?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Question: Does your intuition increase automatically by meditating often?

Answer: It develops automatically by using the wisdom from all experiences you've made.




Does every human have natural instincts to feel the dark side?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: Alaje, do our natural human instincts also help us determine whether an entity is light or dark? It's ironic how the darker entities look scarier. When i hear you speak, i feel like my heart is warmed and lifted, is that the love/higher vibrational energy? When i see the pictures of the greys and reptilians, my heart sinks. Would that be the dark/lower vibrational energy? Thanks Alaje Answer: What you call "Natural Human Instincts" is nothing else than feeling the energy unconsciously. Don't go too much by appearance. Because the dark side can use also good looking people. Only if you concentrate on the energy, you can see behind the face.




Why can you remember things better in sleep than when you're awake?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: Hi Alaje, i had a dream i want to share with you and everyone. I found my self reciting your message of video 10 in my dream. I looked at my hands and there was light particles all around them and my arms as well. It seems i knew your message better in my dream then when i am awake. When i am awake i can hardly remember the message by memory, but in my dream i knew it no problem. Why is that? Thanks.

Answer: Because when you sleep, you are using your soul. And the soul never forgets. The soul has the memories of ALL your life's that you had. The soul can store EVERY memory or information. That is what you take with you when you finish an incarnation.




How can you know when your light body is activated?

By alaje • Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, how can one know when his or her light-body is activated? I have seen some people were "Shining" after they learned certain meditation technique. In fact i saw my own father shining. It's a different "Shine" than things like light bulbs, of course. Is this "Shine" related to the light body?

Answer: Yes, the aura, the energy field around you is getting brighter and people with an open third eye can see the light.




Are astral journeys necessary for spiritual development?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: I would like to know if astral travel is necessary for our spiritual evolution. Thank you. Love to all.

Answer: Well, every human being makes astral travel, when he is sleeping. But, unconsciously. Awareness of astral travel, comes only when they are wise enough to face it. Without wisdom they can make mistakes and karma.




Are those "readings" of my life true and accurate?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: Some years ago, someone gave me "reading" of my life, in exchange of some favor i did for her. She was doing "reading" of people's life using an egg-shaped stone pendulum. She said to me, about 5600 years ago, i was born on the Earth first time in South America. Then i reincarnated five hundred some times, meaning i died when i was a child in most life times. She said, prior to 5600 years ago, i was probably some kind of animal. Well, can anyone do such kind of reading?

Answer: Only if you allowed to read in the Akashic chronicle the "Book of Memories", you can give somebody a reading. It is the cosmic chronicle created by the eternal consciousness. In this chronicle, everything that ever happened is stored, and can be read by those who are in tune with the cosmic central consciousness (god).

In a real reading you get only information that is important for your present life. No gossip. For example you get information about a blockade or a trauma that you have to solve, and not what you were eating in past lifes.

You will only get information from past lifes, when it is necessary for this life experience. There is a reason why you don't remember past lifes. It would disturb you in going through some experiences, that you wanted to have. We are all souls. A soul is a light energy that is saving every experience that you have made in all your lifes.

The soul wants to make EVERY experience, that's why every human had already experiences as Mineral, Plants and Animals.







Should you focus on tarot or our inner self for daily guidance?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: Alaje is it OK to learn to read the tarot for daily guidance or should we focus on inner guidance?

Answer: If you watched all my 10 videos, what do you think is my answer?




I used to see orbs and feel my 3rd eye – why can't I do that anymore?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: I used to feel my 3rd eye strongly and see orbs and feel very strong energy inside of me. Now i don't feel anymore, yet. I think i am being and doing the same as before. I wonder if it was just a stage that i was going through or if i am doing anything incorrect? THANKS for your videos Alaje and BLESSINGS TO YOU!

Answer: Most people see with the third eye when they are children. But later, when they get involved with the society, problems, believe systems, TV, school, superstition, bad parents, bad friends, bad influences… They start to loose that ability. Parents and teachers should train children in this, instead of erasing it.




Why do I have the feeling that someone is thinking of me?

By alaje • Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Question: Do you think when someone is thinking about you they are contacting you? Sometimes people pop up in my head suddenly i have a feeling. It's because they are concentrating on me?

Answer: As i say in my videos, EVERYTHING is energy. Thoughts, feelings, objects, colors, forms….EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING is interconnected. And we are all connected with energy, with EVERYTHING. EVERYBODY is sending and receiving all the time mostly unconscious.




How can you know if it's true or distorted love?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: I wonder, how i can find a true love? How do i know, whether or not, it is only a distorted love again?

Answer: That you realize it already. There is a feeling that you never had, when your heart chakra has opened itself.




What is this "ghost state" I feel sometimes when I'm asleep?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: I had a dream that i was in a house, and i was in ghost state. I could fly and go through walls. There were two black smokey entities and they had dragon shapes. There was a black smoke curtain ring around the house, so i could not see what was beyond the house's walls. There was other entity that was a dragon head. I had the feeling that i didn't had to get close to those dark entities, because they would trick me and tell me lies.

I hear a voice, that told me "don't worry about ascension". I didn't know where that voice from. My father told me that it could mean, "don't let it become an obsession." Do you know what the meaning of those words and the dragon forms could mean?

Answer: This "ghost state" you are talking about, is the astral body that everybody has and everybody is using during the sleep. With this body most people are making journeys in the astral dimension. In order to get there you go through the lower astral plain, were the dark entities and lost souls are (smokers, evil people, people who thought there is only one life…)





Why do I see faces when I close my eyes before sleep?

By alaje • Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Question: Why do i see faces when i close my eyes before sleep? Some are normal, but some are most disturbing… and a buzzing sound in my left ear? All before i go to sleep, when i am fully relaxed.

Answer: That means that you are able to see in a higher frequency. In the lower astral dimension, where many people or demons are, and can't find the light. Some are asking for help and some are trying to attack. You should send both a powerful light energy out of your heart, as i say in my videos.




How can I access the Akasha chronicle records?

By alaje • Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Question: I was reading your Q and A pages and saw something about Akashic records. Do you know how we can access them without paying some guy 50 dollars to teach us?

Answer: This will come naturally when the time is right.




A boy in Nepal meditated for 10 months without food and water! How?

By alaje • Friday, September 10th, 2010

Question: Alaje you heard about the boy in Nepal who meditated 10 months without food and water?

Answer: No, but many people have done it in the history of Earth. Those people can create enough cosmic energy in their body.




Can a blind person see the light body?

By alaje • Friday, September 10th, 2010

Question: Can a blind person, through meditation see with his light body?

Answer: Of course, you can also see the light body without physical eyes.




Was that an out-of-body experience?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: In Couple days ago i had a dream which my soul went out of my body, and i saw myself sleeping in front of me, at then i was scared and i tried to go back to my body but it didn't work, so i 'swam' around on my bed. That's all i remembered from that dream. I'm not sure if that was just a dream or my soul really came out. What should i do if that happen to me again?

Answer: It is a training to do it conscious.




How do you know if you're on the astral plane?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Let's say i was on the astral plane…how could I know that? Do you automatically feel that? And if I want to meet you there, how would that work? Would I have to think of you very intensely?

Answer: When the time is right you'll know it.




I practice opening my heart but nothing happens, what should I do?

By alaje • Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Question: Since i have to activate the love in my heart. Since i realize that it is activated. I practice what you say, and i don't see any result. I even ask to receive a telepathic message, and nothing. I asking for help from cosmic conscience and no longer know what to do. I continue to insist . If to characterize me, i have a lot of patience.

Answer: Those things don't come at night or in a moment. This is a development process that happens for many lives.




I'm seeing orbs, what does that mean?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: Alaje, im starting to see colorful orbs around me its like bunch of little bitty colorful lights, what does it mean?

Answer: It means that you are sensitive enough to see fine matter energy.




Why is my child looking over my head instead of my face?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: When my newborn child is in my arms in front of me she used to keep looking over my head not to my face. What can she see over there?

Answer: Well, babies can see fine matter energies.




When I think or meditate, something around me happens like books falling etc.

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: I will like to know something, sometimes something strange happens, when i'm deeply thinking about a subject that matters to me, when i'm meditating and using my thoughts to understand and erase my inner problems or even when i'm writing my feeling or ideas and when i find the good answer or right feeling about it something pops in my area like a bottle that pops or wood that cracks or books falling.. So does it mean i'm doing something right or is it because my aura is changing or the universe trying to tell me something else?

Answer: That is a confirmation that your thoughts are correct.



When I send someone love energy, will they be attracted or avoid me?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: By sending someone i like love energy, will they be attracted to me or will they avoid me in case they cannot handle the energy?

Answer: Both is possible.



Do people who write beautifully use more creation's energy?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th,

Question: I was wondering if people who write beautifully & creatively also used more of creation's energy?

Answer: Yes, of course.



What would you say about people who talk to themselves and have little or no control over their thoughts and feelings?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: What would you say about people who talk to themselves and have little or no control over their thoughts and feelings?

Answer: Those people are talking to entities, angels or dead persons who can't find the light.



Why do people in your video part 17 experience different colors and see different things?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: Why do people in your video part 17 experience different colors and see different things?

Answer: Very simple: Everyone is on a different level of perception and consciousness. There are many energies and realities and people perceive energies according to the level of consciousness they are. That is normal.

Another example: look at the earth society: people with hate don't see higher beings, lightships, love. They see only what is in there level of consciousness, their level of energy. Only light can recognize the light. Hate is blind and is not able to recognize love or light workers.




How can you learn telepathy?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: How do we become telepathic?

Answer: Step by step, when you are wise enough, not to misuse it. Watch my Videos. There are the steps.




What about Solara An-Ra's channelings?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: How come I'm having mixed feelings about Solara An-Ra's work? While i am doing her meditations i am in a blissful state with tears in my eyes filled with beauty, but when i try to listen to her channeling, a message from Pleiadians, the whole channeling act and wording do not resonate with me at all.

Answer: This woman has nothing to do with Pleiadians. Listen to her "smoky", hard voice and feel the emptiness in her words. Her words are NOT charged with love energy that touches your heart. Her words have no essence. They are just empty words.

Solara An-ra的通灵怎么样?

问题:为什么我对Solara An-ra的作品有复杂的感觉。当我进行她的冥想时,我充满喜悦,眼含泪水,感到美丽。但当我试着听她的通灵——"来自昴宿星人的信息"时,整个通灵的言行都无法使我产生共鸣。


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