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For the few lightworkers who are living in the dangerous country called usa,I gave the advice in november 2020 to be prepared for possible chaotic circumstances after the staged illuminati show of the fake american elections.In november I got attacked by evil people when I wrote the advice.Now today in january 2021,we see that this chaos has come,and I hope that the few lightworkers in the usa had listen to me to stay at a save place.


As I said since many years,the secret earth controllers,are creating always chaos,wars and disasters on purpose,to keep the control over the unaware masses,and mantain negative energies that are blocking the spiritual development.They use the old trick,"divide and conquer".Many years ago I said that the Illuminati are puting only their own people in power positions.The staged tv show of elections in America that are used to make the citizens believe that they are electing,has seperated the masses,and they create chaos,violance,riots,destructions,hate and danger.The usa is the only country where almost everybody has a gun since 245 years,even children,and this is allowed and wished by the American illuminati law,to maintain chaos and violance.There are thousands of crazy rasist fanatics in the usa,who have weapons like in the military.The usa is only 245 years old,created by murders from england and ireland with slaves from africa,so compared to other countries who are 4.000 or 10.000 years old,the usa is like a child.In the last 245 years,the usa had never democracy or real elections.Everything was controlled and manipulated by the secret rich demonic illuminati who came from england and ireland.


So for the sake of security,I give the advice for all lightworkers who are living in american cities,to stay away from streets close to government buildings and large gatherings.Bring your families to a secure place,and secure your home and cars from vandalism.Observe the situation from a secure distance and then decide with wisdom what you want to do.Remember what I said in previous messages,to have always an emergency bag prepared,staying ready in the corner,just for any case.Please read my previous messages for more information about the fake american tv government.The real secret government,the earth controllers illuminati,are afraid of lightworkers and people who can not be manipulated,so they want to create a society of hate and war,in order to justify total control without privacy.


Send energy of light from the distance to block the plan of the demonic earth controllers who want to create chaos and war.In the last 15 years I have given all the important information in my movies,for how to stay in tune with the light,in a negative society.



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