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Never force anything to be in harmony with the existence!

By alaje • Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Question: Hi there Alaje, i just wanted to share something and i would like it if you shared what you think about it (if i am right or wrong). That is, i just woke up and realized the true meaning of "being in harmony with the existence" and that is "No Force" meaning to never force anything and therefore everything will flow the way it should. When you don't use force you are in harmony with the existence.

Answer: Yes, it is never good to be in any extreme or do any extreme – the best is the GOLDEN MIDDLE.




Do we have to get rid of karma in order to be able to go to higher frequencies?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, regarding karma, does it means the bad things i met in my life is the karma that i set up before? How do i deal with it if i don't even remember what i did before (Past life)? Do we have to settle all karma issues before we can go to higher frequency consciousness? How can we settle our karma?

Answer: Yes, you have to clear bad karma, in order to go in higher dimensions. This is a cosmic law. Otherwise, the higher dimensions would be chaotic and dirty like the lower ones. How to change bad karma in good karma, i am telling in all my videos. To live LOVE.




How can you choose your body before reincarnating?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Alaje how can i choose my body before reincarnation?

Answer: When you are a soul, you have another understanding of life and you know what you need to make experiences. So you are choosing when, where, how to incarnated. There are many planets, many possibilities.




How can you remember past lifes?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: How can i remember what i have been before this life, thank you. Answer: There is a reason why you don't remember past lifes. It would disturb you in making some experiences in this life. You only get information about past lifes, when this information is helping you to master or heal some blockades.




Did the human soul also incarnate as animal or plant in earlier lives?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Excuse me, dear Alaje i have a question: did our souls have incarnations in plant and animal? And it is developing soul always, isn't it?

Answer: Everybody who is human, had in past lifes incarnations in plants and animals. The soul wants to make EVERY experience: Mineral, plant, animal, human, galactic human and light being.




What is a galactic human?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: I don't know what you mean galactic human, is it a human who live and travel mainly in the Galaxy?

Answer: Yes, live and travel through the Galaxies with a spiritual awareness. Those who are working WITH the existence.




Why do I feel like I've been in every culture before?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Alaje, why do i feel like i have been in every culture? For example, with different ethnic backgrounds Chinese, Japanese, African, Native American, Euro. When ever i come to contact with any different culture, i feel can relate to them very easily. Like i have been in there place before, very familiar. If you know and can please tell me, i would be very grateful.

Answer: Because you have been in similar cultures on different planets. Not only Earth.




Should spiritual information be for free?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Alaje, it see***ike there's a good information there outside about ascension but, there's plenty of them that are taking money for it… To me this is wrong, i mean, the knowledge should be unleashed for everyone around in order to awake souls immediately, so, this is one more illusion provided by the dark side?

Answer: Well, this information should be for free. But if somebody is doing a seminar in another country, he has to pay the whole trip, the rented room, the accommodation, and the ride… So the costs for the seminar should be affordable for everybody and at the same time enough to pay the bills for the journey. But if somebody has a own room, than he should not take money for inner development. Only if somebody wants to donate for free. That it's a gift – a form of good energy that somebody gives you.




Can you help people you love speed up their spiritual learning process?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Alaje i love my wife and children very much. When the time comes and we all have to evolve. The question i have is my family's awareness. What if my wife does not want to understand or if she understands a little bit about your information. But the thing that will bother her the most is the true information about God. Her heart is full of love and i want to still be with my family when the time comes to evolve.

Answer: Everybody has his own level of consciousness, and his own time and speed of learning. Every flower has a different time to blossom. The TRUE SELF, the SOUL, knows what somebody needs to learn. The lower self, the rational mind on Earth mostly has other wishes. But, when you leave the physical body, the soul, the TRUE self, knows what its best and what is the next thing to learn.




Does Deja vu come from past lifes?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Hello alaje, i have a few quick questions about past lives:

Are they somehow tied to feeling of déjà vu?

And are these past lives us (in the present), or another ego / individual (someone else)?

Answer: Deja vu can come from past life memories, but also from memories of dreams. Memories of astral journeys. In every life, your true self, your soul, is the same. Only your physical body and behavior is changing in every life, according to the level of consciousness and the experiences that you want to make.






Can you awaken spiritually within one day?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: What was it like for you Alaje when you first came awakened? When you knew that you KNEW? Was this a slow process with many small awareness?

Answer: That is a process that goes through many life's. It is not something that comes in one day.




What do you feel when you meet your higher self?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje, what was it like to meet your higher self? What did you feel? Think?

Answer: LOVE.




Can you ascend in another life if you didn't make it in this life?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Question: Everyone has to live but also wants to achieve the goals that he set before his incarnation, but, what if the rise is not considered in life-goal? Can we then still keep rising, because usually that would be only the freedom of decision?

Answer: As i say in my videos, each one has his own time when he wants to learn something, or will evolve into a higher level. There are many lives, many planets. Any personally decide when he is ready for a shift in consciousness. Something like "a rise" does not exist. We have MANY "rises" because you are always more developed and there is always something to learn. The planet Earth is not the only one who undergoes a transformation. EACH planet go through MANY transformations.




Do things like "new souls" exist?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje! Do you know where does it come from, a "new" soul or how it evolves?

Answer: Such a thing like a "new" soul is does not exist. All souls were there from the beginning to reincarnate many times and they are constantly make experience and learn. You make experience as minerals, plants, animals, and humans. There are a souls who can learn quickly and they are much wise, and also there are a souls who learn slowly and they are immature and ignorant.




About the personal soul consciousness

By alaje • Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Question: So my personal soul-consciousness was always there and always will be there? Can it be sometimes that it not a one with the central consciousness? And it feels differently?

Answer: As i say in my videos, we are all connected to the cosmic central consciousness. We are all a part of existence. The only thing you feel your oneness with existence.




Are spiritual people allowed to defense themselves?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: I mean we should all love one another but should you let that person/thing/animal kill you because it is a creation of god or kill in defense to save someone or your life because you love that person and value your life?

Answer: Just because you are spiritual, that does NOT mean that you have to allow others to harm you. You have the right to defense yourself.




Can it be that I'm an alien incarnation?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: I have been told by someone who works constantly with extraterrestrials, entities and various energies that i have Pleiadian energy present in me. Although i do feel a strong connection to what i know of Pleiadians, i have not pursued any further information or contact as yet. I wonder if there is a possibility i might be a channel for Pleiadian energy, but not be fully aware of it?

My own perspective is that i simply have the ability to access this wisdom as i find it useful in the present moment. Sometimes, though, i wonder if it might be more than that.

Feel free to comment and express whatever you see as truth. I am appreciative of you and the wisdom you express.

Answer: As i say in my videos, many extraterrestrials have incarnated on earth, to help in the transformation times… Some are aware of it, some not and some are just waking up…






How can I know if I am an extraterrestrial or not?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: How can i know if i am an extraterrestrial or not. What kind of extraterrestrials?

Answer: As i say in my videos, the knowledge comes through real experience. So if it is in your life plan, you will have the experience, no matter what the rational mind is thinking. The soul, the TRUE self knows the plan.




How can you find out what life plan you have?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje, how can we know our life plan?

Answer: Look in your daily life and the signs in your life.




What is erasing the memory of the soul?

By alaje • Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Question: Alaje, who or what is erasing the memory of our soul?

Answer: You, yourself.




Does everyone have a guardian angel?

By alaje • Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Question: Is it true that everybody has a Guardian Angel or more than one looking after them? Can we invoke to get a higher one?

Answer: What people on Earth call "Guardian Angel" is just the higher self that everybody has.




What are black holes?

By alaje • Friday, June 四th, 2010

Question: Alaje What is black holes? Do they really exist? Thank you, love and light.

Answer: Black holes are door-gates or star-gates, to another dimension.




What is Karma?

By alaje • Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Question: Alaje what is Karma?

Answer: Karma it's the cosmic law of cause and effect. Everything you do comes back. Either in this life or another life.




Are you a light worker because you are an old soul or because of your genetics?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: Alaje, are people of light that way because of genetics or because their soul is old and wise? Sometimes i fear that all this is about is genetic manipulation by higher beings and not because spiritual souls are incarnating. Can you shed some light on this topic?

Answer: People who are light workers, are souls with more life experience from other lifes. They are souls who had already lifes on higher planets and know about the way of light. Most souls on Earth are inexperienced souls, who have only incarnations on planets like Earth with rational thinking. It has nothing to do with genetics. The genetics are just responding to your consciousness. That's why some people are always healthy and some are always ill. As i say in my videos, the cosmic energy of LOVE and LIGHT of the existence (god), can heal anything, if you have it strong enough in you.

But as long as Earth people are distracted in the technological society with boredom, hate, arrogance and drugs, they can not feel the energy of the existence and live a useless life. So they repeat the lessons in the next lifes again.





What is a mantra?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: What is a Mantra?

Answer: As I say in my Videos, everything is energy and everything is frequency. Thoughts, words, colors, forms, physical matter or fine matter, EVERYTHING is energy. Mantras are words that can help to create a frequency with sound. But they only work, according to your emotion and your energy. So if you are hateful, you can attract low astral entities.

Some are from ancient times, given by extraterrestrials, some are channeled from the light side, some are channeled from the dark side, and most are just superstition, created by humans over the ages. Even singing is a Mantra. If you sing songs with loving lyrics, you create love energy. If you sing songs with negative lyrics…guess what you create. That's why i said in my videos, don't listen to negative, dark, aggressive music.





What about the "Handbook for the New Paradigm" by George Green?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: Alaje, do you know the book-set "Handbook for the New Paradigm"? They are published by the man George Green. They supposedly were given to him by the Pleiades and are freely available on the internet. I have spent much time reading them and would really like to hear your talk on those.

Answer: Well it is interesting, but in my opinion it is written too complicated and that does not help people. The truth is always simple and everybody should be able to understand it.

George Green的"新范手册"怎么样?

问题:Alaje,你知道"新范手册"丛书吗?它们是George Green这个人出版的。据说它们是昴宿星给他的,在网上可以免费得到。我花了很多时间阅读它们,很想听听你对那些的说法。


Is the amount of times we can incarnate as humans limited?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: I would to ask you if it's a true, that we only have 108 times for incarnate in this world like humans and if we can't learn all the lessons in that time we need to go back again like souls and incarnate in evolute animals until lost all egos and next incarnate like a mineral again.

I ask you because I've read this and i am not sure if would be true or we have the free chance to incarnate again like humans many times until we can reach the true light. I've read to we have only 108 chances and we are now in the end times and we should be are in the last numbers (107).

Answer: That is totally wrong information. Every soul has unlimited lifes, according to the speed of learning, and according to what a soul wants to learn.You can NOT tell a number for lifes. It is individual. Everybody is an individual person. NOT a machine with a date of expiry.





Is there a way to speed up other people's spiritual development?

By alaje • Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Question: Alaje, if every flower has its own time to blossom, what about the ones that have not yet started to blossom? I don't want to give up on them and i am doing everything that can help them to awake. Can i offer help and assistance even if it is not asked for, as long as i don't violate their free will? I feel that a lot of people have been manipulated by the system and are unable to get informed. This is preventing them from making informed choices in this life, whether or not to blossom. If this is the case, should we not do our best to help and assist these people to see the truth (without violating their free will)?

Answer: Those who don't want to blossom in this life, they will blossom in another Life. This is exactly what i am doing with my videos. Giving information. But people have to decide for THEMSELVES, if they want to take the information to the heart or not.




How big is the universe?

By alaje • Monday, June 7th, 2010

Question: How big is the universe and galaxies? Does it stretch forever in size?

Answer: The Universe is constantly expanding…




What is the difference between the soul and higher self?

By alaje • Monday, June 7th, 2010

Question: What is the difference between the higher self and the soul? I always thought, that the higher self is the soul, in contrast to our programmed mind, our ego. Can you help me understand this?

Answer: Your higher self is the link and channel to your soul and to central cosmic consciousness. The higher self are coming from the desires of the soul. The higher self is a tool that can express the soul, and can create something. Every time you connect to the soul, you are your higher self.




How can you know if you're in tune with your life plan?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: How can we possibly know, if we are in or out of our life plan?

Answer: All the answers are in my videos. If you are living spiritual, and doing all i say in my videos, you are living in tune with the existence. And when you are in tune with the existence, you have the right energy and the right feeling. You are seeing what you have to do in life. You are listening to your soul and you are following the life-plan. You are living conscious.




Do parallel worlds exist?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: Are there many frequencies for many different physical and non physical energy states on every planet? Lots of different scenarios on each planet according to which frequency you're on? If so, is this due to parallel worlds theory as explained by Hugh Everett III, wherein atoms and sub atomic particles are found in many states at the same time, and that state is only known when observed? Meaning that there are endless variations of our lives?

Answer: Yes, there are many realities on many dimensions.


问题:每个星球上都有许多用于不同物质或非物质能量形态的频率吗?在每个星球上有许多不同的情节,根据你所处的频率?如果是的话,那是因为Hugh Everett III解释的平行世界理论吗?即,在同一个时间发现原子和次原子处于许多种状态,而仅当发现时才知道这种状态?意思就是,我们的生活有无数种版本?


I'm going crazy trying to find out where I come from! What should I do?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: Where do i come from? I tried an astral chart reading, but the astrologer did not find any clues! I have teachers up in 7 dimension, i can remember it now; but for some reason i cant know who i am and where i come from! I was contacted by ships, which followed me to the grocery store, big one seemed to be triangular in shape and small one, that flew behind it. Any clues where such (triangular) ships can come from? I swear, i feel like I'm going to go crazy trying to find out, who i am…

Answer: That is not important, because every soul is going to many places. More important is to master and concentrate on the PRESENT LIFE.




Are Gregg Braden and David Wilcock right?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: Are Gregg Braden and David Wilckock… Are they right?

Answer: Well, you can answer this for yourself. The Information they are giving…is food for your soul…or just for the intellectual, rational mind? Does it give you REAL benefit, that you can use in your spiritual development of your soul, or is it just like newspaper news…food for the rational mind?

Gregg Braden和David Wilcock是对的吗?

问题:Gregg Braden和David Wilcock他们……是对的吗?


How can I clear out my cell memories from past traumas?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: I have some blocks from past lifes, that i don't get rid off, this is disturbing me in this life, i have tried with meditations and other things, but they just won't disappear. Do you have any opinion about regression hypnosis? So, i don't have to be stuck with this cell memories? Can this be a good thing to do or can it do any damage to the soul?

Answer: If you already know what is blocking you, you can work on erasing them. In meditation you can think about it, and think of solutions that you can make. In your daily life, you can watch the situations that are coming to you and think about what they are trying to tell you. Once you have filter the lesson and wisdom of the blockades, they will never come back, because you have master them, and the knowledge is deep stored in your soul.




Do we always reincarnate with the same soul group?

By alaje • Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Question: Do we always reincarnate with the same soul grou****ot?

Answer: You are incarnating alone, and only in rare cases there are groups, for instance when there is a transformation of a planet going to happen.




Where did the existence originate from?

By alaje • Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Question: What exactly is the cause of the existence and where does it all originate from and how did it all begin, AND why?

Answer: This knows only the Existence.




What will happen with the incarnated aliens after the great shift?

By alaje • Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Question: Extraterrestrials, who incarnated on Earth (Wanderers) will continue experience on the Earth after transformation will done or will go back to home planet to higher dimensions?

Answer: Every soul is deciding to go to many planets, according to the lessons and the missions.




Can the existence think independently from its creation?

By alaje • Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Question: Is the creation (existence) an energy system that can think and act independently? Or, is it the sum of all consciousness, of all souls and all substances in the cosmos, building up this amount of energy, but dependent from previous parameters?

Answer: Both is correct, both takes effect.




If we were all one, why are we separated now?

By alaje • Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Question: Why all of us have decided to come differently and separately, to experiment and study low and high energy, if we occur from one pure light?

Answer: Well, as i say in my videos, the soul wants to make EVERY experience. In the higher dimensions, you don't know what negativity is. You can experience it only if you go to the lower dimensions. But that does NOT mean, that you have to repeat some experiences over and over again. If you learn the lessons in life, you can continue with new experiences and develop yourself.




Why does negativity exist at all?

By alaje • Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Question: Why the negative entity exist? When all is the absolute love and that is only way?

Answer: Well, as i say in my Videos, we are here in a low dimensions, with a low vibration, where negativity still exists, because of the law of free will. Every soul has the free will to decide, to be good or negative. Every soul has the own speed of learning and evolution.




Which spiral movement direction stands for what?

By alaje • Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Question: Is there a correct/spiritual direction for spiral movement? For example, is clockwise positive spiritual energy and counter clockwise negative energy, or is there no difference. I ask because sometimes when i meditate, i feel myself being pulled into a spiral formation. Should i follow a clockwise or counter clockwise


Answer: Counter clockwise is opening.




Is it possible to meet someone in this life I know from previous lifes?

By alaje • Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Question: During my teenage years, i want to believe i had past life dreams, they seem very real and in different times. One was in the 50′s or 60′s, were i was wearing a poodle dress and a boy was with me, this boy seemed in love with me, and i felt the same way, i couldn't even look at him because i would melt… In this life i met someone that made me feel this way, but he is not with me, and it seems he is not a good person. But i can't help the way i feel about him, and last time i saw him, i had the same hypnotic feeling every time i looked at him. In the past life it ended up in a car accident. Could this guy i met be the same guy in the past life?

Answer: If you have karma with some persons, you meet them in many lifes.




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Can the soul lose its connection to the light?

By alaje • Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Question: Is it possible for someone from a higher (spiritual) plane to regress and be reincarnated into a lower (material) one to learn the lessons anew? Or for someone who has chosen to return to help others to lose his/her connection to the light?

Answer: Your true self, NEVER looses the connection to the light. Only the physical rational ego mind can loose it. If you are concentrating only on being evil, of course you have to go through the first grade lessons again, until you master them. And as i say in my videos, many lightworkers from higher dimensions are incarnated on earth by free will, to help in the transformation process.




Why can't we remember past lives?

By alaje • Friday, September 10th, 2010

Question: Why are we forgotten all own past lives?

Answer: I have answered this many times in older comments. More important now is to look what you can learn in THIS life, and if it is related to past lifes, because of karmic issues, you will get some sign.




( ,Alaje,辛苦你啦,总是要回答些重复的问题……)

Are we predetermined?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: In your videos you say that the soul has a plan before the incarnation, but also say that the future depends on us. Beyond that everything is predetermined. And then what we will be in this dimension, too. And it's sad. I cannot go beyond the fact that i chose to incarnation! Is it true? You came here with a certain plan. And the soul of secret government and other people, too, came here with his plan knowing. Everything will come to light sooner or later. So why worry because everything will be fine? I do not understand, why to do something because everything is done by itself?

Answer: As i say in my videos, life on Earth is a school were you wanted to make experiences in order to develop. In order to have experiences, the souls set up circumstances and situations, to learn from them.




Alaje, you can remember past lives. Shouldn't everybody be able to do that?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: According to the rules of the 3d-game, when we incarnate we can't remember who we are. But people like you or the people who channel the messages from the higher dimensions release informations so that the earthlings can read (or hear them) and so they get knowing about the big mystery of life. But shouldn't every earthling get to this knowledge by his own experiences and through enlightenment without help from the outer world? This is just a kind of dilemma what i can't understand.

Answer: What is it that you can't understand? Everybody has his own speed of learning, and everybody attracts informations when he is ready for it. The Existence is using ANYTHING to give you informations: other people, situations, things, symbols, sounds, thoughts, feelings….ANYTHING.




(感觉Alaje当时快要暴走了 )

Why are some people disabled/die at very young age?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: A soul decide to reincarnate in a body of earth human which has the syndrome of Dawn or in a being mentally deficient. What is the purpose of its life-plan considering that in this specific life the soul can not evolve spiritually because of the sickness of the body-brain? When a small child die in a accident without to have the blame and without to have of course the time and the chance to develop its consciousness and to evolve, that was in its life-plan or not?

Answer: You are forgetting that many people are reincarnating with negative Karma. As i say in my videos. Everything you do comes back, sooner or later. That is why it is important to be spiritual, to be aware of what you are doing. Evil people with hate energy, are reincarnating of course with problems. They have created it themselves. Your thoughts and feeling are creating your reality.




Is there a way to delete negative karma?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: Alaje according to your full of wiseness answer, can a negative karma of a soul be eliminated through asking sincerely the existence for forgiveness via prayer or meditation or the only way is the spiritual life with positive words, actions, feelings and thoughts?

Answer: You can change negative karma with POSITIVE Karma. With positive actions, thoughts, words….with LOVE. Creating LIGHT energy instead of a dark hate energy like many are doing on this planet.




Why is it so difficult to stay happy all the time?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Question: What does it mean when it gets so hard for me to meditate enough and stay in love energy? My only desire it is to get into to the light, i have just quit my job, cause i saw how they steal money from people, i want to work on my art, but why it get so hard to stay happy all the time? Is that because i have to much negativity on myself or it could be a karmic issue or it is just that i am not ready yet?

Answer: As i say in my videos: Concentrate on the SOLUTION and not on the problem. Direct your energy on what you want, and NOT on what you don't want.




Why does negativity exist?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Question: When people have a good side and a bad side and there's someone that wants to help them become spiritual, they say that duality its a part of human being. It is needed in order to be a balance. So there is always a matter not to evolve and i met people saying that duality exist in the whole universe. Good/Evil, Higher/Lower, Positive/negative¬, matter/anti-matter, karma.. If the existence is oneness, how could you explain the negativity through the universe? Or the cosmic energy of the existence is defined depends how it's being used?

Answer: Everything in the existence is a development and evolution process. You can't find negativity in higher levels of evolution. In higher dimensions, everything is in harmony and love. In lower dimensions, you have negativity, in order to learn NOT to be negative.




How does one get rid of the ego?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Question: I am trying so hard to rid myself of "ego". My eyes are wide open, i am receptive to what you say, and it rings so true, it FEELS so right… I always KNEW there was more to "life" than what we've been taught… But my ego gets in the way sometimes. How do i omit this unwanted automatic response to certain stimulations? I understand that it is "I" who allows my own reaction… How do i stop? Will mediation help me on my way? Could i "meet" you in a mediation? Or other beings? I feel i am open and would accept guidance.

Answer: All you need is train yourself. If you have an old negative program in you that had worked your whole life, it has become very strong. A meditation for one day would not be enough to get rid of those energies. You have to meditate and work on yourself a long time, until you wipe out all those old layers. Some people need months, some people need years. It is a develop process.




Can I choose my gender when reincarnating?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Question: When i die for example, and incarnate in the next life, is the source who choose if i will be a man or a woman? Or i have this choice like i have the choice to choose the planet where i want to learn (depending of my wisdom also).

Answer: YOU are responsible for your life. YOU are choosing and creating EVERYTHING related to the next life.




Is reincarnation therapy useful?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Question: Hi Alaje, is reincarnation therapy useful and do past-life regressions work?

Answer: These things are only useful when:

1) The therapist is TRULY spiritual and knows about energies and dimensions.

2) you want to recognize and resolve karmic issues from past lifes




1. 理疗师是真的灵性,而且知道能量和维度。

2. 你想要从过往的轮回中辨认和解决业力的问题。

Are we similiar to our current self in the next life?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: In the next life, do we have similar character, similar way of think, similar level of spirituality, to go on in our spiritual development?

Answer: It depends on what experiences you want to make.




What do you think about "unrequited love"?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: What do you think about the "unrequited love" between 2 persons (male and women)? Why does this happens?

Answer: It is a learning lesson, in order to grow in spirit.

Question: You mentioned that unrequited love is a learning lesson to grow in spirit. So is it correct to say that a person doesn't have a soulmate?

Answer: Yes.






Does it mean I come from the pleiades when I feel attracted to it?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: I heard that when you feel attracted to certain star syste***ike when you hear it's name or something similar) it means you come from there? I always had such a feeling of being connected, joy and aspiration when I either read or heard the words Pleiades or pleiadian.

Answer: Well, it's possible that when you feel something like that you had many lives on those planets.





How do I know if I don't have to reincarnate on earth again?

By alaje • Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question: I have a question regarding the soul's decision to reincarnate after this life. How do we know, when we have "graduated" from Earth and can move to a higher evolved planet in the next life? I have met kind, loving beings from other worlds in the astral plane. We communicated telepathically. I would like to continue the next life in a dimension with those kind of people. How do i know, i don't need to come back here and experience the negative environment of Earth to keep learning other lessons?

Answer: When you lived spiritual on Earth and your consciousness is not confused with earth-superstition, and leave the earth body as a pure loving soul, you will know where you have to go next.




Are we and our actions, thoughts etc. predetermined?

By alaje • Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question: The future is the sum of endless possibilities that are changing every second with our thoughts right? And we all have a destiny right? And there is cosmic "data base" where everything is saved and documented right? How is there a free will (free choice) in life if everything that comes to my life is already determined? If the future are endless possibilities how is there a destiny? Is everything that i am going to do,think predetermined? It sounds contradictory.

Answer: There is no contradiction. You have set a life-plan yourself, and with the free will on Earth you have the free choice to follow your original plan to develop your self, or distract your self and block you from learning. As i say in my videos every planet is a school, to learn and to develop. Some souls learn fast and some learn slow. That is the free will of every soul.




Where do Phobias come from?

By alaje • Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Question: I've been wondering for a while; could you please explain where certain phobias come from, like arachnophobia or fear of heights? Some say its because of instinct, but i'm sure that i am not afraid of spiders because they are dangerous (which they are not, where i live) ,and not all people share these phobias.

Answer: From past life experiences.





Is it good to think about mistakes from the past?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: Is it right to think a lot about the mistakes of the past? They always come to my mind and i try to think positive or instead positive things every time…

Answer: Yes, it is good to think about it, in order to learn the lessons of past situations, and filter the wisdom out of them.



How can I come to know my life purpose?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: What should i do i found very very difficult to set my goals or to know my life purpose?

Answer: The answer is already in my 15 videos, my old comments and at the left side of my you管 channel: "THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO HAVE LOVE IN YOUR HEART AND BECOME SPIRITUAL".

Life with love in your heart, and with that energy you will activate more positive things in your life. You will open new doors and new ways for yourself.




Can I erase all my carmic past in this life?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: When i concentrate on the development of loving heart, how could i know that i have cleared my negative karmic past? Can i erase all my karmic past in this life before ascension happen when there is not much time left?

Answer: Very simple: when you start to attract POSITIVE things, because you are creating POSITIVE Karma.



I think I have an important mission here on earth, what do you think?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: I've become more musically and spiritually advanced, it is hard for me to do desire to do evil things. I'm so happy that i've come such a far way. I feel like i have to do something important in this life time, which has been partly revealed to over the past events that i thought were bad when i was in those stages. I feel like there is an important mission i must complete and might have something to do with music. I plan on meditating on this, but i just want your opinion if i might be right about important mission.

Answer: Everybody has a life-plan before incarnating. And those who are in tune with the SOURCE (Love and Light), are living their life-plan. Whether they know it or not.



How can I know if I'm spiritual or just spiritually interested?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: You said that spiritually people are never attacking others because his heart is developed, and i have not ego, jealousy or hate. I am creating energies for benefit of all. But I don't know if I AM REALLY SPIRITUAL OR JUST SPIRITUALLY INTERESTED. How can i know that? I wanna be really spiritual.

Answer: You are on earth in order to learn it by yourself.

You wanted to master it by yourself in this physical dimension.

Continue doing good, and you will know for yourself one day on what level you are.

Everybody goes through this lesson. It is part of the spiritual development.






How can I find my true love?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: I'd like to have a man in my life but someone who did the same vibratory rate as mine, because in my whole life i was not happy with men who are not spiritual, how can i find one with whom i could spend my life in true love, spirituality? Because men in general smoke cigarets, only like sex as seen in ****ographic movies, drink alcohol etc.. I can't stand that because i'm a lightworker. I didn't find him in France. Help me please everybody.

Answer: Lightworkers are everywhere. You will attract one when the time and the energy is right. Watch your thoughts and what you are programming.




Are all souls the same age?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Are all SOULS the same age? And if they are, why are some more developed than others, or is it just that some SOULS seek more experiences than others?

Answer: There are no "old" souls. All Souls are the same age. But there are Souls with more experience, because they are learning faster, and have more incarnations on higher developed planets. And then there are souls who are learning slow and have less experiences on higher planets. Most souls on earth are "slow-learners", and they are incarnating all the time on planets like Earth. They have to learn the simple basics of life, before they can incarnate on higher dimensions. Most humans on earth have too much ego, arrogance and negative energy, and they miss to learn the simple basics of life like friendliness, love…everything i am talking about in my videos.



What does it mean to live in the NOW?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: What does it mean to live in the NOW?

Answer: It means , not living in the past. Not living in past negative blockings, negative thoughts, negative emotions, fears, negative programs, superstitions, negative karmas… It means to filter all the useful knowledge from the past, and let go of unnecessary ballast. It means to look what you have to do, to clear and learn in THIS life, in the NOW, in order to create a positive future. It means living in THIS life and not sticking at past lives that are blocking you because of traumatic experiences. Living in the NOW means to CLEAN all the dirt from the past and make your "hard drive" fresh and clean for new and better experiences, in order to develop and stay healthy. It means to clean a dirty glass (Body/Mind) and fill it with fresh water (Wisdom/higher consciousness/Light)



Did Jesus incarnate knowing he would be killed?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: Did Jesus choose to incarnate on Earth to raise the consciousness of the people, knowing that he would be killed, but choosing to come anyway?

Answer: Yes, just like all other lightworkers and spiritual teachers.




What should I do if people are saying negative things about me?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Then again in the middle of nowhere as well, some person posted a comment on my Youtube Channel calling me hypocrite and say many negative things about me. I try to give them confidence and this what i get? It is very upset and disappointing when no one understands our intention and we are labeled negatively by those. Please give me advise and console, i am open to any suggestion.

Answer: Well, i have 3 steps with negative people. I try it 3 times to help them. If they don't accept the help of the light, i leave, because i respect their free will, to learn the lesson in a more difficult way.




What should I do if I live with a really negative family?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: What should i do if i live with a REALLY negative family? I'm trying to stay positive, trying to avoid arguments, trying to help them, but it is too hard. They have a huge affect on me. Please what should i do to avoid being affected by them? I can't find the answer in your videos neither in previous answers, maybe it is there but i don't see it.

Answer: The answer is in my videos. Stay away from people who are harming you. Find other friendly people to stay with.




I have uncontrollable negative thoughts, what can I do?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: My "fire of life" had extinguished and some pieces of my soul were lost. And i have uncontrollable negative thoughts. What can i do? Hope i can return to love and light again.

Answer: The soul can NEVER be lost in "pieces". Just watch all my 16 videos. There is everything you need to get back to the path of light again.



Do horoscopes really work?

By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Hi Alaje, what can you say about horoscopes? Do they really work?

Answer: Everybody is an individual and no superstition should tell you how you are and how you should live.




Where is the best place to be on 11.11.11?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Alaje where is the best place to be on 11.11.11?

Answer: In your heart. That is the best place for ANY day on a calendar number, that was invented by earth humans.



I want to heal people – what profession would be a good choice?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Please, give me an advice. I want to be a doctor and heal a people. What specialty is good for choice?

Answer: YOUR choice.




Is it enough to be confident about something if I want to reach it but don't know how?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: If i want to get something or reach something, i should not only dream about it, but to be confidence of success? Even if i don't know how this will be realize?

Answer: Yes. The SOURCE has many ways to reach you



Why isn't every lightworker on earth helping people online?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: In one of your videos, you said that on Earth there are many light workers like you. Why do they also don't get in touch with people through the Internet, also giving them the necessary information about the right development of consciousness? Is it possible to somehow come up with them in physical plane? How do i find nearest light workers to me in the physical plane? To the astral plan, unfortunately i don't have access yet, it is impossible for me maybe because of my primitiveness.

Answer: In the video i say that every light worker has its own tasks and missions, depending on the abilities and that what has been created before the incarnation.




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