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Since July 11 I switched back to doing the meditation for the hostages underground,and a spontaneous thought came up:maybe this is not even needed anymore,maybe the hostages have been liberated already and the conquered bases just need to be infused with light.And now see Cobra's update from July 13.He confirms all Chimera specific underground bases have been completely cleared,the spider king and queen and most lesser physical Chimera spiders have been removed;this must be the biggest hurdle toward the Event that has been surmounted.There is no mention of the toplet bombs,but my innerstanding is that most of the remaining toplet bombs were attached to the physical bodies of the Chimera,so there shouldn't be too many left.Also Donald Rumsfeld's spirit has been captured and taken to the Galactic Central Sun and many nonphysical negative entities have been removed.This brings the Event much more in reach.



There is a certain number of Chimera remaining on(or just beneath)the surface and removing them will surely have its own intricacies,but it shouldn't be as hard as clearing the underground Chimera bases.Then some remaining hostages in other unliberated bases are twin souls of Galactic Confederation commanders and there are still quite a few children being held,as well as some spirits on the nonphysical levels.Less than 50 billion negative nonphysical entities remain,down from almost 1 trillion(1000 billion)in early May.So we are not done yet,but things are heading in the right direction.Oh,and Benjamin Fulford shared the following letter which gives a disconcerting insight into the manipulation of public opinion and policies(in the UK in this case).Seems however that this particular plan didn't go through as intended;how different it is in France and Malta.

有一定数量的奇美拉残留在地表(或刚好在地下),清除它们肯定有其自身的复杂性,但它不应该像清除地下奇美拉基地一样困难。其他未解放的基地中的一些人质是银河联邦指挥官的双生灵魂,仍然有相当多的孩子被关押,以及一些非物质层面的灵魂。剩下的负面非物质实体不到500亿,低于五月初的1万亿(10000亿)。所以我们还没有完成,但是事情正朝着正确的方向发展。哦,本杰明•富尔福德(Benjamin Fulford)分享了下面这封信,它对操纵公众舆论和政策(在英国就是这种情况)提出了令人不安的见解。然而,这个特别的计划似乎并没有按照预期进行;法国和马耳他的情况有多么不同。

A few other comments I want to make are these:humanity doesn't only need to be liberated from the dark forces,it needs to be liberated from itself,meaning from its conditioned state,its limiting beliefs and self denial and its tendency to betray its own real long term interests.What do you think Jesus was referring to when he said to Peter:"Truly I tell you,this very night,before the rooster crows,you will deny Me three times."


As far as the legal ramifications of the system and its plentiful laws is concerned,I feel that the Dutch organizations that gave birth to the legal documents and process to become autonomous and free are not delivering or not able to deliver the kind of support that would be necessary for a smooth transit through the process(for one they have still not published English versions of the documents),and apart from that there is often little awareness on the operational level of government agencies for a proper interpretation and handling of the documents and to acknowledge the transition phase we are in.My impression is that there are still too many roadblocks in the system to gain real freedom,but it also depends on where you live and who happens to be in control of the respective agencies,and what kind of risks you are willing to take.




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