As told previously by many people, humans are living in some sort of ‚control matrix' which was constructed to siphon and harvest their life energy. It is definately not like in the movie though there are parallels the Wachowski's wanted to uncover.


So far most humans have not understood the connection between their comfort in life and their life- or even soul-energy.


They are bound to a world view of all their struggle being normal while much of it actually is a complex mechanism to siphon their energies.


So basically if you lack fulfillment in life and can not live your dream life, it is more like the parasitic hierarchy being responsible, which took (too) much of your life-energy. And these hierarchies always take too much. All forms of discomfort including long-term unfulfillment are result of a complex and smart structure designed to do exactly that. As Cobra said, most of this structure nowadays consist of entities, some sort of programs which just take your energies and hand it to the next higher level in the hierarchy until it reaches the top Cabal/Chimera in the end.

所以基本上,如果你在生活中缺乏成就感,无法实现你的梦想生活,这更像是寄生虫的等级制度在起作用,它消耗了(太多)你的生命能量。而这些等级制度总是占用太多。所有形式的不适,包括长期的无法实现,都是一个复杂而聪明的结构设计的结果,就是为了这样做。正如 Cobra 所说,现在这种结构的大部分是由实体组成的,一些程序只是把你的能量传递到层次结构的下一个更高的级别,直到它最终到达最高的阴谋集团/奇美拉

Just look around you, is what you are doing fun? Does if feel good? Do you experience exactly what you wanted and expected in life?


Otherwise although everything will look reasonable and ‚normal' it is just highly complex forms of siphoning your energies.


Think about it as pollution of all kinds that make you age. There is pollution in the air, nowadays even sonic-pollution and light-pollution (i.e. flickering lights at a certain high frequency) etc.


Most of what you experience as pollution is making you age. And aging IS most obviously losing life energy. But there are more and especially more cruel ways of losing this energy you all have experienced many times. Even if you touch certain things you might be drained of energy already. And although you accept all of this as ‚normal' in the human world, this pollution and discomfort everywhere around you was designed exactly that way to make you age and take your energy. Slowly, so you do not realize being drained. Through complex situations taking place in your life that look like you yourself are responsible while you are definately not. Your last breakup was designed that way to take your energies while neither you nor your ex-partner knew anything of it.

你所经历的大部分污染会让你变老。衰老是最明显的失去生命能量。但是还有更多,特别是更残酷的方式失去这种能量,你们都经历过很多次。即使你碰了某些东西,你也可能已经精疲力尽了。尽管你承认这一切在人类世界中是"正常的" ,但你周围的这些污染和不适恰恰就是为了让你变老和消耗你的能量而设计的。慢慢地,这样你就不会意识到自己被榨干了。通过发生在你生活中的复杂情况,看起来你自己是负责任的,而你肯定不是。你的上一次分手就是这样安排的,你和你的前任都对此一无所知。

That's how far these energy harvesting mechanisms can reach and how evil the setup on Earth is.


What the Light Forces are doing right now is to correct every layer of this siphoning system ‚by hand' to actually make it work for life instead of against life. It has to be turned from parasitic structures to life supporting structures.


How it was set up is that every layer deadlocks the next. That means if the energy would directly be deferred on the top layers of the Cabal, the whole structure would collapse, resulting in enormous suffering for all of humanity and life itself on Earth. So you cannot just change the flow of energy because each layer is interlocked and many lifeforms would experience heavy problems and suffering. A part of the way their life-experience works would be gone in an instance resulting in those lifeforms losing their mind (and more).


So you cannot just kill the Chimera/Cabal agents and their structure, you have to slowly restructure it (by hand) without risking any lifes or stability.


This is something that cannot even be achieved by the Event. The entities and top cabal in this structure will not just switch to positivity overnight. While the Event will of course be highly positive it was buffered for exactly that reason, it would have destroyed too much of the human experience if the structures are not first rebuilt, dark to light. Basically a lot of lifeforms would have suffered even more by a premature event including humans losing their complete frame of reference for a fulfilled life.


So Light Forces and some Starseeds are exactly in that process right now. Tediously analyzing and rebuilding the whole biosphere so that the human experience is not completely lost as soon as the dark controllers are removed. The deadlock mechanisms on each layer of the control matrix still make it impossible to remove the top cabal without destroying the lifes of a very high percentage of humanity permanently. That's why the process of liberation on Earth takes so much and for most even too much time.


That is also how the islands of light work, some individuals will live in a seperated sphere in which their life still works the way before but their energy is not drained on every move they take or on touching something. It will be getting more heavenly all the time in those bubbles and some Starseeds and lightworkers will achieve healing and many things promised by the Lightforces in these bubbles in advance hopefully very soon.


The whole process of rebuilding the set up on Earth will take approximately four years at maximum after which the highest Cabal can be safely removed from Earth.


Also this very process may lead to slight instabilities and maybe even strange happenings in your experience which should be fixed shortly after they happen.


The bad guys though experience their world falling apart, as their instabilities won't be fixed so it also could lead to individual aggression surfacing shortly as well.


Apparently some of the traitors of humanity will want to take heavy anti-humanistic decisions once they realise their world not being stabilized before they are ‚gone'. They might want use their position of power gained through their traitorship against the rest of the population as a method of threat (for example this is visible in some of the Covid measures). That will of course have be cared for by the Lightforces as well in most cases but if you yourself have a chance to intervene such cruelties you are advised to do so. Even just creating awareness might help.


So lightworkers are advised to remain cool and centered regardless of what happens as disrupting experiences should be gone shortly after they surface.




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