X22报告|第2826集: 爱国者经济计划正在实施,信息宝库发布 

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DS 已经准备好进行全面的叙事转变,他们所尝试的一切都失败了,而且还在继续失败。

X22报告|第2826集: 爱国者经济计划正在实施,信息宝库发布 

Ep. 2826a – The Patriot Economic Plan Is Working, Watch The People Around The World

Ep. 2826a –爱国者经济计划正在发挥作用,观察世界各地的人们

Ep. 2826b – Narrative Shift Coming, Treasure Trove Of Information Released, Red October

Ep. 2826b – 叙事转变即将到来,信息宝库发布,红十月



The people of the world are now coming together, the farmers of all different nations are supporting each other, they know who is pushing the agenda, they are now calling them out. SA is not doing what [JB] wants, the game is over, the people see it clearly.

世界人民正在走到一起,所有不同国家的农民正在相互支持,他们知道是谁在推动议程,他们现在正在呼吁他们。SA 没有做[ JB ]想做的事情,游戏结束了,人们看得很清楚。


The [DS] is ready for a full narrative shift, everything they have tried has failed and it is continually failing. Everything is now pointing to Oct, a treasure trove of information will be released, will this be the red October, it is starting to seem that way. The election cheating is being shutdown by the patriots, first it was the Wisconsin SC, then PA and AZ and now the SC is going to add the finishing touch. Scavino sends a message the pedo network is being shutdown, the good guys have the upper hand. 

DS 已经准备好进行全面的叙事转变,他们所尝试的一切都失败了,而且还在继续失败。现在一切都指向10月,一个信息的宝库将被释放,这将是红色的10月,它开始看起来那样。选举舞弊正在被爱国者关闭,首先是威斯康星州的 SC,然后是宾夕法尼亚州和 AZ,现在 SC 将添加最后一笔。Scavino 传达了一个信息,恋童网络被关闭了,好人占了上风。


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