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Finally we are seeing some easing of restrictions in the plandemic show,even as new cojonavirus variants keep popping up.And where do the new variants break out?In the BRICS countries and England,the bad boy in class that wanted to leave the Cabal's pet project called the European Union.A number of years ago the BRICS and many other unaffiliated countries held a secret meeting near Monaco that was aimed at setting up international cooperation independent from Western control.When uninvited Cabal representatives wanted to get access to the meeting,they were refused entry.Such things are not taken lightly by the Cabal and they have a long memory.The natural development of viruses is that they lose power over time as the population builds immunity and the virus mutates back to a less threatening state,so that a new balance is found between the host and the virus.If new variants are more deadly or more contagious it is a clear sign of artificial creation in a laboratory instead of natural selection,because the virus cannot survive if the host population would die out or would get ill simultaneously.


Recently I have not experienced any serious attacks or physical symptoms,so that may be another sign the dark forces are losing ground or it could be due to me not being as outspoken as some commenters.The light forces don't know how long it will take to fully dissolve the implants of all people on the surface,and considering that I am not done clearing mine even though I have actively worked at it for about two months now suggests that it may still take a significant amount of time.I can only hope that at some point the clearing of the implants will speed up dramatically as the spider web of primary anomaly and dark technologies implodes.I guess the positive side of it is that once the Event flash hits,people will be much better able to handle it and will be much clearer to see the truth of everything that has been hidden from them.


For the moment we still have to deal with the pity of seeing formerly respected countries functioning like new banana republics,where the rule of law is being molded to the whims of the ruling party and politics have become a total charade.My tolerance for the psychopaths that pull the strings of world leaders and the system and its exponents that keep it in place has run out and the officials and middlemen that do their bidding should be deeply ashamed of themselves.What are they going to say in their defense when the truth breaks?Ich habe es nicht gewußt(I didn't know)?That doesn't cut it at all.We've all seen nazi fascism and fascism 2.0 has just rebranded the same old concepts:Ausweis is now the vaccination passport,Judenstern is now a positive test result,Sperrgebiet is now a high risk area and the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda is now the WHO.Others are calling Cabal policies neoliberal,socialist or communist,but it isn't really any of that,it is more akin to fascism in the sense of seeking total control by glorifying an agenda of the perfect technocratic state without dissidents and without pluriformity.Either we are going to have a mass awakening or we end up in mass psychosis.What's it going to be?




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