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(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年4月26日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰


April 26th, 2022


The Hawaii adventure is coming to a close. Just wrapping things up and trying to finish some projects. May 5th the ranch opens and I am sure things will escalate as far as contact and ships appearing for skywatches. I taxed my back and shoulder to the limit, actually beyond the limit, yet happy with the outcome. We will eventually have ECETI Hawaii, maybe under a different name but all is going forward. It was an intense process on every level, dark mudslinging entities taking shots but when this happens you know you’re over the target. I know others have had their challenges as well. Good thing I am perfect and already in the 27th dimension so these things don’t affect me. Just a little humor there. I keep hearing people saying I am already in the 5th dimension so nothing affects me. It is possible to hold 7th on up consciousness in a 3d body but during the ascension process we will be surrounded by chaos which will affect the emotional, mental and physical body to different degrees depending on self master. That is part of the ascension.


Get grounded, take care of your physical needs. Fill your cupboards and your medicine cabinets. Make peace with your neighbors. We are all going to have to work together.


There are two sayings that are most appropriate for these times. “Man with head in clouds stumbles in the ditch” and “Praise Allah but tie your camel”. All I can say to those who are standing before me in a physical body claiming they are in the 5th dimension is good for you. See that tree over there take a run at it and get back to me. Become sovereign. Do not depend on others for financial, physical, emotional or spiritual support. This includes seeking love, acceptance and approval externally. If you are, you are giving away your power through dependency. There is a lot of past life and childhood healing underway. We are going to have to be brutally honest with ourselves. There is a powerful manifesting God/Goddess within, manifest from that center. Gratitude is also important. Gratitude has always worked a lot better than demands. Sometimes we think we are helping people when we are creating dependencies. The chick needs to struggle, has to break out of its own shell. Chickens are hatching here against all odds. They have pigs, mongoose, hawks, and other challenges to contend with. The ones that make it are the strong and wise. In the days to come we are going to see a lot of people running around like chickens squawking victim projecting blaming with unfortunately very little personal responsibility.

有两句谚语最适合这个时代。"头在云中的人在沟里跌倒 "和 "赞美安拉,但要绑住你的骆驼"。对于那些站在我面前,声称自己在五维空间的人,我只能说对你有好处。看到那边的树就跑过去,然后回到我身边。成为主权者。不要依赖他人的经济、身体、情感或精神支持。这包括从外部寻求爱、接受和认可。如果你这样做,你就是在通过依赖而放弃你的力量。有很多前世和童年的疗伤正在进行。我们将不得不对自己残酷地诚实。内心有一个强大的表现神/女神,从这个中心表现出来。感恩也很重要。感恩总是比要求好得多。有时我们以为自己在帮助别人,其实是在制造依赖性。小鸡需要挣扎,必须冲出自己的壳。小鸡在这里的孵化过程中遇到了种种困难。它们有猪、獴、鹰和其他挑战要对付。能做到这一点的都是强者和智者。在未来的日子里,我们将看到很多人像鸡一样跑来跑去,叫着受害者的名字,投射指责,不幸的是很少有个人责任。

There are time lines, flows, people who are guided by their souls from within. Much can be avoided if one listens to the inner guidance. If you are listening to the pain body the wounded child, or your socially engineered ego, things won’t fare well. Often we have all we need if we just look around us. Might get a little help from the masters with a manifestation or two. The best way to clear the mind is in nature, meditate, ask what is in your highest and best good. There are times the inner guidance makes no sense until you move on it. Later it will make perfect sense.


I want to clear up a few things which most often gets me into a bit of trouble. Nothing you are being told by the mainstream media is accurate, most of it is agenda driven and opposite of what is happening. If you knew the extent of corruption and decadence in the [redacted] you would probably join in on the bombing. It is a deep state stronghold, it has strong Nazi ties, and the child and sex trafficking are off the scale. It is like a cancer or infection. Many of the citizens were being shot fleeing to [redacted] or for being sympathetic to [redacted] by [redacted] Army. Mainly the branch called the [redacted] Regiment. They are full blown Nazis wearing the same insignia. The fact checkers will deny this because they are tied to the deep state which is a branch of the global elite. There are at least 9 bioweapon labs as well with strong ties to Biden and company. They are being taken out. The [redacted] Army is freeing captive children and have uncovered massive graves with child and sex trafficking victims. Do you think the corporate sponsored lame stream press will air this? Not. Have you seen the fake videos, explosions that happened years earlier, [redacted] tanks running over civilian cars blamed on [redacted], actors in body bags, people running from fake explosions being directed by producers with megaphones? We can go on and on with this. Is war terrible? It is. Is the loss of men, women and children terrible? It is. If this was happening in America, what would you do? It is. It is like a global cancer in the process of being removed.

我想澄清一些经常让我陷入麻烦的事情。主流媒体告诉你的没有一件事是准确的,大多数都是议程驱动的,与正在发生的事情背道而驰。如果你知道乌克兰中腐败和堕落的程度,你可能也会参与到这次爆炸事件中。它是一个根深蒂固的国家堡垒,它有着强大的纳粹关系,而且贩卖儿童和性交易的规模之外。就像癌症或者感染一样。许多市民因为同情乌克兰的军队而被枪杀。主要是被称为乌克兰团的部门。他们都是成熟的纳粹分子,戴着同样的徽章。事实调查员会否认这一点,因为他们与全球精英阶层的一个分支——深层国家紧密相连。至少有9个生化武器实验室和拜登及其同伙有着紧密的联系。他们正在被带出去。军方正在释放被俘的儿童,并发现了大量的儿童和性交易受害者的坟墓。你认为企业赞助的蹩脚流媒体会播出这个吗?没有。你看过那些假视频吗? 几年前发生的爆炸事件,被编辑过的坦克碾过民用汽车,演员装在裹尸袋里,制片人拿着扩音器指挥人们逃离假爆炸现场?我们可以一直这样下去。战争可怕吗?是的。失去男人、女人和孩子是不是很可怕?是的。如果这种情况发生在美国,你会怎么做?是的。它就像一个正在被切除的全球性癌症。

You are also going to see some things happening in Taiwan. It will not be what the mainstream is telling you. This next little tidbit is going to lose a lot of you. Putin is doing what is best for his people. Xi Jinping is doing what is best for his people. They are not saints, there is a darker agenda and power they have united against. They have no alternative unless you want to see over 80% of the world population gone at the hand of the global elite which united with the CCP. Did you know we created the Chinese surveillance systems sponsored by deep state players holding very high positions in the current leadership whose goal is to implement the same system in the USA. Research it. The green new deal and the global currency reset is a global elite world in sheep clothing. You will own nothing and you will be happy is their slogan. They will control every aspect of your life, the news, education, where you work, live, what you eat etc. They are creating food shortages and supply line back ups only to bring the world into abject poverty minus 80% of its population. Then they will be the saviors from the hell hole they created. The plandemic, lockdowns, debilitating and deadly vaccines are all part of this plan.

你也会看到台湾发生的一些事情。这不会是主流告诉你的。接下来这个小花絮会让你们损失很多。普京所做的一切都是为了他的人民。习近平正在为他的人民做最好的事情。他们不是圣人,他们联合起来反对的是更黑暗的议程和权力。他们别无选择,除非你想看到超过80% 的世界人口落入与中共联合的全球精英之手。你知道吗,我们创造了中国的监视系统,这些监视系统是由在当前领导层中占据非常高位置的深层国家玩家赞助的,他们的目标是在美国实施同样的系统。研究一下。绿色新政和全球货币重置是一个披着羊皮的全球精英世界。他们的口号是: 你将一无所有,你将快乐。他们将控制你生活的方方面面,新闻,教育,你在哪里工作,生活,你吃什么等等。他们正在制造食物短缺和供应线支持,结果却使世界陷入赤贫,减少了80% 的人口。然后他们将成为他们创造的地狱的救世主。计划的一部分就是大规模的疫苗计划,封锁,使人衰弱和致命的疫苗。

Trump and the military are doing what is best for their people. There is a rumor they are all working together to put an end to the stranglehold the global elite has on each country and end their mass genocide plan, all bioweapon labs, child, drug and sex trafficking. Each country has its deep state and corrupt politicians and leaders who owe their allegiance to the global elite and their agendas not to their people. China has its Chinese Republic and the CCP, Communist Chinese Party. We have the White Hats, the honorable Military keeping their oaths and many in the Republican party, not all. The democrats, very few of which have maintained any integrity or moral compass are fueling the take down America agenda. Most have sold their souls to the CCP or the Global elite who openly brag about taking down America, the last block to their N.W.O global control.

特朗普和军方正在做对他们的人民最好的事情。有传言说他们正在共同努力,结束全球精英对每个国家的束缚,结束他们的大规模种族灭绝计划---- 所有的生物武器实验室、儿童、毒品和性交易。每个国家都有自己的深层政权,腐败的政客和领导人,他们效忠于全球精英,他们的议程不是效忠于人民。中国有它的中华民国和中共,共产党。我们有白帽子,有光荣的军队遵守他们的誓言,还有许多共和党人,但不是全部。极少数民主人士保持着正直和道德准则,这些民主人士正在推动推翻美国的议程。大多数人把自己的灵魂出卖给了中共或者全球精英,他们公开吹嘘要搞垮美国---- 这是他们对 N.W.O 全球控制的最后一个障碍。

Are Biden and company doing what is best for the people? What has he done for the people, the economy, the security of the country? Gas prices are debilitating, inflation is through the roof, shelves are bare, borders are open, crime has escalated like never before. It is like they are being paid to create a controlled demolition of America. “They are.” When the evidence in Hunter’s laptop comes to light and the Duram investigation is released you will see just who is under the control of the globalists and who has taken money from hostile foreign governments. Watch who is and has been blaming Russia for everything. Russia has been at war with the global elite and their deep state Satanic/Luciferian regime for years. Edgar Cayce said Russia will be the cradle for Christianity. That is a prophecy being fulfilled.

拜登和他的同伴做的是对人民最有利的事情吗?他为人民、经济、国家安全做了什么?天然气价格不断上涨,通货膨胀达到顶峰,货架空空如也,边境开放,犯罪率从未像现在这样上升。这就好像他们是被雇来对美国进行有控制的破坏的。“是的。”当亨特笔记本电脑中的证据曝光,达勒姆案的调查结果公布后,你会看到谁在全球主义者的控制之下,谁从敌对的外国政府那里拿了钱。看看现在和过去是谁把一切都归咎于俄罗斯。多年来,俄罗斯一直在与全球精英和他们根深蒂固的撒旦/路西法政权作战。埃德加 · 凯西说,俄罗斯将是基督教的摇篮。这是一个正在实现的预言。

The facts concerning the stolen election will also come to light and eventually those responsible will be held accountable either through the public courts or the military. If the public cannot perform its duty the military will step in to protect and insure the continuation of America and its Constitution. The ones involved in all this chicanery are guilty of Treason and will be dealt with accordingly. Did you ever wonder why Jesse Smollete faked his hate crime and hanging? Didn’t laws against hanging come into effect shortly thereafter? What is the penalty for Treason? Usually death by hanging. The ones guilty of Treason are the ones that pushed that law into existence. This is all theater and no one will understand what is unfolding unless they learn to connect the dots, know the plan of the global elite then and only then will this all make sense. There is acting on both sides.

关于被盗选举的事实也将曝光,最终将通过公共法院或军方追究责任人的责任。如果公众不能履行其职责,军方将介入,以保护和确保美国及其宪法的延续。参与所有这些诡计的人都犯有叛国罪,将会受到相应的处理。你有没有想过为什么 Jesse Smollete 伪造仇恨犯罪然后上吊?法律禁止绞刑不是很快就生效了吗?叛国罪的刑罚是什么?通常是上吊致死。正是那些犯有叛国罪的人推动了这项法律的实施。这完全是在演戏,没有人会理解正在发生的事情,除非他们学会把这些点连接起来,知道全球精英的计划,然后,只有这样,这一切才会有意义。双方都在采取行动。

Ranting without solutions always leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. All of these problems created by the current administration can be turned around very quickly. There are many advances in natural crop fertilization most of which can be made in America. We can stop blockade of supplies coming in from other countries temporarily until we get the new technologies up and running. The same goes for gas. We need to reopen the Keystone Pipeline, imports and other avenues to bring the prices down. In the future we will have forever batteries and energy generators which would make electric cars independent on the grid which is dependent on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Do not think your electric car will save you during the brownouts and grid failures. For those who love their older cars there is a solution for this as well. Technology exists to create gas, diesel and jet fuel out of water. It has been around for a long time though suppressed. It is hard for those socially engineered by the lame stream media to conceive of the fact these alternatives exist. Wait till they find out about anti/counter gravity and the fact we have had it since the 30’s. Germany was successful in harnessing these energies since the 30’s and our own government has been using them since the 60’s to go back and forth to the moon and mars. As Ben Rich, head of Lockheed said, we have the technology to take ET home. Which brings us to the subject of off world help in liberating the planet.

没有解决办法的咆哮总是给人留下不好的印象。现任政府制造的所有这些问题都可以很快得到解决。在自然作物施肥方面有许多进展,其中大部分可以在美国进行。我们可以暂时停止对来自其他国家的供应的封锁,直到我们掌握了新技术并投入使用。汽油也是一样。我们需要重新开放基石输油管,进口和其他途径来降低价格。在未来,我们将拥有永久性的电池和能量发电机,这将使电动汽车独立于依赖化石燃料发电的电网。不要以为你的电动汽车会在灯火管制和电网故障期间拯救你。对于那些喜欢旧车的人来说,这也是一个解决方案。从水中生产汽油、柴油和喷气燃料的技术已经存在。它已经存在了很长一段时间,尽管被压制了。对于那些被蹩脚的流媒体社会工程师来说,很难想象这些替代品存在的事实。等到他们发现反重力和我们从30年代就有的事实。德国在30年代就成功地利用了这些能量,我们自己的政府从60年代就开始使用它们来往于月球和火星。正如洛克希德公司的负责人本 · 里奇所说,我们拥有将 ET 带回家的技术。这就把我们带到了外部世界帮助解放这个星球的话题上。

We have said there is so much inhumanity on this planet because there is nonhuman interference. There have been serpent beings, royal reptilians, reptilians often referred to as dracos, tall greys, what many refer to as the grey alliance. The lower 4th dimension is replete with this 3d as well with DUMBs deep underground bases and tunnel systems used in nefarious agendas which most people cannot even fathom. These are almost 90% cleaned out by the military who have honored their oath to serve God and Country along with help from Spiritually and technologically advance off worlders, many known as our ancient ancestors. They are returning to quite a mess I might add.

我们已经说过,这个星球上有如此多的不人道行为,因为存在着非人类的干扰。曾经有过毒蛇生物,皇家爬行动物,爬行动物,通常被称为龙,高大的灰人,许多人称之为灰色联盟。较低的第四个维度充满了这个三维以及与 dumb 深地下基地和隧道系统使用的邪恶的议程,大多数人甚至无法理解。这些几乎90% 被军队清理干净,他们履行了他们的誓言,在精神上和技术上先进的外来世界的帮助下,服务于上帝和国家,许多人被称为我们的远古祖先。我想补充一点,他们又回到了相当混乱的状态。

These negative ETs, seen and unseen influences have been plaguing humanity for thousands of years. They have hijacked leaders, political, business and religious institutions, any position of power and influence. The war and chaos you are seeing is between those who serve Creator, live by Universal Law and those who are self-serving at war with all Creation. This is not a drill or an overactive imagination. This is being played out before your very eyes, few can comprehend or acknowledge this. It is a multidimensional war which is as if Creator/God/Great Spirit has said enough it is finished. It involves higher dimensions, Andromedans which are mythologically known as Arch Angels, Arcturians referred to as the sons of God, Pleiadians, The Orion Council of Light who’s ancestors were Pleiadians that started colonies in Orion which is were the Orion Wars were held against the reptilians and grey alliance. From there they colonized Earth Mars and Milona or Maldek which is now your asteroid belt due to wars and misuse of technology much like the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

这些负面的外星人、可见的和不可见的影响几千年来一直困扰着人类。他们劫持了领导人,政治,商业和宗教机构,任何权力和影响力的位置。你们所看到的战争和混乱是在那些服务造物主、遵循宇宙法则的人和那些在与所有造物的战争中自私自利的人之间。这不是演习,也不是过于活跃的想象力。这正在你们眼前上演,很少有人能够理解或承认这一点。这是一场多维度的战争,仿佛造物主/上帝/伟大的灵魂已经说得够多了。它涉及到更高的维度---- 神话中被称为拱天使的仙女座人,被称为上帝之子的大角星人,昴宿星人,猎户座光明委员会,他的祖先是在猎户座建立殖民地的昴宿星人,也就是猎户座战争被用来对抗爬虫人和灰色联盟。从那里他们殖民地地球火星和米洛纳或马尔戴克,这是现在你们的小行星带由于战争和滥用技术很像的日子亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria。

The Orion Council of Light are planetary liberators with the most experience in dealing with negative ETs. They are also playing a very active role with the white hats along with the other forementioned spiritually and technologically advanced ETs. If you want to know who are the white hats in this struggle watch their actions. Know there is a lot of double speak and deception occurring with politicians and corporate sponsored mainstream news. They are the dividers of race, religion and gender. They will be held accountable, they are not frequency specific to the ascension process and are devolving in the downward spiral eventually ending in their own demise. They are currently in free fall. Enjoy the show, be safe, be of service and do your best to operate under Universal Law with Impeccable Integrity. Yours and the Earth’s future depend on it.


James Gilliland

詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Be well,
James Gilliland AKA nobody
ECETI Stargate Rumble


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