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The timing is right for everyone to understand what Donald Trump is doing,and try to decrypt the ambiguity of how he is is doing it.The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs,but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his objectives,his strategy is so refined and subtle that next to no one can see it.His overall objective is so ambitious that he has to follow random elliptic courses to get from point A to point B,using patterns that throw people off on their comprehension of the man.That includes most independent journalists and so-called alternative analysts,as much as Western mainstream fake-news publishers and a large majority of the population.

现在正是时候,让每个人都能理解唐纳德·特朗普在做什么,并试图解密他是如何做到这一点的模糊性。这位备受争议的总统在外交政策和内政事务上有一个任何人都无法想象的更加清晰的议程,但是由于他必须继续掌权甚至活着来实现他的目标,他的战略是如此精确和微妙,以至于几乎没有人能够看到。他的总体目标是如此的雄心勃勃,以至于他不得不随机地沿着椭圆形的路线从 a 点到达 b 点,使用的模式让人们对这个人产生误解。这包括大多数独立记者和所谓的另类分析师,以及西方主流假新闻出版商和大多数人口。

About his strategy,I could make a quick and accurate analogy with medication:most pills are designed to cure a problem,but come with an array of secondary after-effects.Well,Trump is using medication solely for their after-effects,while the first intent of the pill is what's keeping him in power and alive.By the end of this article,you'll see that this metaphor applies for just about every decision,move or declaration he's made.Once you understand what Trump is about,you'll be able to appreciate the extraordinary presidency he's conducting,like no predecessor ever came close to match.


To start off,let's clear the one aspect of his mission that is straightforward and terribly direct:he's the first and only American President to ever address humanity's worst collective flaw,its total ignorance of reality.Because medias and education are both controlled by the handful of billionaires that are running the planet,we don't know anything about our history that's been twisted dry by the winners,and we don't have a clue about our present world.As he stepped in the political arena,Donald popularized the expression«fake news»to convince the American citizens,and the world population as well,that medias always lie to you.The expression has now become commonplace,but do you realize how deeply shocking is the fact that nearly everything you think you know is totally fake?Media lies don't just cover history and politics,but they have shaped your false perception on topics like economy,food,climate,health,on everything.What if I told you that we know exactly who shot JFK from the grassy knoll,that the foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor was proven in court,that the CO2 greenhouse effect is scientifically absurd,that our money is created through loans by banks who don't even have the funds,or that science proves with a 100%certainty that 911 was an inside job?Ever heard of a mainstream journalist,PBS documentary or university teacher telling you about any of this?44 Presidents came and went without even raising one word about this huge problem,before the 45th came along.Trump knows that freeing the people out of this unfathomable ignorance is the first step to overall freedom,so he started calling mainstream journalists and their news outlets for what they are:pathological liars.


«Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward and the New York Times op-ed author:Trump is dangerous.»


–Bandy X.Lee,The Conversation 2018

-Bandy x.LeeThe Conversation 2018

«The question is not whether the President is crazy but whether he is crazy like a fox or crazy like crazy.»


–Masha Gessen,The New Yorker 2017

-Masha Gessen,《纽约客》2017

Let's make one thing clear:to the establishment,Trump isn't mentally challenged,but he's definitely seen as a possible nemesis of their world.Ever since he moved in the White House,Trump has been depicted as a narcissist,a racist,a sexist and a climate-skeptic,loaded with shady past stories and mental issues.Even though an approximate 60%of the American people don't trust medias anymore,many have bought the story that Trump might be slightly crazy or unfit to rule,and the statistic climbs even higher when you get out of the USA.Of course,Donald isn't doing anything special to change the deeply negative perception that so many journalists and people alike have about him.He's openly outrageous and provocative on Twitter,he sounds impulsive and dumb most of the time,acts irrationally,lies on a daily basis,and throws out sanctions and threats as if they were candy canes out of an elf's side bag in a mall in December.Right away,we can destroy one persistent media myth:the image Trump is projecting is self-destructive and it's the exact opposite of how pathological narcissists act,since they thrive to be loved and admired by everyone.Donald simply doesn't care if you like him or not,which makes him the ultimate anti-narcissist,by its psychological definition.And that's not even up for opinion,it's a quite simple and undeniable fact.


东方评论|关于特朗普His general plan exhales from one of his favorite motto:«We will give power back to the people»,because the United States and its imperialist web woven over the world have been in the hands of a few globalist bankers,military industrials and multinationals for more than a century.To achieve his plan,he has to end wars abroad,bring back the kids,dismantle the NATO and CIA,get control over the Federal Reserve,cut every link with foreign allies,abolish the Swift financial system,demolish the propaganda power of the medias,drain the swamp of the deep state that's running the spying agencies and disable the shadow government that's lurking in the Council on foreign relations and Trilateral Commission's offices.In short,he has to destroy the New World Order and its globalist ideology.The task is huge and dangerous to say the least.Thankfully,he's not alone.

他的总体计划突出了他最喜欢的座右铭之一:"我们将把权力还给人民",因为一个多世纪以来,美国及其遍布全世界的帝国主义网络一直掌握在少数全球主义银行家、军事实业家和跨国公司手中。为了实现他的计划,他必须结束海外战争,带回孩子,解散北约和中央情报局,控制美联储,切断与外国盟友的所有联系,废除 Swift 金融系统,摧毁媒体的宣传力量,抽干国家深处的沼泽,运行间谍机构,并摧毁潜伏在外交关系委员会和三边委员会办公室的影子政府。简而言之,他必须摧毁新世界秩序及其全球主义意识形态。退一步说,这项任务是艰巨而危险的。谢天谢地,他并不孤单。

Before we get on his techniques and tactics,we have to know a little bit more about what's really been going on in the world.


Mighty Russia


Since Peter the Great,the whole history of Russia is a permanent demonstration of its will to maintain its political and economical independence from international banks and imperialism,pushing this great nation to help many smaller countries fighting to keep their own independence.Twice Russia helped the United States against the British/Rothschild Empire;first by openly supporting them in the Independence War,and again in the Civil War,when Rothschild's were funding the Confederates to politically break down the nation to bring it back in the British colonial Empire's coop.Russia also destroyed Napoleon and the Nazis,whom were both funded by international banks as tools to crush economically independent nations.Independence is in their DNA.After almost a decade of Western oligarchy taking over Russia's economy after the fall of USSR in 1991,Putin took power and drained the Russian swamp.Since then,each and every move that he has made aims to destroy the American Empire,or the entity that replaced the British Empire in 1944,which is the non-conspiracy theory name of the New World Order.The new empire is basically the same central banking scheme,with just a slightly different set of owners that switched the British army for NATO,as their world Gestapo.


Until Trump came along,Putin was single handedly fighting the New World Order who's century-old obsession is the control of the world oil market,since oil is the blood running through the veins of the world economy.Oil is a thousand times more valuable than gold.Cargo ships,airplanes and armies don't run on batteries.Therefore,to counter the globalists,Putin developed the best offensive and defensive missile systems,with the result that Russia can now protect every independent oil producer such as Syria,Venezuela and Iran.Central bankers and the US shadow government are still hanging on to their dying plan,because without a victory in Syria,there's no enlarging Israel,thus ending the century-old fantasy of uniting the Middle East oil production in the hands of the New World Order.Ask Lord Balfour if you have any doubt.That's the real stake of the Syrian war,it's nothing short of do or die.东方评论|关于特朗普

在特朗普出现之前,普京一直在独自对抗新世界秩序,而这个世纪以来的痴迷就是控制世界石油市场,因为石油是贯穿世界经济血管的血液。石油的价值是黄金的一千倍。货船、飞机和军队都不需要电池。因此,为了对抗全球主义者,普京开发了最好的进攻和防御导弹系统,其结果是俄罗斯现在可以保护每一个独立的石油生产国,如叙利亚、委内瑞拉和伊朗。各国央行官员和美国影子政府仍在坚持他们的垂死计划,因为如果在叙利亚不取得胜利,就不会有扩大以色列的可能,从而结束了将中东石油生产统一到新世界秩序(New World Order)手中的长达一个世纪的幻想。如果你有任何疑问,可以去问贝尔福勋爵。这才是叙利亚战争的真正利害关系,不是做就是死。

A century of lies


Now,because a shadow government is giving direct orders to the CIA and NATO in the name of banks and industries,Trump has no control over the military.The deep state is a rosary of permanent officials ruling Washington and the Pentagon,that only respond to their orders.If you still believe that the«Commander in chief»is in charge,explain why every time Trump ordered to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan,more troops came in?As I'm writing this text,US and NATO troops pulled out of the Kurdish zones,went to Iraq,and came back with heavier equipment around the oil reserves of Syria.Donald has a lot more of swamp draining to do before the Pentagon actually listens to anything he says.Trump should be outraged and denunciate out loud that the military command doesn't bother about what he thinks,but this would ignite an unimaginable chaos,and perhaps even a civil war in the US,if the citizens who own roughly 393 million weapons in their homes were to learn that private interests are in charge of the military.It would also lead to a very simple but dramatic question:«What is exactly the purpose of democracy?»These weapons are the titanium fences guarding the population from a totalitarian Big Brother.


One has to realize how much trouble the US army and spying agencies have been going through in creating false-flag operations for more than a century,so that their interventions always looked righteous,in the name of democracy promotion,human rights and justice around the planet.They blew up the Maine ship in 1898 to enter the Hispanic-American war,then the Lusitania in 1915 to enter WW1.They pushed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941,knew about the attack 10 days in advance and said nothing to the Hawaiian base.They made up a North Vietnamese torpedo aggression on their ships in the Tonkin Bay to justify sending boots on the Vietnamese ground.They made up a story of Iraqi soldiers destroying nurseries to invade Kuwait in 1991.They invented mass destruction weapons to attack Iraq again in 2003,and organized 911 to shred the 1789 Constitution,attack Afghanistan and launch a War on terror.This totally fake mask of virtue has to be preserved for controlling the opinion of the American citizens and their domestic arsenal,who have to believe that they wear the white cowboy hats of democracy.

我们必须认识到,一个多世纪以来,美国军队和间谍机构在制造假旗行动方面经历了多大的困难,因此他们的干预总是看起来是正义的,以促进全球民主、人权和正义的名义。1898年,他们炸毁了缅因州的一艘船,参加了拉美战争,1915年又炸毁了 Lusitania,参加了第一次世界大战。他们在1941年迫使日本袭击珍珠港,提前10天知道了袭击事件,但是对夏威夷基地却只字未提。他们编造了一个北越鱼雷攻击他们在 Tonkin Bay 的船只,以证明派遣军队进入越南领土是正当的。他们编造了一个伊拉克士兵在1991年摧毁托儿所入侵科威特的故事。2003年,他们发明了大规模杀伤性武器,再次袭击伊拉克,并组织9/11粉碎了1789年的宪法,袭击了阿富汗,发动了反恐战争。这种完全虚假的美德面具必须保留下来,以控制美国公民和他们国内武器库的意见,这些人必须相信他们戴着民主的白色牛仔帽。

东方评论|关于特朗普So how did Trump react when he learned that American troops were re-entering Syria?He repeated again and again in every interview and declaration that«we have secured the oil fields of Syria»,and even added«I'm thinking about sending Exxon in the region to take care of the Syrian oil».Neocons,Zionists and banks were thrilled,but everyone else is outraged,because the vast majority doesn't understand that Trump is swallowing this pill solely for its after-effects.On this single bottle is written in fine print that«the use of this drug might force American-NATO troops out of Syria under the pressure of the united world community and flabbergasted American population.»Trump made the situation unsustainable for NATO to stay in Syria,and how he's been repeating this deeply shocking,politically incorrect position clearly shows his real intention.He destroyed over a century of fake virtue in a single sentence.


Trump is a historical anomaly


Trump is only the fourth president in US history to actually fight for the people,unlike all 41 others,who mainly channeled the people's money in a pipeline of dollars that ends up in private banks.First there was Andrew Jackson who was shot after he destroyed the Second National Bank that he openly accused of being controlled by the Rothschild and The City in London.Then there was Abraham Lincoln,who was murdered after printing his«greenbacks»,national money that the state issued to pay the soldiers because Lincoln had refused to borrow money from Rothschild at 24%interest.Then there was JFK,who was killed for a dozen reasons that mostly went against the banks and military industries profits,and now is Donald Trump,who shouted that he would«Give America back to the people».


Like most businessmen,Trump hates banks,for the formidable power that they have over the economy.Just take a peek at Henry Ford's only book,«The International Jew»to find out how deep was his distrust and hatred of international banks.Trump's businesses have suffered a lot because of these institutions that basically sell you an umbrella,only to take it back as soon as it rains.Private banking's control over money creation and interest rates,through every Central Bank of almost every country is a permanent power over nations,far above the ephemeral cycle of politicians.By the year 2000,these nation looters were only a few steps away from their planetary totalitarian dream,but a couple of details stood still:Vladimir Putin and 393 million American weapons.Then came along orange-faced Donald,the last piece in the puzzle that we the people,needed to terminate 250 years of the banking empire.

和大多数商人一样,特朗普痛恨银行,因为它们对经济有着强大的影响力。看看亨利福特(Henry Ford)唯一的一本书《国际犹太人》(The International Jew),就知道他对国际银行的不信任和仇恨有多深。特朗普的生意遭受了很多损失,因为这些机构基本上是卖给你一把雨伞,一下雨就收回去。私人银行通过几乎每个国家的每一家中央银行对货币创造和利率的控制,是对国家的永久性权力,远远超过政治家的短暂周期。到了2000年,这些国家的掠夺者离他们的极权主义梦想只有几步之遥,但是一些细节仍然没有变化:弗拉基米尔·普京和3.93亿美国武器。然后,橙色脸孔的唐纳德出现了,这是我们人民,需要终结银行帝国250年历史的最后一块拼图。

Techniques and tactics


Early in his mandate,Trump naively tried the direct approach,by surrounding himself with establishment rebels like Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon,then by annoying each and everyone of his foreign allies,shredding their free-trade treaties,imposing taxes on imports and insulting them in their face in the G7 meetings of 2017 and 2018.The reaction was strong and everyone doubled-down on the Russiagate absurdity,as it looked like the only option to stop the man on his path of globalism destruction.Predictably,the direct approach went nowhere;Flynn and Bannon had to go,and Trump was entangled in a handful of inquiries that made him realize that he wouldn't get anything accomplished with transparency.He had to find a way to annihilate the most dangerous people on the planet,but at the same time,stay in power and alive.He had to smarten up.

在上任初期,特朗普天真地尝试了直接的方式,把自己与迈克尔·弗林(Michael Flynn)和史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)等当权派叛军包围起来,然后惹恼了他的每一个外国盟友,撕毁了他们的自由贸易条约,对进口商品征税,在2017年和2018年的七国集团(G7)会议上当面侮辱他。人们的反应很强烈,所有人都对俄罗斯式的荒谬表示反对,因为这似乎是阻止这个人踏上毁灭全球主义道路的唯一选择。可以预见的是,直接的方式没有结果;弗林和班农必须离开,特朗普被卷入了一系列的调查,这些调查让他意识到,如果透明的话,他不可能取得任何成就。他必须找到一种方法来消灭这个星球上最危险的人,但同时又要保住权力和生命。他必须打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

That's when his genius exploded on the world.He completely changed his strategy and approach,and started taking absurd decisions and tweeting outrageous declarations.As threatening and dangerous as some of these first looked,Trump didn't use them for their first degree meaning,but was aiming at the genuine second degree effects that his moves would have.And he didn't care about what people thought of him as he did,for only results count in the end.He would even play buffoon over Twitter,look naive,lunatic or downright idiotic,perhaps in the hope to impregnate the belief that he didn't know what he's doing,and that he couldn't be that dangerous.He's willfully being politically incorrect to show the ugly face that the United States are hiding behind their mask.

就在那时,他的天才在世界上爆发了。他彻底改变了他的策略和方法,开始做出荒谬的决定,并在 twitter 上发表离谱的声明。尽管其中一些看起来很危险,但特朗普并没有把它们当作一级的含义,而是瞄准了他的举动可能带来的真正的二级影响。他不在乎别人对他的看法,因为只有结果才算数。他甚至会在推特上扮演小丑,看起来天真、疯狂或者彻头彻尾的白痴,也许是希望让人们相信他不知道自己在做什么,也不会那么危险。他故意在政治上不正确,以显示美国在面具背后隐藏的丑陋面孔。

东方评论|关于特朗普The first test on his new approach was to try to stop the growing danger of an attack and invasion of North Korea by NATO.Trump insulted Kim Jung-Un through Twitter,called him Rocket Man,and threatened to nuke North Korea to the ground.His raging political incorrectness went on for weeks until it sank in everyone's minds that those were not good reasons to attack a country.He paralyzed NATO.Trump then met Rocket Man,and they walked in the park with the start of a beautiful friendship,laughing together,while accomplishing absolutely nothing in their negotiations,since they have nothing to negotiate about.Many were talking about the Nobel price for peace,because many don't know that it's usually handed to whitewash war criminals like Obama or Kissinger.


Then came Venezuela.Trump pushed his tactic a step further,to make sure that no one could support an attack on the free country.He put the worst neo-cons available on the case:Elliott Abrams,formerly convicted of conspiracy in the Iran-Contras deal in the'80s and John Bolton,famous first-degree warmonger.Trump then confirmed Juan Guaido as his choice for president of Venezuela;an empty puppet so dumb that he can't even see how much he's being used.Again,Trump threatened to burn the country to rubbles,while the world community watched in awe the total lack of subtlety and diplomacy in Trump's behavior,with the result that Brazil and Colombia backed away and said they wanted nothing to do with an attack on Venezuela.Trump's medicine left only 40 satellite countries worldwide,with Presidents and Prime Ministers brain dead enough to shyly support Guaido the Jester.Donald checked the box beside Venezuela on his list and kept scrolling down.

然后是委内瑞拉。特朗普的策略更进一步,以确保没有人会支持对这个自由国家的攻击。他把最坏的新保守主义者列入这个案件中:埃利奥特·艾布拉姆斯(Elliott Abrams)80年代在伊朗门交易中被判犯有阴谋罪;约翰·波顿(John Bolton),著名的一级战争贩子。随后,特朗普确认胡安·瓜伊多(Juan Guaido)为他的委内瑞拉总统人选;一个空空如也的傀儡,蠢到他甚至看不出自己被利用了多少。特朗普又一次威胁要把这个国家烧成废墟,而国际社会敬畏地看着特朗普的行为完全缺乏微妙和外交手腕,结果巴西和哥伦比亚退缩了,表示他们不想与对委内瑞拉的攻击有任何关系。特朗普的药物在世界范围内只留下了40个卫星国,总统和首相都已经脑死亡,不得不羞怯地支持这位小丑首相。唐纳德检查了名单上委内瑞拉旁边的框,并继续向下滚动。

Then came the two gifts to Israel:Jerusalem as a capital,and the Syrian Golan Heights as its confirmed possession.Netanyahu whom isn't the sharpest pencil in the box jumped of joy,and everyone yelled that Trump was a Zionist.The real after-effect result was that the whole of the Middle East united against Israel,which no one can support anymore.Even their historical accomplice Saudi Arabia had to openly disapprove this huge slap in the face of Islam.The two Trump gifts were in fact back stabs in the Israel state,whose future doesn't look too bright nowadays,since NATO will have to move out of the region.Check again.


As reality sinks in


But there's more!With his lack of control over NATO and the army,Trump is very limited in his actions.At first glance,the outstanding multiplication of economical sanctions on countries like Russia,Turkey,China,Iran,Venezuela and other nations look tough and merciless,but the reality of these sanctions pushed those countries out of the Swift financial system designed to keep enslaving nations through the dollar hegemony,and they're all slipping away from the international banks'grip.It forced Russia,China and India to create an alternative system of trade payments based on national currencies,instead of the almighty dollar.The bipolar reality of the world is now official,and with his upcoming next sanctions,Trump will push more countries out of the Swift system to join the other side,while important banks are starting to fall in Europe.

但是还有更多!由于对北约和军队缺乏控制,特朗普的行动非常有限。乍一看,对俄罗斯、土耳其、中国、伊朗、委内瑞拉和其他国家的经济制裁显著增加,看起来强硬而无情,但这些制裁的现实将这些国家推出了旨在通过美元霸权继续奴役国家的 Swift 金融体系,而且它们都在摆脱国际银行的控制。它迫使俄罗斯、中国和印度创建一种基于本国货币而非万能的美元的贸易支付替代体系。世界两极化的现实现在是正式的,随着他即将到来的下一次制裁,特朗普将把更多的国家赶出 Swift 系统,加入另一边,而欧洲的重要银行正开始倒闭。

Even in the political hurricane Trump is in,he still finds time to display his almost childish arrogant humor.Look at his grandiose mockery of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama,as he sat down with the most straight-faced generals he could find,to take a picture in a so-called«situation room»as they faked the monitoring of the death of Baghdadi somewhere he couldn't be,exactly like his criminal predecessors did a long time ago with the fake Bin Laden killing.He even pushed the farce to adding the details of a dog recognizing Daesch's fake caliph by sniffing his underwear.Now that you understand what Trump is really about,you will also be able to appreciate the show,in all of its splendor and true meaning.

即使在政治飓风向特朗普来袭的时候,他仍然有时间展示他近乎孩子气的傲慢幽默。看看他对希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和巴拉克·奥巴马(Barrack Obama)的浮夸嘲讽吧。当时,奥巴马正和他能找到的最严肃的将军们坐在一起,在一个所谓的"情况室"里拍照。他们假装监控了巴格达迪的死讯,而巴格达迪不在他身边,就像很久以前他的犯罪前任们在假扮本·拉登被击毙一样。他甚至把这出闹剧加进了一条狗嗅闻他的内裤,从而认出戴施的假哈里发的细节。现在你明白了特朗普的真实意图,你也将能够欣赏这个节目,它的所有壮观和真正的意义。

«We have secured the oil fields of Syria».Indeed,with this short sentence,Trump joined his voice to that of General Smedley Butler who rocked the world 80 years ago with a tiny book called«War is a racket».Looting and stealing oil is definitely not as virtuous as promoting democracy and justice.What amazes me is those numerous«alternative»journalists and analysts,who know on the tip of their fingers every technical problem about 911,or scientific reality on the absurd global warming story,but still don't have a clue about what Trump is doing,3 years in his mandate,because they bought the mainstream media that convinced everyone that Trump is mentally challenged.

"我们已经确保了叙利亚油田的安全。"。事实上,在这短短的一句话中,特朗普与斯梅德利·巴特勒将军(General Smedley Butler)站在了一起。80年前,斯梅德利·巴特勒用一本名为《战争是一种敲诈》(War is a racket)的小书震撼了世界。抢劫和偷窃石油肯定不如促进民主和正义那么有道德。让我感到惊讶的是,那些众多的"另类"记者和分析人士,他们一眼就能看出9/11的所有技术问题,或是荒谬的全球变暖故事的科学现实,但他们仍然不知道特朗普在执政三年后在做什么,因为他们买通了主流媒体,让所有人相信特朗普有精神障碍。

东方评论|关于特朗普For those who still entertain doubts about Trump's agenda,do you really believe that the obvious implosion of American Imperialism over the planet is a coincidence?Do you still believe that its because of the Russian influence on the 2016 election that the CIA,the FBI,every media,the American Congress,the Federal Reserve,the Democratic party and the warmongering half of the Republicans are working against him and are even trying to impeach him?Like most stuff that comes out of medias,reality is the exact opposite of what you're being told:Trump might be the most dedicated man to ever set foot in the Oval office.And certainly the most ambitious and politically incorrect.




The world will change drastically between 2020 and 2024.Trump's second and last mandate coincides with Putin's last mandate as President of Russia.There may never be another coincidence like this for a long time,and both know that it's now or perhaps never.Together,they have to end NATO,Swift,and the European Union should crumble.Terrorism and anthropogenic global warming will jump in the vortex and disappear with their creators.Trump will have to drain the swamp in the CIA and Pentagon,and he has to nationalize the Federal Reserve.Along with Xi and Modi,they could put a final end to private banking in public affairs,by refusing to pay a single penny of their debts,and reset the world economy by shifting to national currencies produced by governments,as private banks will fall like dominos,with no more Obama-like servant to bail them out at your expense.Once this is done,unbearable peace and prosperity could roam the planet,as our taxes pay for the development of our countries instead of buying useless military gear and paying interests on loans by bankers who didn't even have the money in the first place.


If you still don't understand Donald Trump after reading the above,you're hopeless.Or you're might be Trudeau,Macron,Guaido,or any other useful idiot,unaware that the carpet under your feet has already slipped away.



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