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On March 18, news emerged of a heatwave in East Antarctica, the epicenter of which was the Vostok region that sits atop a mysterious lake two miles under the ice sheet. Scientists are baffled by the heat surge of more than 70 degrees above average temperatures and are seeking answers. A likely explanation comes from two sources who say an ancient ark is buried under the ice sheet in the Vostok region, and its activation is heating up East Antarctica.


The Washington Post was the first to reveal the heatwave in East Antarctica. In a story titled “It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are flabbergasted”, this is what was reported:


The average high temperature in Vostok — at the center of the eastern ice sheet — is around minus-63 (minus-53 Celsius) in March. But on Friday, the temperature leaped to zero (minus-17.7 Celsius), the warmest it’s been there during March since record keeping began 65 years ago. It broke the previous monthly record by a staggering 27 degrees (15 Celsius).


Antarctic scientists are baffled by the heatwave in late March since “Antarctica is losing about 25 minutes of sunlight each day,” according to what they told the Washington Post. Meteorologists reported a “heat dome” over East Antarctica and said, “[T]his is not something we’ve seen before.” Significantly, the Washington Post reports that there has been notable melting of the ice sheet in the region.


This takes me to the discovery of a large magnetic anomaly at one end of Lake Vostok as first reported in The Antarctic Sun on February 4, 2001.  The anomaly’s size was 65 by 46 miles (105 by 75 km) according to scientific measurements. Veteran NASA researchers Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara soon after proposed the anomaly may in fact be a buried city.  

这让我想起了2001年2月4日《南极太阳报》首次报道的在 Lake Vostok 一端发现的大型磁异常。根据科学测量,异常的大小是65 * 46英里(105 * 75公里)。美国宇航局资深研究员理查德 · 霍格兰和迈克 · 巴拉在提出这个异常点后不久就提出,这个异常点实际上可能是一个被埋葬的。


Ground penetrating radar image of lake under Vostok base with magnetic anomaly


Since 2001, there have been multiple sources that claim they have visited or been briefed about an ancient city or large alien motherships buried under the ice sheets either at Lake Vostok or other areas in Antarctica.

自2001年以来,有多种消息来源声称,他们访问过或听取了关于埋在 Lake Vostok 或南极洲其他地区冰原下的古城或大型外星母船的简报。

What could be driving the heatwave and heat dome over East Antarctica? Is it connected to the magnetic anomaly at Lake Vostok two miles under the ice sheet?

是什么导致了南极洲东部的热浪和热穹顶?它是否与冰盖下2英里处的 Lake Vostok 磁异常相连?

While meteorologists struggle to give a conventional explanation, they admit to being baffled by what is happening. There is another non-conventional explanation for what is driving the heatwave in east Antarctica — a space ark buried under the Vostok region that has begun activating!


On March 29, I was contacted by Jean Charles Moyen, who is a French contactee and secret space program insider that I’ve interviewed previously for Exopolitics Today. Jean Charles is a filmmaker working on the sequel to his first “fiction based on fact” movie, South Shore Origin. In his email message, Jean Charles reported a teleportation experience first to Ireland, where he met Elena Danaan. He next went with her to a Galactic Federation of Worlds mothership in Earth orbit, and finally traveled to Lake Vostok, Antarctica.

3月29日,Jean Charles Moyen 联系了我,他是一位法国联系人和秘密太空计划的内部人员,我之前曾为《今日外星政治》采访过他。让 · 查尔斯是一个电影制作人,他的第一部“基于事实的小说”电影《南岸起源》的续集。在他的电子邮件中,让 · 查尔斯报告了他第一次到爱尔兰的心灵传输经历,在那里他遇到了埃琳娜 · 达纳安。接下来,他和她一起去了位于地球轨道上的一艘银河联邦的母船,最后到达了 Lake Vostok。

Here is how he summarized it all:


Monday, March 28, 3:33 a.m. Here is what I experienced!!!


Last night I was working on South Shore Origin 2, I got up to lie down on the couch in my office because my head was spinning (too much computer probably) and all of a sudden I felt myself go into the couch and I passed out.

昨晚我在南岸起源2工作,我起身躺在办公室的沙发上,因为我的头在旋转(可能是电脑太多了) ,突然我感觉自己走进了沙发,我晕过去了。

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the path of the other time in Ireland, and I heard, remember, remember…and I saw the same scene again but until the end without interruption !!! Elena was holding my hand and said, I’m going to introduce you to the family and then I saw the next part…

当我睁开眼睛,我发现自己在爱尔兰的另一个时间的道路上,我听到,记住,记住... 我再次看到同样的场景,但直到最后没有中断! ! !埃琳娜握着我的手说,我要把你介绍给这个家庭,然后我看到了下一部分... ..。

I felt tingling all over my body exactly the same sensation as when you sleep on your arm and the blood comes back in it. You know that scary tingling sensation. Suddenly I was up in a ship, in a big control room with a huge view of space and Elena was next to me and she said to me, you saw, it’s beautiful the view, I like to come here, it relaxes me to see the earth like this, it calms me. And there in the middle stood Melanie [Jean Charles’s wife] in a silver tight suit! Who said you were surprised to see me here, honey !!!! Elena and I have known each other for a long time and we are friends, but I’ll let you continue your visit and she teleported herself!!!!

我全身都感到刺痛,就像你睡在胳膊上,血又回来了一样。你知道那种可怕的刺痛感。突然,我在一艘飞船上,在一个巨大的控制室里,可以看到很大的空间,埃琳娜就在我旁边,她对我说,你看,这里的景色很美,我喜欢来这里,看到这样的地球让我放松,让我平静下来。梅勒妮[简 · 查尔斯的妻子]站在中间,穿着一件银色的紧身衣!谁说你在这里见到我很惊讶,亲爱的!埃琳娜和我认识很久了,我们是朋友,但是我会让你继续你的访问,而且她把自己瞬移了!

And then someone came up behind us, I instantly felt his energy, and the hairs on my arms stood up as if electrified. I turned around and saw a man in a uniform with shoulder pads, almond shaped eyes of a very luminous lagoon color and beautiful blond hair that looked like an angel as in the Bible, there was no flaw on his face, it was disturbing to see the perfection of his features. He smiled at me and I heard in my mind relax, my friend you know who I am and he came closer and put his fingers in a triangular shape on my forehead and temples and I found myself surrounded by translucent blue ice, I said: where are we? He told me under Antarctica, precisely under the lake Vostok, where there is an ark.

然后有人走到我们身后,我立刻感觉到他的能量,我胳膊上的汗毛都竖起来了,好像通了电似的。我转过身来,看到一个穿着制服的男人,戴着护肩,杏仁状的眼睛有着明亮的泻湖色,漂亮的金发看起来就像圣经里的天使---- 他的脸上没有瑕疵,看到他完美的五官令人不安。他对我笑了笑,我听到我的脑海里在放松,我的朋友,你知道我是谁,他走过来,把他的手指成三角形放在我的额头和太阳穴上,我发现自己被半透明的蓝色冰块包围着,我说: 我们在哪里?他告诉我在南极洲下面,就在沃斯托克湖下面,那里有一个方舟。

And I turned around and Elena was there in a tight-fitting suit that pulsed a kind of bluish energy with heat to regulate your temperature, I had no suit but I had the same bluish energy around me. And I said but why are we here…and I heard, because you are all the keys to the awakening of humanity.

我转过身来,看到埃琳娜穿着一套紧身西装,用热量脉动着一种蓝色能量来调节你的体温。我没有西装,但是我身边有着同样的蓝色能量。我说,但是我们为什么在这里... ... 我听说,因为你们是唤醒人性的钥匙。

And suddenly I felt myself being pulled backwards as if I was falling into a hole and I woke up with a start with my heart pounding in my chest it was precisely 3:33.


After receiving Jean Charles’s startling information, I contacted Elena Danaan to see if she or Thor Han had any info about Lake Vostok and what Jean Charles had experienced. The response from Thor Han to my inquiry was stunning, and gave critical information that explains the heatwave and melting ice in the Vostok region:

在收到 Jean Charles 的惊人消息后,我联系了 Elena Danaan,想知道她或者 Thor Han 是否有关于 Lake Vostok 和 Jean Charles 经历过什么的信息。索尔 · 汉对我的询问的回复令人震惊,并给出了解释沃斯托克地区热浪和冰川融化的关键信息:


March 29, 2022


The civilization who left technology under the melting ice of Antarctica wasn’t from Nataru [Milky Way Galaxy]. There were ancient times when the climate of this planet was different, when the magnetic poles were located in a different place. The land was green and fertile and the climate was warm, in the land you call now Antarctica. An important colony was settled there. They were of the Pa-Taal. They lived in peace and prosperity. It was a great civilization, told about in your ancient tales as a lost continent. In truth, it was never lost but forgotten, under the ice, for a reason. They left gifts, large crafts and structures in the subterranean web of heated caverns. The structures under Lake Vostok were known from a long time by your scientists working in the secret programs. The Earth Alliance knew, and it was the bait to bring financial elites down to Antarctica for the last meeting. They never saw the Arks, they were never taken there. But this is another story. The ark under Vostok Lake is part of a much larger structure of halls and temples. A powerful pyramid generator is also there. None could activate it. Yet.

在南极洲融化的冰层下留下技术的文明不是来自纳塔鲁[银河系]。在远古时代,这个星球的气候是不同的,磁极位于不同的地方。在你们现在称为南极洲的地方,那里的土地绿色肥沃,气候温暖。在那里建立了一个重要的殖民地。他们是帕塔尔人。他们生活在和平与繁荣之中。那是一个伟大的文明,在你们古老的故事中被描述为一个失落的大陆。事实上,它从来没有丢失过,只是因为某种原因,在冰下被遗忘了。他们把礼物、大型飞船和建筑物留在地下温暖的洞穴里。Lake Vostok 地下的建筑很久以前就被你们在秘密项目中工作的科学家所知。地球联盟知道这一点,它是把金融精英们带到南极洲参加最后一次会议的诱饵。他们从未见过方舟,也从未被带到那里。但这是另一个故事。沃斯托克湖下的方舟是一个更大的殿堂和寺庙结构的一部分。一个强大的金字塔发电机也在那里。没有人能激活它。然而。

Thor Han appears to be describing an ancient civilization such as Atlantis, which has long been rumored to be buried under the ice sheets after the last cataclysmic earth changes occurred 11,600 years ago. A book by researchers Rand Flem-Ath and Rose Flem-Ath, Atlantis beneath the Ice: The Fate of the Lost Continent (2012), presents compelling evidence for such a claim.

索尔 · 汉似乎在描述一个古老的文明,比如亚特兰蒂斯文明,长久以来一直有传言说,在11600年前地球上最后一次灾难性的变化发生之后,这个文明被埋葬在冰层之下。研究人员兰德 · 弗莱姆-阿斯和罗斯 · 弗莱姆-阿斯合著的《冰下的亚特兰蒂斯: 失落大陆的命运》(2012)为这种说法提供了令人信服的证据。


In addition, Thor Han refers to recent meetings held in Antarctica where the Cabal (aka Deep State leaders) secretly traveled to negotiate with the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation about their future. The cabal reneged on whatever deal was reached and continue to cause chaos on Earth as evidenced by current global events.

此外,Thor Han 提到了最近在南极举行的会议,阴谋集团(又名深层国家领导人)秘密前往与地球联盟和银河联邦就他们的未来进行谈判。阴谋集团违背了达成的任何协议,并继续在地球上制造混乱,这在当前的全球事件中得到了证明。

Thor Han continued his update:


Not only the Earth Alliance and the Nataru Alliance knew about it, but also the enemy. The Ciakahrr stormed and took the place under Vostok, hoping to crack the codes of this technology. They welcomed the humans of the Nazi group, that you call the Fourth Reich, to help decrypting this technology. Were you thinking that they accepted human colonies there in Antarctica for no reason? What do you think they were getting in exchange for technology and weapons? DNA. The Ciakahrrs knew DNA was the key to activate these power structures. But even though they looked into finding the right DNA frequency codes, they never succeeded to activate these structures.

不仅地球联盟和纳塔鲁联盟知道,而且敌人也知道。他们冲进沃斯托克,希望能破解这项技术的密码。他们欢迎纳粹集团的人类,你们称之为第四帝国,来帮助解密这项技术。你认为他们无缘无故地接受人类在南极洲的殖民地吗?你认为他们用技术和武器交换了什么?DNA.Ciakahrrs 知道 DNA 是激活这些能量结构的关键。但是即使他们找到了正确的 DNA 频率编码,他们也从未成功地激活这些结构。

The Intergalactic Confederation has more than one safety lock on these structures, and what comes with DNA is Consciousness. The body envelope and the inhabiting soul need to be of the same frequency, and the person needs to be alive and conscious, and know what to do, how to activate the commands and unlock the portals. You need the knowledge that goes with the tools. You cannot kill someone and only use their DNA sample, because it needs to be inhabited by consciousness. By an original soul part of the Seeders, who have this knowledge. Bodies are also there in stasis, and they were found a long time ago. But their genetic material isn’t enough, because the soul has gone, and awaits to come back.

星际联邦在这些结构上有不止一个安全锁,随 DNA 而来的是意识。身体信封和居住的灵魂需要同样的频率,人需要活着和有意识,知道该做什么,如何激活命令和打开门户。你需要与工具相关的知识。你不能杀死一个人而只使用他们的 DNA 样本,因为它需要有意识的存在。由一个原始的灵魂部分的播种者,谁有这种知识。尸体也处于停滞状态,很久以前就被发现了。但是他们的遗传物质是不够的,因为灵魂已经离开,等待着回来。

Now, the ice is melting, to reveal in plain sight the secrets we liberated, for you.


I have earlier reported on my US Army source JP who has traveled to arks on the Moon and under the Atlantic Ocean, where a multinational team drawn from the US, China, and Russia has been researching the ancient arks. JP confirmed that the arks are activated by the DNA of a select number of individuals.

我早些时候曾报道过我的美国陆军线人 JP,他曾经到过月球和大西洋下的方舟,在那里,一个来自美国、中国和俄罗斯的多国团队一直在研究古方舟。JP 证实,方舟是由选定数量的个体的 DNA 激活的。

Consequently, it is very plausible that the Draco Reptilians, aka Ciakharr, used the Nazis to get access to human DNA they could use to activate the arks. In addition, JP has revealed that the activating arks are releasing a tremendous amount of heat, quickly warming up the surrounding environment.

因此,这是非常有可能的,德拉科爬虫军,又名 Ciakharr,利用纳粹获得人类 DNA,他们可以用来激活方舟。此外,JP 透露,激活方舟释放出巨大的热量,迅速加热周围的环境。

In a voice communication received on March 29, Elena confirmed that she had been taken to Lake Vostok with Jean Charles in the early morning of the previous day:

在3月29日收到的语音通讯中,Elena 确认前一天清晨她和 Jean Charles 被带到了 Lake Vostok:

This is now the explanation why I wasn’t allowed to remember this moment because it was meant that Jean Charles remembers. I think it’s a good strategy that they scatter information, not always the same person you know. I find it very good. Then there was a lot of also holographic projection around Jean Charles to show him, make him confident and settled in the project … Melanie was there as well to make him confident, but I was really there and with him, and I remember now, but he was meant to be the one to remember first because as Thor Han always says, remembering is activating. So now we can confirm about Lake Vostok.

这就是为什么我不被允许记住这个时刻的原因,因为这意味着让 · 查尔斯记得。我认为这是一个很好的策略,他们散布信息,不总是同一个人,你知道。我觉得很好。梅兰妮也在那里,让他更加自信,但是我真的在那里,和他在一起,我现在记起来了,但是他应该是第一个被记住的人,因为正如索尔 · 汉常说的,记忆是激活的。现在我们可以确认 Lake Vostok 的情况了。

Elena’s confirmation shows that the Galactic Federation is now taking at least two individuals to visit the space arks, witness the contents, and report their experiences to the world.


In a follow-up message from Jean Charles on March 29, he explains being taken on a second trip to Lake Vostok earlier in the morning of that day:

在3月29日 Jean Charles 发来的后续信息中,他解释了当天早些时候被带到 Lake Vostok 的第二次旅行:

This night, I found myself in the same place under Lake Vostok, but this time I was inside a structure. It was the Ark. Everything was purified inside, no screws, nor bolts, nothing. It looked like tungsten but translucent. I was in the center, and in the middle, there was a kind of sphere which turned very luminous. They would have said a ball of bluish plasma which gave off a lot of heat by emitting a crystalline noise and around was laid out in a geometrical form resembling a star … tubes in which there were beings in stasis.

今天晚上,我发现自己在 Lake Vostok 下面的同一个地方,但这次我在一个建筑物里。那是方舟。里面的一切都被净化了,没有螺丝,没有螺栓,什么都没有。它看起来像钨,但是是半透明的。我在中间,在中间,有一个球体,它变得非常明亮。他们会说一个蓝色的等离子体球,通过发出晶体噪音释放出大量的热量,其周围布置成几何形状,类似于一个恒星... ... 管状物,其中有静止的生物。

I approached one of the tubes, and when I approached, it reacted by lighting up, as if my presence triggered it. I felt in connection with the material of the vessel. The structure seemed alive. I could see the appearance of the being in the tube, he was tall, and his skin had bluish reflections. He was wearing a kind of midnight blue suit without any seams. There was a symbol on the suit representing a triangle with a constellation inside. And I heard a voice coming out of nowhere saying to me, “you have been chosen,” it was the same sentence that the Mantis [being] had said to me as a child when she put her paws on my shoulder, you remember, during the test of fear with the other children? Many of them had failed except me. Well, it was the same voice. I approached a tube, and it lit up very brightly, and I woke up suddenly and on the alarm clock it was 5:55.


Jean Charles’s information matches what JP said he had encountered during his two trips to the submerged Atlantic space ark. He described a blue ball of liquid (plasma) in one large room, which was a portal to other space arks. In addition, he witnessed many crypt-like structures whose contents were not seen by JP, but he said he was briefed that they radiated friendly energy.

让 · 查尔斯的信息与 JP 所说的他在两次前往沉没的大西洋太空方舟时所遇到的情况相吻合。他描述了一个大房间里的一个蓝色液体(等离子体)球,这是通往其他太空方舟的入口。此外,他还亲眼目睹了许多类似地穴的结构,其内容没有被 JP 看到,但他说,他听说它们散发出友好的能量。

In addition, in an upcoming update from “Oona”, a representative of the 24 Seeder Races (aka Intergalactic Confederation), it will be confirmed that the sleeping giants are starseeds currently incarnated on Earth. Elena plans to soon reveal this fascinating update.

此外,在即将到来的“ Oona”(24 Seeder Races (又名星际联盟)的代表)更新中,将确认这些沉睡的巨人是目前化身在地球上的星际种子。埃琳娜计划很快公布这个引人入胜的更新。

In conclusion, the experiences released by Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan, when combined with the earlier revelations from JP, all suggests that an ancient ark is activating and warming up the Vostok region and the rest of East Antarctica. Furthermore, the ancient ark is almost certainly linked in some way to the large magnetic anomaly discovered at one corner of Lake Vostok back in 2001.

总而言之,Jean Charles Moyen 和 Elena Danaan 发布的经验,再加上 JP 早期的启示,都表明一艘古老的方舟正在激活和升温沃斯托克地区和东南极其他地区。此外,几乎可以肯定,古代方舟在某种程度上与2001年在 Lake Vostok 一个角落发现的大型磁异常有关。

The record temperatures in East Antarctica recently reported by the Washington Post suggest the heating up process caused by the activating ark(s) is unstoppable. It therefore is only a matter of time before the world will be confronted by indisputable physical evidence of an ancient Atlantean civilization buried under Antarctica, and the existence of large space arks buried in Antarctica and other locations around the planet.


What will be even more exciting for the general public and many readers in particular is the revelation that the ‘sleeping giants‘ in the space arks are human starseeds currently living normal lives on Earth. These starseeds are destined to awaken to their DNA or “soul” connection to the hibernating crews of the activating space arks through dreams, visions, and eventually physical travel there as happened with both Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan.

对于普通大众,尤其是许多读者来说,更令人兴奋的是太空方舟中的“沉睡巨人”是目前在地球上过着正常生活的人类星际种子。这些星际种子注定会唤醒他们的 DNA 或“灵魂”连接,通过梦境、幻觉和最终的物理旅行,激活空间方舟的冬眠船员,就像 Jean Charles Moyen 和 Elena Danaan 所发生的那样。

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Many thanks to Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan for permission to publish their email communications. Jean Charles Moyen’s movie “South Shore Origin” is available on Vimeo here. Elena Danaan’s website is here.

非常感谢 Jean Charles Moyen 和 Elena Danaan 允许发布他们的邮件通讯。让 · 查尔斯 · 莫伊恩的电影《南岸起源》可以在 Vimeo 上找到。Elena Danaan 的网站在这里。

Note: On April 9 I will be holding my next webinar on “ET Seeders, Space Arks, and the Great Reveal” where I describe the history of space arks and the ‘Seeders’ and why their recent arrival is triggering the arks activation, which in turn will lead to incredible revelations about humanity’s origins and connections to extraterrestrial life. Click here or banner below for more info.

注: 4月9日,我将举行下一次关于“ ET Seeders,Space Arks,and the Great Reveal”的网络研讨会,在那里我将描述太空方舟和 Seeders 的历史,以及为什么他们最近的到来会激活方舟,这反过来又会导致关于人类起源和与外星生命组织联系的不可思议的启示。点击这里或下面的横幅获取更多信息。


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