2019年5月1日09:30:44Q帖子Q帖解密|特朗普和Q确认巴黎圣母院和斯里兰卡的关系已关闭评论1K8字数 11260阅读37分32秒阅读模式


Q帖解密|特朗普和Q确认巴黎圣母院和斯里兰卡的关系As we progress,the picture of the truth is revealing itself with an increasing definition.The messages coded in the Maestro's tweets and the Q drops are progressively unveiling disturbing facts we all suspected to exist at one level or the other.We are now invited to coldly face them and aggregate them in a reality that has always been there.Some will resist by overlooking the many statistically impossible coincidences the decodes highlight and interconnect.


Of course,the Maestro and Q are aware of this resistance and of the multiple levels at which it may manifest:Img1


For this reason,the Maestro and Q will provide confirmations to validate the decodes and to help those who are struggling with the truth revealed to stay the course and keep learning the comms.


I told you in mylast article why Q capitalized HUSSEIN and how it was connected to Michelle through HUSSEIN=95=SPOUSE.I also told you how they were both C_A assets.What are the odds 62 mn and 2 sec after this article was posted that Q dropped Q3324,then Q3325,both capitalizing HUSSEIN in kill boxes?Img2 Notice that the only instance we find[HUSSEIN]in this particular format is in Q2883 posted on Feb 22 2019,which is exactly 61 days before.Value for QANON?61.You will see later why Q signed this[HUSSEIN]return to the board.

我在上一篇文章中告诉你为什么Q大写HUSSEIN以及它是如何通过侯赛因(HUSSEIN)= 95=配偶(SPOUSE)与米歇尔(Michelle)联系在一起的。我还告诉你它们是如何同时是C_A资产。Q下降Q3324在本文发布后622,然后是Q3325,两者都把HUSSEIN用于杀戮盒子?Img2请注意,我们在2019222日发布的这个特定格式的唯一实例是在Q2883,这正好是61天前QANON的值?你稍后会看到为什么Q签下这个[HUSSEIN]回到董事会。

Do you like vexillology?




[dplayer url="https://www6.laqddcc.com/hls/2019/04/30/mNTzvrrb/playlist.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

Let's take a close look at the April 27 2019 first tweet.Img3 The timestamp 7:06 pulls Q706,Q1906 and Q3106.Do you see how Q706 looks like a target scope?It therefore pulls the idea of aiming or shooting a gun,which in turn connects to Q1047 where we read:"The important point is who Hussein is aiming the gun at".Now look at the next line:"Red,White and Blue".These are the colors of the French flag,in reverse order.Coincidence?Then the drop says:"Spray".

让我们仔细看看2019427日的第一条推特。Img3时间戳7:06 Q706Q1906 Q3106。你看到 Q706看起来像一个目标范围吗?因此,它引出了瞄准或射击枪支的概念,而这又与 Q1047有关,其中我们读到:"重要的一点是,侯赛因正在瞄准谁的枪"。现在看下一行:"红、白、蓝"。这些是法国国旗的颜色,顺序相反。巧合?然后下面写着:"喷雾"

How about the colors in Q1906 and Q3106:green and orange,which are both on the flag of Sri Lanka?Then the Maestro says in Q1906:"For anyone questioning if this happened or not"!This puzzle is confirming the Notre Dame/Sri Lanka connection!The Maestro is saying Hussein initially pointed his gun at Notre Dame but something was"sprayed"over it,causing the fire and forcing him to execute his plan B by aiming his gun at Sri Lanka.Now you know why Q listed the colors of the French flag in reverse order:in France,white hats were in assault mode link.

那么 Q1906 Q3106的颜色呢:绿色和橙色,这两种颜色都在斯里兰卡国旗上?然后大师在Q1906年的问题上说:"对于任何质疑这是否发生过的人!"!这个拼图确认了 Notre Dame/Sri Lanka 的联系!这位大师说,起初侯赛因用枪指着巴黎圣母院,但是有什么东西""在上面,引起了火灾,迫使他执行他的B计划,用枪指着斯里兰卡。现在你知道为什么Q按照相反的顺序列出了法国国旗的颜色:在法国,白色的帽子是攻击模式链接。

Q2285 Are you AWAKE?The TRUTH is right in front of you.


Why do you think the Maestro congratulated the NFL draft#2 causing his dedicated shills on social media to mock him?This is because he wanted us to focus on the 3 first capital letters of the tweet in"Congratulations to Nick Bosa":C,N and B.Do you know what they stand for?Look:Img4 Yes,they stand for the 3 cities Colombo,Negombo and Batticaloa that were targeted during the Sri Lanka attacks!

你认为这位大师为什么要祝贺美国国家橄榄球联盟的2号选秀,让他在社交媒体上专门用托词嘲笑他?这是因为他想让我们把注意力集中在"恭喜 Nick Bosa"中推文的前三个大写字母上:CN B你知道它们代表什么吗?看:Img4是的,他们代表3个城市,科伦坡,尼甘布和拜蒂克洛,这是斯里兰卡袭击的目标!

You are now equipped to decode why Q posted[HUSSEIN]61 days after he first mentioned it in this format and 62 mn and 2 sec after the article:Img5 Do you see this 70:52 delta between the article and Q3325?Since TRACKBACK=FIGURED=70,enjoy how Q confirmed what was said about the 52 death toll initially reported and how it evolved based on the triggering order.62 is the value for SHOT and the 2 seconds stand for the number of shots:one for Hussein and one for Michelle.Do you see it?HUSSEIN=95=SPOUSE stands for the C_A entity that entered the White House under the form of the Hussein/Michelle couple.Putting them in the kill box means they have received their shot,through this article,61 days after Q targeted them.Let that sink in.

你现在已经准备好解码为什么Q在他第一次以这种格式提到它的61天后,以及在文章之后62分和2:Img5你看到这篇文章和 Q3325之间的70:52增量了吗?自从 TRACKBACK= FIGURED=70以来,请欣赏Q如何确认最初报告的52名死亡人数以及基于触发顺序它是如何演变的。62 SHOT 的值,2秒代表射击次数:一次是侯赛因,一次是米歇尔。你看到了吗?侯赛因(HUSSEIN)=95=配偶(SPOUSE)代表C_A一个以侯赛因/米歇尔夫妇的形式进入白宫的实体。通过本文,将他们放入杀戮盒意味着他们已经在Q瞄准他们61天后接受了射击。让我们铭记这一点。

Q2548 You are witnessing something[firsthand]that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality[Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]


Let's now analyze the capital letters.Img6 They add up to 290 with 2 subgroups:MAGA and CNBNFLDYBTSF=127.This is the value for FIFTH COLUMN and EASTER ISLAND.Pretty clear right?This tweet confirms the Sri Lanka island was attacked on Easter by C_A black hats.

现在我们来分析一下大写字母。它们加起来有290个子群:MAGA CNBNFLDYBTSF=127。这是第五纵队(FIFTH COLUMN=127)和复活节岛(EASTER ISLAND=127)的值。很清楚,对吧?这条推特确认了斯里兰卡在复活节被C_A黑帽袭击的消息。

The timestamp 7:06 brings Q706 which we said was connected to aiming and shooting a gun.But look at the surrounding drops Q705 and Q707:we saw in the previous posts this airport gate E and the number 5 were related to the fifth element and gates between dimensions.

时间戳7:06带来了 Q706,我们说连接到瞄准和射击枪。但是看看周围的下降 Q705 Q707:我们在前面的文章中看到这个机场门 E和数字5与第五元素和维度之间的门有关。

Peruvian coffee for those who noticed the numbers 290 and 127 are elliptically leading to 27 through the sequence 26-28-29!Did you catch it?290 gives 29+0=29 and 127 gives you 1+27=28 and-1+27=26.We therefore deduce the sequence 26-27-28-29.Why is this relevant?Because the sequence starting number 26 is between 25 and 27 which are respectively 5x5 and 3x3x3.In other words,26 is a transition number between a square and a cube.This makes the number 26 the gate,the door through which you get from one dimension to the next and vice versa.Pretty cool right?


Many have asked me in the comment section to explain how the Maestro connected music to portals through Johann Sebastian Bach.Now that you know this about the number 26,I can show you where he coded it.


It's in the second tweet of April 15 2019,the day of the Notre Dame fire.Img7 It was posted 46 minutes after the first one and says at one point:"No Collusion,No Obstruction".Why didn't he capitalize everything?It's a hint we need to group the capital letters like this:NC=17 and NO=29.We get the number 1729.What happened that year on April 15?We learn here that Bach's"Saint Matthew Passion"was performed on 15 April 1729 in the famous Saint Thomas Church in Leipzig.Saint Thomas?Peruvian Coffee for those who remembered his statue in Notre Dame was replaced by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc during the restorations ordered by King Louis Philippe!We deduce that roughly 7 hours before the fire,the Maestro was already talking about Notre Dame!Hahaha!

这是2019415日的第二条推特,也就是巴黎圣母院火灾的那天。Img7在第一封邮件发出46分钟后贴出,上面一度写道:"没有勾结,没有阻碍"。他为什么不把一切都变成大写呢?这是一个提示,我们需要将大写字母分组如下:NC= 17 NO= 29。我们得到了数字1729。那年415日发生了什么?我们从这里得知,巴赫的《圣马太受难曲》于1729415日在莱比锡著名的圣多马教堂演出。圣托马斯?在路易斯菲利普国王下令修复的时候,秘鲁咖啡被维欧勒··杜克取代了,这是为那些还记得圣母院雕像的人准备的!我们推断,大约在大火发生前7小时,这位大师已经在谈论巴黎圣母院了!哈哈哈!

But there is more.


Bach's St Matthew Passion sets chapters 26 and 27 of the Gospel of Matthew in the Luther Bible to music.26 and 27?That's it.Bach knew exactly what he was doing:he knew music was a tool that could be used to open portals between dimensions and therefore"import"spiritual entities in our realm.If you ponder upon Prophet David's gift for music and those who receive their inspiration from the same divine source,you'll realize this vibration/portal principal is neutral,like all principals.It's up to mankind to use waves to cook or to kill his brother…




Do you see the ultimate message in the picture in Q3106 and why it's connected to the fire in Q1906?I told you that Moses'staff was about the Ultimate Divine Function ruling over the Fourier transform and that the Burning Bush is the template mankind should use to build its communication infrastructure.When do you think we will be ready to debate on these things?

你看到图片中 Q3106的最终信息了吗?为什么它与 Q1906的火灾有关?我告诉过你,摩西的工作人员是关于统治傅里叶变换的终极神圣功能和燃烧的灌木是人类应该用来建立其通信基础设施的模板。你认为我们什么时候才能准备好讨论这些问题?

Did you know praising God opens portals for Angels?


Those we fight know this principle very well but they prefer to praise Satan and focus on the vibrations that will open portals for demons video.



[dplayer url="https://www6.laqddcc.com/hls/2019/04/30/TGKaI3RM/playlist.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]






I have just shared why it is important for them that we are unable to praise God accurately.Now you know why they have to control the architecture of places of worship and why they like to alter Books with true spiritual knowledge,translate them in certain manners,hide them and make it difficult for us to understand the spiritual world.Image search"Spirit",this is what you get:Img8.Did you know all intoxications were a type of possession?This is why you get this for“Spirits”:Img9.For those who will justify these results with the argument that spirits cannot be seen naturally,ask them to explain why the result for“demons”is this:Img10.


This April 15 tweet was one of the most fun I've had decoding.The Maestro managed to include various topics like history,religion,math and metaphysics in just 4 capital letters!Now,for those who will challenge this 1729 and claim we are cherry-picking and overthinking it,ask them if it's a coincidence this tweet came 17+29=46 minutes after the first one…


There is more.


Bach was a Lutheran and we all know how Martin Luther exposed the Vatican on how it was willing to change the dogma to fit its needs for wealth and power at the expense of poor and ignorant believers.The 86th of his 95 Thesesreads:"Again,Why does not the pope,whose wealth is today greater than the wealth of the richest Crassus,build this one basilica of St.Peter with his own money rather than with the money of poor believers?"


Now you know why the Maestro pulled in Johann Sebastian Bach in this amazing riddle and why he tweeted this.If Martin Luther were still among us,how many times do you think his 95 Theses would have been re-tweeted after the Notre Dame fire?


With what you now know about what really happened in Notre Dame,do you see the real reason the Maestro brought the Pope next to Rothschild Macron in this tweet?


We already went through the Media/Clown connection.Are you ready for the Vatican/Clown connection to close the triangle?

我们已经通过了 media/clown 连接。你准备好接受梵蒂冈/小丑关闭三角关系了吗?

It's right here:


Q1021 List the estimated wealth of religious organizations.Billions.Vatican bank.$229B.Board of Superintendence.Supervisory Commission of Cardinals.Clown connection.1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See.Q



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