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(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

By James Gilliland

作者: James Gilliland

December 30, 2021 | Issue 20


Have you figured it out yet? The global elite, billionaire eugenicist have teamed up with the CCP, The Communist China Party to take down America. America must fall to usher in the New World Order. Their motto is order through chaos. They have infiltrated almost every aspect of government with bribes and blackmail. They created and funded the gain of function research that created the pandemic and have been very vocal about population reduction goals. To be specific in their own words they want 13 out of 14 people dead as written in their doctrines and on the Georgia Guide Stones.


(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰
(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰
(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

What is unfolding has been written in detail previously in their game plan. The covid and all the variants were known and written about verbatim years before they appeared.


(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

The real pandemic and threat is not covid which has a 99.98% recovery rate, it is in the experimental gene therapies, a witches brew of carcinogens, toxins along with an operating system that can be accessed externally. There are actually three different vaccines so as to maintain a healthy group to say I got the vaccine and had no side effects. One was a saline solution, the other the MRNA gene therapy, the third was the kill shot. The booster shots will eventually finish off the survivors, they are on a timer. Have you researched what is in the vaccine? Why do the vaccine companies want the information of what’s in the vaccine sealed for 75 years? Why are the triple vaccinated flooding into the hospitals with covid and variants? Why do the triple vaccinated have to wear masks? Why do they ignore herd immunity that has already occurred when the unvaccinated that came down with covid have 13 times stronger immune system than those vaccinated including protection from the variants.

真正的流行病和威胁不是有99.98% 恢复率的因果关系,而是实验性的基因疗法,一种女巫酿造的致癌物质,毒素以及一个可以从外部访问的操作系统。实际上有三种不同的疫苗,以保持一个健康的群体,说我接种了疫苗,没有副作用。一种是生理盐水,另一种是 MRNA 基因疗法,第三种是致命一枪。助推器会最终结束幸存者,他们是一个计时器。你研究过疫苗里有什么成分吗?为什么疫苗公司想知道疫苗密封了75年的内容?为什么三重疫苗接种者大量涌入含有covid和变异体的医院?为什么三联疫苗接种者必须佩戴口罩?为什么他们忽视群体免疫已经发生时,未接种疫苗的人与接种疫苗的人相比,免疫系统强13倍,包括对变异的保护。

Did you know China owns the WHO and the United Nations? The CDC, the NIH and the FDA are run by the vaccine companies who own and profit from patents on covid and the treatments. These organizations are revolving doors for China backed CEOs, and CEOs of big pharma. Did you know the CCP shares a lab in Wuhan china where gain of function, bioweapons are created financed by the NIH with your taxpaying dollars? All evidence points to gain of function research at the Wuhan lab is where the pandemic originated. Whistle blowers in China and America with firsthand knowledge and top officials in the alphabet agencies have made this clear. Some regardless of death threats. Did you know the protocols for treatment, remdesivir and ventilators are a death sentence falling right into the depopulation agenda? Did you know they packed the rest homes and senior care facilities with people infected with covid. They are still using remdesivir receiving huge kickbacks from big pharma which has a 30% fatality rate? Now they are asking to use remdesivir for all the elderly as pre covid treatments. How can you make sense out of any of this without factoring in some kind of maniacal plan that goes far beyond incompetence into the realm of genocide?

你知道中国拥有世界卫生组织和联合国吗?美国疾病控制与预防中心、国立卫生研究院和美国食品药品监督管理局都是由疫苗公司经营的,这些公司拥有并从卵巢炎和治疗的专利中获利。这些组织对于中国支持的首席执行官和大型制药公司的首席执行官来说是旋转门。你知道中共在中国武汉有一个实验室,在那里获得功能,生物武器是由美国国家卫生研究院用你纳税的钱创造的吗?所有的证据都表明,在武汉实验室进行的功能研究是流感大流行的源头。中国和美国拥有第一手资料的举报人和字母系统机构的高级官员已经明确了这一点。有些人不顾死亡威胁。你知道治疗方案吗,瑞德斯韦尔和呼吸机是一个死刑判决,正好落入人口减少议程?你知道吗,他们在养老院和老年护理机构里挤满了感染了结肠炎的人。他们还在使用雷姆德斯韦,从致死率高达30% 的大型制药公司那里收取巨额回扣?现在他们要求对所有的老年人使用 remdesivir 作为covid前期治疗。如果不考虑某种远远超出能力范围的疯狂计划,进入种族灭绝的领域,你怎么能理解这一切?

(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Did you know Yaweh is written in your DNA? It is the temple within. Did you know the MRNA in the experimental gene therapies invades and alters your DNA? Did you know the majority of the global elite are Satanic/Luciferians with trans-human agendas? If you take the jab you are no longer human, you fall under their patents. Have you wondered why you cannot get these agencies to protect the people, give the true statistics on vaccine injuries and deaths, why the news is covering this all up, mainstream and social media? Do you know why they are censoring the lead scientists in the vaccine companies, Noble prizewinning scientists, frontline doctors and nurses that are going public with the censored crippling and deadly consequences of these vaccines? The very makers of the vaccines are screaming do not get them, the inventor of the PCR test said do not use it due to a 90% false positive as admitted by the CDC. Hospitals were given bonuses to write covid-19 as the cause of death, paid to prescribe remdesivir and ventilators. The cold and flu season disappeared, heart attacks, stokes, cancer all mysteriously disappeared falsely labeled as covid deaths.

你知道Yaweh是写在你的 DNA 里的吗?它是内在的神庙。你知道实验性基因疗法中的 MRNA 入侵并改变你的 DNA 吗?你知道全球大多数精英都是有跨性别议程的撒旦/路西法派吗?如果你接受了注射,你就不再是人类,你就会落入他们的专利之下。你有没有想过为什么你不能让这些机构来保护人民,给出疫苗伤亡的真实统计数据,为什么新闻报道这一切,主流和社会媒体?你知道他们为什么要审查疫苗公司的主要科学家,诺布尔获奖的科学家,第一线的医生和护士,他们正在公开审查这些疫苗的致残和致命后果吗?正是疫苗的制造者们在尖叫着不要使用它们,PCR 检测的发明者说,不要使用它,因为疾病控制中心承认90% 的假阳性。医院得到了奖金,可以写2019冠状病毒疾病作为死因,可以花钱开雷德斯维尔和呼吸机。感冒和流感季节消失了,心脏病发作,中风,癌症都神秘地消失了,错误地贴上了因发热死亡的标签。

Did you know the mandated vaccine is experimental and not approved by the FDA, the approved version is not out yet? Did you know to coheres or force medical procedures is in direct opposition to the Nuremberg Codes, the Constitution, International laws and treaties. Would that fall under conspiracy to commit murder, premeditated murder, genocide, sedition or treason? Are those who coheres or force the mandates immune from the Nuremberg trials, do they fall under the same immunity of the vaccine companies or are they liable? Those coercing and forcing mandates are liable under the law and have no immunity! Did you know the vaccine company’s immunity is based on no willful misconduct? Would keeping safe, effective, inexpensive early treatments away from the public fall under willful misconduct? Would the prior knowledge of crippling and deadly side effects, paying politicians, governors and school boards to force the mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns, destroying small businesses and the economy fall under willful misconduct, child endangerment, conspiracy to commit murder, treason? Have these politicians, governors, school boards, accepted money from China, the global elite, misappropriated government funds like Project Care which has already misappropriated or found missing 100 billion dollars? How many politicians are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? Have the majority of the democrats, some republicans engaged in decisions and actions extremely detrimental to America, is there collusion?

你知道强制性的疫苗是实验性的,没有得到 FDA 的批准,批准的版本还没有出来吗?你知道吗,强制医疗程序与纽伦堡法典、宪法、国际法和条约是背道而驰的。这是否属于谋杀、谋杀、种族灭绝、煽动叛乱或叛国罪的范畴?那些连贯或强制执行纽伦堡审判控制和预防中心命令的人是否具有免疫力,他们是否与疫苗公司具有同样的免疫力,或者他们是否负有责任?那些胁迫和强迫任务依法负有责任,没有豁免权!你知道疫苗公司的免疫力是基于没有故意的不当行为吗?保持安全、有效、廉价的早期治疗远离公众是否属于故意的不当行为?先前对致残和致命副作用的了解,付钱给政客、州长和学校董事会,迫使他们强制要求戴面具和接种疫苗,关闭学校,摧毁小型企业和经济,这些会不会落入故意不端行为、危害儿童、密谋谋杀、叛国之下?这些政客,州长,学校董事会,是否接受了来自中国,全球精英的钱,挪用了政府资金,比如已经挪用或发现丢失了1000亿美元的救助计划?有多少政客在疫苗公司投入了大量资金?是否大多数民主党人,一些共和党人参与了对美国极为不利的决策和行动,是否存在共谋?

Defunding and firing police, firefighters, first responders, doctors and nurses during an extreme crime wave and pandemic makes no sense unless you want total chaos and to destroy the very foundation of America. Is coercing and forcing young soldiers to get a vaccine with crippling and deadly side effects who are at little risk in the best interest of national security especially having no idea of the long-term risks? Let’s apply the same logic to children who are at little risk of getting it and almost zero risk of dying from it. The children merely are a category on the vaccine companies charts to add to their already billions in profits. What happened to the military leaders who have sworn an oath to protect the people and the constitution, in charge of keeping the troops healthy and fit, on the ready? What happened to the Hippocratic oath, has the allegiance shifted from the patient to the vaccine companies, big pharma, profit driven science?


What if officials are informed and continue to coerce and mandate masks, experimental non approved vaccines would that fall under sedition and treason? What would grounding our military pilots due to blood clots do to our national security, the ability to travel with commercial pilots? Has the CCP vaccinated all their troops and pilots with the same vaccines? They have not.


Have you connected all the dots yet? If you knew the original plan which was made public redundantly by the global elite it is very easy to connect the dots and understand what is unfolding. Some will never connect the dots, continue in denial and march lockstep willingly or in ignorance to their own enslavement and demise. Some will take their children with them.


(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

The freedom loving Americans and their constitution stand directly in the way of the New or One World orders plans for world domination and control. This included extreme population control. The majority of the global elite are Satanic/Luciferians, a death cult which explains their lack of empathy and moral fiber. They care nothing for you, your children, or the future. They lust for power and wealth at any expense and desire total domination, total control, chaos and abject poverty. Order out of chaos. Their God, Satan or Lucifer reveals in pain, suffering and death and demands it from his followers.


Now you can think of what was the unthinkable, the unimaginable and understand what is unfolding in front of your very eyes. They have infiltrated and control the highest levels of government, the music and movie industry, hospitals and health industries, mainstream and social media with their independent fact checkers and censorship. Did you know the independent fact checker most used, are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? They were forced to admit in court they don’t use facts and their facts are just bias opinions. Wait till it is made known how many high-ranking politicians, leaders in business, icons in the music and movie industries, even religious institutions are connected to Epstein. Child sacrifice, trafficking, pedophilia, is epidemic. The Weiner and Hunter Biden lap tops are undeniable proof of this. Where are they?


(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

In summation history be told a group of billionaire eugenicists created bioweapons followed by what they call vaccines “experimental gene therapies, operating systems filled with carcinogens, deadly toxins, parasites and nanotech, graphene oxide” in a depopulation program lockstep with bribed and blackmailed mainstream and social media politicians and agencies. They used the Care program to further bribe officials including school boards to carry out their mask and vaccine mandates. The critical thinking, research impaired, socially engineered what they call useful idiots marched themselves and their children, “who statistically were never threatened by covid or the variants” in to get jabbed while virtue signaling shaming and attacking the unvaccinated. They demanded the unvaccinated get the jab which has proven to have crippling and deadly side effects and ineffective in protecting against the covid and its variants. The only thing effective concerning the jab is to reduce the population. It is now proven the unvaccinated due to herd immunity which has already kicked in have an immune system 13 times stronger than the unvaccinated with no crippling or deadly side effects. The masks are for compliance and control, an experiment to see how much they can control the masses and who will in ignorance be their brute squad. The virus is .125 microns, the NK95 mask filters out down to .30 microns. Wearing 5 masks is like expecting a chain link fence to stop a fart. Walk out on a cold brisk morning and watch the steam flow through the masks, out the sides, rise and spread rapidly. Research at major universities have proven the masks to be ineffective, the Co2 build up creates brain damage, organ failure, the re-inhalation of toxins and viruses creates bacterial pneumonia and compromises the immune system. There is no real science behind the mask or vaccine mandates, only political profit driven junk science supports the mask and vaccine mandates.


The awakened, the unvaccinated and their children are our last hope for the future if we want to have a future, maintain our God given and Constitutional rights, avoid the abject poverty, water and food shortages, enslavement, plagues and deaths planned for us by the global elite and the CCP. We are going to have to wake up and rise up. Find the courage and impeccable integrity within. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the children. If you have gotten the jab willingly, in ignorance or from coercion forgive yourself and do not wish your mistakes on others. There are solutions to mitigate the damages. As they say in Hawaii, do not comply and resist for the Ohana, the family and the Kieki, the children. Do not do the bidding of the global elite, do not enforce the draconian mandates or comply with them. This is an IQ, courage and an integrity test. How are you doing so far?

如果我们想拥有一个未来,维护上帝赋予我们的权利和宪法赋予我们的权利,避免赤贫、水和粮食短缺、奴役、瘟疫和死亡,那么觉醒者、未接种疫苗的人和他们的孩子是我们对未来的最后希望。我们将不得不醒来,站起来。找到内在的勇气和无可挑剔的正直。如果你不能为自己做这件事,那就为了孩子们。如果你心甘情愿地接受了注射,无知或出于强迫原谅自己,不希望自己的错误发生在别人身上。有减轻损失的办法。正如他们在夏威夷所说的,不要顺从和抵制 Ohana,家庭和 Kieki,孩子们。不要听从全球精英的命令,不要执行严苛的命令,也不要服从命令。这是一个智商,勇气和正直的测试。到目前为止你做得怎么样?

(ECETI 新闻) : 2021年12月30日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

James Gilliland


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