X22报道|第2719集: 中央银行/深度国家陷入叙事,光学和反向通道是重要的

2022年3月8日16:08:51最新动态X22报道|第2719集: 中央银行/深度国家陷入叙事,光学和反向通道是重要的已关闭评论3883阅读模式


X22报道|第2719集: 中央银行/深度国家陷入叙事,光学和反向通道是重要的

Ep. 2719a – Promises Made, Promises Kept, [CB]/[DS] Trapped In Their Narrative

Ep. 2719a-许下的承诺,遵守的承诺,[ CB ]/[ DS ]困在他们的叙述中

Ep. 2719b – It’s About To Happen, Treason, Optics & Backchannels Are Important

Ep. 2719b-即将发生的事情,叛国罪,光学和后台渠道很重要

X22 报告发表于2022年3月7日


The [DS]/[CB] fell right into the patriots trap, fuel prices are moving up, they thought they would be able to use this to convince the people that is the perfect time for the green new deal, it is backfiring.  They are trapped in their narrative. We are witnessing the destruction of the great reset/green new deal.

[ DS ]/[ CB ]正好掉进了爱国者的陷阱,燃料价格正在上涨,他们认为他们能够利用这一点来说服人民,这是绿色新政的最佳时机,但事与愿违。他们被困在自己的叙述中。我们正在目睹大复位/绿色新政的破坏。


The [DS] control over Ukraine is coming to and end, Russia is now producing evidence that there are bio labs in Ukraine and they invaded to stop another bio attack. The narrative in Ukraine is slowly imploding. The [DS] is now panicking and might push a false flag to blame it on Russia. The evidence is about to be released, the indictment will be unsealed. The narrative is being built that Durham and Barr have nothing to do with Trump, everything that is happening is independent of Trump. Optics are important and Backchannels are necessary to bypass the fake news. Soon the people will see the Treason. 



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