X22报告|第2737集: 美联储被迫加快计划,当资产被移除时会发生什么?

2022年3月30日16:35:00揭露宇宙X22报告|第2737集: 美联储被迫加快计划,当资产被移除时会发生什么?已关闭评论525阅读模式

(DS)被曝光,亨特 · 拜登笔记本电脑不会消失,而且现在还牵涉到拜登家族与外国的犯罪活动。特朗普并没有陷害[ DS ]玩家。

X22报告|第2737集: 美联储被迫加快计划,当资产被移除时会发生什么?

Ep. 2737a – The [CB] Is Forced To Accelerate Their Plan, Checkmate

Ep. 2737a – [ CB ]被迫加速他们的计划,将军

Ep. 2737b – What Happens When Assets Are Removed? Exposing The Criminal Syndicate, Define Traitor

Ep. 2737b-当资产被转移时会发生什么? 揭露犯罪集团,定义叛徒

X22 报告发表于2022年3月29日


The people see the [CB] and the Biden administration making the economic situation worse, instead of helping alleviate the problem they are adding to it. The globalist are trapped by what Putin has done. The Fed is now accelerating their plan to raise rates.



The [DS] is being exposed, the Hunter Biden laptop will not go away and it is now implicating the Biden family in criminal activity with foreign nations. Trump has not trapped the [DS] players. They are trying to fight back by going after Trump and others via the J6 fake investigation, this will not end well for them. The patriots are now in the process of removing all assets leaving the [DS] defenseless. The traitors will be brought to justice.

(DS)被曝光,亨特 · 拜登笔记本电脑不会消失,而且现在还牵涉到拜登家族与外国的犯罪活动。特朗普并没有陷害[ DS ]玩家。他们试图通过 j6虚假调查来反击特朗普和其他人,这对他们来说不会有好结果。爱国者们现在正在清除所有资产,使[ DS ]毫无防御能力。叛徒将被绳之以法。


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