2019年10月30日13:02:44警告:反法木偶大师策划“爱国者”屠杀左翼分子以引发反对保守派的暴力起义已关闭评论 38232745字阅读109分9秒

根据多个目击者对 Antifa 在特朗普集会等公共活动中活动的描述,Antifa 正在为一场精心策划的混乱事件”聚集起来”。与此同时,主流媒体加速呼吁将特朗普赶下台或逮捕,流行文化信息爆炸式地呼吁将特朗普捆绑、拷打和/或处决。


(Natural News)Antifa is"mobbing up"for an engineered chaos event,according to multiple eyewitness accounts of Antifa activities at public events such as Trump rallies.This coincides with accelerated mainstream media calls for Trump to be removed from power or arrested,along with an explosion in pop culture messaging that calls for Trump to be hogtied,tortured and/or executed.The coordinated messaging and accelerating George Soros funding of mob-for-hire Antifa terrorists points to an imminent event that will unleash nationwide political,civil and financial chaos from which globalists hope to remove Trump from power(or collapse the United States if Trump survives).

(《自然新闻》)根据多个目击者对 Antifa 在特朗普集会等公共活动中活动的描述,Antifa 正在为一场精心策划的混乱事件"聚集起来"。与此同时,主流媒体加速呼吁将特朗普赶下台或逮捕,流行文化信息爆炸式地呼吁将特朗普捆绑、拷打和/或处决。乔治·索罗斯(George Soros)发出的协调一致的信息,以及他为反法恐怖分子提供的越来越多的资金,表明一个即将发生的事件将在全国范围内引发政治、公民和金融混乱,全球主义者希望借此将特朗普赶下台(或者,如果特朗普活下来,美国就会崩溃)

This analysis is derived from multiple personal interviews,eyewitness accounts,media sources(cited below)and informed familiarity with the history of the communist playbook from which these events are unfolding.Highlights of this analysis:


    A sudden increase in the number of paid Antifa terrorists is now being observed in multiple cities across the United States.

    现在,在美国的许多城市,都可以看到有偿 Antifa 恐怖分子数量的突然增加

    The increased recruitment of Antifa mobs coincides with a coordinated media campaign to incite mass violence against Trump supporters and the President himself.

    在增加招募反法暴徒的同时,一场协调一致的媒体运动也在煽动针对特朗普支持者和总统本人的大规模暴力

    Deep state operatives such as James Clapper and John Brennan—who masterminded the criminal plot to undermine democracy and overrule the 2016 election—are now"lawyering up"as Bill Barr's DOJ actions rapidly approach.This speaks to the desperation and urgency of the deep state to initiate mass chaos within weeks.

詹姆斯克拉珀(James Clapper)和约翰布伦南(John Brennan)等深藏不露的国家间谍——他们策划了破坏民主和否决2016年大选的犯罪阴谋——现在正"请律师",因为比尔巴尔(Bill Barr)的行动正迅速逼近。这说明了深度政府在数周内引发大规模混乱的绝望和紧迫性

    To achieve their goals of a political coup,the unhinged,lawless Left needs a"spark"event to pull the trigger and flip Antifa masses into an enraged,violent mob that will unleash bloodshed on the streets of America.

为了实现政变的目标,精神错乱、无法无天的左派需要一个"火花"事件来扣动扳机,把 Antifa 群众推向一个愤怒、暴力的暴徒,这个暴徒将在美国街头发动流血冲突

    That"spark"event is likely to consist of a massive staged(theatrical)false flag event where high-level Antifa operatives dress up as patriot Trump supporters and slaughter a large number of Antifa protesters.(Charlottesville 2.0)

这一"火花"事件很可能包括一场大规模的假旗事件,Antifa 高层特工打扮成特朗普的爱国者支持者,屠杀大量 Antifa 抗议者。(夏洛茨维尔2.0)

    CNN,as usual,will be tipped off to the upcoming false flag shooting to make sure CNN's cameras capture the event and all its blood and gore.Trump will be blamed for the mass death,and the event will be exploited by the treasonous fake news media to simultaneously demand the arrest or removal of Trump and the immediate nullification of the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment.

像往常一样,CNN 会得到即将到来的假旗枪击事件的消息,以确保 CNN 的摄像机捕捉到这一事件以及所有的血腥和血腥。特朗普将因此次大规模死亡事件受到指责,叛国的假新闻媒体将利用这一事件,同时要求逮捕或罢免特朗普 立即废除美国宪法及其第二修正案

    As this is taking place,globalist financial operators will wage a sell-off war of U.S.currency and U.S.debt in a desperate effort to crash the U.S.banking system,sacrificing New York banks as unavoidable casualties in the war to eliminate Trump and maintain globalist control over not just the United States,but all countries now facing a populist uprising.


Full details below…


President Trump and the DOJ are about to make history by exposing the criminal cartel that has ruled America for decades


To understand the urgency of the effort to remove Trump from power,we must keep in mind that the U.S.government has been,for decades,run by a criminal cartel of intelligence operatives,anti-American globalists and money-laundering grifters.The purpose of government,in the minds of these treasonous actors,boils down to two things:1)control,and 2)profit.The bigger the government,the more money that people like Joe Biden,Mitt Romney,John McCain,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid and others can skim off government revenues.If you thought Joe Biden's shakedown of Ukraine to the tune of over a billion dollars funneled to his son was an aberrant event,think again:They all do it,Republicans and Democrats alike.


But not Trump.


Donald J.Trump made his own fortune,independent from government,and he doesn't view government power as a way to collect a massive personal fortune by selling government influence(i.e.the Clinton Foundation)or threatening foreign nations to dish out large revenue streams to his family members.What Joe Biden did in Ukraine has been repeated countless times by the Clintons(where did all the Haiti relief funds go?)and nearly every other connected politician.Big government is a big scam for the political elite,and the more taxes they can raise from the public to fund various government projects,the more these corrupt elitists can skim money from incoming Treasury revenues by setting up family foundations,"consulting"groups and other shell vehicles for receiving bribes,kickbacks and shakedown cash.


Trump's unwillingness to play along with this grand scam has made him enemy No.1.It's not just about the politics here…to the Democrats,it's about protecting their personal profits.How did Sen.Feinstein become worth hundreds of millions of dollars while"serving"as a California senator?It's simple:She turned her office into a spy hub to feed U.S.secrets and the identities of anti-communist activists directly to Beijing.Feinstein is a traitor,but serving as a traitor in a corrupt system of big government pays off handsomely to those willing to sell out their own country(which now includes the NBA,NFL and ESPN,by the way,on the culture side of things).

特朗普不愿意参与这个大骗局,这让他成了头号敌人。对民主党人来说,这不仅仅是政治问题,更是保护他们个人利益的问题。参议员范斯坦是如何在"服务"加利福尼亚州参议员期间身价数亿美元的?很简单:她把自己的办公室变成了一个间谍中心,直接向北京提供美国机密和反共活动人士的身份信息。范斯坦是个叛徒,但是在一个腐败的大政府体系中充当叛徒,会给那些愿意出卖自己国家的人大笔回报(顺便说一句,在文化方面,现在包括 NBANFL ESPN)

It's no surprise,then,when Nancy Pelosi calls for a communist-style revolution against President Trump.She's protecting her own corrupt skimming operations and money laundering scams.Eliminating Trump and overthrowing the rule of law is the only way corrupt traitors like Pelosi can remain in power and continue to dupe the American people.

因此,当南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)呼吁对特朗普总统进行共产主义式的革命时,就不足为奇了。她在保护她自己腐败的诈骗行为和洗钱的骗局。消灭特朗普和推翻法治是像佩洛西这样的腐败叛徒能够继续掌权并继续欺骗美国人民的唯一途径。

That's why deranged congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is now openly discussing which prisons would be used for imprisoning Trump and his Cabinet officials.It's also why Rep.Adam Schiff's so-called"whistleblower"has now evaporated into obscurity…because Schiff fabricated the existence of the whistleblower in the first place.It was all rigged from the start as another deep state false flag operation against President Trump.

这就是为什么疯狂的国会女议员 Rashida Tlaib 现在公开讨论哪些监狱将被用来关押特朗普和他的内阁官员。这也是为什么 Adam Schiff 所谓的"告密者"现在已经销声匿迹了...因为 Schiff 一开始就捏造了告密者的存在。这一切从一开始就是另一个针对特朗普总统的深州假旗行动。

Mobbing up the left-wing troops in preparation for massive civil unrest following the planned false flag shooting of Antifa members

聚集左翼军队,准备大规模的内乱后,有计划的假旗射击 Antifa 成员

The true puppetmasters in all this are,of course,George Soros and Barack Obama,who was a seditious traitor and"sleeper cell"against America from the very beginning.As InfoWars.com now reports,Antifa has announced a plan to overthrow President Trump by invoking violent,nationwide revolution:

当然,真正的幕后操纵者是乔治索罗斯(George Soros)和巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)。从一开始,奥巴马就是一个煽动叛乱的叛徒和反对美国的"潜伏小组"。正如 infowars 网站现在报道的,Antifa 宣布了一项通过引发暴力的全国性革命来推翻特朗普总统的计划:

The anti-American organization Antifa announced their plan to overthrow President Trump through violent revolution,and the Trump administration finally responded by activating the Marines to prevent a Deep State coup.The violent far-left group is funded in part by billionaire George Soros and Clinton/Obama stay-behind networks such as MoveOn and Onward Together.Universities and the mainstream media readily amplify Antifa's seditious anti-Trump agenda and frequently provide cover for the group's violence toward conservatives.

反美组织"反法"(Antifa)宣布了通过暴力革命推翻特朗普总统的计划,特朗普政府最终做出了回应,动员海军陆战队阻止"深州"政变。这个极左暴力团体的部分资金来自亿万富翁乔治索罗斯(George Soros)和克林顿/奥巴马"留守"网络,比如"前进"(MoveOn)"携手向前"(forward Together)。大学和主流媒体很容易放大反法党煽动性的反特朗普议程,并经常为该组织对保守派的暴力行为提供掩护。

AllNewsPipeline.com,which has emerged as one of the most important new voices in pro-liberty independent media,adds this crucial analysis:

作为支持自由的独立媒体中最重要的新声音之一,allnewspipeline.com 补充了这一至关重要的分析:

Story:"The Blueprint For Democrats To Complete Their Overthrow Of America Is Already Written As Retired Admiral Calls For President Trump To Be'Removed'From Office,'The Sooner,The Better'"


With Retired Admiral William McRaven,a Hillary Clinton fan,publishing an op-ed in Friday's New York Times titled"Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President"within which he argued that President Trump must be removed from office and"the sooner the better"hinting that things could turn terribly ugly in the days and weeks ahead,as Breitbart reports in this story,McRaven's op-ed gives a military imprimatur to what President Donald Trump has already likened to a"coup."

退役海军上将威廉·麦克雷文(William McRaven)是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的粉丝,他在周五的《纽约时报》上发表了一篇名为《我们的共和国正遭受总统的攻击》(Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President)的专栏文章,其中他认为,特朗普总统必须被赶下台,并且"越快越好"地暗示,未来几天和几周,情况可能会变得非常糟糕。正如布莱巴特(Breitbart)在本文中所报道的那样,麦克雷文的专栏文章为军方提

As InfoWars,Natural News,AllNewsPipeline and many others have reported,the United States President has the authority to invoke the 1907 Insurrection Act to deal with traitors and acts of sedition.

正如 InfoWarsNatural Newsallnewspaipeline 和许多其他媒体报道的那样,美国总统有权援引1907年的最高法暴乱案来处理叛徒和煽动叛乱行为。

On October 6 of this year,NewsTarget,our political and current events site,first reported the Pentagon ordering reserve U.S.Marines units to active status in anticipation of an"emergency within the United States"which"will come with little warning."That same order also cited"threats in the Homeland."As that story reported:

今年106日,我们的政治和时事网站 NewsTarget 首先报道了五角大楼命令美国海军陆战队预备役部队进入现役状态,以应对"美国境内的紧急情况",而这种情况"几乎没有预警"同样的命令还提到了"国土安全方面的威胁"正如报道的那样:

[A]directive involving the United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19,signed on Oct.3,2019,authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L.Shipley,Director,Manpower Plans and Policy.This new order is summarized as,"MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES."

2019103日,人力资源计划与政策总监 Daniel l.Shipley 授权,通过 MARADMINS 550/19,签署了涉及海兵队予备役部门的指令。这个新命令被总结为,"海军陆战队奉命服役,国际标准化组织为民事当局提供防卫支持。"

The following newspaper ad,published by the New York Times,typifies the level of hysteria and lawlessness now being parroted by the indoctrinated Left.It also proves how the New York Times is complicit in pushing an illegal,violent coup attempt against Trump and the tens of million of supporters who voted him into office:



All this,of course,is being bankrolled by George Soros.As InfoWars reports:

当然,所有这些都是由乔治索罗斯(George Soros)提供资金的。正如 InfoWars 所报道的:

Soros has activated Antifa for civil unrest during key historical events,such as in 2018 amid Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings,and in Baltimore 2015 during the Freddie Gray protests.The Deep State and their cohorts have been intensifying their coup against Trump in light of Democrats losing grip of their hoaxes against him ahead of 2020.It's clear the establishment plans use Antifa as an ignition point to kick off a larger civil war to overthrow Trump before the 2020 election.


It's not just America,by the way.The globalists want authoritarian control over all people across all nations.As TheMostImportantNews.com reports:

顺便说一句,不仅仅是美国。全球主义者希望对所有国家的所有人民实行独裁统治。纽约 themostimportantnews.com 报道:

All over the globe,the mood is turning sour.Anger and frustration are bubbling over,and protests are becoming violent in major cities all across the planet.In some cases economic pain is driving the protests and in other cases political matters are motivating the protesters,and it has been a very long time since we have seen so many angry protests happening all over the world simultaneously.Unfortunately,many believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning.Global economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating,and as economic pain intensifies that is only going to make everyone more frustrated.And here in the United States,the drama surrounding the potential impeachment of Donald Trump is going to greatly escalate the political tensions that are already deeply dividing this country…and that could very easily lead to tremendous civil unrest.


As TheMostImportantNews.com reports:

纽约 themostimportantnews.com 报道:

All over the globe,the mood is turning sour.Anger and frustration are bubbling over,and protests are becoming violent in major cities all across the planet.In some cases economic pain is driving the protests and in other cases political matters are motivating the protesters,and it has been a very long time since we have seen so many angry protests happening all over the world simultaneously.Unfortunately,many believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning.Global economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating,and as economic pain intensifies that is only going to make everyone more frustrated.And here in the United States,the drama surrounding the potential impeachment of Donald Trump is going to greatly escalate the political tensions that are already deeply dividing this country…and that could very easily lead to tremendous civil unrest.


The"marketing"of a communist revolution and mass violence


Institutions of pop culture are also using public billboards,Netflix shows,TV shows and movies to indoctrinate mentally weak(i.e.easy to brainwash)left-wing masses into marching toward mass violence.As Fox News recently reported,a billboard in Times Square featured a U.S.Marine hog-tying and torturing President Trump.The ad was entitled,"Lady Liberty,"underscoring how radical left-wing communism and violence is now being branded a form of"liberty."(This is also how Satanism and atheism is branded,by the way,as"freedom"from morality and religion.)

流行文化机构也在利用公共广告牌、Netflix 电视节目、电视节目和电影向弱势(易于洗脑)的左翼群众灌输走向大规模暴力的思想。正如福克斯新闻最近报道的那样,时代广场的一个广告牌上有一个美国海军陆战队士兵绑架并折磨特朗普总统的画面。这则广告的标题是"自由女神",强调了激进的左翼共产主义和暴力如何被打上了"自由"的烙印(顺便说一句,这也是撒旦主义和无神论如何被打上"免于道德和宗教的自由"的烙印。)


Just a few months ago,a Hollywood film called,"The Hunt,"featured Trump supporters being hunted and killed for sport.As is often the case,Hollywood fantasizes about violence against conservatives,Christians,gun owners and Trump supporters.Those twisted,violent fantasies are then captured in film scripts that get pushed into mainstream culture.The message from the Left goes something like,"It's okay to kill conservatives,because their words are a form of violence against the rest of us."That's the twisted logic now being pushed everywhere,including across many of America's universities.

就在几个月前,一部名为《狩猎》(The Hunt)的好莱坞电影讲述了特朗普的支持者因为消遣而被猎杀的故事。像往常一样,好莱坞幻想着对保守派、基督徒、枪支拥有者和特朗普支持者的暴力。那些扭曲的、暴力的幻想在电影剧本中被捕捉,然后被推入主流文化。来自左派的信息大概是这样的:"杀死保守派是可以的,因为他们的话是对我们其他人的一种暴力形式。"这种扭曲的逻辑现在被推广到各个地方,包括美国的许多大学。

Here's a screen shot from"The Hunt":



And then there's Kathy Griffin,whose depictions of extreme violence against a sitting U.S.President have made her a hero among deranged Leftists.When Griffin held up a bloodied,decapitated(mock)head of President Trump,she was virtue signaling to the entire country that,"It's okay to murder Trump,because orange man bad."



Finally,don't forget Antifa's"Border Resistance Tour"posted which depicts the burning of the American flag,mass violence in the streets,civil unrest,the burning of vehicles,dead patriots shot by arrows,a security tower being burned to the ground with arson,illegal aliens bursting through a border wall fence,Molotov cocktails being thrown at border patrol infrastructure,and much more:

最后,不要忘记 Antifa "边界抵抗之旅",其中描述了焚烧美国国旗、街头大规模暴力、内乱、焚烧车辆、被箭射死的爱国者、纵火烧毁一座安全塔、非法外国人冲破边界围墙、向边界巡逻基础设施投掷燃烧瓶等等


These open depictions of violence against President Trump and his supporters are,of course,widely accepted by Democrat politicians,the left-wing media and left-wing activists,none of whom ever seem to denounce such depictions of violence against Trump.Yet if similar depictions had been made against President Obama during his two terms,the left-wing media would have exploded with accusations of"extremism"and"domestic terrorism."


As usual,when the Left calls for violence,there is no outcry.If anything,there's a piling onas more anti-Trump fervor is whipped up by the anti-Trump media such as CNN,now exposed by Project Veritas as Jeff Zucker's personal propaganda attack rag that has but one purpose:To eliminate Trump from power(and maybe just kill him in the process).

像往常一样,当左派呼吁使用暴力时,没有人反对。如果说有什么区别的话,那就是,随着 CNN 等反特朗普的媒体煽动起更多的反特朗普热情,这种热情也越来越高涨。如今,真理计划(Project Veritas) CNN 曝光为杰夫·扎克(Jeff Zucker)的个人宣传攻击,目的只有一个:让特朗普下台(或许还会在这个过程中杀了他。

Jussie Smollett times a thousand


All this points to globalists and puppetmasters indoctrinating the public with mass hatred and anger in preparation for an engineered event.This event must be so gruesome,so violent and so emotionally charged that it will cause Leftists to spontaneously combust into mass violence against conservatives and Trump supporters.


In effect,globalists are planning a left-wing 9/11-scale event that will set off Leftists and provide CNN and the fake news media a narrative of blame against Trump and his supporters.

实际上,全球主义者正在策划一场左翼的"9/11"事件,它将激怒左翼分子,并为 CNN 和假新闻媒体提供指责特朗普及其支持者的叙述。

Think Jussie Smollett times a thousand.With Leftists and globalists,it's always about staging mass killings to blame their political opponents.


Charlottesville 2.0.


Here's what an analysis of all this concludes is coming:


The staging of a"patriot"slaughter of Antifa protesters

Antifa 示威者的"爱国者"屠杀

After careful analysis of all the possible false flag events,we've concluded that the event with the most emotional energy which would unleash mass left-wing violence against Trump supporters and conservatives would be a staged"patriot"mass slaughter of Antifa protesters.

在仔细分析了所有可能出现的假旗事件之后,我们得出结论,这个情绪最激动的事件会对特朗普的支持者和保守派发动大规模的左翼暴力,这将是一场对 Antifa 抗议者的"爱国者"大屠杀。

The"patriots"doing the shooting,of course,will all be actors augmented by the same deep state shooters who are routinely run by the FBI to carry out mass shootings like the El Paso Wal-Mart event,which was all about bringing gun control to Texas.

当然,实施枪击的"爱国者"都将是演员,还会有同样的深州枪手,他们经常被联邦调查局(FBI)用来实施大规模枪击,比如埃尔帕索·沃尔玛(El Paso Wal-Mart)事 件,这一切都是为了将枪支管制引入德克萨斯州。

The FBI,as we have exhaustively documented with the help of the New York Times and the Kansas City Star(see below),is the single most prolific terrorism engineering organization in America,and its operatives have taken part in literally thousands of planned terrorism events that have been staged to ensnare homeless people,drug users and others who are targeted by the FBI for staged take downs.


See this important story on FBIcorruption.news:"BOMBSHELL:Mass shooting events follow pattern of"FBI terror plots"documented by the New York Times…agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence."From the story,which cites the NYT and the Kansas City Star:


The mass shooting events that have rocked America over the past two days follow the pattern of"FBI terror plots"documented by the New York Times and the Kansas City Star(see sources,below)as being created and carried out by FBI agents.These two shootings were initiated in the hours following the bombshell revelation that the FBI conspired with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to destroy Clinton's email hard drives as a means to eliminate any evidence of Hillary Clinton's prosecutable crimes.

过去两天震惊美国的大规模枪击事件遵循了《纽约时报》和《堪萨斯城星报》(Kansas City Star)记载的"FBI 恐怖阴谋"模式(见下文消息来源),即 FBI 特工制造并实施的模式。这两起枪击案发生的几个小时前,爆炸性的消息披露,美国联邦调查局与希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和奥巴马政府合谋销毁希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的电子邮件硬盘,以消除希拉里·克林顿可以起诉的罪行的任何证据。

Former FBI director James Comey is now known to have run multiple criminal schemes to illegally frame Trump administration officials while clearing Obama-era officials as part of a treasonous deep state plot to overthrow the United States of America,defeat President Trump and frame Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

据悉,前联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米(James Comey)运作了多项犯罪计划,非法陷害特朗普政府官员,同时清除奥巴马时代的官员,以此作为一个背信弃义的国家阴谋的一部分,该阴谋旨在推翻美利坚合众国,打败特朗普总统,

It now appears abundantly obvious that the FBI is the most prolific terrorist organization in America,and this fact has been confirmed by the New York Times.Under the treasonous command of Barack Obama and James Comey,the FBI was radicalized and weaponized into a treasonous crime syndicate that routinely plotted and carried out acts of terrorism against the United States of America,all while covering up the damning evidence of criminality and treason that should have sent Hillary Clinton to prison.


Even the New York Times accidentally admitted all this.See the New York Times article,Terrorist Plots,Hatched by the F.B.I.


A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol;a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh,N.Y.;and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.


But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I.,whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile,fake C-4 explosives,a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training.Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.

但所有这些戏剧性事件都得到了联邦调查局(fbi)的协助。联邦调查局的卧底特工和告密者冒充恐怖分子,提供假的 C-4炸药、解除武装的自杀式背心和基本训练。犯罪嫌疑人在被捕之前一直在玩弄手段。

"There has been a clear effort to manufacture plots."


In case you have trouble believing that the New York Times reported on the FBI running terror plots,across the United States,here's a screen shot of their article,linked above:

如果你不相信《纽约时报》报道了 FBI 在美国各地策划恐怖阴谋,这里是他们文章的截屏,链接如下:


It's also the Kansas City Star,too.Although they modified their article since we began covering their reporting,it's still worth reading:


The Kansas City Star:FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots—but often plots of the agency's own making.


"What I get concerned about is where the plot is being hatched by the FBI,"said Michael German,a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice and former FBI agent."There has been a clear effort to manufacture plots."

布伦南司法中心研究员、前联邦调查局特工迈克尔·格尔曼(Michael German)说,"我担心的是,这个阴谋是从哪里酝酿出来的。""制造阴谋的努力是显而易见的。"

Of 126 Islamic State-related cases prosecuted by federal authorities across the country since 2014,nearly two-thirds involved undercover agents or informants,according to the Center on National Security at the Fordham University School of Law in New York.



Here's my detailed analysis of the FBI's terror plots and how the FBI is actively plotting to take down President Trump by conspiring with deep state traitors such as James Comey,Hillary Clinton,John Brennan and Andrew McCabe:


How the FBI,CNN,deep state operatives,George Soros and Antifa terrorists will stage a mass slaughter of Antifa's own people

联邦调查局、美国有线电视新闻网、深度国家特工、乔治·索罗斯和 Antifa 恐怖分子将如何大规模屠杀安蒂法自己的人民

Here's how all this is likely to be rolled out,step by step:


1)A very large number of Antifa"protesters"will be summoned to a public event such as a Trump campaign rally.

1)大量的 Antifa"抗议者"将被召集到一个公共活动中,比如特朗普的竞选集会。

2)A group of high-level Antifa terrorists and FBI terrorist operatives will dress up in MAGA hats and patriotic-looking garb(American flags,Trump bumper stickers,etc.).

2)一群高级反法恐怖分子和联邦调查局恐怖分子将穿上 MAGA 帽子和爱国主义装束(美国国旗,特朗普保险杠贴纸等)

3)They will be extremely well armed with AR-15s,many of which will have been"homemade"guns manufactured from 80%lowers,likely using either 3D printers or Ghost Gunner machines.Some will also be wearing ballistic vests.(Remember,all the gear is being chosen to be demonized by the media after the slaughter.)

3)他们将配备极为精良的 ar-15步枪,其中许多是所用材料下降80%"自制"枪支,很可能使用3 d 打印机或 Ghost Gunner 机器。一些人还将身穿防弹背心。(记住,所有的装备都会在屠杀后被媒体妖魔化。)

4)CNN cameras will be prepositioned to capture the planned bloodshed from multiple angles in order to maximize the psychological terrorism that will be inflicted upon the American people after the event unfolds.

4)CNN 的摄像机将事先从多个角度捕捉计划中的流血事件,以最大化事件发生后美国人民将遭受的心理恐怖主义。

5)A small number of scapegoats will be recruited by the FBI,and they will be hard-core Trump supporters,readers of InfoWars.com and likely members of the NRA.These individuals will be told that they are joining a secret Trump protection effort that will protect the President from Antifa violence.Alex Jones publicly predicted this exact scenario in a recent InfoWars broadcast,by the way.

5)联邦调查局将招募一小部分替罪羊,他们将是特朗普的铁杆支持者、infowars 网站的读者以及全国步枪协会的可能成员。这些人将被告知,他们正在加入特朗普的秘密保护行动,以保护总统免受 Antifa 暴力的伤害。顺便说一句,亚历克斯·琼斯在最近的 InfoWars 广播中公开预测了这个确切的场景。

6)The FBI will use its deep state intelligence capabilities to augment a pro-Trump back story on social media,tied to the scapegoats.This will be used after the attack to call for more censorship of conservatives online.(Remember,everything is being"packaged"to blame the correct political opponents and strip away rights from law-abiding Americans who support Trump.)


7)At the event,the scapegoats will be unleashed along with highly trained shooters and deep state operatives to open fire on a group of Antifa supporters.The attack will feature rapid gunfire,many AR-15 rifles,multiple high-capacity magazines(which the rest of us just call"standard capacity,"by the way)and plenty of bloodshed.CNN's cameras will capture everything from multiple angles,seemingly by coincidence.Just like the Roger Stone raid.

7)在这次事件中,替罪羊将与训练有素的枪手和深层政府特工一起被释放出来,向一群 Antifa 的支持者开火。这次袭击将包括激烈的枪声、许多 AR-15步枪、多个大容量弹夹(顺便说一句,我们其他人称之为"标准容量")和大量的流血。的摄像机将从多个角度捕捉一切,似乎是巧合。就像罗杰·斯通的突袭一样。

8)Federal agents will magically manage to shoot and kill only the patriot scapegoats,who of course have been recruited for exactly this purpose.All the real shooters will get away,but the scapegoats will be either killed and left at the scene or captured and then drugged into oblivion so they can never testify(same pattern as the Aurora,Colorado Batman theater shooting,remember?Every heard from that guy?Nope…)


9)Narrative booster item(from the point of view of the Left):A left-wing journalist gets caught in the crossfire(actually taken out by an FBI sniper)so that the Left can claim Trump supporters are trying to"murder journalists."

9)叙事助推器(从左翼人士的角度来看):一名左翼记者被夹在交火中(实际上是被一名 FBI 狙击手干掉的),这样左翼人士就可以声称特朗普的支持者试图"谋杀记者"

10)With the mass slaughter of Antifa protesters complete,here's the narrative the media will roll out:

10)随着对 Antifa 抗议者的大规模屠杀的结束,以下是媒体将要推出的报道:

    Trump is evil and it's all his fault.


    Antifa protesters are peaceful victims of Trump-inspired violence.


    All Trump supporters are violent gun nuts who carry out mass murder.


    All guns are bad,but especially the homemade AR-15 that was found at the scene,which was made from an 80%lower that was milled out with a Ghost Gunner machine.What an amazing coincidence!

所有的枪都是劣质的,尤其是在现场发现的自制 AR-15,这种手枪是用一台 Ghost Gunner 机器加工出来的,它比手枪低80%。多么惊人的巧合啊

    Civilians should never be allowed to own or purchase ballistic vests,because the"patriot"shooter was wearing one.


    All journalists must be protected from Trump and his supporters so that courageous journalists on CNN can continue to"resist"tyranny and the Trump regime.

必须保护所有记者不受特朗普及其支持者的伤害,以便 CNN 勇敢的记者能够继续"抵制"暴政和特朗普政权

    Ammunition is bad,since ammunition was used to carry out the murders.Look for California-style ammo restrictions to go nationwide.


    MAGA hats are terrorist symbols,and anyone who wears a MAGA hat is a terrorist and should be violently attacked on site,and it's okay to do so.Maga

帽子是恐怖分子的象征,任何戴 MAGA 帽子的人都是恐怖分子,应该在现场受到暴力袭击,这样做是正常的

    The only way to save America from violent Trump supporters is to have a nationwide uprising of"peaceful,tolerant"Leftists(who will of course proceed to carry out their own mass murder,arson,bombings,looting,etc.,all in the name of"tolerance.")


And there you have it.Tomorrow's news today,as InfoWars advertises.

现在你知道了。明天的新闻,正如 InfoWars 所宣传的那样。

It has all the elements the Left wants to explode into mass consciousness:Anti-Trump hatred,gun control,CNN playing the victim,home made gun parts,censorship of conservatives and much more.All wrapped up into a nice,tidy burrito bowl of bulls##t,courtesy of the FBI,CNN and the same deep state that has been running these staged events throughout U.S.history,including the deep state assassination of JFK,MLK and RFG,plus Waco,Oklahoma City,Ruby Ridge and 9/11.

它拥有左派想要爆发成为大众意识的所有元素:反特朗普的仇恨、枪支管制、CNN 扮演受害者、自制枪支零件、保守派的审查制度等等。感谢联邦调查局(FBI)、美国有线电视新闻网(CNN),以及在整个美国历史上一直在策划这些事件的深州,包括肯尼迪(JFK)、马丁·路德·(MLK)和肯尼迪航空公司(RFG)的深州暗杀事件,以及韦科、俄克拉荷马城(Oklahoma City)、鲁比·里奇(Ruby Ridge)9/

They're not even close to being done pulling false flags to get what they want,by the way.As Tulsi Gabbard accurately says,Hillary Clinton and these deep staters now represent the"rot"of the Democrat power establishment,and there's no one they won't kill to continue their lust for power and criminal profit schemes that siphon public money into their own corrupt pockets.

顺便说一句,他们甚至还没有完成为了得到他们想要的东西而制造假象的工作。正如图尔西盖博德(Tulsi Gabbard)准确地指出的那样,希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和这些有权有势的人现在代表着民主党权力机构的"腐败",他们不会不杀任何人来继续他们对权力的渴望,以及将公共资金吸入他们自己腐败口袋的犯罪利润计划。

There's a slaughter coming.When it happens,it will be 100%staged.Hence the need for Big Tech to censor all conservatives before"the big one"is unleashed.They must control the narrative and silence all dissenting views or independent analysis.


Where to find the truth when it all comes down


Now,more than ever,you need to know the websites where you'll find independent,accurate news analysis,videos and free speech.Some of those sites are:


VIDEO SITES:Brighteon.com and Banned.video are both independently-run video platforms where the truth about false flag operations is routinely exposed.You can post your own videos on Brighteon.com right now.Lisa Haven's channel is especially popular there.

视频网站:brighteon bannet.VIDEO 都是独立运行的视频平台,在这些平台上,虚假标志操作的真相经常被曝光。你现在就可以在 brighteon 网站上发布自己的视频。丽莎·海文的频道在那里特别受欢迎。

NEWS aggregation sites:Read Censored.news,SteveQuayle.com or TheLibertyMill.comfor news aggregation.(Censored.news now spiders SHTFplan.com,AllNewsPipeline,InfoWars,PJ Media,The Epoch Times and dozens of other sites.)

新闻聚合网站:阅读 censored.NEWSstevequayle.com thelibertymill.com 新闻聚合。(Censored.news now spiders SHTFplan.comAllNewsPipelineInfoWarsPJ MediaThe Epoch Times 和许多其他网站)

INDY MEDIA news sites that must be checked daily include TheGatewayPundit.com,InfoWars.com,TheEpochTimes.com,NewsTarget.com,TheCommonSenseShow.com and many more.(Apologies to all,since this is not a comprehensive list.)

必须每天检查的 INDY 媒体新闻网站包括 thegatewaypundit.cominfowars.comtheepochtimes.comnewstarget.comthecommonsenseshow.com 等等。(向所有人道歉,因为这不是一个全面的清单。)

Stay informed,and understand these simple,powerful truths:


    The mainstream media is dead.There is no"journalism"at CNN,the NYT or The Washington Post.They are all,without exception,propaganda rags working running propaganda the CIA.


    The tech giants are openly engaged in treason to overthrow America and rig the 2020 election.It's time for Trump to arrest the CEOs of the biggest tech giants,seize their domain names and shut them down until they agree to stop censoring conservatives.


    The deep state is desperate,knowing they are about to be exposed by Durham,Barr and the DOJ efforts.There's nothing they won't try,including the possible use of dirty bombs or"area weapons"such as biological or chemical weapons.


    This is all being run by the CIA,which specialized in overthrowing nations and carrying out political coups.Only now,they're doing it to America.


As Paul Craig Roberts recently said in a video interview:


There will be a big crash before the election,and people will blame Trump.That's about how smart Americans are.Now,there is one constraint for the Fed doing that because the Fed is a tool of the New York banks.If they crash the economy,they are going to crash those New York banks.That's the only restraint on the elites.That's their ultimate nuke.If they can't get him out,they will say,okay,we are going to bring down the economy and too bad for the New York Banks,or they will find some special way to bail them out while everything else goes:the pension funds,the hedge funds,the mutual funds.They will wipe us out in order to get rid of Trump.


Get ready,folks.This may be the end of America if we don't stand up against these FBI terrorists,deep state traitors and globalist puppetmasters.


Never initiate violence,but be ready to stop it.


And never,ever believe a single damn thing reported by the media.They do nothing but lie.





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