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For FWC-Channel,by Peter B.Meyer–9th of September 2021

作者:Peter b.Meyer 202199

History is littered with false flag operations,some of which have already been admitted by governments.Others are now known facts,for example the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912,the sinking of the luxury liner Lusitania in 1915,and the Pearl Harbour attack in 1941 are some of the earlier false flag operations.More recent is the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11,2001,which was extensively reported in the media on CNN and BBC on the instructions of the Deep State in order to create maximum fear.

历史上充斥着假旗操作,其中一些已经被政府所承认。其他已知事实,例如1912年泰坦尼克号处女航沉没,1915年豪华邮轮卢西塔尼亚号沉没,以及1941年珍珠港袭击事件,都是早期的一些假旗行动。最近的是2001911日纽约双子塔的倒塌,媒体在 CNN BBC 上广泛报道了深层政府的指示,以制造最大的恐惧。

The Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan trio made themselves the masters of money first in Europe and later in America by introducing government-sanctioned private,central banks in England,France,Germany,the Netherlands,Italy and Austria.They had no intention of letting anyone stand in the way of their great trophy in America.


The sinking of the Titanic in 1914 was deliberately created and orchestrated by this cartel to ignore the strongly expressed opposition to their plans by Benjamin Guggenheim,Isa Strauss and Jacob Astor,who were deliberately murdered as non-survivors of this tragedy.


In 1898,Morgan Robertson wrote a book entitled"Wreck of the Titanic"about a luxury liner deemed unsinkable that sailed too fast in April in the North Atlantic and hit an iceberg,killing almost everyone on board because there were not enough lifeboats.14 years later,this fictional story would play out in real life exactly as the script described,even with the name Titanic on the bow of the ship;but this time with major political implications.A group of the world's 400 richest men were on board who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve-central banks.

1898年,摩根罗伯逊(Morgan Robertson)写了一本名为《泰坦尼克号的沉没》(Wreck of the Titanic)的书,讲述了一艘被认为永不沉没的豪华邮轮在今年4月份在北大西洋航行得太快,撞上了冰山,导致船上几乎所有人丧生,因为当时救生艇不够。14年后,这个虚构的故事在现实生活中的表现与剧本描述的一模一样,甚至船头还印着泰坦尼克号的名字;但这一次,它具有重大的政治意义。一群世界上最富有的400人在船上,他们反对建立美联储-中央银行。

The captain of Titanic,Edward Smith,was one of the most decorated captains of his time;he must have been bribed to deliberately sink this unsinkable ship.Suspicion increased when the author of the book Robertson was poisoned a few years after the sinking of the Titanic.


The sinking of the Titanic has always been an event surrounded by mystery.The cause of the sinking of the'unsinkable'ship has been questioned and analysed for 100 years.Many have concluded that the Titanic tragedy was caused by sinister plans and that the sinking of the famous ship was well planned,well executed and orchestrated.Conclusion:Resistance to Central Banks and the Federal Reserve System means death.


The cabal has been successful thus far in forcing reset delays,including the assassination of influential people,such as JF Kennedy in 1963,who advocate the immediate enactment of the QFS provisions,as well as many others who are actively working towards this goal;death threats to the families of Light workers and employees themselves;double agents within the ranks of Light workers;and terrorist attacks.The terrorist act of September 11,2001 was the most dramatic of these tactics.

迄今为止,阴谋集团成功地迫使重新设定时间,包括暗杀有影响力的人物,如1963年的肯尼迪总统,他们主张立即实施 QFS 条款,以及积极努力实现这一目标的许多其他人; Light 工人和雇员本身的家属的死亡威胁;Light 工人队伍中的双重间谍;以及恐怖主义袭击。2001911日的恐怖袭击是这些策略中最具戏剧性的。

The gold that was to support the new QFS currencies was stored in the basements of the WTC towers and then stolen by the cabal.Building 7 was the 9/11 operations centre and was destroyed upon completion.

支撑新 QFS 货币的黄金储存在世贸中心大厦的地下室,然后被阴谋集团偷走。7号楼是911运营中心,在完工后被摧毁。

Take a step backwards and analyse the information in this article,break it down into what you know to be true,based on your own knowledge and understanding,as opposed to what is popularly considered to be true simply because it has been presented by the MSM.Your attitude towards the current way of life will change.And lead to our uncontrollable mass awakening.This is what the Deep State elite fear the most.Ultimately,this is the only way to regain our debt-free freedom,for everyone on planet Earth,simply by awakening of our consciousness!

向后退一步,分析本文中的信息,根据你自己的知识和理解,将其分解为你认为是真实的信息,而不是仅仅因为 MSM 提供的信息而被普遍认为是真实的信息。你对当前生活方式的态度将会改变。并导致我们无法控制的大规模觉醒。这是深州精英们最害怕的。归根结底,只有唤醒我们的意识,才能让地球上的每个人,重获无债自由!

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帮你自己和朋友一个忙,帮助发展我们的国际 FWC 社区,并邀请他们加入 TELEGRAM 上的 Final wake up 社区(https://t.me/thefinalwakeupcallchannel),这个社区旨在让全世界的读者和爱国者更加紧密地联系在一起。

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